May 14, 2018

Youth Day 2018

An update from a very special day in Lusaka for the children involved in the Chalo School.



There were many events that took place on Youth Day, but the main events are chronologically written down. In the morning, we had traditional performances. Students from different provinces showcased their traditions and such for cultures. Students from Southern Province being the last to showcase their culture, we dispersed for lunch.  In the afternoon, there were two inspiring events. The students inspired by soccer had their focus recognized, and they went out to play soccer with an outside team which they favorably won. Then those who are good at public speaking had the opportunity to debate. The debate was between boys and girls, and the boys won.  In the evening, we had a talent show. This was another special event, because youths in the boarding house had the chance to showcase the potential they possess in different fields. Some of my youth role models are Harriet and Naomi. I look up to them, because they have inspired me in a way that they encourage me to always have confidence in everything I do. Harriet always inspires me just the way she presents herself to people, and she always speaks words of advice to people, and she does not segregate.  I work hard to support other youths in my life in such a way that I try by all means to discover other youths’ talents which match with mine and review them to them.  Hence, I strive very hard to participate in any activities on the table in order to be a good role model.  As a youth, Youth Day to me is simply the day which reminds someone, particularly myself, to reflect and see, discover and utilize the main abilities in so that they can be used to better myself and others. It is also a day which gives me the sense of belonging to a certain group of people in the global village. It is also a day when youths can stand out for themselves and express their opinions and views. To that fact, I feel happy and stress free as a youth.  The hope for me is huge of how I will be celebrating Youth Day in the future. I hope that I will be able to celebrate it with some young groups of people which I will be the main facilitator of that group. 

Feb 12, 2018

Traditional Day at Chalo and Francine's Term 3 report

Before the actual day, we had rehearsal in preparation for Traditional Day.  During the process, I learnt that I do not easily give up on things. Despite the dance being hard, my friends and I persevered.  This practice also taught
me how to respect people that are put in charge in spite of their financial status or age.  Traditional day at Chalo
is the day set not only for students but teachers and parents, as well. This is a day when different traditional
dances are performed, various traditional foods prepared for lunch, prefects are coronated and awards are
given to the most deserving students.  This year’s traditional day was held on the 7th October in the Chalo Trust
School.  This traditional day was amazing because of the different acts performed by different people. Different acts
were portrayed on stage by the students who ranged in age from Grade 8 to 12. Every grade had their own dance. Teachers performed their own dance, as well. Apart from dancing, the drama club had prepared a very nice piece of the sketch, which was amazing. As a tradition, awards were given to deserving students and 2018 prefects were coronated.  I was very excited to be part of the people that were dancing, especially that the dance I was part
of was the day. This was my favorite act to be in because I was enjoying myself, and it was fun and interesting to dance with my friends, who happen to be my classmates.  Traditional Day is very important to me, because
I get to learn more about Zambian tradition from various provinces. I also learn different traditional dances from other tribes, and I get to eat traditional food for lunch.  I was especially happy with how the event turned out, because I was
chosen as a prefect.  Though this will make next year more difficult because I will hold more responsibility, I look forward
to developing my leadership skills. I was also amazed by the new dances that were excellently performed.

Nov 13, 2017

Opportunities through KF

United Students Achiever Program (USAP) is a non-governmental outreach program for financially unable students to access colleges and universities across the globe. All Grade 12 Kucetekela Foundation students had the opportunity to apply for this program. The application was straight forward and did
not require help from others. We submitted during the first term and four Kucetekela Foundation students were chosen. Being part of the four students felt like a great achievement for me.
During the April holidays, we had a USAP Boot Camp at Pestalozzi Education Centre. This boot
camp was set up to introduce us to the SAT exams, which we were to sit for in May. These exams will help us in applying to American universities. We had several seminars where we got to learn about the SAT English and Math sections. Not only this, but we also had the chance to meet and talk to several successful people, including professors. We also had a chance to talk to them individually during tea
breaks and lunch. They advised us based on careers we wanted to learn about and also shared their experiences of the SAT exam. The talks were so interesting as well as motivating, and all we could think of was taking down notes. Currently, we are busy working on our SAT practice and applying to universities that we are eligible for. I am looking forward to the boot camp that will be held in Zimbabwe in August. During the boot camp, we are going to learn how to write application essays, as well as looking at several admissions requirements that universities have. I have learned a lot during the USAP boot camps, and I am anxious and excited to learn more during upcoming events.

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