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Dec 11, 2017


This is the 1st progressive report since very recent GG accepted us as partner through the successful accelerator we have gone through and thus received funds on our account to support our work. This report entails the main activities we have so far achieved by the support from GG and the impact it is bringing in lives of our girls.

Within an insight of what we do day to day, our financial capacity of running the organization emanates from the donations and grants 80 %. The funds we received from GG enabled us to improve the quality of our services to the children (girls victims of abuse, street girls, the teen and pre-teen mothers and their babies) in our alternative care. Currently our Centre Marembo is a safe home for 65 victims and has recently reintegrated back 20 children into the community who are also being followed up. Our work consists of receiving new victims brought by the local authority, the police or other governmental transit centres. We place them into our safe home for rehab process as well as prepare them for the future community reintegration. This process takes a time between 6 moths to one year for victims who are not mothers and whose families are easily traceable. It takes relatively more time for cases such as impregnated teens and pre-teens between 1 year to 3 years for rehab and empowerment.

Our aim is to bring back hope, dignity and human values to the girls victims of abuse who have lost them over the period of rejection and abandonment by their families and the community. We thrive for that what we ( the community) destroyed, we catch up ourselves and try to repay back our dues as a price to rebuild the society by supporting them.

It is mainly done through our rehab process that involves many components of services of on daily care basis to the girls as well as the daily management of the organization. Our rehab is extended to four pillars such as

-Education: (we pay for their school fees and vocational training)

-Trauma healing and counselling: (we pay a part time professional counsellor and a permanent social worker who are dedicated to help them in the healing process)

-Health care: (we pay for their health care, increase and vary the nutritious foods to get them healthier and physically built up)

-Empowerment: (we train them through our vocational training school of sewing or for other skills that will enable them to face the job market when they go back into the community)

In two months, we were thrilled to realize that noticeable changes can be seen in terms of physical growth and welfare improvement brought in by enriched nutrition and health care. We have so far 15 teen mothers whose conditions of life require a good and special diet. This special diet is composed by milk, eggs, quality porridge, fruits, fishes, mushrooms, greens and other food supplements found in our locality, for the mothers and babies. Additionally,  also    we need to think about other malnourished young aged children who left street already affected. These are ranged between 10 to 40 % of the total number of children residing in Centre Marembo. We have paid for the medical care for babies whose cases of diseases were identified. These babies stay with their mothers in our centre with other children. By the fact of living in crowdy environment, we must deal with frequent health issues emanating from the conditions they live in, and the transmitted diseases. Most of the infections are skin deseases, diarrhoea, allergies and few malaria cases. As for the nutrition, special diet was provided to the babies, the mothers and pregnant ones. Responding to this, requires having a permanent source of funding as it is not a onetime activity. It is in this way GG has greatly alleviated the weight of our burden.

Safe home rent:

Placing the victims of abuse in a safe home comes a priority at Centre Marembo. They need a place where they relax and get rid of the trauma, restore morally and spiritually. In the safe home, the Centre Marembo staff can constantly maximize their efforts to provide care through services that help them feel the dignity, the value they have lost, get to learn moral ethic values as well as building more cultural values. Without a safe home, the girls would have received services but return to the community where they did not bond with before. With a status of being a teen mother or pregnant, being rejected and ashamed by the humiliations brought by the abuse, the young girls would have ended up to the streets again if Centre Marembo had not thought about sheltering. The safe home unfolds a refuge, a place where to learn that, despite of what happened to them, there is a way to keep life moving on and ultimately get back to what seemed to be lost. A safe home is a place of hope, love and exchanging their inner potentials by helping each other, learn from one another, inter recomfort through sharing their experience and feel that they are having dignity together.The shelter is one of the big priorities and a challenge that GG fund has contributed into effectivelly.

 Hygiene products for the girls and their home

The girls need exceptional conducive environment as well as a hygiene of their bodies. As oppose to the adults it gets more required for the babies given their fragility and susceptibility to many attacks of infections. It requires more carefulness and cleanness so that they are not often ill and hospitalized. With the GG fund we could respond to this important need for the girls, teen mothers and the babies by providing adequate materials for hygiene of their bodies and home.

As we draw our conclusion, we want to salute and congratulate GG team for the wonderful work carried out as well as our beloved donors who felt compassionated to the huge committment of Centre Marembo and the matters of violence against young girls.

We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to express our gratitude to GG and you (donors) for your continuous efforts and unfailing commitment to transform lives of millions of people difficult situations, interventions in environment, disaster relief and more important threats that inhibits the mankind development to address them with their funding and more importantly the awareness raised on GG platform.

As we get to the end of the year allow us to wish all you terrific seasons of the end and of this year and the beginning of the upcoming new one.

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