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Oct 23, 2018

Bruno Overcame Poverty


YOU investing in Bruno's education. He overcame the fate common for orphans in rural Uganda: a life of labor in the fields.

Before joining Nyaka, Bruno’s childhood was scary and lonely. He lost his father at a young age and his mother soon left the family. He wanted to attend school like his friends, but as an orphan, he was too poor to afford the school fees.

Bruno’s life changed forever in 2003. He was one of the first students to attend your Nyaka Primary School.

The students you empower through Nyaka have their education costs covered. They get books, school supplies, school uniforms, and even shoes! Bruno is also especially thankful for the nurture and care he received from Nyaka’s director and sponsors. Since Bruno had his basic needs and emotional support, he was able to focus on his studies.

Bruno’s hard work paid off! He graduated with a certificate in accounting and finance. He was inspired by your support in the Nyaka family, so much so, that he now works at Nyaka! As Nyaka’s Education Coordinator, Bruno works to ensure that current Nyaka students receive a quality education, like the one he received. 

Every child you are empowering today has the same chance that Bruno did. We expect to see many of them achieve their dreams too. YOU make this possible. 

Thank you for being a champion for children and education!


Oct 8, 2018

Rosette Found Help Thanks to You

Living as an orphan with mental illness in rural Uganda is a challenge in itself. Yet, at fourteen, Rosette was also sexually assaulted. 

Rosette’s mental illness had prevented her from attending school. Her grandmother provided her with constant care. Her grandmother usually kept Rosette close to home, but one night she let Rosette go fetch water with her older cousin, Moreen.

On their way, Moreen said she had to stop by the bar where she worked. Rosette trusted her cousin, so she followed. When they entered, Moreen pushed her into a room and locked the door. Rosette found herself trapped with a man she didn’t know. He grabbed her and raped her. Rosette didn’t understand what was happening. She was scared. She thought he was going to kill her. 

When he finished, Rosette escaped. She was still naked, clothes and torn underwear in hand. She ran home to tell her grandmother what happened. Her grandmother went to the police right away. The police would take Rosette to the hospital, but only if her grandmother could pay. Her grandmother could not afford treatment. Without hospitalization, there was a chance Rosette would contract HIV and other STI’s. 

However, because of your compassion, Rosette had hope. Fortunately, one officer knew of EDJA, so he contacted them for Rosette. Your impact allowed Rosette to get the medical attention she needed. Your support provided her with Plan B to prevent pregnancy and medicines like PEP, which prevents against  AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Without your support for Nyaka/EDJA, Rosette would not have been able to access medical treatment  and continued counseling after she was sexually assaulted. 



Jul 26, 2018

You Opened Doors to Empower Your Girls

Miria, Rinah, and Nauma in Tailoring class
Miria, Rinah, and Nauma in Tailoring class

One of the biggest successes at Nyaka is the chance to defy gender stereotypes that can limit opportunities for your girls. You are teaching your students they can study whatever they want.

Your Girls are Tailoring Their Futures

You’re empowering Miria, Rinah, and Nauma to follow their passion to study tailoring. Even though it’s traditionally a male-dominated field, your girls had the confidence to go after what they wanted, because you remind them every day that they are valued and supported. Naume knows exactly what she wants to do with her degree. She wrote “in the future, I would like to became a business lady dealing in garments. So I will work hard so that I can pass with flying colors.”

Flavia the Engineer

Because of you, girls like Flavia are defying expectations and studying engineering. She says “I took up this course to become a great and trustworthy engineer in a field that is run by men. I see my dreams coming true in the near future.”

Maritina is Building STEAM

You are nurturing amazing potential in your girls in science. You sent your student, Maritina, to a STEAM camp (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) for girls in Malawi. Afterwards, Maritina won a grant through the camp for her idea to create an intelligent automatic irrigation system. The system monitors the moisture content in soil and then triggers the irrigation water pumps to power on or off depending on the moisture levels. This saves precious water, which is important in a community that has suffered through years of drought. Her idea is already working at NVSS, showing the whole community what girls can do.

You are raising girls in Uganda who will be confident leaders and innovators. Someday, they will create the solutions that will change Uganda and the world.

Thank you for believing in your girls!

Flavia the Engineer
Flavia the Engineer
Maritina conducting an experiment
Maritina conducting an experiment


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