Aug 20, 2018

Peace Schools for Afghan Children - Pakistan

Peace School for Afghan Refugees and Host Communities

Report – August 2018

Ali Mohammad is one of the brilliant students in class III and has learnt a lot of new study techniques in the PEACE School. His father is working in a factory on daily wages and his mother along with elder sister are working as housemaids. Ali and his two sisters are studying in the PEACE School near Manzoor Park area where they live nearby. Ali’s wish is to become a pilot and serve his country.

The last two months June and July Ali enjoyed his summer vacations while he was also helping his father for a part time job rag picking. While most of the families are doing the rag picking job to earn some money for their living. Rag picking which is hazardous to their health and the people are not aware of cleanliness. FACES Pakistan took an initiative for providing PEACE School student’s mothers with cleanliness Awareness sessions which was organised by FACES Pakistan in collaboration with LWMC. The mothers were quite happy to attend these awareness sessions and stated that these sessions would help their families to live a healthy life.

While the school reopened in the month of August Ali’s teacher told them that through FACES Pakistan initiative now all teachers are well trained with the new techniques of teaching with regular teacher training sessions to ensure quality education from expert Pakistani organisations like EAST Online. The teacher told them that they will learn now with new techniques and it will help them with a quality learning.

Ali Mohammad enjoyed the celebrations of the 71st anniversary of Pakistan Independence Day on August 14, with traditional fervour and enthusiasm as several activities were arranged at PEACE Schools to mark the occasion. Besides, the PEACE Schools have arranged art exhibitions, declamation contests, national songs competitions and sports competition to mark the celebrations. PEACE Schools children enjoyed the festive occasion with fireworks, face-painting, eccentric get-ups, and other fun and games.

The FACES Pakistan’s PEACE Schools have actively been engaged in planning and execution of programmes to add local colours to the events. Meanwhile, the PEACE School buildings were also illuminated to celebrate the Independence Day. Special prayers were offered in mosques at dawn for peace, solidarity, and prosperity of the country.

As the school has reopened in the month of August and the new year term begins the 1050 students of the PEACE schools urgently need new books. FACES Pakistan PEACE School requests the donors to help our initiative so that the quality education and learning continues.  The children also need the new uniforms, bags and shoes. Our current fundraising campaign is focusing on providing these basic needs of these students.

May 23, 2018


Peace School for Afghan Refugees and Host Communities

Report – May 2018

Abida is the student of class 2 and has been studying in Peace School since 2016. Her father is a mason and her mother and elder sister have to work as housemaids. All her 3 brothers go to Peace School with her. Abida lives in Akram Park which is located near the Saggian landfill site and provide shelter to Pakistani host communities as well as Afghan refugees who decided to settle in Lahore for better employment opportunities.

In last three months she saw some refreshing developments in her community. A truck from Lahore Waste Management Company came to her Akram Park and cleaned up all the solid waste that had piled up there for years. Her father claims that they waste had been there for almost 30 years and no one had bothered to remove it from the residential areas of Akram Park and Manzoor Park. This initiative was taken by the school administration to provide best and healthy learning environment to their students. Abida and her brothers now feel more motivated and willing to work hard for their better future. Her parents are also hopeful and cooperative and wish to see their children progress.

In Pakistan Afghan refugees frequently face discrimination in health facilities as doctors hesitate to attend and admit them in their hospitals and clinics. To support them a health camp was also organized for families of Afghan refugee children of Peace School in Manzoor Park in collaboration with District Health Department Lahore. Free health check-ups and free medicines were provided to male, female and children in the community. Water borne diseases are common in the area as local water supply from groundwater is contaminated. Therefore, most of the cases appeared were related to diarrhoea, abdominal discomfort and skin problems. In absence of any medicine, the patients were referred to the local government hospital. The communities were relieved to see such initiatives and hoped that such efforts will continue in future.

A remodelled mobile library van also visited Peace Schools. The van was equipped with a wide range of reading material to improve literacy rate in Pakistan. The school teachers read different stories based on value education and human rights to their children. Abida along with her class fellows also used art supplies and computers in the vehicle and expressed their creative skills. The books and colour pencils were distributed among the children and their hand impressions were printed on one side of the van.

Women’s Day was also celebrated at Peace Schools not with children but with their mothers instead. Mothers of school children were engaged in an interactive session on Women’s Day. The school teachers discussed the rights and responsibilities of mothers as a human being and how these can shape the future of their children. The teachers motivated these women by informing them about their social and economic contribution in managing their homes and their communities overall. Abida’s mother also attended the session. She felt encouraged and gave further suggestions on the ways she can improve her impact in society.

Now the new term has started and our 1050 students need new uniforms, bags and books. Our current fundraising campaign is focusing on providing these basic needs of these students.

Feb 26, 2018

Peace School Report February 2018

Peace School for Afghan Refugees and Host Communities

Report – February 2018

Last three months were the most fun months of the students of Peace Schools as right after giving exams the students celebrated Universal Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day, visited Butterfly house and watched an animated movie in a cinema for the first time.

On 20th November 2017, Peace Schools organized a program to create awareness about rights of children and make this day memorable for them. Students of our Peace School for Afghan refugees and host communities celebrated the day by painting their thoughts and ideas about their rights. They gathered in school in coloured dresses and expressed themselves through the medium of arts.

Different events and speeches are organized all over the world as a token of appreciation for their beloved teachers, who prepare their students to be well behaved and productive members of their society and ensure a well-organized atmosphere in schools. A good and concerned teacher is a blessing as he or she plays a vital role in developing life and career of a student. Students of celebrated Teachers Day by appreciating their teachers and sharing their thoughts regarding the hard work their teachers are doing to make their future successful and secure.

Later in December, an educational visit was organized for the students of Peace School for Afghan refugees and host communities to Botanical Garden and Butterfly House, Jallo Park, Lahore. These educational trips that are a part of the school curriculum are valuable as such trips provide the students an opportunity to learn through experiences.  During the trip the students had a lot of fun as they played different games in the park and got a chance to interact with nature which they rarely get in their underprivileged area. The trip also engaged their attentive mind and empowered their sense of discovery.

In February, students of Peace Schools for Afghan Refugees & Host Communities enjoyed Allahyar & The Legend of Markhor at Sozo World Cinema. FACES Pakistan with Sozo World Cinema organized a free screening of the animated movie for the students. This unique opportunity allowed the students to watch a movie in cinema for the first time in their lives. Through this movie they learnt about culture of Northern Areas of Pakistan as well as about different species of animals. Most of the students were liked the character of Allahyar but they particularly liked the jokes made by character ‘Hero’ in the movie. The students later enjoyed lunch they had brought from their homes.


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