Mar 29, 2018

Building Psycho-Socio support through sports

It has been one of the exciting moment for the new participants who joined Community Impact Program this year 2018. The interaction between new and previous participants in both Jovial Ferrel Education Centre and Splash C.B.O School was phenomenal.

We had a question and answer session where the new participants were asking the community Coaches about the session and what to expect and surprisingly, some of the older participants were responding to some question like the importance of participants keeping time so that they can have more time to play.

We have only gone through seventeen sessions since we kicked off the session early February and the response from the participant is evident. Whenever they see our community coaches coming to their school, they run to them and start clapping in anticipation of the session. We have given out resilience score to every Participant to determine the level of their confidence and how they rate themselves generally in life.

 We believe that as we strengthen the resilience and life skills of Children through social football sessions, it will boost their communication skills, become resilient and bounce back from the challenges they face in their community for example lack of social amenities.

4th Edition of Kick and Conserve

We have just concluded the 4th edition of Kick and Conserve tournament. The theme of the tournament was “The Impact of Water Shortage in Sub-Saharan Africa” and especially Kenya. The tournament brought together 300 participants both boys and girls equally from 6 Community schools.  “This is my first time to play Kick and Conserve tournament and I am excited, am happy to represent my team during tree planting before the finals.” Bosibori from  Baraka Primary.

Through sports for social impact, we have been able to create safe spaces where Children can come and express their emotions out of the class room and in the field, we hope that through social interactions like  Kick and Conserve, we will create opportunity for and to reach Children in the community.  And for the first time, Kick and Conserve will be played during school holiday in the community centre in November this year, thank you for your support as it has made all these possible.


Jan 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year 2018, I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

It is yet another moment to inform you how we are doing since November 2017, indeed it was a great year through your support. We (Green-Kenya) participated in the black Friday and End-Year Campaign.

On behalf of Green-Kenya family, I would like to say a big THANK YOU.

Through your generous donations, we have been able to conduct Community Impact Program in two Community Schools with a total number of 200 participants both boys and girls from the age of 9 to 16 years, these schools were set up by the community to give basic education to Children who were coming from the slums and could not afford to go to public school and also because of the distance that public school are located.

We have also been able to conduct 8 Community Impact Program out of  school, these are sessions that take place when the schools are closed, that is April, August, November and December holidays, the ministry of Education directed all the schools to allow Children to have 8 weeks holidays without tuition in the month of November and December. Community Impact program out of school has reached 300 participants, majority of these participants have been boys since many girls are still not allowed to play football in other communities. In total, we have been able to reach 1655 participants in six different activities in Nairobi and Ukunda County where we have begun a new community impact program in kwilu village. The climax was towards the end of the year 2017. The total number of participants reached surprised us when we were doing our monitoring and evaluation as a team and these year we anticipate to do more.

As an organization, we have trained 80 Local coaches on sport for development, how to use sports to address the social issues that they are facing in their communities and come up with home grown solutions.

I met with a teenage boy in during the long holiday, whom I will call (John), this is not is real name, John was interested to join Green-Kenya as a young leader this year, John has just completed ordinary level of education which is known as form four in Kenya, John has no feet and palm in both hands and feet, he can barely wear shoes or hold a cup, He approached me and asked if he can join and learn how to teach his peers through sports after he is done with exams and it was so emotional to me. His words made me shiver from the inside, and I quote, “I am looking forward to come and join you after my final exams if you will give me the chance”.  Come February next month, we will incorporate him in the sessions, I hope he will be a source of inspiration to our participants too.. This year 2018, we are delight to add 50 more participants in both schools which will bring a total of 300 Participants.

All these have been made possible with your support; I am totally convinced that we are going to do even more this year with your generous donation. You are most welcome to come and participate physically and feel the experience hand on.

Happy New Year 2018!!!.

Oct 6, 2017

Green-Kenya 3rd anniversary!!!

Dear Friends,

It is Green-Kenya 3rd anniversary,

We have just celebrated our 3rd anniversary on 23rd September! Where else was the celebration supposed to be if not in the field? We marked this special day with our participants on the field. The participants sang happy birthday before the session began while giving each other “Hi Five”.

This is another great mile stone that we are celebrating with all our supporters locally in different parts of the world. We would like to thank you as our supporter, the parents, the head teachers of more than 10 primary schools that we are always in contact with to monitor the progress of the participants who have been in our program, the community coaches and all the volunteers who have given their best to ensure that Green-Kenya delivers a quality program.

We can only assure our participants and you that we still have room to accomplish more than we have done so far, and with your support we will reach many young people with our transformative programs.


This project report is a submission to GlobalGiving’s 2017 Fail Forward Contest, where organizations are asked to share a story of when they tried something new that didn’t go as planned and how they learned from it. Enjoy!’


It was in the initial stages of project implementation and we were very eager to share with the community about our conviction of teaching through sport and experiential learning and so we went to one of the school which allowed us to teach their pupils during physical education time.  The whole upper class pupils of about 350 in number came out and we were only two Community Coaches.

By then, we wanted to demonstrate to the head teacher how we pass the information to the pupils through sports. The head teacher told us that he would like all the pupils to participate so that they many not feel left out. The idea was to convince the head teacher to allow us run the project in his school during physical education lessons.

The method we used failed terribly because we never thought of picking a small group from the crowd to demonstrate the idea. We thought of allowing everybody to play, which is a good idea but we forgot that the crowd was not manageable and many of the participants were already withdrawn from the activity.

The experience was embarrassing but it was liberating in one way, we realized that for us to demonstrate what we do to the sports teachers or head teachers for that matter, the best thing to do is to request a small number of participants. This can be one class of about 40- 50 pupils to demonstrate the game. The group is small enough for two Community Coaches to handle without losing the concentration of the pupils.

Well, whenever we remember that day, we always laugh at ourselves but it taught us vital lessons that we had to learn the hard way. Now we have been able to turn the failure in to success. First and foremost, we have been able to come up with a diagnostic plan for any school or community centre which has shown interest in our program. In the diagnostic plan, we plan on meeting with the head teachers and the Sports teachers and explain who we are, What do we do and how the program will impact the lives of the Children.

We also enquire on the number of pupils in the upper classes. This information helps us to know whether we will divide the session in to segments in a week or have a single session in a week. We will also be able to find out how many Community Coaches we need. We now know that one coach can handle between 25-30 pupils in one session.

Another way of growing our impact that we learnt, was inviting schools to our Kick and Conserve tournament that takes place twice a year. The tournament has 3 segments namely environmental games, environmental discussion and football. No school can emerge the winners by just playing football, they must go through environmental games and discussion that explains the importance of conserving our environmental and how to ensure it is sustainable.

Lastly, we no longer struggle to explain, to conduct and measure the impact of our programs, thanks to one embarrassment that we had in the process of becoming who we are today.


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