Jul 26, 2017

Students excited about DFRobot kits

Experimenting with DFRobot kits
Experimenting with DFRobot kits

Here is from a volunteer, Vicky who wants to share some episodes that she observed since the DFRobot kit swap initiative project was arranged, and materials delivered to schools a couple of months ago.

“Long Lingzhi is a freshman student from Kaili No.1 high school and she contacted the teacher of this project Yangqing to join this project. Her goal is to create a smart flowerpot after learning all of tutorials and the sensor. As Long Lingzhi commented, the project gave her a chance to access sensors and infrared ray that seems really high-tech for them at young age.  When she went past the makerspace and see what students were doing, she immediately applied for it.

Yangshen was a teammate of Long Lingzhi . He wished to become a robot when he was a kid. After he realized that programming is the core of robot, he started working on programming. He mentioned that computing skills are so critical in current world and he felt proud that he successfully persuaded his parents to buy a computer so that he could start self-learning.

Yangshen and Long Lingzhi, like most of their teammate joining the kit swap initiative project in Kaili No.1 High school, had strong interests and passion in STEM and hands-on projects. But so far, these students in rural high school in China, were challenged by the lack of resources like summer STEM camp, tutorials and STEM kits and the heavy academic workload for students

However, there are observable hope from the DFRoBot kit swap initiative projects. Teachers have devoted their personal time tutoring students over 4 hours per week without extra payoff. The first kit is passed down from one student’s hand to another and first screen is read by a crowd of students.  Despite absence of compliments, teachers and students who joined DFRobot kit swap initiative project, expressed their joy and fulfillment in the past three months.

Vicky felt the same senses of satisfaction and accomplishment when teachers shared with her about their students’ brilliant ideas. She got the same happiness and passion when seeing students testing on their own hands-on project and the Aha moments that the light bulb turned on. This project is a great chance to allow teachers and students explore new possibility of life from their own interest and passion. It is like a soft summer breeze that re-energize students in coping with new learning and extreme pressure from Gaokao (Matriculation Exam) in rural China.

Vicky hopes, step by step, more and more youths in rural China will have assess to the same kits, same tutorials and maybe same STEM camp that urban youths have."

May 15, 2017

Teachers from six schools participating in DFRobot program

Starter Kit
Starter Kit

Dear friends,

I am excited to tell a story that came about from a teacher who attended MakerSpace - Creativity in Library conference.  

Months after attending the conference, a teacher from SiDan School in Yuannan came across DFRobot, a manufacturer of Maker components.  DFRobot happened to have a program to offer Maker experience to schools in rural areas of China.  As soon as we learned of this opportunity, we discussed with DFRobot and worked with all schools that attended the conference.  Six schools expressed interest in participating in the DFRobot program.  Teachers in these six schools will take advantage of the offering to gain Maker experence with materials provisioned by DFRobot.

For our friends who are interested to see what the schools get to experiment with, the attached are the materials that the schools will get and play with.  Like all learning, the students and teachers would run into problems.  When that happens, they will have access to DFRobot's forum and gain knowledge.  The forum would certainly expose them to what others across China are doing in working with their challenges.  If the forum is like what most manufacturers do, there will be knowledgebase and support.

We have a few sets of the DFRobot material too. That will allow us to gain first hand experience as well about the program.

We are excited about this education opportunity for the schools in rural areas of China.  We will share with you on the progress about the support that you have been giving.



Mar 29, 2017

A Peer Group of Makers formed and active

Solar umbrella design
Solar umbrella design

Following the ITIE 2016 conference, Maker spirit continues.  We are very happy to report that your investment is fueling the interest in learning as Makers.

The Chinese students of several groups, who competed in Evergreen Education Foundation program to win top entries and right to show their stuff during the conference, formed their WeChat group to continue their Maker spirit and exchange ideas.  WeChat was choosen as the Channel is accessible worldwide.   It id also the most popular media Apps in China.

Zhou Ji, a volunteer of EEF took the effort to compile design information from the competing groups and shared it on the WeChat Channel.  The material provided design drawings, schematics as shown in the two photos.  The original report written in Chinese was put on WeChat about a month ago.  It contained more photos about the designs from the competing groups and certainly their joy and pride.

Another volunteer, Sherman took the task to translate it into English so that the information could be shared with those whose preference is English.  This English version is in the third attachment.

I hope that you are as excited as I am about their spirits.  We look forward to working with EEF schools to make Maker a permanant part of their learning by research, by design, by making and prototyping.

Earthquake detector design
Earthquake detector design

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