Mar 8, 2021

Steady Progress

With your gifts to date and monthly commitments, we have over 70% of the first-year's budget in place. We are moving forward. The equipment has been selected and our first teacher identified,  The English curriculum is being tested with a weekly Facebook class.  Our survey of students is underway.  Our local computer and network technician is ordering the computers and planning the network expansion.

The English class has attracted young people looking for jobs.  The teacher is a young woman who has a degree as a science teacher from a major university in Chiang Mai. Through her work at the local vocational-technical college, she realized how few resources are available to young people to build the right skills and find jobs that suit them.  Her goal is to develop an application to help students identify the skills they need for the jobs they want and match them to employers.

In the meantime, we tested one of the soft skills programs with 20 of our students at Warm Heart.  With the success of's gender-neutral "Explore More"  program, we plan to use it as part of the "soft" skills development program. The Explore More program helps youths build their self-confidence, by forming goals, increase self-awareness and improve peer interactions and life planning.

Thank you for making this possible!  

Warm regards from the team at Warm Heart!

Feb 5, 2021

It's Rainy Season and the Chicks are Thriving

Sister picking chicken for boy
Sister picking chicken for boy

As 2020 came to an end, and the rains have come, the trainers in Malawi took a break to let the farmers get their crops planted. 

Since June, when the teams went back out after the initial COVID lockdown, they have trained over 3000 farmers in Malawi (2100) and Kenya (900)

There were 70 training sessions with both men and women who came to learn how to make biochar from field waste, how to make fertilizer with the biochar, and how to improve their animal health by adding biochar to the feed. As subsistence farmers in one of the poorest countries in the world, using biochar will provide long term benefits to the soil.

For now, the farmers are rejuvenating their soils and reaping the benefits of the biochar they make.  

As COVID struck, your support provided sewing machines and an egg incubator for Sister Miriam Paulette in Malawi.  The masks have gone to the community and to the groups doing biochar training, to stay safety compliant.   

The egg incubator has produced over 200 chicks and the nuns are putting biochar in their feed.  They are thriving and Sister has been giving them out to children and their families in need. There is widespread hunger and the chickens provide the families with food or cash for school fees.

Your support of this project has made a huge and lasting impact on those being served. Given the knowledge of how to make and use biochar will continue to improve individual lives, increase crops for better food security, and helps remove smoke from the air, which is a benefit to everyone.

With deep gratitude, 

Dana, Evelind, Michael, and the Malawi Biochar Team

Chickens love biochar
Chickens love biochar
Eggs in the incubator
Eggs in the incubator
Women loading corn stalks at training session
Women loading corn stalks at training session
Clean burn in trench with cornstalks
Clean burn in trench with cornstalks
Village Training in Malawi
Village Training in Malawi


Jan 25, 2021

Stop the Smoke Campaign 2021

 Warm Heart’s Stop the Smoke campaign focuses on removing the source of the smoke before it becomes a problem.

Our solution has been to provide farmers a way to benefit from their crop waste by turning it into a profitable product, biochar.

The process of turning crop waste into biochar is smoke-free and produces a product that has a multitude of beneficial uses.

The farmers we have worked with in the past will continue this year to convert their crop waste into biochar. They have reaped the benefits of adding biochar to their fields to improve soil conditions and increase crop yields.

Our goal this year is to continue to reach out to more farmers to increase the amount of crop waste that is turned into biochar, helping to eliminate more smoke from being generated through open field burning.

We are also developing a comprehensive project that will have even bigger, long term impacts on cleaning our air by reducing the amount of crop waste generated every year from corn crops.

Warm Heart will be leading a joint effort to restore forest land that has been used primarily for corn production with crops that produce far less waste and provide sustainable economic growth for the farming communities. 

Our partners in this project include Shangri-La Hotel of Chiang Mai, Pacific Basin Economic Council, Kad Kokoa, and Monsoon Tea. 

We will be putting forth a plan of agroforestry that will include rebuilding our forest lands with the following crops:

o Thai select cocoa

o Thai coffee

o Forest tea

o Pic Thai, green and black peppers

o Rattan

o Hardwoods

o Traditional tree fruits

Biochar will play a big role in preparing the soils. We will be working directly with select farmers to establish models to demonstrate how agroforestry can restore biodiversity, improve our water systems, create sustainable economic value, and yes, stop the smoke.

We hope you will join us again this year with your continuing financial support and help us Stop the Smoke!

Michael, Evelind, Dana, and the Stop the Smoke team

Planting trees using biochar
Planting trees using biochar
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