Jun 5, 2019

The emergence of Green-Kenya committee in Mukuru

One of the teacher helping during the sessions
One of the teacher helping during the sessions

We have so far conducted 57 sessions out of possible 60 sessions to 300 Children who are taking part in Community Impact Program this because of exams or public holidays that encroach in our sessions. The youth league has now attracted 380 Children from the age of 15 years and below; 280 boys and 100 girls, the number of girls attending Green-Kenya sessions in the youth league has increased because there been a room for girls to participate in the league.

In the month of May, we had 85% attendance by all  the category in our programs, compared with 88% in the month of March. This is because many pupils changed the schools to Government schools especially when they are about to do their Kenya Certificate of  Primary Education (KCPE) which gives them an upper hand when it comes to getting a chance to national schools.

One of the program that has evolved in to two programs (Youth league and Wasichana Juu) that is transforming the lives of youths in Mukuru kwa Ruben is Community Impact program.

Community Impact Program is based on self-directed or participatory model of development through sport. Participatory education is a new dynamic for many children; the Kenyan school system does not currently strongly support learning through doing. By exposing the children to open discussion and requesting their input, we are teaching them that their opinions are important.  By posing questions on unexplored topics to the youth, we are setting the seeds for critical thinking.

The evaluation meeting was geared to get the feedback from the teachers who spend more time with our participant during the lessons. During the evaluation meeting, it was suggested that Green-Kenya committee team be formed and its mandate be, to safe guard the Children from Abuse, create  safe space for Children to participate in purposeful play, economic empowerment and to ensure community involvement in Green-Kenya activities.

We believe that through these kind of engagement will be able to develop psycho social support in the community and help bring all rounded young person who knows that the community cares for them. It will also improve our program delivery by involving the opinion of the larger community that we work in.

Community Impact Program sessions
Community Impact Program sessions
May 8, 2019

21 young women between 10 and 16 have been impact

Wasichana Juu is weekly, 2-hour Sport for Development session that runs for 30 weeks, open to any young woman (aged 9 – 19 years).  Our program provides an opportunity for girls to participate in a guided open dialogue of health (physical, sexual, psychological), safety (personal, environmental) and leadership (effective leaders, inclusivity, public speaking) while engaging in physical activity.

We focus our program in two slums of Nairob; Mukuru kwa Njena and Shauri Moyo. The difficulties faced by adolescent women in developing countries are magnified due to limited access to education, unstable social and economical environments and poor sanitation and healthcare. In the slums, there is the addition of crime, drug abuse and prostitution. Families live in 1 room corrugated shacks, few with electricity.  Multiple families will share communal water taps and toilets.  Living every day in such circumstances can lead to behaviors that compromise their health and safety and often lead to early marriage, unplanned pregnancy, criminal activities and abandoned education.

From January 26 through March 16, 2019 we have reached 21 young women between the ages of 10 and 16; 30% of participants are 13 years of age.  We have held 7 sessions, with a variety of discussions about Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Personal Hygiene, The Menstrual Cycle, Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV & AIDS. 

The young women have shown genuine interest in learning about how they, as women, can take control of their lives and how they can guide their own futures.  We emphasise that through education they will have more opportunities to better support their families, have more enriched relationships and be able to make informed life decisions.

At this age, girls are very curious about boys, so it is important that we teach them about sexuality; to be honest about the potential consequences of entering into sexual relationships.  We talk about STD’s, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy as well as domestic abuse.  We recognize that youth do not respond to fear alone; we talk to them about what healthy relationships look like; any relationship, whether with friends, families or boyfriends, should be based on mutual trust and respect.   No beneficial relationship will be influenced by intimidation, coercion or fear.

Our weekly discussions are lively, and we have seen the girls really open up.  They want to be heard and listened to without judgement.  We have a rule that all questions are relevant, we learn by asking questions.  By providing a forum for young women to ask anything and everything we are shaping them to become involved in their education and teaching them that they are not alone in their curiosity about sexual health.

We look forward to the next few months and see where the girls lead us.

Football session after discussion as a team
Football session after discussion as a team
Mar 12, 2019

Community Impact Program has expanded

Just to begin with!!

The preparation and planning of the 5th edition of Kick and Conserve Tournament that will take palce on 30th March is underway with a very inspiring meeting involving several teachers showing a keen interest to participate in the tournament. The theme will be “The Importance of Soil to Life”, highlighting the role soil plays in food production & the impact on people’s health, and examining how the demands on the environment and climate change are threating soil quality, focusing on sub- Saharan Africa.

Kick and Conserve Tournaments are tailored to provide environmental awareness.  We stress the fragility of our environment, the importance of its conservation and the roles we all can play as environmental stewards. The program involves Environmental Discussion Sessions, Environmental Games and Fair Play (football). For a team to emerge winners, they must take part in each activity and gain enough points to move on

Community Impact Program has expanded with 2 additional vital programs in Mukuru Slums.

What other plans do you have for our children when the schools are closed? What will they be doing at home?

These were some of the question that teachers and parents were asking our community coaches when the schools were about to go to recess, and as an organization, we went to the drawing board to find out what we can do to keep our participants busy and healthy over the holidays.

We developed two additional programs; Wasichana Juu/Girls Up, a female only sport for development program and Green-Kenya Youth league, a football league for Under 13-year old boys and girls.  We meet every Saturday and Sunday in the field used for our Community Impact Program.  This field has now become a beehive of activity seven days a week, with Green-Kenya leading the way to healthier children and better communities.

 Youth league

The league has become one of the most attractive leagues in the Mukuru Kwa Njenga community.  With just five weeks of play, all the teams are working hard to maintain the top spot, top scorer, best players and best coaches. The league has attracted 8 teams, 7 boys and 1 girls’ team with a total of 159 young players, 133 are boys with 84% and 26 girls which is 16 %.  Green-Kenya youth leaders are the match officials and will identify the best players in the league.

With only one girls’ team registered, we invited them to join the boys’ league.  They are definitely holding their own with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.  We hope that these amazing results will attract more girls to come out and join our youth league in the future.

We believe that every girl deserves a chance to realize her full potential. Not just because she deserves to thrive, but because when she succeeds so does her family, her friends, her community, and the world. Today, in too many moments, in too many parts of the world, there aren't opportunities for women and girls to learn, contribute, and thrive.  

Wasichana Juu is female only program, based on the Coaches Across Continents model of development through sport. This unique forum provides an opportunity for girls (9 – 19 years), living in the poorest neighborhoods of Nairobi to participate in a guided open dialogue of health (physical, sexual, psychological), safety (personal, environmental) and leadership (effective leaders, inclusivity, public speaking) while engaging them in physical activity. Studies show that exercise in children helps them focus better, retain more information, improve sleep and build self-confidence.

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