Feb 10, 2020

Report -November 2019- January 2020

Earthquake Reconstruction in Kashmir

Report –November 2019- January 2020


Fully damaged houses Construction (14*14)

23 fully damaged house were constructed in affected areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and officially handed over to the affected targeted families. The construction was completed by focusing on earthquake resistance techniques in order to provide comfort and increase well-being, security and protection from harsh weather in summer. 23 families who were lost their houses during swear earthquake, were provided with newly constructed houses. The construction process was implemented under the experienced technical team including civil engineers and staff.


Fully damaged washroom Construction (6*6)

The construction of Washrooms has been completed in affected areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. A total 23 latrines are being constructed and handed over to the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries have easy access to their washrooms close to their dwellings and feel secured and protected specially women and girls. In the construction process the community groups facilitated and ensured the role and responsibilities of the beneficiaries. Technical team (engineer) coordinated with contractors and labor for quality construction and maintain material supply chain. The community groups visited for monitoring of the construction work and reported to the technical team time to time. The engineer has overseen the entire construction process and ensured the quality of work.


 Livelihood Support

After the earthquake hundreds of people lost their livelihood and as well as lost their coping capacities in order to support their families economically for their needs. The livelihood support was provided to 62 families and now they are in position to fulfil the needs of their families including children, old people and pregnant women. The support was provided after the verification of the needy and deserving families in the affected areas with consultation of organized community groups.    

Nov 26, 2019

PEACE Schools report - November 2019

Peace School for Afghan Refugees and Host Communities

Report –November 2019


Shahid  is the eldest among the 4 siblings. His father is a daily wager and the mother is working as domestic helper. They earn 18000 per month, living in a rented home and bearing the expenditures. Shahid  is the eldest among the sibling and a very sensitive child. He used to look after the siblings in the absence of his mother. He said I feel so much pain when I saw my mother as a domestic helper, as I know there is no respect for the women who are working in this sector. He said we do not afford the expenses of tuition and i want my siblings to excel in the academics. He used to guide his siblings in the studies and teach them in He wanted to become a professional so he can change the financial condition of his family.



Participation in speech competition

The students of peace school participated in the speech competition. The student’s from the 4th and 5th grade have participated in the competition. The theme was Independence Day. Student from the 5th grade was awarded special prize. The students from 40 public and private schools were there in the competition.


Prize Distribution Ceremony

Prize distribution ceremony for the position holders was held at the premise of Nazarya e Pakistan Trust. Parents and the principal were there to receive the prize


International peace day

International peace day was celebrated at Peace schools. The students were briefed in a session on the significance of peace among ourselves and within the communities and on the national level.

 Drawing competition on peace day

The drawing competition was also held among the students on peace day. With their creative skills students painted the themes of peace.


Teachers day

Teaches day was celebrated. The staff briefed students about the significance of the teachers day. Students made cards to show their respect and love for their teachers.


Mothers meeting

Mothers meeting held at peace schools where the mothers discussed the issues of their children and also shared their challenges of the daily life. The mothers were very satisfied with the studies of their children the mothers also demanded the up gradation of the school from primary to higher secondary level so they can continue the studies of their children particularly their daughters.



Visit to Lahore Science Mela

Khwarzami Science Society organized the Lahore Science Mela every year, where The progression towards a more scientifically immersed community continues as the KSS plans to organize the third Science Mela, in collaboration with the Ali Institute of Education. The LSM Series comprises of annual science festivals organized to cater to the need for the promulgation of scientific ideas and news among the general public.

Students from the Peace schools attended the Science Mela and learn about the different concepts beyond the textbooks. That was a very good learning opportunity for the students as well as a very first time for the students to learn about the new things. The students were very interested in the experiences and learnt much about the experiences.



Fun activity with prep class

The fun activity was arranged with the students of the prep class. Students blow the balloons and had fun with the little activity. The students enjoyed the activity. The students who won the prize was awarded with little prizes i.e chocolates and the sweets. The objective was to engage the students in the activity and to increase the interaction among the students and the teachers.


Global Handwash day

Global Handwashing Day is an international handwashing promotion campaign to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their handwashing habits. Washing hands at critical points during the day and washing with soap are both important.

The objective was to raise the awareness among the students about the significance of the handwashing, keeping in view the hygiene practices of the community and the students, it was important to educate the students about the significance of handwashing. The teachers guided the students how to wash their hands properly.



Visit to Peace School

Prize distribution ceremony and the staff appreciation ceremony held at peace schools. The students who participated in the competition performed their songs and presented their speeches in front of the distinguished guests.

The president FACES Pakistan and the secretary general appreciated the performances of the students and also awarded them with prizes. The staff was also appreciated for the efforts for the students. The principal was awarded with shield and the prize for her remarkable contribution towards the improvement of the school.



Practice class for drawing competition

The students were so anxious to participate in the drawing competition to be held on 21.10.2019. keeping in view the increased number of students, who were willing to participate, the principal and the teachers set the criteria for participation in the school and


Drawing capitation at Alhamra

The inter school drawing competition held at Alhamra arts council, Lahore. Students from the peace school participated in the competition. Students draw the theme of peace, and spring. The students were awarded by the certificate of appreciation there.

Polio Awareness Campaign


Keeping in view the sensitivity of the issue, peace school is a part of District health department awareness campaign to end polio. In this regard the meeting held with the representative of the polio campaign, district health department and the management of the peace school. In the meeting it was decided that the peace school will take an active part in community awareness and the Polio awareness camping and the World polio day, awareness session walk with district health department. On world polio day an awareness session held at peace school and the walk within the community with the students and the influential of the community held.

25.10 2019

Friday activity

Friday activity held at school, where students learn about the drawing and the colour recognition.

Sep 4, 2019

PEACE Schools report August 2019

Peace School for Afghan Refugees and Host Communities

Report –August 2019

Nida student of 5th class is the eldest among the 3 sisters and 3 brothers living in a small rented place of Akram Park.  Her mother is working hard as a domestic house keeper and earns for the future of her children. The mother is committed to educate all her children so that they can earn a respected life and change the poverty cycle. Nida starts her day in helping her mother in household chores and then she joins the school. She is so keen and focused in her studies. Her father is working on daily wages in a nearby factory and both parents earns a little money after a hectic labour. Many times, they use to sleep hungry as the father earns nothing, the major chunk of her mother's income spend on the rent of their home and the utility bills. Nida used to help her mother in her job in weekends, and often look after her siblings in absence of her mother on weekends.  Nida has also participated in the speech competition held during Independence Day celebrations and she also won the prize. Her wish is to become a teacher in future so that she could educate many deserving children.

During the two and half month Summer vacations Nida tried to help her parents to earn some extra money. She also spent a good time in the summer school activities at Peace School where she was able to learn some good things which could help her at home.

During the summer school the students were engaged in the studies to cover their syllabus as well as to engage them in the extracurricular activities. The teachers took the art classes and arrange the sessions for the students. It was important during the sessions to keeping in view the surrounding factory area and increased incidents of the child abuse, teachers arrange orientations and sensitization sessions for the students. they also briefed them about the child protection methodologies. Nida and her friends enjoyed the summer school activities.

During the summer school there was also a story telling session at the Peace Schools, the main objective of the activity was to give exposure to the students about the different stories. Nida and all her friends at school enjoyed the participatory session and enjoyed that experience for the first time in life.  Their interest of reading books was seen by all the teachers and this session was very much appreciated by the parents. All the students were awarded with the different story books and game kits.

While the school reopened in the month of August Nida and her friends re-joined school her teacher told them that through FACES Pakistan now, we small library at school.  Nida and her friends were very happy to learn about this and told the teacher about their experience of summer school and summer holidays.

Nida enjoyed the celebrations of the 72nd anniversary of Pakistan Independence Day on August 14, with traditional fervour and enthusiasm as several activities were arranged at Peace Schools to mark the occasion. All the students were briefed about the importance of Independence Day and its celebrations. Besides, the Peace Schools have arranged art exhibitions, declamation contests, national songs competitions and sports competition to mark the celebrations. Peace Schools children enjoyed the festive occasion with fireworks, face-painting, eccentric get-ups, and other fun and games. The students of the Peace School celebrated 72nd Independence Day in a different way, they started a campaign of adopting the trees in the community and plant different trees in the surroundings, outside their homes and outside school. Some of the students of Peace School participated in the national song’s competition with reference to 72nd Independence Day of Pakistan. Three of the best students of Peace Schools participated in the competition where they compete among the 71 students of different schools of Lahore. Two students of Peace School won prizes in this competition.

The FACES Pakistan’s Peace Schools have actively been engaged in planning and execution of programmes to add local colours to the events. Meanwhile, the Peace School buildings were also illuminated to celebrate the Independence Day. Special prayers were offered in mosques at dawn for peace, solidarity, and prosperity of the country.

As the school has reopened in the month of August and the new year term begins the 1075 students of the PEACE schools urgently need new books. FACES Pakistan PEACE School requests the donors to help our initiative so that the quality education and learning continues.  The children also need the new uniforms, bags, shoes and story books. Our current fundraising campaign is focusing on providing these basic needs of these students.

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