Jan 14, 2020

In Her Own Words

Ann at local Marathon
Ann at local Marathon

I am called Ann (not my real name)

I'm studying Public Administration at the School of Administrative Studies, at a large university in Thailand. I'm in my 3rd-year of an undergraduate degree. I am very happy to have the opportunity to study the goals of my life.

Since I was enrolled in university, I have been given the opportunity to serve as the female branch president of the model and applied to be a student club committee from the first year I studied to the present. I like to do student activities because I believe that activities can be applied to the disciplines I study. Therefore, I am committed to activities and learning together.

In the future, when I graduate, I aim to work in local government or community development. I have made a lot of effort in studying this matter. And all I have written tells this story.

I want to thank you for your support for my studies and I want you to be confident in my determination. And at that point, I will definitely succeed. Please believe in my ability, and finally, I have attached a picture of the various activities in the university and other community areas. I hope you all will enjoy them.  With love and thank you!

Note from Program Manager:

Ann came to Warm Heart through teachers we know and trust.  She graduated from the one high school in our District and was accepted at a major university. 

Her promised scholarship had fallen through a month before school was to start. She had nowhere else to go. 

Ann had been raised by her grandmother after her mother died and her father left.

We agreed to help her with living costs and tuition as long as she would repay them once she graduated and was working - to allow another girl to have the same opportunity. 

She studies hard, is active in school activities and works during her school breaks near her grandmother's home.

Nov 25, 2019

Biochar is Joyfully Spreading Across Africa

Biochar education and training has been widely welcomed by the farmers in Africa. Here are a  few highlights of the past few months.

Zomba, where the biochar training center is located is also home to the Zomba Central Prison, one of Malawi’s biggest.

Like all of Malawi’s prisons, Zomba Central feeds itself from large, prison gardens.The gardeners are "soon to be released" prisoners whose work is overseen by corrections officers.

In a remarkable turn of events, the Commissioner of Corrections has asked our team to gather corrections officers from every prison in the country at Zomba Central and train them to make biochar. 

They will then teach the prisoner-gardeners who, when released, will take the knowledge to their villages in the furthest corners of the country.This is how we can make an impact on the environment while helping alleviate hunger. 

The Warm Heart Malawi Biochar Project gave a training at the Zomba Campus of the College of Medical and Health Sciences. The training had to be capped at 100 public health nurses in training, but there will be more. These nurses will take the training to the villages they visit and spread the learning and benefits of biochar.

The Project leader also went to Kenya where she established 5 Training Centers and ran two successful trainings for 20 people at each to test the system. She was also invited to attend an international conference in Nairobi where she briefed world experts on her work in Malawi and rural Kenya.

The biochar program in Africa continues to grow at a rapid pace. Funding of this project allows us to teach more trainers to help spread across the country and reach an even wider audience. When adopting biochar as a standard way of eliminating crop waste and fertilizing the soil the farmers win, and so does our environment. 

Please give generously to help keep the biochar training program reaching out to farmers all across Africa.

Michael and Evelind



Nov 7, 2019

A Little Help From Our Friends

Corn waste waiting to be turned into biochar
Corn waste waiting to be turned into biochar
Our project in Mae Chaem is going strong. We are in the process of setting up storge for upcoming biochar. Mae Wak will start making biochar in December. We have trained 141 people to make biochar so far.
The estimated amount of biochar that will be created this year is 50 tons! 
We provided 10 tons of biochar mix to Mae Wak and now results are getting back to us that biochar is working well with their crops (Eggplant, green long bean, basil, pumpkin, cucumber, and flower)
The only way this solution will succeed is if a strong market is established for biochar. Our social enterprise programs are a great start to turning biochar into marketable products that will provide local employment and encourage farmers to make and sell their biochar to the social enterprises.
Meanwhile, in Africa, the Warm Heart Malawi Biochar Project has more than doubled the number of farmers it has reached, has been tasked by Government with an important national training mission, and has established Warm Heart Kenya and its first five training centers. In Ghana, the Rural Renaissance Warm Heart Foundation is analyzing the first data from its test plots and preparing a grant proposal for USAID.
We are working hard to spread the biochar solution not just here at home, but far and wide, as every farmer who converts to making biochar instead of open field burning is a win for the environment and the local communities.
Your support has made this all happen. We are so grateful for your initial contribution to our campaign. We are far from the finish line and are still seeking further funding to reach our goals. Together we can make it happen!
Please continue your support with any amount of donation that you can afford. 
In gratitude,
Evelind and Michael
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