Nov 22, 2019

Progress Report CFS from Sep - Nov, 2019

Proud to be an Indian
Proud to be an Indian


SAATH designed Child-Friendly Spaces- a unique, day care center on construction sites for children of construction site laborers.  The aim is to connect these children to formal education. With a steady influx of migrating families to urban settlements and poor quality of education, creating alternative education spaces for quality education has become important.


The main and objective of this programme is to reach children of labourers and help them gain formal education eventually and there after making them skilled and self-sufficient. Children of labourers on construction sites all require a strong base in education and access to quality education. Dropouts from school need to be continuously counselled and encouraged to go back to school. The education programs designed at Saath recognize this need and aims to bridge this gap.

Updates of last quarter.

The typical day at the center starts with morning prayers. Then the class is divided into three groups. Group one which is for the children who have no introduction to education, Group two where children learn basics like alphabets, words, numbers, shapes etc, Group three is where children learn how to form sentences, higher maths, English. Then for 2 hours each group do some studies. After that its snack time, everyday different snack is served as per the nutritional chart prepared by the experts to make sure proper nutrition is given to children. After snacks its play time, children play different indoor and outdoors games. This takes care of the physical activities in children.In last quarter along with Approach foundation, which is an Ahmedabad based organization, Saath has been conducting diverse activities for the psycho-social development of the children at CFS, who are getting exposure of the wider world, which will develop a broader perspective and awareness besides the classroom learning they are acquiring at the CFS set-ups. 

Activities conducted during the last quarter include-

  1. Five mehndi making workshops were conducted during the months of August and September. Children from different centres participated in a huge number.
  2. Children from          CFS classes took part in a session on how to operate camera. One such session was organized in a park and children learnt to use the techniques of clicking pictures. Even children from a regular school accompanied them with their own camera.
  3. Navratri is one of the most colourful festivals of Gujarat and the Garbas are in the blood of Gujarati people. Resource persons from aProCh Foundation taught them Garba steps at Law Garden. Two such sessions were conducted, the other being at Vastrapur Lake.
  4. End of October was the month of Diwali celebrations. During pre-Diwali period, diya decoration workshops were conducted twice at Parimal Garden. 25 children from three centres participated.
  5. 78 children from five centres were taken to Cinepolis at AlphaOne Mall for an animated movie “Motu-Patlu” with support from aProCh Foundation. This brought an immense joy as they usually do not get a chance to visit multiplexes. Children from construction site classes and slum classes, who assist their parents in economic generation activities, participated.
  6. Craft work was taught to interested children. Twenty children from two classes participated.
  7. Employees from the Novotel Hotel conducted a clothes donation drive for the students of slum class in the locality on 20th October.
  8. Another paper craft activity was organized in Prahladnagar Garden.
  9. As part of employee engagement activities, KPMG visited one of the centres and taught the children craft items. They also celebrated Diwali with children during pre-Diwali days. It was celebrated on the 28th October.
  10. Yet at Godrej Garden City centres, children engaged in creative aspect and prepared Rangoli in the class.
  11. On the 30th October, children from some of the centres were taken at a venue where they can have practical shopping experience. Donated clothes were piled up and new stationery items such as colours, compass box, lunch box, etc. were displayed. They were given false currencies through which they could buy whatever they wished. A few parents also participated in the event.
  12. Through donor’s support, 20 shortlisted children have been enrolled to an art activity centre named Sky Blue. The short listed children are from the slum classes for a specific reason. They will be going to art classes for a year or two. Though there are good talents in children of construction worker, their stay for long term is not ensured. They go to the centre once a week for two hours. They learn innovative arts and crafts activities that would enhance their skills to greater heights. A van has been arranged by the centre to pick from and drop them to the class.
  13. Interns from Nirma University conducted various activities across the centres. They taught children science concepts through innovative methods, painted walls of the classes, made cardboard desks for children for class work, showed them animated films, did art activities, etc.
  14. A new centre at Savvy Swaraaj site was started towards the end of November. About 75 children from 0 to 12 years attend the class regularly.
  15. The Marriott group organized a ride for the children on the occasion of ‘Joy of Giving Week’. They took the children out for a joy ride in a big car.

A new CFS centre at North One was set up and currently there are 15 children coming to the class.

  1. Further exploration for setting up new sites is taking place.
  2. Teachers’ monitoring meeting was conducted at Saath Head Office on December 8th. Teachers shared and discussed their class specific challenges and learnings. This becomes a platform for them to share the grievances as well.
  3. Again in December on the 17th, 15 children were taken to Cinepolis at AlphaOne mall for the movie Jungle Book. Total 59 children from across the centres participated.
  4. A medical check-up was organized at Savvy Swaraaj site.
  5. A drawing competition was organized at Courtyard by Marriott for children on the 27th December. The selected paintings were then converted into New Year cards by the Marriott group as official greetings for their clients.
  6. Another medical check-up was organized at the two Labour Colonies of Godrej Garden City in November. As per the need of children, supplements were provided.



Name of the Children: Bilwal Dharmveer Sanubhai (Name Changed)


It is said, a children grows under the shed of both mother and father. But, Dharmveer was not the lucky one in the lot. Coming from the native Gujarat, Dharmveer had only single parent to care. In the initial days of the family residing at the crèche labour colony, Dharmveer’s mother had an external relationship with a Bihari men and she settled with him after making sure the children are with the father itself.

The entire story and the past was shared by Dharmveer’s father during the door-to-door visit. During the visit, we had an opportunity to meet Dharamveer’s parents and share the information about crèche running at the construction site. Within few days, he was enrolled to the crèche but in the span of week or two Dharmveer’s mother stopped visiting the school and was found missing as she ran away with some Bihari men. His father had to look after the daily routine of the entire family.

Being the single parent and earning person, it became difficult for Dharmveer’s father to look after the entire family. Slowly and gradually, Dharmveer’s father called the other family members from the native to work at the construction site so as to get better finances. Time taken was valuable and today even after being a single parent, he was able to find the ways and possibility to continue the studies of Dharmveer.

When Dharmveer was enrolled in the crèche, it took a lot of time for him to mix up with the crèche children and also was unable to understand the eating, reading and other learning. Slowly and gradually with the teachers, friends and community people he has now started to speak well, write and understand the things and materials as shared in the crèche. But the only tough things Is, if asked about his mother, he says and quotes, I don’t have mother. An answer which is tough and difficult to understand.

Dharmveer aspires to become Policemen and serve the nation through ill-effects.

Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Physical Activities
Physical Activities
Know your enivornment
Know your enivornment
Henna Tattoo
Henna Tattoo

Aug 23, 2019

Progress Report CFS from June - August, 2019

My Safe Place
My Safe Place


SAATH designed Child-Friendly Spaces- a unique, 4-hour informal education course with an aim to later enroll the child labourers, children of construction labourers in formal education. With a steady influx of migrating families to urban settlements and poor quality of education, creating alternative education spaces for quality education has become important.


The main and objective of this programme is to reach the child labourers and children of labourers and help them gain formal education eventually and there after making them skilled and self-sufficient. Children from the slums, child labourers as well as children of labourers on construction sites all require a strong base in education and access to quality education. Dropouts from school need to be continuously counselled and encouraged to go back to school. The education programs designed at Saath recognize this need and aims to bridge this gap.


Interns and Volunteers:

  • We had 9 interns in the month of June and July from Duke University, USA. They did various activities with the children. Taught them nursery rhymes, alphabets in English, Dental Hygiene
  • Employees from Tata Capital came and spend some time with kids at the center. They did some craft activities and played lots of games.


  • Mrs. Khanna celebrated her birthday with these children. They cut cake and had yummy lunch with return gifts.
  • Mr. Ketaan celebrated his daughter’s birthday with these kids, she said this was one of the best birthday she has every celebrated. She donated food and school kits to the children at Godrej Center.
  • Employees of Marriott, Ahmedabad took children for movie screening. Children had fun at the screening and enjoyed popcorns
  • Saath Charitable Trust in association with Approach foundation, conducted the workshop on pot painting in one of the park’s of Ahmedabd. There children were taught how to paint pots. .
  • 20+ children were invited by Marriott Hotel Children relished upon cuisines, which would be rare for them. They learnt table etiquettes including how to use spoon and forks. They felt special for the day for the special treatment and attention they received from the staff.
  • Children of Saath were invited to an event organized by the Traffic Department of the city. They were transported in the department’s bus to the venue, GMDC Ground. The aim was to make children aware of traffic rules. The demonstration was followed by painting activity. All the children were then awarded with a certificate for participation. It ended with tummy full of snacks.

Exposure Visits:

Teachers – Parents Meeting:

  • Parents’ meeting takes place every month. Parents were apprehensive at one of the centres about their children’s progress and had pessimist thoughts about education. The program coordinator then shared progress of all the children in parents meeting.


Health and Hygiene:

  • Interns from Duke University took sessions on Dental Hygiene, they raised funds and distributed dental hygiene kits to 200 kids at various centers.
  • Every quarter health check-ups are done and growth record is maintained. Their height and 0weight are measured and maintained on monthly basis.
  • A health check-up was conducted in July, 2018 for the children of construction workers. The malnourished children are given supplements to bring their health to normal level.
  • Hand washing is a practice that is stressed upon and followed daily. Teacher ensure that each and every child when enter the class and before eating wash his/her hands


Festival Celebration

  • Raksha-bandhan festival of bond between brothers and sisters was celebrated. The employees of Sew Services LLP came to celebrate the festival at our Bakeri Center. Girls from center tied rakhis to the male employees and in return they gave them gifts, sweet meats. All the children were tread with lunch and both employees and children played various games and dance


  • Indian Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August, Children celebrated the day with flag hoisting in the morning at the centers and they say many patriotic songs.




Success Story

Name                          Jaya Vanabhai (Name Changed)
Admission Date           01-07-2018

In what manner student came into contact?

During the community visit, teacher found that Jaya was playing in the community instead of getting education. At the time of the visit, the parents were given the information about the benefits that are provided in the centres such as education, nutrition and health and hygiene is also taken care. Also, the importance of safety measures while the parents are working at the site are also taken care.


Members in the family

-       Vanab hai (Father, Labour Work)

-       Fanusben (Mother, Labour Work)

-       Prakash (Elder Brother)

-       Jaya (Herself)

-       Vikas (Younger Brother)

Family Background

The financial condition of the family is very difficult to sustain. In the search of job, both the parents have to move from one place to other or one can add one site to another to make sure the daily wages are atleast earned which allows the family to get the required things for the day to survive. Even the basic needs are not meet due to lack of finances.


Current Situation

Before moving to the city, they had too much of difficulties in sustaining the daily needs. Also, too much of loans and money which was taken from others was just rising. After moving to Ahmedabad, both the parents got the work at the Bakeri City site earning 600 Rupees daily wages.


Through the earned money, they are able to save certain amount and it is allowing them to pay the dues and loans which they had taken from the native people. Before heading to the site, parents make sure they’re able to get ready, cook food and also dress up children to send them to the centre. They do make send the money to the relatives as another children is staying with them at the native.


It is said, good and healthy food keeps the children fit and fine. It was seen, initially when the children entered the centre, he was having diarrhea and was too much dirty (was not even having his daily bath and neither the clothes were changed by the parents). With the understanding and the support by the teachers from the centre child has become much better.


He was taken alongwith her mother to the nearest clinic and check-up was done, due to unhygienic and improper food, child was going through malnutrition and parents were not able to understand the reason. After the doctor’s visit, 15 days medicinal course was done and slowly and steadily child has become strong.

At centre, with the help of good, healthy and nutritious food child has grown and even he has started to concentrate on studies and participates in the daily activities. He also plays and enjoys his time with other students

It is just one needs to have the footprints to walk on, rest children can easily cross the obstacles and ladders to keep moving on heights.

Learning to write
Learning to write

Aug 23, 2019

Progress Report CFS from June - August, 2019

Hair Coloring Competition
Hair Coloring Competition

Unemployment is one of the major problems faced by youth in India. Saath has been working with the urban slum poor since 2005 . While working with them Saath noticed that there are many youngsters who have dropped out of schools to earn livelihood. But they don’t have enough skills, so to resolve this issue Saath started employability programs, not only in Gujarat but also in Jharkhand, kalyan and Bihar. 

Objectives of the Programme:


  • To train disadvantaged youth, aged 18-30 years, between 180 - 300 hours and ensure they are placed and try to support of them in relevant jobs with assurance of minimum wages and opportunity for career advancement


  • To introduce minimum three innovations that would directly impact retention, skill enhancement, and program sustainability


Report Duration:June 2019 – August 2019


Various Activities conducted during this quarter


  1. Hair Colouring Competition @ Behrampura


Theory lecture about hair colour and conducted coloring competition, where students did hair coluring on the people from the area


  1. A 3 Day Business Enterprise


A 3 Day Beauty & Wellness workshop organized by our Alumni group of Juhapura. As part of a recent alumni network building exercise, Saath is facilitating formation of groups by conducting various session on Journey of Participants after the training program, importance of building groups, benefits of group etc. Through this activity, a group of 6 alumni students came together to host the 3 day B & W workshop. Enterprise in Juhapura right before EID. The group made a net income of Rs.3,000/- .All the enterprise building components like marketing, drawing a rate card for all the various services, venue, mechanism of profit sharing, token system, material procurement etc. were taken up by the girls themselves.


  1. 14 Day Color Work Training for Women @ Behrampura – in association with Asian Paints


Through rigorous mobilization and 2community meeting, Saath initiated a batch of Color Work in association with Asian Paints as part of the Non-Traditional Livelihood Program.

A total of 28 women of age group 18-35 years enrolled themselves in the program. An expert from Asian Paints was assigned to conduct this express 14 day Training at Behrampura Centre.

24 women cleared the exams and are now eligible to be part of Asian Paints women painters’ squad or work independently as women painters. 


  1. Business Development & Cost Analysis & Return on Investment session with Beautypreneur program participants

As part of the entrepreneurship program with Beuaty & Wellness entrepreneurs, with support of Godrej, we conducted a 3 day session with BPs where-in information sharing on current market trends, analysis of trends, utilisation of client database , costing and return on investment through the program was discussed.


  1. Retail Management & Tally Training Program

Total of 20 students are undergoing the training for Tally course at the above mentioned two centre. During the training, pre and post counselling is taken up. This mainly helps in facilitating Placement after the completion of training.


  1. Exposure Visit with Women @ Work program participants

An exposure visit to Science city was organized with Women @ work program adolescent girls. Over 43 Girls participated. The visit provided a very good platform to understand various science concepts, experience the theories first hand and broaden their horizon. Girls were accompanied by STEM Trainer, Life skills facilitator and W @ W program manager.


Success Stories


Meet Sumaiya (Name Changed)


Sumaiya is an incredibly inspiring young woman, a painter, and former participant in Saath’s Nirman program. She lives with her single mother and older brother and has just completed 12th grade. She is only 19 years old, but her accomplishments and ambition outnumber her years.

Sumaiya first became involved in Saath through Nirman’s Beauty and Wellness training program. She completed the training but was not drawn to the salon life. Wanting to pursue something more unique, she decided she was going to learn how to paint buildings. Painting is an extremely male-dominated career in India, so this was a bold step to take, but the challenge excited her. In the Nirman program, she learned the tedious skills of paint removal, priming, and expert painting techniques. In addition, she was taught financial literacy and safety. As she began working, she was a quick success; her uniqueness as a female painter garnered special attention-- so much so that she was written about all over the news. India TV, 9 TV, Times of India, AajTak, all massive Indian news platforms, reported on how Sumaiya was breaking centuries-old tradition. Being the inventive woman she is, she decided to solve some issues on the business side of the painting industry. Previously, contractors such as the government would hire people to paint and then pay the full cost was at the end. Sumaiya has started examining projects and providing cost estimates for paint and labor beforehand, which is incredibly appealing to such contractors. 

Saath’s program greatly impacted Sumaiya as an individual as well as a professional. Before the program, her future was a mystery. She did not know what her skills were or what path she wanted to pursue. By learning painting, she recognized her creativity and ingenuity and began to see these skills as tools to support her family and save for her education. Sumaiya’s family used to worry about how they were going to support her, but now they are beginning to wonder how she can support them instead! Her self-confidence has grown, and when she sits with clients explaining costs, materials, and the intricacies of the painting process, she recognizes her mastery. As a woman in this field, she still faces obstacles, but those only motivate and inspire her to try harder. All her free time is spent studying and working-- constantly in pursuit of growth. 

She has a long list of hopes for the future: continue her work, go to college, open her own firm, train more women, get more contracts, and be on the top of her game. But most importantly, she wants to set an example of an independent, ambitious, and influential woman. She sees the restrictions on girls, her friends even, and knows the difficult struggle of escaping the traditions and poverty of her community. She hopes that her friends are inspired and, through the help of Saath, follow her path to financial and personal independence.




Practical Training
Practical Training

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