Feb 27, 2020

Uganda Incubations Continue

We are pleased to report that the Urban Refugees Incubation Program (URIP) in Uganda is in full swing. Under the leadership of our program manager, Jessica, we are collaborating directly with two refugee-led community organizations in Kampala: the Sudanese Women for Peace and Development Association (SWPDA) and the United South Sudanese Urban Refugees Community (USSURC).

The SWPDA, an organization led by refugee women which supports hundreds of refugee women and children in Kampala, completed the fundraising module of the training program in December, during which members were in invited to respond to a scholarship offer from Urban Refugees. With successful completion of this module, the SWPDA has been focused on financial management since the start of the new year, and our team is working with SWPDA leaders in managing the $5,000 scholarship funds, enabling refugee leaders to learn and implement financial management skills in real time.

In February, we began our third training module with the SWPDA, focused on building partnerships. This module will support leaders in developing mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with relevant local stakeholders (international and local NGOs, municipalities, UN agencies etc.)

Meanwhile, our collaboration with the USSURC, an organization founded with the vision of gathering the South Sudanese community beyond political differences and improving the living standards of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, began toward the end of 2019. The initial audit phase of our program, wherein the Urban Refugees team works directly with the organization’s leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the community’s needs, enables us to tailor the plan for our incubation project accordingly. With the audit phase complete, we moved into the formal training program at the start of the new year with a focus on fundraising. Similar to the process for the SWPDA, USSURC leaders were invited to complete a project proposal to receive a $5,000 scholarship from Urban Refugees. During this module, leaders learn how to complete written proposal, and are trained as well in public speaking with a focus on pitching their organization to a panel of potential funders and partners, building valuable fundraising skills in the process.

We look forward to sharing future updates as our respective projects continue to unfold. Until then, as always, our continued gratitude for your support of our work.

Dec 2, 2019

Uganda Incubation Program Continues

Dear Friends of Urban Refugees,
Our team is thrilled to share that our Uganda Incubation Program is continuing, under the leadership of our Program Manager, Jessica.  Our initial audit phase was completed in October, during which we worked directly with the leaders of the Sudanese Women for Peace and Development Association (SWPDA), a women refugee-led organization that supports hundreds of refugee women and children in Kampala.  During this phase, we were able to more fully understand their needs and how best to support their work during our collaboration.  This process included collective workshops, individual interviews with the organization's leaders, and a series of meetings with their partners.
Duirng the audit, we determined that our trainings would focus on fundraising and income-generation, to support the continued sustainability of the SWPDA, as well as financial management and project management skills to support the organization's continued program offerings, and governance and leadership skills for the organization's leaders.
Our initial training sessions began in November with a focus on fundraising.  The leaders are learning how to write a fundraising proposal.  As part of the framework for the Urban Refugees Incubation Program, the leaders will submit a proposal for a $5000 grant from Urban Refugees to support their ongoing operations.  We are also working with the leaders on their public speaking skills and ability to pitch their organization to other potential funders and partners.  As part of the proposal process, the organization's leaders will both submit a written proposal as well as pitch their organization in front of a panel to gain experience presenting to potential donors about the importance of their work.
Finally, our team has also begun collaborating with another refugee-led organization: the United South Sudanese Urban Refugees Community, which was founded in 2017 with the vision of gathering the South Sudanese community beyond tribalism and political differences and aiming to improve the living standards and welfare of South Sudan urban refugees in Uganda.  We are currently in the audit phase with the USSURC, and our trainings will begin in December.  
We look forward to sharing more with you as both of these projects unfold.  In the meantime, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season.
The Urban Refugees Team
Sep 3, 2019

Uganda Incubation is Underway!

On behalf of the Urban Refugees team, we are thrilled to report that the Uganda Incubation Program is officially underway! With this project, our team is partnering with a group of Sudanese refugee women, who lead a community-based organization called the Sudanese Women for Peace and Development Association (SWPDA), which supports hundreds of Sudanese refugee women and children in Kampala.

Earlier in the summer, we were pleased to meet a representative from Global Giving, who traveled to Kampala to visit the site of our project, learn more about Urban Refugees incubations, and meet some of the SWPDA leaders. 

Today, we are in the needs assessment phase of our collaboration, which is critical to help us design and tailor our agenda and upcoming training sessions according to the specific needs of the SWPDA community.  The members of SWPDA are very excited about the incubation and have shown a great deal of commitment and dedication to the program.  In particular, they are looking forward to gaining skills in fundraising, communication, and computer skills.  The project is being led by our Project Manager, Jessica.  (She is pictured above with some of the Sudanese refugee leaders we'll be wokring with.) 

We are also pleased to report that the incubation project will expand at the end of September to include another organization led by South Sudanese refugees.  We look forward to updating you as both of these projects continue to unfold.

As always, on behalf of the Urban Refugees team, thank you to each of our donors for your continued support of our work. 

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