Aug 12, 2019

Surging Forward

Warm Heart is very grateful to have been invited to join this year’s inaugural Climate Action Fund project. We will be highlighting updates for you as this new program evolves.

In the meantime, lots of progress! Aom, our project manager, has been hard at work in Mae Wak village, Mae Chaem. The folks there are making the most of the 10 tonnes of biochar fertilizer we donated. She also has a couple of teams making char as fast as they can before the rain starts.

Rains Begin

Now that the rain has finally come, the growing season has begun, kicking off the cycle that leads to the burning season.

We are setting up one Community Social Enterprise to be ready to divert as much crop burning into biochar creation as possible.

Establishing a market for the biochar

Our biochar product line will soon be available in the largest “green” retailer in Chiang Mai, Rimping Markets. The price is competitive with “dirty” charcoal. But ours burns smoke-free, burns hotter, lasts longer, environmental contributor to improving our world. Establishing a market for the biochar is crucial to the success of the future Social Enterprises.

Moving to the Fast Lane

Warm Heart has the solution to the smoky season problem, a win-win fix that just needs to spread far and wide.

Shangri-la, one of Chiang Mai’s premiere resorts, recognizes the solution and has reached out to Warm Heart to help us put our solution to work on a broader scale. We will be working together with the heavy hitters in the community, to get everyone’s help setting up Biochar Social Enterprise Co-ops all across Northern Thailand.

But that is not all that has been going on.

Across the Globe

Our partners in Africa are making great strides in sharing and spreading biochar, teaching hundreds of farmers how to make and use biochar.

And they are having great results, too!

Thank you for your support. We need to continually be widening our audience. Please share with at least 1 friend!

Evelind and Michael


Coming soon to a Rimping near you! 

Jul 19, 2019

Perseverance Wins Every Time

We are really proud of the group of girls who are pursuing a higher education. 

Tanqua is one of our Superstars.

She just finished her first year of nursing school with a 3.5 (out of 4) GPA. 

She is working hard and thriving.  It’s an international school and we think she will go far with this opportunity she created for herself.

Tanqua’s parents could not afford to send her to school so they sent her to Warm Heart.

Troubles at home gave Tanqua membership in the “family” of kids who live at Warm Heart year around and when things are bad, you’d find her with us.

Her high school years were disrupted with family problems, but she managed to pull things together to get all her college exams completed and applications in. 

Then she got caught in a government college admissions process that left thousands of students without acceptance at college.

But she perservered. 

She found a couple of private nursing schools and got in. It’s more expensive but a much better education and excellent prospects.

Throughout this, she worried about her mother and younger sister. 

Her father was ill with cancer and died over the summer. He was violent and abusive and it was a relief when he passed.

His family has taken her mother in (often widows end up on the street with no property rights) and her younger sister is now in 7th grade and living at Warm Heart.

Your support helps young girls like Tanqua pursue their dreams of a better life. 

May 13, 2019

Fantastic news and a little bit of gosh darn!

Our first Farmer's Cooperative is fully funded!

A huge thank you, YOU helped make this happen!

Our project is underway! 

Momentum is picking up, our Project Manager, Aom Kwanpirom Suksri, has moved on site and has officially begun organization of our first farmer biochar cooperative. Our goal is to set up a replicable model and help establish 9 more co-ops. We are on our way to funding a second co-op.

Aom was instrumental in the success of our preliminary Mae Chaem project in 2017. From teaching farmers how to make biochar ovens to overseeing the whole project, Aom helped lead farmers to make 150 tons of biochar.

Aom is totally dedicated to biochar and community development. Follow her on Facebook (links below) 

As far as the gosh darn news, we held 2nd place in the Climate Fund Challenge up until the last few hours, when we dropped to third. Big thanks to everyone who helped pull in last minute donations to try and hang on to that coveted 2nd Place.

All is not lost yet. GlobalGiving will be choosing 4 Projects from the top 20 to join #1 and 2 in the year long Climate Fund project. SO we are keeping our fingers crossed!

We are so excited to start this project, may it be the first step in bringing about real change in the Agricultural practice of open field burning. We invite you to take this journey with us!

Evelind and Michael

P.S. Want to continue to have a big impact on the success of this project? Choose an amount, $10, $15, $25, set it up as a recurring donation, and in the 4th month GlobalGiving will match your donation!


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