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Jun 25, 2020

January - June 2020

Juanfe Foundation started the year 2020 full of energy, commitment, and determination. The COVID-19 pandemic led us to adapt our work and design a remote care strategy that has allowed us to advance the accomplishment of our goals.

Between January and the first weeks of March, we took care of 110 babies in Cartagena, who are children of the teenage mothers that are beneficiaries of Juanfe Foundation's projects. With these babies, we conducted activities aimed at:

  • Sensory stimulation
  • Psychomotor stimulation
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Language stimulation

The activities were carried out following the Abbreviated Scale of Development standards. 

After the COVID-19 outbreak, we closed our facilities and adapted our programs to remote strategies. We continue providing our babies with integral development activities through virtual activities with their mothers. These activities have been focused on:

  • Strengthening the affective bond between the mothers and the babies
  • Promoting positive upbringing guidelines adapted to the context of confinement
  • Providing psychosocial care to the teenagers and emergency care for those who need it

We will continue promoting the integral development of these babies, taking care of their mothers, and fostering their socioeconomic inclusion. 

Jun 24, 2020

January - June 2020

Juanfe Foundation started the year 2020 full of energy, commitment, and determination. The COVID-19 pandemic led us to adapt our work and design a remote care strategy that has allowed us to advance the accomplishement of our goals. 

During the first quarter of the year, 70 teenage mothers entered the formal labor market, of which 50 signed long-term contracts. The Employment and Entrepreneurship Office organized 7 workshops addressing topics such as social skills, IT tools, empowerment, and customer service. There were also 2 courses, one on entrepeneurship and the other on life project. In addition, the Office established 32 new contacts with potential partners in the private sector.

As Juanfe's beneficiaries enter the formal labor market, they:

  • Contribute to the social security system
  • Access quality health and other wellbeing services
  • Ensure the generation of stable income
  • Maintain their jobs and are recognized for their work and their human quality
  • Acquire economic autonomy

In sum, they have the conditions to save and invest in their families, offering better education and progress opportunities for their children. This is an important step towards breaking the poverty cycles. 

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Colombia, the Foundation adapted its methodologies and started delivering workshops and courses using virtual platforms. Some of them have been focused on digital marketing and tools, and others have addressed the implementation of biosecurity measures.

Aside from these education programs, up until June 15th, Juanfe Foundation has:

  • Delivered 777 grocery packs for women who are part of the economic inclusion project.
  • Expanded its psychosocial care strategies, set up a permanent hotline, and organized private therapy sessions according to the needs of each beneficiary.
  • Provided sexual and reproductive health orientation through small "brigades."
Mar 2, 2020

2019 Annual Report

Jessica, one of Juanfe's alumni
Jessica, one of Juanfe's alumni

Juanfe Foundation serves teen mothers living in extreme poverty through a two-year model that addresses the root causes of adolescent pregnancy. As the model intends to break the poverty cycles that are partly caused by this issue, the final steps are oriented towards achieving the formal labor inclusion of the teen mothers. The Employment and Entrepreneurship Office (EEO) is in charge of this goal.

In 2019, we conducted the following activities:

  • We identified 1349 job opportunities that were adjusted to Juanfe's alumni profiles.
  • We conducted 283 psycho-technical tests and psychosocial evaluations.
  • We drafted 106 resumes and updated 148.
  • We followed up on 310 beneficiaries who are already employed, identifying opportunities for improvement in their training.
  • We carried out 18 courses and 33 workshops for professional enhancement.
  • We supported the entrepreneurship projects of 18 alumni.

At the end of the year, 290 women entered the labor market with formal jobs. As a result, Juanfe Foundation:

  • Promotes employment and stable income generation for women who were teen mothers.
  • Boosts economic mobility, driving these women from the base of the pyramid towards the middle-class border.
  • Encourages the adoption of responsible employment policies among the private sector.
  • Contributes to the generation of local GDP and the inclusion of these women in social security services, thus reducing public expenditure.


 When she was 15 years old, Jessica got pregnant. Her father showed his disappointment while Jessica, who used to be joyful and a good student, locked herself down and questioned her future.

A few months later, she entered Juanfe Foundation, where she acquired the tools to redefine her life project and later graduated from the Hotel and Tourism Services technical career. Due to her excellent results, she earned a scholarship to study at the Cedesarrollo Comfenalco Educational Institution, where she obtained a degree in Administrative Assistant.

Jessica has been working in the hotel industry for the past three years. She is currently the Head of Reception and Reservations at the ZiOne Hotel in Cartagena. The economic autonomy she has gained allowed her to buy an apartment of her own, which she will receive in 2021. 

Dannith, her 6-year-old daughter studies at a private school and is learning English. Every morning, Jessica hugs her and tells her: "you and I, together forever".

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