Sep 18, 2018

The first Kick and Conserve out of school

Happy 4th anniversary to Green-Kenya!!!

It is now official that Green-Kenya is celebrating its 4th anniversary this Month of September. It was a wonderful moment to bring together participants from different schools that we work with and Green-Kenya family to have a moment to look back at how the journey started, where we are, and where the dream is headed with a new generation of young people who have been impacted through Community Impact Program.

The first Kick and Conserve out of school

In the quest to reach out to many young people who normally have nothing to do during the holidays, we decided to stretch ourselves in to the community for the first time to teach young people how to conserve the environment through what they love most, football.

Due to many teams that turned up to participate in the tournament, we had to extend the days of playing from the normal one day to 5 days, 42 teams, both boys and girls age 14 years and below showed their interest to participate in the tournament, this represented a total of 700 Children.  The number was a surprise to us. This number almost doubled Kick and Conserve in school, thanks to your supportr!!.

During the final day of kick and conserve, we received positive comment like this from one of the coaches “Sincerely speaking it was a great tournament that we will live to remember thanks again for fairness and hard work may God bless the work of our hands let's stay together like brothers coz we all have one mission and vision and that is to take care of mother nature through sports.”

Kick and Conserve out of school has been a learning curve for all the community coaches, and just like Kick and conserve in school started to become one of the major football tournament to learn about becoming environmental stewards, I believe that Kick and Conserve out of school will gain grounds for children to explore their talent, a place where we will not test their minds with facts and figure but learn how to value human dignity, how to work as a team and find ways to improve on how we treat our environment knowing that if there will be any change that will take place on earth, it will have to start with us, whether young, mature or old.

Jun 25, 2018

Transforming one life at a time

Another moment is here with us to share some of the memorable moments that we have had with our participants. We have reached a record of 243 Children who are taking part in our Community impact program on a weekly basis, thanks to your support. I have witnessed a significant change of behavior of the Children who were once quiet, reserved and engulfed with low self-esteem becoming confident, resilient and full of energy.

One of the ways that we monitoring and evaluation, especially how the participants attend community impact sessions is through attendance register, the register has all the names of all participants and it is mark after every session by the coaches.

Normally, the Community Coaches are the one who are in charge of marking the attendance register and the do a follow up of those who are not in the session with either the parents or the school administration, but gradually. The notion has changed now, the youth leaders are now in charge of taking the register at the end of the session, It has become so easy to identify who is missing for the youth leaders even before looking at the register. Towards the end of the school calendar, these you leaders will be given an opportunity to conduct part of the sessions that they have learned since the beginning of the year. They will be paired in groups of three young leaders and demonstrate the activity to the rest of the group.

 I believe that by giving this young people simple tasks and responsibilities helps them to develop their character and resilience to become role models, these simple steps will help them identify their potential while they are still young.

I believe that we are creating an educational system that is not only testing their mind and capabilities with fact and figures but teach them to be creative, what it takes to be human, to value human life. Through Our methodology, we hope to give our participants a direction, to bounce back from adversity and become asset and not liabilities in the community.


Asanteni Sana….Thank you very much for your support.


Mar 29, 2018

Building Psycho-Socio support through sports

It has been one of the exciting moment for the new participants who joined Community Impact Program this year 2018. The interaction between new and previous participants in both Jovial Ferrel Education Centre and Splash C.B.O School was phenomenal.

We had a question and answer session where the new participants were asking the community Coaches about the session and what to expect and surprisingly, some of the older participants were responding to some question like the importance of participants keeping time so that they can have more time to play.

We have only gone through seventeen sessions since we kicked off the session early February and the response from the participant is evident. Whenever they see our community coaches coming to their school, they run to them and start clapping in anticipation of the session. We have given out resilience score to every Participant to determine the level of their confidence and how they rate themselves generally in life.

 We believe that as we strengthen the resilience and life skills of Children through social football sessions, it will boost their communication skills, become resilient and bounce back from the challenges they face in their community for example lack of social amenities.

4th Edition of Kick and Conserve

We have just concluded the 4th edition of Kick and Conserve tournament. The theme of the tournament was “The Impact of Water Shortage in Sub-Saharan Africa” and especially Kenya. The tournament brought together 300 participants both boys and girls equally from 6 Community schools.  “This is my first time to play Kick and Conserve tournament and I am excited, am happy to represent my team during tree planting before the finals.” Bosibori from  Baraka Primary.

Through sports for social impact, we have been able to create safe spaces where Children can come and express their emotions out of the class room and in the field, we hope that through social interactions like  Kick and Conserve, we will create opportunity for and to reach Children in the community.  And for the first time, Kick and Conserve will be played during school holiday in the community centre in November this year, thank you for your support as it has made all these possible.


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