Jul 27, 2021

Emergency support for COVID-19 in Pakistan

After the long struggle COVID -19 is under control and the third wave of COVID will over and slowly the business is open and people have some work to survive but in the mean time the fourth wave which more danger then the first one came and again people have in problem and in Pakistan almost 85% people are again in problem because of the COVID wave.   

During this time of fourth wave of COVID-19, the deserving communities need our support. The government has imposed the lockdown in the country again and it is very difficult for the people to earn during this tough time. The communities which were already neglected have become in a tough situation, with lack of jobs and very less to eat and look after the families. Joy Foundation has been working with these communities so that they are not neglected anymore because they deserve the support just like anyone else. Because we have lack of funding for this project, we supported these families with some local donations that we collected from different stakeholders of Joy Foundation. These local donations were directly used to provide for the food items for the families of needy people.

We hope that soon we will have enough funding for the project that will help out more people out there who are having tough time during the COVID-19 crisis. We are aiming to reach out to all the deserving communities in Toba Tek Singh. We have supported one community with the local donations and we hope soon we will have more donations for the project so we could support all the deserving communities who have been neglected during the pandemic.

Jul 27, 2021

Provide Solar and clean water to school children

Most of the time last year, the students were unable to go to the schools due to the pandemic. This year students were able to go to school but as the number of COVID-19 cases have been increasing, the children have vacations again. This is a good time for any kind of work in the school. In the last report we mentioned about the construction of rooms in the school and after the construction we would need solar panels for the new constructed classes. With the little amount of funds that we received during this time, we managed to complete the boundry for the school. After receiving more funds, hopefully soon, we will manage to construct new classes for the children.

After we will have new classrooms constructed, we would definitely need electricity for the new rooms. For providing the electricity to the new classrooms we will need solar panels, solar fans and lights and batteries as well. We are looking forward to more funds for this project so we can provide solar panels for the school.

Jul 27, 2021

Hygiene Kits & Construction of toilets for Girls

Joy Foundation has been working hard for women empowerment on grassroots level. The team has been putting a lot of effort into initiatives that uplift women. Hygiene is one of the most important needs at the time as we are also going through the pandemic. As compared to men, women are not taking much protection against the pandemic, particularly the women at grassroots level. They feel like hygiene materials are expensive and are only important for men who are working and have to go out everyday. But they lack the knowledge that women need protection against the virus as well. But at grassroots level people cannot afford these things. Since we took this initiative a lot has changed, at first women were prone to diseases due to unhygienic practices, including lack of sanitation facilities and open defecation, but now the pandemic has added another risk to this list.

Through this project we not only aim to construct toilets for girls and provide them with hygiene kits, we also aim to aware these girls and women about the importance of hygienic practices for a better health particularly now when we are going through pandemic and the different varients of COVID-19. We hope soon we will have enough funds for this project and support more women.

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