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Aug 2, 2016

Helping Our Hometown Heroes

Life is hard. Sometimes we all have to make difficult decisions, sometimes even devastatingly difficult decisions. When I went to Peru back in 2011, and saw disposable diapers being re-used, it opened my eyes to a whole new world of hurt and need. Basic need. We often don't think about diaper need, defined as the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry and healthy. 

Sadly, diaper need is real. 1 in 3 American families struggles to afford a satisfactory amount of diapers for their baby. Now imagine being a Veteran, suffering from PTSD, and being unable to provide diapers for your baby. The hurt. The pain. The pride. 

It breaks my heart that there are Veterans who have risked their lives for us, and can't meet basic diapering needs. There is hope, and you & I have chosen to do something about it. I believe no caregiver should ever have to choose between food & diapers. 

Through you, Jake's Diapers is able to provide cloth diaper kits to local Veterans, through an innovative collaboration with the Center for Suicide Awareness. In the past few months, between donations made here through GlobalGiving and our Dairyland Diaper Drive, we have been able to slowly start to assemble cloth diaper kits for local Veterans. 

Our first five kits will be matched with recipients within the next month! Our cost is $231/kit, and these kits will completely diaper a baby from birth to potty training. Not bad, eh? Especially considering the cost of disposable diapers for 1 baby is roughly $2,000. 

Imagine the hope, the joy, of knowing that you will not have to choose between food & diapers. Imagine knowing you are loved by someone you may not have ever met; someone who cares and truly believes in you and your baby's future matters. 

Thank you for your support, and for helping our local Hometown Heroes


Jul 28, 2016

Hope in Latvia

Ila rejoicing!
Ila rejoicing!

This journey of Jake's Diapers never ceases to amaze me. One of our newest Diaper Drops is working with elder care facilities in Latvia, who have an incredible need for adult incontinence products. While our focus is on cloth diapers, we do accept donations of disposables and by golly have we been blessed by donations and donations of adult diapers. 

One day, 36 cases (yes, cases) appeared in my garage. As if that wasn't enough, there seems to be a new stream of donations that just appear at our office. We are incredibly thankful for each and every donation, and we are working with the Orphan Grain Train to transport them via cargo ship to Latvia, for distribution to poverty stricken elder care facilities in desperate need of the basic necessities. 

But that's not all. Cases upon cases of baby blankets were donated as well.  Boxes were stacked floor to ceiling, and our office was looking like an episode of Hoarders for a short time. These baby blankets also are making their way to Latvia and Haiti, along with cloth diapers. 

There is great need in Latvia for all of these items and in 4 trips with large moving vans and pickup trucks our office space was reclaimed and these goods are on their journey to Latvia! It is because of your support that the life changing work we do is possible.  Through you, we have been blessed to have our very own office space. This space has enabled us to grow and receive these generous donations, and then match them up with those in need. This space also enables us to work efficiently, and host groups of volunteers who are helping to not only change lives, but save them as well, one diaper at a time. 

Little helper!
Little helper!
May 3, 2016

A Mother in Need

Cloth diapers ready to meet a baby in need
Cloth diapers ready to meet a baby in need

More than a Diaper: Mary's Story

Mary* is a local Mom with two infant children. The domestic abuse started slowly, and over time became worse and worse. With a controlling husband (both physically and financially), Mary found herself in a desperate, dire situation. She took her two children, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and left. Being financially destitute, she and her young children are in a dire situation. Through our partnership with The Metta Birth Project, they received two sets of cloth diapers.

For them, this means not having to worry about where the next diapers will come from. While disposable diaper banks do exist, for Mary, they are not an easy option. Disposable diaper banks limit how many you can have per visit (usually 7 to 14 per child), and are limited to two visits a month. This also doesn't include travel time and cost, as well as waiting time (usually an hour per visit). Because of your generous support, diapers are no longer a worry for Mary and her children. The gift of 2 cloth diaper kits will meet the entire diapering needs for both of her children. The impact for Mary runs much deeper than the financial savings, it's a feeling of security and peace. It's one less worry for her. One basic need met, so she can then focus her time and energy on her next steps up and out of her current situation. These might just be diapers, but for Mary and her children, it truly is so much more than a diaper.

Solving Diaper Need for Our Veterans

In addition to The Metta Birth Project, we are excited to announce another local collaboration. This new Diaper Drop is in partnership with The Center for Suicide Awareness, and will provide cloth diapers to the babies of local veterans in the Fox Valley experiencing diaper need (defined as the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or toddler clean, dry and healthy).

The Center for Suicide Awareness works one on one with individuals, including veterans, whose lives are impacted by suicide.  They work with an average of 40 veterans a year who have young children and are experiencing the reality of having to choose between food & diapers. These veterans tend to be suffering from PTSD and other traumatic illnesses; a sad peril, despite the fact they chose to risk their lives and serve our country.  

Beyond Our Borders: La Mesa del Reino

At the end of March, cloth diapers headed south to Peru, a country near and dear to our hearts. It was a visit to an orphanage in Peru that ignited the passion in our founders to do something to help those who have to choose between food & diapers. Our newest Diaper Drop in Peru is at La Mesa del Reino. 

For our five special needs friends at La Mesa del Reino in Peru, the gift of cloth diapers means no more rags as diapers. No more choosing between food & diapers. This is a new Diaper Drop for us, made possible by you!  La Mesa del Reino is a Christian ministry working in one of the poorest areas just outside of Lima, Peru. Imagine the impact in quality of life for not only the recipient, but caregiver as well. 

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the ministry of Jake's Diapers. The work we do would not be possible without you! We ARE solving diaper need, one cloth diaper at a time.

Preparing for departure...
Preparing for departure...
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