Feb 12, 2020

A lot of activities and celebrations!

Clara Luna has had an abundance of activities and celebrations over the past few months, starting in November. The theme for November’s Club de Niños was rebellious women. We read stories and learned about the lives of valiant women like Malala Yousafzai and the Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic. At the end of the month we celebrated this inspirational theme with one of our events known as “Erase Una Vez” or “Once Upon a Time”. For this gathering, Club de Niños students set up stations to read aloud a selection of stories to their parents. A group of five students also put on a puppet show called “La Princesa Vestida con una Bolsa de Papel”, which is about a princess who saves her prince and promptly leaves him in the dust when he criticizes her appearance instead of thanking her. It sends a great message of women’s empowerment and keeps parents and kids entertained. Afterwards we all gathered to enjoy hot chocolate and rosquitas. Also in November, our club of teenagers started their work on our community library, set to open this spring. For two and a half hours every Saturday morning, this group of ten adolescents selects the books to be displayed, mainly literature in Spanish and English, and organizes and labels them in accordance with the Dewey Decimal System.


In December, we brought 2019 to a close with our annual Christmas party. 32 families and 60 kids joined us for a night of celebration that included choreographed dances and puppet shows put on by our students. When we resumed our regular programming in January, we held two sessions of our “Cuentos en la Plaza: Mobile Libraries” in Puerto López’s San Jacinto neighborhood. We enjoyed bringing books to a group of 15 kids in the area and reading with them. Again we performed “La Princesa Vestida con una Bolsa de Papel”. It was lovely to see how pleased the children were watching the clever princess. For our second session, we read stories by Anthony Browne and everyone made a drawing of his main character, the kind gorilla Willy.


Dec 17, 2019

Women and Girl's empowerment at Clara Luna

There has been a lot going on at Clara Luna in the past few months. September, October, and November were filled with an array of themes for Children’s Club, from King Kong and climate change to women’s empowerment and Ecuadorian legends. Throughout September we read Anthony Browne’s King Kong book and followed it up with crafts inspired by the book. At the end of September, to honor 2019’s Climate Strike, we held an event for the Children’s Club in a local park, reading children’s books on the environment and finishing the evening with a play put on by the kids! In October, in the spirit of Halloween and Día de los Muertos, we read spooky legends from Ecuador, including “La Dama Tapada”, “La Mano Negra”, and “Las Brujas Blancas”. To end October we hosted an event where our Children’s Club participants read these traditional stories to their parents. Afterwards, a group of children performed a muppet rendition of “Davilara, el Rey de la Bomba”, based on the award-winning book “A ritmo endiablado de bomba” written by Marco Chamorro and Alice Bossut. In November, we shifted the focus of our club to women’s and girls’ empowerment throughout the globe, reading stories about inspirational individuals like Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and the Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic. As always, we followed our stories with arts & crafts, such as making homemade medals for our students to present to their mothers.


In September we restarted our Youth Club on Saturdays with pre-teens. For this we start with English lessons for an hour and then move on to activities that mirror the Childrens’ Club but more advanced, both technically and thematically.


For the children’s English classes, in September we learned about haikus and names of foods. One class included a blindfolded fruit tasting game which our students loved. In October we covered a wide variety of topics, getting help from two Swiss volunteers to take over the classes. In November, we learned about different English-speaking countries, discovering the traditional foods, dances, and some slang from countries such as Jamaica and Ireland. For the adults’ English classes, we continued our usual bi-weekly lessons on grammar and new vocabulary. For our Intercambio, or language exchange, we played many language-learning games enjoyed by our participants from Ecuador, Germany, the United States, France, Belgium, and Switzerland.


It was a busy and very enjoyable few months, and we hope to continue this action-packed schedule into 2020!

Nov 18, 2019

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TITLE OR SUBJECT OF REPORT:  Scary stories at Clara Luna haunting house 

This September, we read Anthony Browne’s club King Kong, for the children’s. The kids loved the craft activities that followed, which included making King Kong masks and colorful armbands. For our last children’s club of September, we went to the central park of Puerto López. Here activities were being held in honor of the last day of September 2019’s climate strike. The kids read books about the planet and our impact on it. After, they put on a theater performance in the park. Intercambio and English classes with adults carried on as usual. In our English club with children, we introduced the Japanese poetry style of haikus, first in Spanish then progressing to English.

The month of October was an exciting month for the Clara Luna Foundation, our main focus of this month was on scary stories, more specifically old Ecuadorian legends. Since the month of October is known for Halloween, which is followed by Día de los Muertos, we mainly worked around different ecuadorian legends such as ‘La Mano Negra’, ‘La Dama Tapada’, ‘Las Brujas Blancas’ and many more. With Halloween and Día de los Muertos in mind, we organised an event on the 25th of October, during our weekly Club de Niños. On this day three pairs of children read the ecuadorian legends for the other parents and children. Another group of children performed a muppet show called ‘Davilara, el Rey de la Bomba’, based on the (recently) award-winning book ‘A ritmo endiablado de bomba’ written by Marco Chamorro and Alice Bossut. Thanks to the help of the parents, the volunteers and Paola’s organisational skills the event turned out very successful. The children were all dressed up in their favourite Halloween costume and the parents had prepared some delicious hot chocolate milk and rosquitas, which is a traditional treat during similar Clara Luna events.  

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