May 13, 2019

Waiting for the Rain

Our Young Smart Farmers are anxiously awaiting the rains so they can begin to plant the next crops. Each child has his/her own plot of land with their name on it. Every single child living at Warm Heart is involved and excited about their organic gardens.

How they work their plots is up to them. Some may work in teams and share the work of their combined plots, others will choose to work individually. 

When the time comes to reap their labor of love we will be ready for them!

Our new kitchen project is almost completed. The last stage is to finish the "cooler" rooms. They are both framed and ready for insulation. One will be used to store rice, the second room will be for storing fresh vegetables and other perishables.

We sincerely appreciate everyone's help to make this dream a reality. We are very close to completely funding the project!

If the rains don't come soon, we may have to organize a community wide rain dance!


Apr 28, 2019

A Real Success Story!

Nit Graduation
Nit Graduation

Nit has always been one of our superstars and an inspiration to all the girls at Warm Heart.

She just graduated from a University in Bangkok. Prior to graduation, she was unsure about what her next step would be, how would she go about finding a job after graduation?

Fortunately, Debbie, a volunteer who was staying with us here at Warm Heart, was able to counsel her and give advice on how to go about finding a job. We realized this was something every single one of our girls would need help with, so Debbie created a wonderful guideline for the girls.

Following Debbie's advice, Nit was able to secure a wonderful opportunity in Chiang Mai to launch her career. She will be working for a non-profit as a Social Worker, her clients will be children that live at construction sites.

Nit is from the Karen Hill Tribe. In a recent interview, she was asked about how her Karen background affects her living in Thai culture. She said at first she did not feel like she fit in with either Karen or Thai. Now, however, she knows that she can fit in everywhere.

We are very proud of Nit and her accomplishments. We have 12 more girls currently pursuing careers through higher education.

The girls are studying environmental sciences, nutrition, public administration, marketing, and tourism. These are all fields that have job openings. We need to get them through school and help them launch their careers.

Our next rising superstar is Tanqua, who has overcome great adversity in her young life and is now pursuing a career in Nursing. After graduating from High School in 2018, she is now studying at Asia Pacific International University School of Nursing in Bangkok.

Thank you for helping these young girls reach for their dreams through the opportunity of higher education.

Tangua, our rising superstar!
Tangua, our rising superstar!


Feb 28, 2019

Fruits of your generosity and their labor

We are still reeling from the generosity you all showed during out recent Smart Young Farmers campaign.

Giddy as we may be, however, we have been hard at work. The children’s gardens have spread like ivy. Virtually every open sunny space is now lined, rank upon rank, with beautiful heads of lettuce, elegant garlic tops, spreading squash leaves or emerging onion shoots. Every Saturday at dawn – before it gets too hot – the fields are full of kids, laughter and a lot of weed throwing and water spraying.

As for the new kitchen cold room, the money has arrived and the plans are in the hands of the contractor to confirm the design and budget.  The new cold room to store the gardens’ bounty is the talk of the staff. The design calls for a sub-floor, external walls and roof made of the Styrofoam cement we use to make bricks for construction. (The inside will be lined with hard foam insulation) The kids are all excited that construction is about to start since there will otherwise be a lot of lettuce to eat all at once.

It has been a terrific experience for the kids, they have learned so much about how to grow their own food, a valuable skill that will last them a lifetime. Both the boys and girls have participated in this project.

Our girls, however, have higher inspirations. They are working hard in school, hoping to continue on with higher education to pursue their individual dreams. When GlobalGiving announced their Girls Fund competition we knew we had to enter. We are always scrambling to cover the cost of higher education for these high achievers.

Our new campaign Empower Young Girls to Achieve a Successful Career  kicks off today and runs for two weeks. We are vying for one of the top spots to win funding for one year from GlobalGiving’s ongoing Girls Fund campaign. Each donation counts as a vote, whether it is a $10 donation, or a $1,000 donation. So we are going after the ”votes”, and asking all of our friends to make a $10 donation to our project to help us win. We would appreciate your “vote” as well.  

P.S. Thank you for your support, it means the world to us.


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