Sep 27, 2018

Martin Reflects on His Gap Year Experience

The transition from being a dependent person to one who has to entirely meet his own needs is tricky. This is so because as an adult or high school graduate, there are some needs that probably nobody else can provide for you apart from yourself. One such need is transportation to enable you to carry out your duties.

I am personally one of the luckiest persons to have been offered a job directly after high school, but the credit is not mine to take home. This is so because KF helped me get an internship with BookWorld Zambia. I was later given a contract as a full time employee. Since signing a contract, a lot has changed in my life in terms of different things, from how I spend or handle finances to communication skills on a personal level.

As an employee and Gap Year student, I have had to find a balance between work, university applications, and studies. That seemed difficult at first because work was tiring and extremely demanding, but I had to get my game back on. The travel to and from work was not just stressing but costly. At some point, I began to think I was working for transport.

To curb the problem of transport costs, I thought of buying a bike, as I knew I would spend so much on a bike, but once and for all. I didn’t just curb costs of travel, I also created a way for me to exercise and travel around town without delay.

I have used my bike to run around the city within time, as I time my pace and start off times. For example, when my mentor wanted to meet me, I used my bike to get to Kabulonga and still managed to attend my soccer practice at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC), on the opposite side of town.

Riding around Lusaka is somewhat a funny thing but worth trying. You have no traffic on a bike and no daily costs of forty kwacha for a one-direction trip. I have used my bike to even get to Pestalozzi, my former secondary school, twice for a tournament the school invited me for. The only sad thing is that I didn’t take part in it, because I was known by one of the officials of the tournament, as he faced me at one point.

If you want to do something big in life one day, start simple. Having a bike has enabled me to use that extra money for transport on some of my own long-term projects. At times, you may just come across some guy and you start cycling each other, which makes me even ten to twenty minutes earlier for work or my destination. I am careful, though, when I ride. I always wear a helmet to protect myself from head injuries.

The only problem I had at first was how people view owning a bicycle, but I am a kind of person who works to get to my goals, so I ignore people’s thoughts. The night rides are fun too; they make me happy.

Aug 21, 2018

Zambia Model United Nations

It was in March when we were told that we were going for Zambia Model United Nations (ZAMMUN). We never knew what ZAMMUN was, but with the help of people who experienced it, we were able to get familiar with it. We were given different countries and topics according to the groups. I was given a country called the United Kingdom and the topics that we were given in the General Assembly group were enforcing the role of women in development and the other one was eradicating poverty in sub -Saharan Africa. We did all the research in the few days before the actual day we all wrote our speeches. On the 16th of March, we were told that we will be going the next day at 06:00 hours. I felt a little bit nervous because it was my first time being at American International School of Lusaka (AISL). In the morning when I woke up, I did all my preparations, and then we started off. After we reached, I saw everyone was so happy and friendly, too. Then my fear went away. Then it was time for the first ceremony. We went inside, they told us everything, and we sang the national anthem. After that, it was time to go into our groups. Then the chairs told the people in General Assembly the instructions when it was time for reading out the speeches. Everyone read out their speeches. Then it was my turn. I was nervous, but when I reached the front, I looked at the people and then my speech paper, and my fear flew away. I read through without making any single mistake. When it was time for debate, I participated. After that, we went for a short break. When break time was over, it was time for making resolutions. I brought out new ideas and did my best, although it was my first time. In the meantime, when we were going back to the last ceremony, I saw the Chalo students. It was my pleasure meeting them and I was happy to see my friend Grace again. When we entered inside for the last ceremony, they announced the best speakers, and after that we had a pizza party. Although I wasn’t part of the best speakers, I believe that next time I will be.

May 14, 2018

Youth Day 2018

An update from a very special day in Lusaka for the children involved in the Chalo School.



There were many events that took place on Youth Day, but the main events are chronologically written down. In the morning, we had traditional performances. Students from different provinces showcased their traditions and such for cultures. Students from Southern Province being the last to showcase their culture, we dispersed for lunch.  In the afternoon, there were two inspiring events. The students inspired by soccer had their focus recognized, and they went out to play soccer with an outside team which they favorably won. Then those who are good at public speaking had the opportunity to debate. The debate was between boys and girls, and the boys won.  In the evening, we had a talent show. This was another special event, because youths in the boarding house had the chance to showcase the potential they possess in different fields. Some of my youth role models are Harriet and Naomi. I look up to them, because they have inspired me in a way that they encourage me to always have confidence in everything I do. Harriet always inspires me just the way she presents herself to people, and she always speaks words of advice to people, and she does not segregate.  I work hard to support other youths in my life in such a way that I try by all means to discover other youths’ talents which match with mine and review them to them.  Hence, I strive very hard to participate in any activities on the table in order to be a good role model.  As a youth, Youth Day to me is simply the day which reminds someone, particularly myself, to reflect and see, discover and utilize the main abilities in so that they can be used to better myself and others. It is also a day which gives me the sense of belonging to a certain group of people in the global village. It is also a day when youths can stand out for themselves and express their opinions and views. To that fact, I feel happy and stress free as a youth.  The hope for me is huge of how I will be celebrating Youth Day in the future. I hope that I will be able to celebrate it with some young groups of people which I will be the main facilitator of that group. 

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