Feb 17, 2021

Progress Report January, 2021

Success Story
Success Story

After partial unlock we started restricted activities for our Children programme. We were not able to take many pictures because of social distancing.



Activities at CFS


  • Creche activities: The children were made to do several activities like passing the parcel, singing rhymes, making minarets out of the paper cups, solving, and organising the puzzles, playing with the blocks, and made them play games like catch the other kid who is running and jumping above and below the ropes. They were also taught to recognize the taste of sugar and salt and distinguish between hot and cold. They were made to identify and recognise sound through playing various musical instruments like cymbals, identifying the missing toy etc.
  • Baalwadi activities: The children were taught to identify colours and shapes and names of the same, they were taught the numbers from 1 to 10, further they were taught to read and write the Gujarati alphabets, made to walk on a string in a straight line on the land. The teachers made them play in the doll house, the children made their own doll house too. Also, they were taught to pray. The children created items out of clay.
  • Bridge course activities: The children were taught to read and write the numbers from 1 to 100 and the gujarati alphabets, join the dots and draw a picture, learn to read, and write names of the week, read, and write name of vegetables and fruits and animals and birds, made them sing songs and rhymes. Storytelling. They were taught to identify the seasons and flowers that bloom according to the season. The teachers helped few school going children with their homework.
  • Due to the onset of winter, blankets were distributed at the two centres to 46 families and 50 children by the KPMG Group.
  • 50 children were taken to a restaurant as a part of birthday celebration by a local group named “Karke Dekho Accha Lagta Hai”.
  • Distribution of sweets and snacks as a part of Diwali Celebration to 110 children across the centres by a local donor.
  • A puppet show was organised by the teachers for the children and activity through singing songs and enacting it and playing music through utensils was held at the centres.
  • FGDs were conducted with the parents on various topics like health and nutrition, safety, Importance of education, and vaccination.
  • Community meetings were held with the community leaders for general awareness related to mother and child health and hygiene.



Case Story Child Friendly Spaces


Name: Aasha Yadav (names changed)

Age: 03 years

Place: Oghrav village, Uttar Pradesh

Aasha lived with her family in a small village named Oghrav in Uttar Pradesh. They lived in a joint family of 16 members. Ashok bhai, Aasha’s father did not have his own land for farming therefore he used to work as a farm labourer in his village. Many times, he did not find work and due to this his financial condition started depleting. Ashokbhai arrived with his family of three children, his wife and three brothers along with their families in Ahmedabad for better work-related opportunities. He started working at the site of Savvy Swaraj. During the lockdown due to the pandemic Ashokbhai stayed at home most of the times. When the teachers at CFS approached him for the CFS activities and asked for his cell phone number Ashokbhai denied sharing his number with an excuse of not having a cell phone. Later the teachers approached one of his brothers’ and through their phone they tried talking to Ashokbhai’s wife for the betterment of their children. Due to Ashok bhai’s brother not being available every time the teachers called this solution did not last longer. Therefore, the teachers decided to visit his house and conduct activities with the children. Ashokbhai started observing his children play and enjoy the activities.

Now Ashok bhai asks the teachers to help him out with the songs and rhymes so that he could learn them and share it with his children. He has also shared his whatsapp number with the teachers so that he can receive fun learning materials on it. Ashok bhai’s wife has started giving extra nutritious food as three children in the family are suffering from malnutrition.

The child has become more attentive and has begun to enjoy the activities. The parents are very happy to observe this change in their child.

Feb 17, 2021

Progress Report YEP January, 2021

Success Story
Success Story

After partial unlock we started restricted activities for our Youth programme. We were not able to take many pictures because of social distancing.


Activities on Youth

There are several ongoing programmes and activities for youth going on at Saath.

A beauty and advance beauty and wellness training, a training course on retail, sewing machine operation, computer training, and A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) an inter-disciplinary and applied approach batch is going on at the different centres. Community Resource Centre a yet another initiative to empower young girls and women is being run. The CRC has conducted several activities as a part of awareness generation and educational upliftment of these women. To name a few activities like Mobile library, Micro entrepreneurs meet, session on self- defence, session on gender equality, session on paper bag and warli painting, Covid 19 awareness through road shows, online seminars on make-up, tie and die workshop etc.


Case Story on Youth


Darshna & Alpa (names changed) are real sisters, they live in Sundarpuri, Gandhigham-Gujarat with their family. They live in a joint family with their grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt, and siblings. They are a total of 09 members.

Darshna is the eldest of all brothers and sisters, and Alpa is the middle one. Darshana is pursuing graduation after passing her 12th and Alpa is studying in 10th.

Both the sisters dream of pursuing higher studies and wish to go in the accounting and commercial sector.  

Darshna & Alpa's father and their uncle both work in a private company, their grandfather is currently retired, their mother and aunt handle household responsibilities as housewives, Darshna & Alpa ‘s younger sister as well as cousins’ study in primary and secondary school, respectively.

One day Darshna & Alpa were going out of the house for some personal work, when they came across a pamphlet-based road show being done by the representatives of Saath in a nearby extension of their place of residence. Alpa was keen to know more about it and therefore inquired about the same.

The representative of the organization gave them complete information about the computer training course. Darshna & Alpa were very impressed with this computer course by the organization and they decided to join the course as early as possible.


The next day, both visited the computer training centre and were happy to see the classroom, work management etc. They also saw other students learning computers, and they enrolled themselves in the same batch.          

During 45 days of the training, they got life changing motivation lectures, along the lines of life as well as life skills training, important & challenging facts of the sector, savings and financial literacy lectures, educational programs, employment information, exciting career guidance by a placement officer, positive thoughts on empowerment, etc, their dream of becoming a professional accounting officer in a commercial industry seemed achievable with the course.They are now working in the Retail/ commercial sector at reliance digital mall as “store executive cum cashier” for retail sales work profile. They are very happy with their job. Their take home salary is Rs.9500, both are thankful to the organization as it helped them earn and build an identity of their own. Both are bearing all the expense of their studies, and they are confident about their dream of becoming an Accounting Officer one day as they are capable now to pay the expensive fees of the coaching centres for accountancy training.

Oct 15, 2020

Progress Report YEP from June- August 2020

Employability Programme for Youth in Slums

Unemployment is one of the major problems faced by youth in India. Saath noticed that there are many youngsters in Gujarat who have dropped out of schools to earn livelihood. But they don’t have enough skills, so to get the solution for this issue Saath started employability programs, not only in Gujarat but also in Rajasthan. 

Objectives of the Programme:

  1. To train disadvantaged youth, aged 18-30 years, between 180 - 300 hours and ensure they are placed and try to support of them in relevant jobs with assurance of minimum wages and opportunity for career advancement
  2. To introduce minimum three innovations that would directly impact retention, skill enhancement, and program sustainability



However due to pandemic, since March, 2020 we have suspended the classes and currently there is no activities. Moreover with this community there was no scope of taking virtual classes.

Due to lockdown our students’ families faced lot of hardships, they lost their jobs and the basic survival became the problem. During this lockdown our organization, Saath Charitable Trust did some Covid-19 relief work.


Saath’s response during Pandemic:

We have supported more than 5000+ families with ration kits and are supporting nano and micro entrepreneur for rebooting their livelihoods.

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