Apr 30, 2021

The Stanford Virtual Conference

The Stanford online admissions session was a stunning event. I had an opportunity of participating in it to learn more about admissions Stanford is a liberal arts university and is academically intensive. I was inspired by the fact that Stanford gives grants to international students and not loans. This helps the university bring diverse minds together and helps resolve
global challenges such as racism and injustice. I feel that Stanford has helped a lot of students from the global community.

Despite the fact that the university mainly centers on academics, it still has its sports strings and ties. Stanford prides itself for producing excellent members of society and great leaders.

The online session also helped me to think about my future ambitions and just the kind of impact I would want to have on society. I was also fascinated by the prospect of knowing that law and economics are two important majors that the university offers. This was amongst the best virtual conferences I have had this year so far. All in all, I would just like to say that I have had great opportunities because of the KF scholarship. The admission officer also emphasized the importance of learning and applying that knowledge in real-life situations.

As a result, the university offers an intensive internship program and trips depending on students preferred field of study. The breathtaking fact about Stanford that I got is that the university brings diverse minds in one place. This helps enrich the over 172 countries represented nearly every year. In conclusion, I am inspired by the fact that even prestigious universities share my dream of making a better world for everyone to live in.

Dec 31, 2020

Resumption of Schools after Closure

After months of speculations on a new disease that had broken out in China and most of Europe, the worst happened in Zambia. We recorded our first case of the Coronavirus. Having heard experts and the ravaging impact of the disease in most parts of the world, the government closed all schools, most businesses, and churches after one case was recorded in Zambia in March.

Chalo Trust School and all other private institutions followed suit and the KF office was closed too for safety reasons.
After staying home for nearly three months and taking difficult online classes, the government announced that schools could open for exam grades only. However, the rest of the students would stay home and continue learning online from state television channels or school provided lessons.

Schools resumed this September for all the other grades though I must say it is different. We are expected to mask up and observe social dancing, harboring many activities. Despite the need to stay close to friends and family, I believe this is key to avoiding a break out of the pandemic in school. We have so far had no positive cases and continue to enjoy physical classes. Popular opinion among the less educated local community members is that the virus is for the rich. This made me fear for my life most of the time while at home because most people were not wearing masks. However, I ensured that I wore face covering all the time when in public. Because I am back in school, I feel safer here because everyone knows the extent to which this disease can weaken you and kill you.

After struggling with my social life at home and adjusting to being at school once again, I have learned to be open-minded and adapt to new changes faster. This year may have been challenging, but surely it has built my emotional and psychological capacity to be open-minded.

Sep 3, 2020

Journey to ALA and First ever KF SAT Boot camp

I have been acquainting myself more and more to the African Leadership Academy(ALA) from its mission, vision to its works since my admission to the missionary institution. I am excitedly part of the 2020-2022 ALA intake and among the young leaders working and being nurtured to develop the African continent.
It is always a great opportunity and chance to grow when a person is presented with a new challenge—ALA is just that for me. I have blended feelings about it from an energised spirit and raised curiosity including sense of self-discovery to a realisation of how much I have to work to ultimately achieve the purpose of attending the intensive two year academic, leadership and entrepreneurial programme. These feelings therefore wrap up around the idea of acknowledging what's ahead of me and knowing how I can best prepare for that future.
Confidently speaking, this year has been a preparatory one because I understood that part of gearing up was knowing who I truly was. During this period, I answered one of the most imperative questions every person, at one time of their life, needs to ask and answer this question—Who Am I? All this has construed how I feel about attending ALA.
Adding to what I earlier indicated, I recognised that the talk of preparation wasn't a mere objective, I had to actualise it. Fortunately enough, I was privileged to attend a week long SAT Boot camp hosted my the Academic team of the Kucetekela Foundation Alumni group. It was an intensive programme that I hope to see operating for the next approaching days.
It was not a mere Boot camp, it was a holistic and immensely engaging short course programme. I would simply describe it as an end note or summary—the hook— of my time in school, the summary that has equipped me with skills and knowledge to maneuver around challenges and events of a lifetime in vitally academics and the world around us. It complemented well with my preparation for ALA. It simply showed me how much more I can love my academic work by proving to me the power of adding value to information and understanding the profound concept behind it.
My overall experience from the Boot camp was overwhelming. It put my critical thinking and analysis skills to test and resultantly improved them. We had academic interactions with an intellectual aura. One of the amazing lessons we indirectly learnt was developing a positive and strong work culture. All thanks to the Academic team once again including all KF staff behind the establishment.
Among other preparations I'm undertaking include powerful academic tools such as Khan Academy for most of my personal work and learning including official SAT study guides, in the case of SAT. Adding to these tools, I am making use of various platforms that are otherwise considered to be for entertainment and one of such tools is YouTube which is a platform with enormous information.
These two experiences have enabled me to do one thing in common: To apply myself while I grow and know myself better.


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