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Apr 9, 2007

In their own words!!

KYOHUSIIMA MOREEN: After my parents death I suffered so much because at home I am the only one who is there with my guardians and they are very old. So I am the one to do every work that should be done at home. When I go back home I am supposed to go in the garden . After the garden, I fetch water and collect firewood. After those things, I prepare supper. But now I don’t suffer so much because I wake up very early and I sweep our house, then I clean the compound. After, I go to Nyaka school and I like Nyaka as I like myself because it helps to study. It is where I get some of my needs and at home if I get a problem I can tell it to my teacher. Our teachers are good and they teach us well. They are kind to us. I thank our director Mr. Twesigye J. who tried to help orphans. Really you did a great full planned year. Really, thanks be to God. I am happy and happy for that plan. My future plan is when I grow up I will become a teacher and teach in Nyaka. But my problem is one that I can’t speak well, but I know English and how to read. So I don’t know whether I will manage to do that work, but according to God’s mercy I will do it. I thank Mr. Twesigye Jackson who liked to help orphans who were suffering and now are free and fair since Jackson built the school in Nyakagyezi. God lord bless your family. Surely your grateful for your presence today.

BAREKYE ONESMUS: After the death of my parents my life changed and I began a life which was full of suffering. I suffered but I could pray to God. I grew up staying with my aunt who was not very kid to me. Every work was done by me but I persevered. I had not much care but I planted my coffee, tomatoes and eggplants which I could sell and get money to buy my needs, e.g. clothes. I was not studying. I could remain at home doing house work and digging while my aunt’s children are at school. Really, I suffered but I knew God is my protector and he loves me. I was ten years old when I was at home and saw my uncle wanting to take me to his home and I started studying. I accepted and went to his home. There was a school which was for orphans. I thanked God. On 2nd feb 2003, it was the day of opening of the school, I started P-1. We had everything e.g. books, pencils, uniforms and many others. This school helped me in very many ways as follows. The school made me like others who have their parents. The school helped me to stay safe because my teachers could give me advice. Much time was spent at school, so that made me free from heavy work which was at home. I studied and I could read my books and become the first in class. Now I am very well because I can get lunch at school. Now I am in primary five. If God wills I will finish my p-7. My plan the future is to become a doctor and if I get money I really will help orphans as our director did. Really I want to try my best and study as I have got this chance.

NAMANYA HELLEN: My parents died in 1995. I was still young and they both died in one year. When they died I started suffering which I didn’t know that I will suffer up to that stage where I reached. When my parents died I had nothing to say but my relatives helped me. I was staying with my uncle who was caring for me up to when they told me to go. I stayed with my grandmother who is still caring for me to where I have reached. She started caring for me when I was 9 years old and now I am 11 years old. After that, my grandmother put me in the school. When she planned to put me in the school she told me and I asked her what to wear. I went there for two weeks and they sent me for school fees. I told my grandmother that they have sent me for school fees. She told me that she doesn’t have money. I stopped studying up to when my aunt took me to this school, Nyaka. I really want to first thank our director who managed and planned to put me in school of orphans. I was there suffering and not in school, but when I heard that there was a school of orphans in Nyakagyezi. I told my uncle to put me in that school. My uncle wanted to refuse. I told my aunt to put me in that school. She took me to this school where I am still studying and told them that they help people who are helpless and whose parents died. And I think I will end my primary seven from here, God willing. I really thank the director together with the donors who are helping in any way they are helping us. In the future I will make sure so that I can help others and be a teacher at this Nyaka school. Our teachers are teaching us very well.

Mar 20, 2007

Voices of Hope/ Nyaka 10 minutes video

You have supported them, now you can see them and listen to their voices of hope.

Click on the link below and then click "watch Nyaka video"


Mar 19, 2007

Nyaka Grannies and pictures

Pictures of our new school will be posted soon.

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