Jul 3, 2018

Provide solar and clean water to school children

First of all on behalf of Joy Foundation team and community people I would like to say thanks for those give great support to our project in starting period through this we are able to buy solar system for the school children. As many of you know that Pakistan is very hot during the summer and sometime its go on 50 degrees and in the same time Pakistan have energy crisis. With the solar system children are able to study peacefully in this very hot time. They have fan and lights to study well. 

But still one part of the project is not completed because of the funding. Children clean Water in their school as well. Because during this hot weather they need to drink more and more Water to safe them self from the heat. In the same time there is lots of water born diseases affected the health of the children because of that many children loss their lives. So we request you please give us as its really great need of our future. I hope to have great and positive response soon. 

Jul 3, 2018

Hygiene Kits & Construction of Toilets For Girls

Toilets are still out of reach for more than one-third of the global population, with devastating consequences for the health and development of children, says the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on World Toilet Day being observed worldwide on Tuesday. 

In Pakistan, more than 43 million people defecate in the open. Every 24 hours, 320 children die from diarrhea – the result of a deadly combination of unsafe water and poor sanitation conditions. Water and sanitation related diseases are responsible for some 60 per cent of the total number of deaths of children under five years of age. 

“Access to toilets remains the unmentionable, often shameful secret in Pakistan.” “But it’s invisibility doesn’t make it less harmless; in fact it is quite the reverse especially as poor sanitation conditions contribute to malnutrition and the high level of stunting in Pakistan and provide a fertile ground for spreading the Polio virus. Lack of access to safe sanitation is quite literally killing Pakistani children – day after day after day.”

“Every action which spurs people to change their way of dealing with defecation brings us closer towards the goal of sanitation for all. It is not easy, but it is certainly doable, and moreover, it is absolutely indispensable.”

Especially it’s really a difficult for the girls to overcome on this problem. They have to go for the toilet in the early morning to safe themselves from the man but sometime it’s easy. Even because of that they are facing so many problems with hygiene as they did not have water in the field to use it. Because of that its very important to have toilet at home to safe the girls from many incidents and also safe from many diseases which they because of the hygiene problems.

So there is lot to do in Pakistan for this issue as day by day its creating problems for the girls and other family members for their health. I request all our friends please give openly to save the girls in Pakistan and for their families.

Apr 6, 2018

provide solar and clean water to school children

Joy Foundation installed Solar Panels in its Formal Education School in Chak 325 JB Dullam. Like many rural communities in Pakistan, the village lacked grid electricity and light, which made it difficult for both students and their parents to educate themselves. The solar panels were installed in the Joy Foundation School from the funds raised through crowd-funding on the Global Giving platform. The Solar Panels were powered with a simple back-up battery. Fans and lights were also installed in the school which are now working properly and benefiting the school children and teachers. At present the children are receiving education in school with properly lit classrooms. Due to the Solar Panels the parents now see the school beneficial for their children as Joy Foundation is providing all the basic needs of the school and because of this the strength of the school has also increased.

Now Joy Foundation is looking and waiting for the funding for water filter in the school which is also very important because day by day the weather is going hot and hot and children need to drink clean water to save them. Because of the water which they already use have many problem and sometime they are not able to attend school because of the sickness. Because of the dirty water many children loss their lives some time so because of that we really need this water filter in our school to save the lives of the children.

Now Joy Foundation is seeking funds for the installation of water filter in the school. The water filter will provide clean drinking water for the children and teachers. The school has underground water supply but the water is not clean enough to drink. The next initiative for the Joy Foundation School is to install a water filter which will provide clean drinking for the children. Clean drinking water is the basic need of all. Your funds will make this initiative of Joy Foundation become a reality and provide the children with safe, germ-free and clean drinking water

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