Dec 1, 2015

Francine's letter to sponsors

Kucetekela students wrote letters to their sponsors.  Below is a letter from Francine to her sponsors.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Hello! I am delighted to write to you and extend my concern of how you have been getting on. I am very fine and I hope everything is going well with you. I hope and wish you good health with your family. My family is ok despite the loss of my grandfather. I am very grateful to your wonderful support that you have giving me and with a thankful heart I would like to congratulate you for sparing your well-esteemed time for me. This is great not only to me but to the whole family. My family is equally very impressed and happy with what you are doing for me. This has really helped us in such a way that is beyond human words. You coming to my aid has really given us a sigh of relief. We are now able to have three meals per day a thing, which we never dreamed. The scholarship you have funded has really encouraged me to work extra hard. I am always an example to all other children that I play with. It has also changed my mind such that I now think maturely and logically. The same scholarship has also taught me to be there for others and contribute positively to my community. I now teach little children when I am home during the term breaks, which the community appreciates a lot.

At school, the subjects I cherish a lot are math and integrated science. I enjoy integrated science because my teacher there is not just a mere teacher, but a coach that makes it easy for me to understand myself and others. It is really a challenge to me because it makes me discern sense from whatever I do and show maturity in me. In as far as teachers are concerned, I like them all but my favourite is my science teacher. He is always available when I need clarification and proper understanding. He is really an apple of my eye. In my views, I view myself as a beneficiary to my friends. I motivate them by encouraging them to study extra hard to improve their performance at school. We have taken the initiative to form study groups, which has made us improve tremendously in all the subjects.

In school programs, I am a member of the Jets club. Jets is a club where people learn more about sciences. In Jets, we specifically come up with projects. One project that I’m doing is to research biodegradable plastics. I am also actively involved in all athletics. I am a gold medal winner and I am also a group leader in athletics, which means I encourage my fellow friends to use their talent wisely. I make them train and practice regularly. I am a very good runner. In other sporting activities, I am a soccer player as well as netball. This has really built me to be a community-based girl, which is a girl who encourages and teaches people how to live accordingly and helps in solving community issues.  and get along with others very well to create ownership for us to succeed. We always will as a team to achieve our goals. This has really taught me that no man is an island. It has also taught me that divided we fall, united we stand.

As for KF programs, you may see from the paragraph above that I am a very committed community worker. I teach Math and general knowledge to kids at a Breath of Heaven orphanage in Chunga. The thing that I have mostly gained in this experience is to share ideas with the other children. I really like teaching the young kids about leadership, and this really motivates me that they also want to work extra hard in education to achieve their goals. I feel that as an individual, you need to have a heart for others and learn to give back to the community.

I am very interested in studying medicine. I would really like to be a doctor because I would like to be always there for others to complement what I have achieved at KF. On behalf of my family and indeed on my behalf, I would like to thank you for all that you are doing for us. May the good Lord extend his long hand of blessing to you and my KF friends. You have lifted me from grass to grace and as I am writing this letter, I am really humbled.


Yours sincerely,


Sep 8, 2015

Term 1 Update

Dear Friends of KF,

The first academic term has finished in Zambia and we write to share with you the highlights and updates during this period.

As of January, thirty-five students currently attend high quality secondary schools due to the scholarships from Kucetekela Foundation (KF). Additionally, KF now supports thirty-one active alumni who remain involved with KF even as they now study and work around the globe! In this academic year, eight new students (5 boys, 3 girls) started at our partner schools with scholarships from our organization.

This first academic term has been highlighted by a number of exciting activities and achievements:

Highlights from current students:

• For the second consecutive year, KF students earned the highest Grade 12 national exam scores at both Chalo Trust School and Pestalozzi Education Centre.

• KF hosted a new student orientation in Lusaka attended by all new students and their parents/guardians. The key speakers and presentations were given by two KF alumni who shared their experiences in the KF program and their career aspirations.

• Four current KF students were accepted to the Yale Young African Scholars Program which is held in August 2015. Two students (Jackson K. and Kellyson S.) were accepted to the program in Rwanda and two students (Lydia N. and Rabecca N.) will be attending the program in Zimbabwe!

Francine had an excellent first term at Chalo Trust.  Her first term results are attached to this report.

Feb 12, 2015

Margaret's KF Journey

Graduation photo
Graduation photo

Dear Friends of KF,

Zambia's 2014 school year concluded in December.  At that time, Margaret graduated from secondary school having taken the GCE exams in November 2014. We are thrilled to report that Margaret did an exceptional job as she was at the top of her class having the highest results at Chalo Trust.   As an outstanding student, she has been appointed the KF Intern to work at the KF office - where she is doing an incredible job.
We asked Margaret to write an article about her journey through KF.  Having started in Grade 8 at Chalo Trust, she has had an incredible experience achieving her secondary education with the help of KF.  Currently she is taking Russian language classes in preparation for applying for Russian scholarships to study medicine.
Read about Margaret's KF journey.  Also, here are recent photos from graduation and Margaret receiving her exam scores.

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