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May 29, 2019

Building a Brighter Future

A grandmother you empower!
A grandmother you empower!
In South Western Uganda, it is Rainy Season for Two Thirds of the year. For families that don't have proper homes, they spend almost 70% of the year in fear that their house will collapse with them inside. Maria is the grandmother to her adopted, once orphaned grandchildren. While she has ample amounts of love for her children, she supports them on limited resources. Her family lives in a dilapidated, grass thatched house, without a kitchen or pit latrine. Every time it rained, the water leaked through the house and would flood. Because they have a dirt floor, when the house would flood, Maria and her grandchildren would be living in mud. Because of the unstable roof, every time it rained, Maria feared that the roof would collapse, which could hurt, even kill, her and her grandchildren. To protect themselves during rainstorms, Maria and her grandchildren would seek refuge under neighbor's veranda's. However, her neighbors thought she was dirty and too poor, so they would chase her and her grandchildren away, into the storm. Click the video link below to learn how you helped the Nyaka Grandmother's Group build Maria's family a safe home! Through supporting Nyaka's Grandmother Program, you better the lives of Maria and her grandchildren!


Apr 22, 2019

You Provide Phionah with a Support System

Thank you for helping protect young girls.
Thank you for helping protect young girls.

Your kindness has allowed Phionah* to find a group of other girls involved with EDJA, so she knows she is not alone in her recovery.


Phionah* was known in the neighborhood for running away. She would run from home and stay away until late at night, hoping her father would be asleep. Her neighbors saw, but no one ever said anything.


Phionah’s mother left the family when she was just a toddler. Everyone knew Phionah’s father abused her mother daily. Everyone thought the abuse would end after his wife left. Though she didn’t know it, Phionah’s mother left her daughter to live the same life she had lived.


Phionah’s father eventually channeled his rage toward his five-year-old daughter. He started sexually abusing her. He threatened to kill Phionah if she ever told anyone. To protect herself, Phionah kept her abuse a secret. She tried to avoid her dad, even if that meant running away almost daily and fending for herself.


After seven years of abuse, a new neighbor noticed the 12-year-old’s odd behavior. He saw how the father changed around his daughter. It was obvious what was happening. The neighbor tried to tell a local village leader, but they didn’t want to deal with the problem.


However, thanks to your support, the neighbor had options to get Phionah the justice she deserved. He contacted EDJA and went to the village police. The police caught the father as he was abusing Phionah. He couldn’t escape charges.


Phionah’s grandmother adopted her grandchild. She came to EDJA later for counseling. EDJA also connected Phionah to a support group of other abused girls. Because of you, she’s working towards healing.

 Thanks to your support, EDJA is able to empower girls like Phionah.


Follow the link below to watch a five minute video taken from the upcoming documentary, VICTORS, which tells the story of EDJA Founder, Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri, and her fight against sexual and domestic violence in Southwest Uganda.



*Names have been changed


Apr 17, 2019

Foster Uganda's Female Leaders of Tomorrow

Your compassion empowers Nyaka’s legacy of high achieving women! YOu are offering girls opportunities to avoid becoming statistics.


Before joining Nyaka, Primah had never stepped foot into a classroom. She watched other children in her village attend school, but her family couldn’t afford the school fees. Without school, Primah could end up like the majority of uneducated girls in rural Uganda: destined to be a young bride and a young mother.  


However, Primah’s life changed when she was given the opportunity to attend Nyaka for free. Her future would no longer be determined by poverty.  When you allowed her to attend Nyaka, you told her that her ideas were valuable.


Click the link below to watch a video about how your kindness allows Primah, as well as two other female students, to unlock their true potential. By allowing these girls to start their school year off with the tools and support needed to succeed academically, you ensure a lasting legacy of Uganda’s future female leaders.


Your gifts not only empower Primah, but can continue to impact the many girls yearning for an education in rural southwestern Uganda!


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