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Oct 24, 2018

Kashemire is on her way to be a robotics expert!

Robotic arm pieces ready to be assembled
Robotic arm pieces ready to be assembled

YOU are making sure girls like Kashemire are ready to take their place as leaders among their generation.

Did you know 95% of jobs by 2020 will require a formal STEAM* education? (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.)

Kashemire, a third year Vocational student, always loved science. Yet, until she discovered Nyaka’s Robotics Club, she wasn’t able to apply her scientific knowledge outside the classroom.

However, your gifts allowed Kashemire to turn her scientific interests into job-friendly skills! After joining the club, she learned skills such as electrical wiring and computer programing.

Because of your compassion, Kashemire can combine her critical thinking abilities with her technical skills to help her community! Kashemire recognized that the understaffed, overcrowded local hospitals couldn’t care for all patients. To combat preventable deaths, the students created a hospital bed that automatically distributes IV medications.

YOU empowered Kashemire. Now she is saving lives!

Last year, Kashemire competed with the club in a national robotics competition. Nyaka WON against other secondary and university schools. Her success with the robotics club has encouraged her to become a doctor. With the education in tech innovation that you have provided her, she’s confident she’ll be a great doctor!

You are empowering a generation of women in STEM! THANK YOU!

Students applying STEM in the classroom
Students applying STEM in the classroom


Oct 24, 2018

Fatuma is so grateful for you!

Some of Nyaka
Some of Nyaka's Grandmothers

Because of your compassion, Fatuma can care for all seven of her grandchildren.

At age 53, Fatuma was thrown back into a full-time caretaker role for her grandchildren. Though Fatuma owned a shop, she couldn't afford to stock her inventory. Because her business was struggling, she couldn't pay the school fees for her grandchildren.

Fatuma was devastated that she couldn’t fully support her grandchildren. But other than her husband, she had no support.

Yet, Fatuma and her family’s lives dramatically changed when she joined one of your Nyaka Granny Groups! The donations you gave, gurned into micro-loans for grandmothers like Fatuma. With herloan, Fatuma can now ensure that her shelves are always full.

Because you’ve provided Fatuma with the tools needed to run a stable business, she can now pay ALL of her grandkids’ school fees!

You also connected Fatuma to other grandmothers just like her! Together, they were able to create a community of support. These grandmothers really prove that more heads are better than one! They also exchange tips on child raising and on building businesses!

YOU gave Fatuma the tools she needed to change her life. Thank you!


Oct 23, 2018

Bruno Overcame Poverty


YOU investing in Bruno's education. He overcame the fate common for orphans in rural Uganda: a life of labor in the fields.

Before joining Nyaka, Bruno’s childhood was scary and lonely. He lost his father at a young age and his mother soon left the family. He wanted to attend school like his friends, but as an orphan, he was too poor to afford the school fees.

Bruno’s life changed forever in 2003. He was one of the first students to attend your Nyaka Primary School.

The students you empower through Nyaka have their education costs covered. They get books, school supplies, school uniforms, and even shoes! Bruno is also especially thankful for the nurture and care he received from Nyaka’s director and sponsors. Since Bruno had his basic needs and emotional support, he was able to focus on his studies.

Bruno’s hard work paid off! He graduated with a certificate in accounting and finance. He was inspired by your support in the Nyaka family, so much so, that he now works at Nyaka! As Nyaka’s Education Coordinator, Bruno works to ensure that current Nyaka students receive a quality education, like the one he received. 

Every child you are empowering today has the same chance that Bruno did. We expect to see many of them achieve their dreams too. YOU make this possible. 

Thank you for being a champion for children and education!


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