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Aug 14, 2018

Access to Quality and Affordable Education

To commence, i would like to extend heartfelt appreciation to all our wellwishers, donors, readers and especially team Global Giving for placing their trust in us, and our work. Your donations, suggestions and prayers have given us the strenght to undertake this mission in one of the most challenging and vulnerable environments. Thank you once again. 

         Sona Welfare Foundations proudly stands as one of the leading development sector name in Pakistan, which since inception in 2011 has been at the forefront of development and support of vulnerable communities and segments across Pakistan. 6 years on, i am proud to submit that on an annual scale our education program is covering over 25,000 students, with a sizable number of girls. This include self run schools, adopted public sector schools, assistance to institutes, academia's and universities supporting underpriviliged and deserving students. In addition, a comprehensive scholarship program is inplace to extend this aid to further areas and students.

     Similarly, towards health the coverage blanket safely surpass over 150,000 patients from deserving, remote and underpriviliged communities. SWF runs own hospitals, medical camps as well as supports neglected public sector health facilities. 

       The project "Multipurpose Libraries" is just another addition to the ongoing programs of SWF to ensure quality education to all. It is envisioned to bring together both enrolled as well as out of school childrens, in addition to adult members of the community through a Community Based model of libraries, which serve as a hub for education and literacy activities for the area. The Literacy Facilitator, male and female use state of the art technology in addition to books for interactive learning to all stakeholders, which is widely missing from the overall education picture of developing countries. 

       At present, the project of awaiting sufficient funding to initiate, however our mission is running full pace. We have full trust that veru soon this project will bring another 50,000+ students/ adults to its fold once operation.

      I am again humbled with your support, trust and appreciation. 


May 16, 2018

Expanding the Knowledge Base of Students

Dear Donors, Stakeholders and Wellwishers,

Greetings from Pakistan!

We sincerely hope that this communication will find each and everyone of you in the best of wellbeing, and you will be playing your much needed role in bringing the positive change around you. 

SWF has envisioned the project "Multipurpose Libraries for Rural Areas of Pakistan" keeping in view a dynamic and interactive strategy of changing the foundation of society through education. Working for over 5 years across Pakistan primarily in Education, SWF being on ground witnessed a phenomena which unfortunately is common in all developing countries. Education oppertunities may well be available (Although they are in a tragic condition), the mean of education are very traditional, outdated and narrow in all means. Course books are what define the scale of learning and knwoledge, and it ends at this. 

             The studens lack what is mandatory and basis of education of our time, the "out of box" learning. This approach is nested in interactive, multidiscipline and broad learning through which students can access resource of knowledge as per their discretion, allign themselves to the wealth available in the form of books/ e -learning from across the globe and employ it in expanding their knowledge and personality base. 

             The search for this led us to the conceptulization of "Multipurpose" libraries, which combine all these oppertunities for primarily four segments of any community which are

a. Students already enrolled but lacking access to interactive learning

b. Out of school children's who can access the resource under volunteer Literacy Facilitators to attain knowledge

c. Adults, with the oppertunity to learn, transfer knwoledge and socialize 

d. Women folk, denied access to otherwise educational institutes owing to customs and traditions


Based on this, the model develops a chain of libraries, 30 in all which themselves become a bank of over 15,000 interactive and multifaceted books available to the four segments detailed above. Once operational, it will run as a parallel establishment (Informal) to the already establsihed public sector institutes, nested within them, benefitiing them while opening the doors to left over segments including adults, out of school and women folk. 

     The model, having been envisioned for one district, will be replicated in other regions to drive the change in Pakistan's society through "out of the box" learning. 

     SWF is a proud member of GlobalGiving, and we are greatful to the dedicated and comitted team of GG for powering our dreams through this phenomenal and magical crowd funding platform. 

     It will be not long that from paper, this idea will be translated into a reality through the support of our friends, donors and welllwishers. SWF in this short span of time has established itself as a leading socio-welfare name in Pakistan, with outreach to over 20,000 students in education, over 100,000 patients in health sector and thousands more through community welfare and development programs. 

        Thank you once again for the trust and support.

Team SWF

Feb 16, 2018

Towards Universal Children Education

Dear Donors, Supporters, Stakeholders and the dedicated of GlobalGiving!

It is an honor for myself, and Sona Welfare Foundation to communicate with you all, through this examplary online platform which every day brings joys and success closer to those who are not that blessed. The project, "Multipurpose Libraries for Rural Areas of Pakistan" has been envisioned truly in line with the Sustainable Development Goal#4, which pertains to education. It is  

"Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning"

The task infront of us, especially in Pakistan which is yet a developing country is quite gigantic and challenging, considering the timeline of 2030 associated with the fulfillment of these goals. With millions of children out of school, a generation with merely 25% literacy rate (1950-80) and minimal resources in hand, the need of the time demands from us that innovative, cost effectrive and withstanding initiatives are devised to address this issue. 

     The project, although in pipeline qualifies each and every parameter explained above, and for this we have associated high hopes with it. In the 1st phase, the libraries or literacy hut as they are called will be established in rural and far off communities, which have either no school or merely functioning one. 

    The hut/ library, with its dedictaed education facilitator will reach out in a non-formal manner, covering both children and adults. For regular students, it is a place where 500 interactive, multifacated books are available, opening up a new horizon to them for understanding. For out of school children, which do not attend school owing to poverty etc and work, the hut will be available after working hours along with the facilitator for attaining education. Similarly, the adults, not blessed with the gift of literacy will also converge to the hut as a place where learning becomes fun, whether it is through newspaper learning or interactive books/ multimedia. 

    Being self sustainable based on Community Based Funding, each hut with its useful life will aid thousands of natives, and the dream of education to all by 2030 will become a reality. 

   SWF has till now pushed phenomenal achievements in teh last few years, and this project will greatly add to our aim of reaching out to those who require assistance. The project will be initiated once the first funding round gets completed. We are thankful to global giving, for the assistance it has given through the wonderful donors in our otehr projects, and we are certain that not long from now, this project will be a reality. 

Thank you once again to each and everyone who supports us, and we promise you that we will stay committed to our cause.

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