Mar 30, 2018

first quarter 2018 Darman school report

I love my school

I am Nasrat son of Mohammad Qasim we are living in Warasai faqeer sahib village our house is close to my Darman school (about 2 minutes of walk) easily I can reach the school.


I am studying in class 5th "A" in Darman school, my 2 sisters (Yasamin, Basila) and an older brother Tasal graduated from my Darman school and continuing farther education in Qalai Akhond high school.

My father is head master in Darman School, and my mother is illiterate, I love my parents and family. We are very happy to have this school in our village and all students come to the school in a hope, enthusiasm and passion.

I am in the third position in my class, now I am studying a lot to become in the first position.

Our teachers are very good they always encouraging us for schooling and every day asking about our homework, my both sisters are helping me in my lessons.

I have Asthma problem, during winter my sickness become worse, due to this sickness some time I am facing problem in my lessons, I want to become a good doctor in the future and help my community.

I love my school because my future is in my Darman school

We pray for peace and need peace in our country, please you also pray for our country, God is great he can do everything.


Best Regards,



Jan 2, 2018

4th 2017 Quarter teport of Darman school

My school is my future

I’m Khalid son of Shakil are livening in Warasa-e-Faqeer village near to our Darman School, my 2 sisters also studding here my father is a farmer, I am studding in grad 5th class.

Darman School is close to our home and we can get our lessons on time, my father said this school changed all community life because before operating of Darman school many boys and girls of our community were illiterate also your brothers and sisters were not study and now they are uneducated too, today is not yesterday as they became older than school age.

Thanks God we have Darman School and studding here so I like to become a doctor this is my hope and my parents also helping me to continue my farther education so my future is in My Darman School.

We are going to school every day and have attendance, I love my school and lessons because I am going early to the school and trying to not become absent if I miss  today lessons, then we cannot understand the future lessons.

When my teacher entering in to the class first of all he is saying Hello, good morning my lovely children, how are you today? Is every thing fine? After that the teacher attendance us and see our assignment and asking about the past lessons from each of us, if we had difficulties in our past lesson than our teacher repeating it again until we learn, when our teacher became sure about past lesson than he is providing and teach us the new lesson in way that we can understand it, due to this systematic teaching I can read and write, I can solve mathematical questions and the teachers encourage us and by kindness assist of our teachers we can read and write in better way.

When I get my homework’s and I done it in the front of my parents they show their happiness about me that I will be lucky in my future because of studying and attempting in my every lecture and also our teachers are very good and the best teachers that they guide me and all students to attempt in our studies and learn more about everything which we doesn’t have accessibility on those and all our lesson problem.



I am Shakil Ahmad father of Khalid Ahmad, am farmer and illiterate, many thanks from DARMAN organization and all our supporters regarding this school, when this school starts many years ago I was very happy because I am uneducated I better know the benefit of education, since the Darman school operate we are seeing many positive changes in our children, youth and in our area, always I am saying to my children school is the only place to get success in your life and it’s the second house of humans that they learn everything in the school and school is the very important place which help the people for getting his future.



Sep 27, 2017


When we left our home in Pakistan and came back to our homeland in Kama during Karzai Government, I was a small boy. My father worked hard to sustain our family, and my elder brothers helped him. Life here in Kama was not good. I saw that many boys and girls were going to school and it excited us very much. I was still an under age boy, but I was really excited about the idea of school. But we are a poor family, and my brother was really disheartened by our poverty, as he couldn’t join school. The only school we knew about was far away, and our parents were unable to send him there. After some time we heard that within our widespread village area there is actually a school operating. It is run by an NGO called DARMAN. The school officials were inviting the villagers to admit their children in the school. Immediately my father got admission for my brother in this school and he started his lessons. Believe me, this was amazing for us, and we were really thrilled with happiness that we could now join school and it was not only a dream any more. I myself had to wait for a year because of my age, but then I also joined and now I am really proud, that I am a student despite my family being very poor. It is like a gift from God. In our country education is free, and stationary and books are provided freely. This is incredible for us, because in Pakistan students had to pay for all school costs. Now here is no discrimination between poor and rich families' children, because all of us receive education in same manner and in same quality. We are very happy.

We requested more class rooms from the Director of DARMAN NGO during his visit, and he told me with kindness that he is trying his best to find funds for more class rooms.


May God bless our school officials and DARMAN NGO’s Director that he provided this opportunity for us and strives hard for our happiness.


Sincerely yours

Shafiq ullah S/O Salih 

Student of 2nd class 

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