May 31, 2017

second quarter report 2017

Success Student


My name is Fauzia, daughter of Shir Afzal. I am student in Darman School, located in the Warasae Faqeer village.

My parant are iletrat so they alweays telling me to study hard by them kindness I am in first position in my class.

I am very happy about our Darman’s  new school building. This is very nice, and we can play on the grounds.

The school is near to our home, and I am happy that we can study in our village and do not have to go far away for school. Both my brother and I are attending this school. Our teachers are very kind to us and teach us in a very good way.

Next year I will graduate from this school. Then I want to continue in Qalai Akhund female high school, although that school is very far from here. But many graduated girls from our Darman school are going to that school, so I will join them. I want to become a teacher in the future.

We received books, notebooks, pencils, other teaching materials and cooking oil from head master and principal on time. 

This school is good for our village, because young children can not go far away for studying. We thank our principal and we wish the teachers continue their good job.


Sincerely yours



Mar 2, 2017

Waresa-e-Faqeer Male & Female Primary School in Af

 Activities during Reporting period

During the reporting period the total number of students was 454 of which 278 were boys and 176 were girls in 10 teaching classes.

Midterm exam received from all student in January 2017

The school is being served by 10 teachers, oneprincipal, one administrator and 2 guards. The day time guard works voluntarily as a cleaner too, the principal and administrator also serves as a teacher, thus decreasing the student to teacher ratio. Up to now, we have received books from Ministry of Education of the Afghan Government

Far from school (student Story)

My Name is Gul Ghutai D/O Ghulam Sarwar We are belong to a very poor family in Kama District, We are from Kama but we don’t have any land or house in Kama district, my father is working on farmlands on other people’s land and they also provide us one or 2 labor rooms, and some time he works in constructions as daily worker.

Almost 5 years a go I went to my uncles home with my parents located in the warasai Faqeer village of the Kama District and I meet with my cousin "Khoshbo", she was a student in Darman Primary school and she showed me her books and homework and asked about me…I told to her ”in our village there is no school" she told me that I must came to school in her village…..I told to my parents but my parents weren’t agreed with me , because they were afraid of that the distance is long for me and Security is not good anything can happen, I cried a lot and then I told to my uncle, after awhile my uncle find a land for work in Warasai Faqeer village and told to my father “here in this village you are working in other person’s land, I found a piece of land in our village with a labor house Please come here and shift your house, from one side we will be near and from other side your children will study in our Darman school” My father was acknowledged about my enthusiasm about school, so he agreed and we shifted our house here in this Warasai Faqeer village, Now I am studying in 4th class and my one brother is in class 3 and another brother in class 2 so; we are lucky and very happy for that although we are poor but we can acquire educations here in Darman School.

My father saying my children are going to become educated and our life will change.


Sincerely yours


Gul Ghutai

Student of 4nd class

Darman School

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