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Jan 13, 2017

Just Getting Started!

It's an exciting time here at Jake's Diapers! I can hardly believe it's been nearly six years since the day we visited an orphanage in Peru. That one visit, where we saw caregivers reusing disposable diapers, changed our lives forever.  They loved those babies, but with extremely limited resources, had to make devastatingly difficult choices. 

Fast forward to today, and what started out as helping babies in orphanages, has grown to serving local babies as well. We've just begun outreach into the Greater Green Bay area, and have been able to serve a few local families.

One story we are able to share is David's story. Life has dealt David some pretty tough blows. He's a suicide survivor, and a single Dad raising three young children. Raising 3 children is no easy feat, especially when living with mental illness. 

He loves his children dearly, and is doing the best he can with the challenges he's facing. To meet the diapering needs of his children, he has had to make the choice of purchasing his prescriptions or diapering his children. So, he has been skipping doses of his much needed prescription to stretch his supply. This has lead to such mental anguish and stress, and David needs to take care of himself to take care of his children too. 

Because of you, David received a kit of cloth diapers: A complete supply to diaper his children until potty training. You made real, tangible change possible in his life. 

David shed tears of joy when he received the diapers, realizing the huge burden lifted from his shoulders. No more choosing between medication and diapers. With this need addressed, he can now focus on his health and his children too. 

Thank you for all you do to help those in need! 

Jan 3, 2017


I can hardly believe our work in Haiti started almost four years ago! We have been predominantly working with the Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti, providing cloth diapers for up to 75 babies of diapering age. Lorraine, one of the leaders, recently called to express gratitude and share with us the impact the diapers have had. Our conversation was an amazing one, one that brought me to tears, 

Lorraine shared with me that the diapers we have sent have truly changed the Rescue Center for the better. She expressed the sheer joy and happiness of the nannies, because they have quality diapers for their babies. Leaky diapers are no fun, especially with sick and recovering babies. To not have leaky diapers is just a sheer joy. 

Beyond Real Hope for Haiti, we have also just begun working with Children's Health Ministries in Carrefour. The first diaper distribution just occured. Diaper kits were given to new Moms as part of their Maternal Health Clinic. Mickey reports "We were so blessed to give these to a few of our new moms. The look of sheer delight on their faces was amazing! Thank you for blessing the moms and babies!"

As we move forward, we are closing our Hurricane Matthew project and focusing on our main Haiti project: "Be the Change; Saving Haitian Babies in Need"

Thank you for your amazing support! 

Dec 26, 2016

Getting Started

We are working to ensure that every baby at each of our Diaper Drops has a healthy supply of diapers and a healthy start to  life. Working in many poverty stricken regions around the world, many caregivers can’t afford diapers. Desperate, they have no choice but to leave babies in wet diapers, re-use disposable diapers, or resort to using rags and plastic bags as diapers. This is a choice we firmly believe no one, near or far, should ever have to make.

With your generous support, Jake’s Diapers has partnered with over 30 organizations worldwide; providing free cloth diapers to orphanages, rescue centers, and individual families who face enormous challenges in meeting basic needs. The families and orphanages we serve make difficult decisions every day about how to allocate limited resources, and often have  to choose between food, medications, medical care, education and diapers.

The vast majority of babies served have been in developing countries, in devastatinlgy difficult situations. Here in the United States, 1 in 3 families struggle with diaper need. As we grow and expand, we are working to solve diaper need here in our own Wisconsin backyard. Diaper need knows no boundaries, and we will go where we are called to serve. 

While our work solving diaper need locally has just begun, your impact has already started to change lives. 

David, a father of three, is living with mental illness. To meet the diapering needs of his children, he was skipping doses to stretch his prescription. For David, and others we serve just like him, the gift of a complete supply of cloth diapers is life changing. It is one basic need met, to help lift him out of, and prevent others from falling into, crisis mode. When he learned he’d be receiving diapers, he broke down in joyous tears, a huge burden lifted from his troubled shoulders.

Poverty, homelessness, cultural barriers and competing needs such as food, clothing, child care and shelter can all impact caregivers’ abilities to adequately provide for their children. A healthy supply of disposable diapers can cost up to $2,000 per child. For Jake’s Diapers, we can completely diaper a baby from birth to potty training for just $231. But that’s not all. Each baby diapered in disposables generates one ton of garbage that takes over 300 years to decompose. Did you know that 15% of our landfills are disposable diapers?

The impact of cloth diapers runs even deeper than financial and environmental impacts. By supplying cloth diapers, we help caregivers properly care for their children- this is critical for a child’s healthy development. Studies show that children whose basic needs aren’t met are at great risk for lifelong social, emotional, and even physical health problems.

Cloth diapers also make it possible for caregivers to shift attention from the pressures of finding and affording diapers, to focusing on other challenges such as employment, housing, education or addiction. When caregivers take good care of their children, they feel good about parenting. This factor is central to preventing abuse and neglect in families at high risk for this tragedy.

Food stamps do not cover the cost of diapers, and the high price makes it difficult for poor families to afford them. Children whose caregivers ration their diaper supply suffer rashes and infection; caregivers, especially mothers, who struggle to care for their babies, often suffer from depression and mental illness. Suicide is the leading cause of maternal death in developed countries, and is not adequately measured in developing countries. Over one quarter of the babies we serve overseas have mothers who died in, or shortly after childbirth; and half of the babies we serve live in orphanages or group homes. 

In the Fox Valley region, we are working on launching numerous pilot projects to solve diaper need with cloth diapers. There is already a disposable diaper bank that serves struggling, low income families. Our objective is to alleviate diaper need with cloth diapers here in the Fox Valley. Thank you for partnering with us on this amazing journey!
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