Jun 19, 2020

Peace Schools Report - June 2020

Peace School for Afghan Refugees and Host Communities

Report –February 2020- June 2020

Case Study:

Nadia is 12 years old and student of 5th class in the Peace school. She is the youngest daughter out of 12 siblings. Her father was a daily wager, who got injured in a road accident and was not able to work since past 08 years. Her mother used to work as domestic helper in nearby communities. Due to family issues, Nadia’s brothers started their jobs in the their teenage. The sisters got married in early age as well. The mother always regrets that due to family issues she was not able to continue the studies of her elder kids. She sends Nadia and 3 other children to school for studies. Nadia is very quick learner and wanted to learn with keen interest.

One of Nadia’s paternal uncles send Nadia’s Proposal for his son who is 26 years old. The father was willing for her marriage and accepted the proposal. The mother took and stands and share the situation with the peace School principal. The principal proactively take over the situation and had meetings with her father and elder brothers. She convinced them that their daughter is too young for getting married and its also a crime under child marriage restrain act.  The father was resisting but he convinced on the points. Now Nadia has resumed her studies and wanted to become a dress designer in future.



Trip to Zoo

Before the closing of academic session, the school arranged an educational trip to zoo for the students. The students were so overwhelmed during the visit. For many students, it was the very first time that they were visiting zoo. The teachers explained them about the wild life and relate the educational trip with their text book lessons.


Visit to Lawrence Garden

The visit to Lawrence garden and botanical garden was arranged for the students. Students enjoyed the visit and spend quality time there. The visit of botanical garden at Lawrence garden was also a part of the trip. Students of the senior class were able to relate the briefing with their science and botany lessons



Annual Examinations

The annual examinations for the students of all classes held. The students were provided by the date sheet and prior to examinations a session with parents was also held to brie them regarding the examinations.


Commemorating International women’s day

Like every year, international women’s day was commemorated in the peace school. The session was held with the mothers on the significance of the international women’s day. The community was familiar with the concept due to regular engagement. The mothers were willing to bring a change in the lives of their children by ensuring gender balance in their lives.

Session was also held with the students. Since they were occupied with the examinations as well, after school session was held for a short period of time. Students took great interest in that.

Health Emergency and COVID-19


Awareness Raising-COVID-19, and Hygiene Kits Distribution

Due to COVID -19 health emergency was imposed nationwide. Due to the un expected situation people were un aware of the new pandemic. There was a need to sensitize the families regarding the current situation. School staff has distributed the hygiene kits and the IEC material for the community awareness.


Coordination with parents:

Due to pandemic situation, the school staff in in contact with the parents and following up on the given homework. They are in contact over the phone calls to ensure the safety of their families and themselves.

Jun 8, 2020

Rehabilitation of Earthquake Affected Azad Kashmir

Earthquake Reconstruction in Kashmir

Report –February 2020- June 2020


Fully damaged houses Construction (14*14)

FACES Pakistan constructed 116 fully damaged house in the affected areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and officially handed over to the affected targeted families. The construction was completed by focusing on earthquake resistance techniques in order to provide comfort and increase well-being, security and protection from harsh weather in summer. 116 families who were lost their houses during swear earthquake, were provided with newly constructed houses. The construction process was implemented under the experienced technical team including civil engineers and staff.


Fully damaged washroom Construction (6*6)

The construction of washrooms has been completed in affected areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. A total 116 latrines are being constructed and handed over to the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries have easy access to their washrooms close to their dwellings and feel secured and protected specially women and girls. In the construction process the community groups facilitated and ensured the role and responsibilities of the beneficiaries. Technical team (engineer) coordinated with contractors and labor for quality construction and maintain material supply chain. The community groups visited for monitoring of the construction work and reported to the technical team time to time. The engineer has overseen the entire construction process and ensured the quality of work.


Livelihood Support

After the earthquake hundreds of people lost their livelihood and as well as lost their coping capacities in order to support their families economically for their needs. The livelihood support was provided to 314 families and now they are in position to fulfil the needs of their families including children, old people and pregnant women. The support was provided after the verification of the needy and deserving families in the affected areas with consultation of organized community groups.    

Feb 25, 2020

PEACE Schools report - February 2020

Peace School for Afghan Refugees and Host Communities

Report –November 2019- February 2020

Case Study:

Sadia is a student of 4th class at Peace school. She is the eldest among 5 siblings. Her father is working as salesman in a garments shop and mother is a home-based worker. She used to stay at home and through middleman get some home-based work. She can hardly contribute 3-4 thousand per month in family income. They are living in a rented place where they all the 7 family members are living in one small room. She use to help her mother as an unpaid family helper in her order work and also looks after her siblings. Living in such a life she is still an outstanding student of the school and actively participates in every activity. She wanted to become a doctor in future. She said it’s so painful for her that her mother is sharing the family burden and also a victim of domestic violence. She said she wanted to enjoy the leisure time with the friends in community but she has to do a lot of work after school.

Colour recognition activity

The school conducts regular activities with the students of the Prep and the 1 class. The activity has been conducted to familiarize the students with the colours and their names. The activity helped students to recognize the colours in a very interesting way and the students enjoyed the learning.

Peace Activity

The students have regular sessions on the peace and harmony and they are also engaged with the different extracurricular activities. Students of the peace school participated in an in house activity where they delivered the speeches on interfaith harmony and also sing the songs of peace. That activity helped them to learn about the peace in the life and in their surroundings.

 Awareness Raising-World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day (WTD) is an official United Nations international observance day on 19 November to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis Sustainable Development Goal 6 aims to achieve sanitation for all and end open defecation.

Keeping in view the community and the significance of the day, every year peace schools commemorates the peace school to raise the awareness among the students. Since the community is lacking the hygiene and the significance of the hygiene so that the activity helped the children to understand the concepts.

Universal children day

The United Nations' (UN) Universal Children's Day, which was established in 1954, is celebrated on November 20 each year to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide. ... Universal Children's Day promotes the welfare of and understanding between children.

For Children's Day, many activities were organized by schools and, that focus on having fun and lively activities that kids of the peace school participated and enjoyed.

Mothers Meeting- 16 Days of Activism

Mothers meeting held at peace schools to mark the significance of 16-days of activism. The mothers were briefed about the significance of these days, and also a session held on domestic violence. Mothers took great interest in the session and also shared some of their experiences.

Result announcement

The result of the 3rd term examinations was announced and the successful students were awarded with the appreciation award. The students were encouraged in the session and principal and the staff appreciated them for their interest in the studies.

Children Literature Festival Lahore

The students of the peace school participated in the festival. It was a very exciting experience for the students as they never attended such activity in their lifetime. The students learned about the different science experiments and also attended story telling sessions there. These kind of activities helped the students to learn about the different experiences other than the text books.

 Snowman making

Keeping in view the winters, the fun activity was held at school. The students made snow mans with the cotton and with drawings on papers. That activity helped students to enjoy the weather. The students as they never saw the snow fall in their life, enjoyed and learned a lot from the activity.

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