Feb 11, 2021


Greetings Dear Friends and Compliments of the new season. We hope that we find you well in this New Year amid the continued impacts of the COVID-19.

In our last report we shared that only the examination classes were attending school and writing the national examinations in November and December 2020. The 2021 school term that was scheduled to start on the 4th January for all classes also failed to commence due to the rising cases of the COVID-19 in Zimbabwe. Once again only the examination classes opened so as to finish off the examinations which ran from the 4th of January to the 5th of February.

As of now the Zimbabwean schools are closed and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) has not announced an official date for school reopening. Learners continue to use alternative methods to access education which makes it a difficult time for us and our beneficiaries in light of internet access, electricity and access to gadgets.

MoPSE is also finalising on radio lessons for the first term which will be aired while safety measures are being in place for the opening of schools. FAWEZI is hopeful that most learners will have access to the radio lessons as collective efforts have been made in the provision of radio sets to vulnerable children by various organisations.

On a positive note we celebrate nine of our girls who successfully sat for their examinations and we are confident they will excel. For the remaining beneficiaries FAWEZI continues to keep in touch with them facilitating sharing of reading materials. Once the schools open FAWEZI will pay tuition fees and examination fees.

In response to the impact of the pandemic we continues to share hotlines and toll free numbers for reporting abuse and violence that may occur during lockdown periods. FAWEZI also continues to share official updates on school reopening with all its beneficiaries so as to keep them abreast with what is happening.

Our girls continue to reach out whenever they need support and are keeping afloat with their school work through alternative platforms.   With the availability of funds FAWEZI would want to support them further with the right gadgets, access to internet and funds to help them access online learning platforms. We encourage you our dear donors to continue supporting our cause.

Over and above all, FAWEZI continues to greatly appreciate each and every one of your donations. They significantly impact the lives of these girls .We encourage you to keep supporting us and together we will continue to make great strides as we succeed.

From all of us here at FAWEZI - Thank you

Oct 16, 2020


Greetings to you all, dear friends of FAWEZI.

We hope we find you well as we all continue to  adjust to the ‘new normal’ in light  of  the spread of the COVID-19 and subsequent efforts to curb it.

In our last report we shared that the Zimbabwean schools were closed, and we were uncertain on the way forward in terms of re-opening. Our primary and secondary schools closed in March a week earlier than usual, only to have the first phase of re- opening on the 28th of September. Our beneficiaries and all the other learners lost more than a full term due to the lockdown. 

The phased re- opening has seen nine of our beneficiaries going back to school since they will be seating for their final examination this year.  Next year examination classes will open on the 26th of October, and the rest of the grades including Early Childhood Development will open on the 9th of November 2020. We are hopeful that these plans will be met as the pandemic has not gone away.

FAWEZI continues to acknowledge that this is a difficult time for the 2020 examination candidates as they are thriving to cover up for lost time and also catch up with the syllabus.  We are also aware that some of the progress made in terms of giving girls a second chance to education may have been eroded by the global pandemic. Our beneficiaries did not have meaningful access to alternative learning platforms as they do not have gadgets, internet and or electricity. Some have also undergone different forms of   abuse due to the movement restriction and prolonged school closure. Those living with abusive parents or guardians were forced to spend more time with them.

As an organisation we have continued supporting our beneficiaries with learning materials wherever possible in terms of past exam papers and textbooks.  We continue to give psychological support to the girls as they also battle with the new ways that have come with the outbreak and spread of the COVID-19.

In all this global disturbance FAWEZI is very grateful to you our donors for the continued support. We believe that the girls need your support more than ever as the virus has exacerbated the challenges that they face in terms of access to and retention at all levels of education. As they go back to the classroom 6 months after some no longer have stationary, uniforms and as always still cannot afford sanitary wear.  FAWEZI encourages you to continue the good gesture and help us restore dignity to our girls.

As always and above all FAWEZI appreciates each and every one of your donations. All the donations made on this platform make a significant impact in the lives of these girls and young mothers.  We can never thank you enough and we implore you to continue supporting our endeavours to eliminate gender discrepancies in education.

From all of us here at FAWEZI –Thank you.

Jun 23, 2020


Greetings to you, dear friends of FAWEZI.

We hope we find you well and that you are keeping safe amid the outbreak and spread of the 2019 Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).

In our last report early this year we celebrated the Ordinary level results for our 2019 candidates. We also shared that we had taken on board more girls into the programme. 2 of them are in the first year of Advanced level, 9 will be seating for Ordinary examinations this November and 1 is still in Primary school.

We would also like to share that this is a difficult time for us as FAWEZI and also for our beneficiaries since the education patterns have been disturbed. The first term  (14 January to 2 April)  was cut short by a week and  we are currently more than  a month into the second term (5 May to 6 August)  yet our schools remain closed  due to the global pandemic- CORONA Virus .

 The Zimbabwean Government has recently extended the lockdown measures put in place to control the spread of the COVID-19 indefinitely emphasising that the lockdown will be   eased out in a strategic and gradual manner. As of now schools remain closed and plans are to open them in phased approach starting with the final examination classes.

Despite the current challenges we are happy to share that FAWEZI has kept in touch with the beneficiaries in all this. We have kept communication lines open and facilitated sharing of reading material which include soft copy text books, past examination papers and novels. The organisation has also shared information on hotlines and toll free numbers to report abuse and violence bearing in mind the rise of child abuse and violence cases during the lockdown.

FAWEZI also continues to share information on possibility of opening schools, examination dates and any other information that we deem useful to the girls since many of them do not have access to the press or online news channels. It is encouraging to note that our girls are keeping afloat with their school work from home   and reaching out to FAWEZI whenever they need any support.

The spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent measures to reduce it has also brought out the importance of technology in terms of communication and education. FAWEZI cannot ignore the fact that the prominence of online learning (Google classes, zoom lessons, whatsapp lessons, and online content) has brought challenges and deepened inequalities in terms of access to education. Most of our girls do not have gadgets and access to the internet due to high tariffs and lack of electricity in their homes.

The current situation is indeed a learning curve which will also inform our work and disaster response going forward. It is a time to factor in the ‘new normal’ and implement interventions that will make sure that our beneficiaries are not left behind in terms of access to quality education during and post COVID-19.

Over and above all FAWEZI continues to appreciate each and every one of your donations. All the donations made on this platform make a significant impact in the lives of these girls and young mothers.  We encourage you to keep on supporting s and together we will celebrate our success.

From all of us here at FAW

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