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Nov 7, 2019

A Little Help From Our Friends

Corn waste waiting to be turned into biochar
Corn waste waiting to be turned into biochar
Our project in Mae Chaem is going strong. We are in the process of setting up storge for upcoming biochar. Mae Wak will start making biochar in December. We have trained 141 people to make biochar so far.
The estimated amount of biochar that will be created this year is 50 tons! 
We provided 10 tons of biochar mix to Mae Wak and now results are getting back to us that biochar is working well with their crops (Eggplant, green long bean, basil, pumpkin, cucumber, and flower)
The only way this solution will succeed is if a strong market is established for biochar. Our social enterprise programs are a great start to turning biochar into marketable products that will provide local employment and encourage farmers to make and sell their biochar to the social enterprises.
Meanwhile, in Africa, the Warm Heart Malawi Biochar Project has more than doubled the number of farmers it has reached, has been tasked by Government with an important national training mission, and has established Warm Heart Kenya and its first five training centers. In Ghana, the Rural Renaissance Warm Heart Foundation is analyzing the first data from its test plots and preparing a grant proposal for USAID.
We are working hard to spread the biochar solution not just here at home, but far and wide, as every farmer who converts to making biochar instead of open field burning is a win for the environment and the local communities.
Your support has made this all happen. We are so grateful for your initial contribution to our campaign. We are far from the finish line and are still seeking further funding to reach our goals. Together we can make it happen!
Please continue your support with any amount of donation that you can afford. 
In gratitude,
Evelind and Michael
Nov 7, 2019

Reaping the Rewards

One of the best outcomes of this project is the knowledge the children are gaining about organic gardening. This is a skill set that will last them a lifetime and provide them the tools they need to help feed themselves and their families for years to come.

Our Young Smart Farmers are reaping the rewards of their dedication and hard work! It is so exciting to see their proud faces as they harvest their crops.

We are constantly working on expanding the gardens and providing new ideas for improving our growing methods.

We had one donor fund a special project working with blue net. It creates a growing area that is free from flying pests. (We have learned it does not protect from ants, who came in and stole our first crop of peanuts!)

We are also exploring greenhouses and vertical gardening. We will keep you up to date on progress we make with these new expansions of our children's organic gardens.

Thank you for your support, it means so much to all of our children, especially at dinner time when they are able to enjoy food that they grew themselves!

We are grateful for your past donations, and hope you will continue to help us expand our gardens!

Evelind and Michael

Oct 15, 2019

Supporters go the extra mile!

We have had a very successful quarter since our last report! 

While raising funds to cover the cost of higher education for our high achievers continues to be a challenge, we recently had a few donors step up and help spread awareness about our program. Through local events, they have helped raise money to boost our higher education fund. 

Success helps lead to more success! Our higher education stars help inspire and encourage all the children at Warm Heart to set goals to pursue their own dreams. It is very exciting to see, but at the same time, our need for additional higher education funds continues to grow! But this is a good thing, investment in higher education reaps the most benefit for these children.

Jiu is one of our rising stars!  She is one of the sweethearts of Warm Heart.

She is the best adjusted 16 year-old any of us have ever known. She does really well in school and visits Adjan Shafer twice a week for English classes in listening and speaking.

She studies hard and shows excellent behavior in school because she wants to become a teacher someday and hopes to have well-behaved students in her classes.

Jiu is quiet and very unassuming, but is nonetheless a leader in “big girls’ house.” The others trust her because she is fair and not part of any of the cliques.

Jiu is proud of her Karen heritage and recently had a long conversation – in English! – with Adjan Shafer about relations between Thai and minority peoples, and about differences in attitudes between her generation and her parent’s generation. She is smart, observant and considerate, which make her a prized member of the Warm Heart family, and a great candidate for higher education support.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our higher education fund. Without your help children with great potential would end up at a dead end. Your donation is helping dreams come true!



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