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Dec 18, 2019

Help for Baby Akoba

The doctors warned that the Akoba's outcome was grim.

As a 15-month-old toddler, he weighed less than 10 pounds — less than half the average weight of a healthy child his age.

His mother and twin sister participated in a feeding program through our Diaper Drop Good Shepherd's Fold, a nonprofit that serves orphaned and vulnerable children and families. Through your support, babies and children receiving care at Good Shepherd's Fold now have enough cloth diapers to keep them clean, dry and healthy. 

As a little baby with special needs, Akoba's disability was making it challenging for him to eat. 

“We were torn about what to do; his case was so unique. Akoba has special needs and he has a loving mother, but the mother was not able to provide him with the level of care that he desperately needed,” said Corrine of Good Shepherd’s Fold.

“We decided to go ahead and bring him in residence at the GSF Baby House to provide more advanced medical care and supervision, but only if the mother continued to stay involved. Every week, the baby’s mom spent 3 full days and 2 nights at the baby house. She moved to live within walking distance of GSF, and she stopped in to see him every day.”

The team began him on a feeding tube and eventually were able to stabilize the child. Slowly, she said, he started to gain weight. 

‘The baby went from being tube fed and on the brink of death to receiving appropriate medication for his disabilities, eating orally, and ultimately being reunified full-time with his mom,” she said. GSF is located in the Buwondo Village of Uganda. In an agricultural community, many families rely on sugar cane. They live without plumbing and running water, fetching water on a daily basis and cooking over charcoal or firewood stoves.

GSF started its work in the community as a home for orphaned and vulnerable children but has grown its mission to support the greater needs of families as a whole as well as the community. Its current mission is making disciples through childcare & advocacy, education, and community development so that we are holistically building thriving families and transforming communities for Christ.

GSF is a Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drop partner, and the organization has relied on our diapers to help children in its care as well as special needs kids.

“Your partnership has helped the people we serve by providing hygienic, quality reusable diapers,” Corrine said. “These diapers are used for the children in residence at Good Shepherd’s Fold, specifically the babies in the baby house and some of the older, special needs children in residence. When the diapers begin to wear, we pass them on to babies and special needs children who are on the GSF Community Development programs, such as the infant feeding program. 

“Your continued partnership with us allows us to provide an adequate amount of reusable diapers for the babies and special needs children at GSF,” she said. “Adequate diapers ensure that our babies and special needs children do not get diaper rash or sit in soiled diapers for too long! This simple amenity is truly life-changing for the babies and special needs children.”

Akobo is no longer a toddler near-death. He's now a thriving child benefiting from diapers, thanks to you. His mom now works with a GSF program called Ekiggo to provide therapy, support and respite care to families of children with disabilities in the community.

“His mother is a great encouragement and role-model to these families as she lovingly and selflessly cares for her own child with disabilities,” Corrine said. “It’s beautiful to see his mother giving back to her community in this way and joining in the mission of GSF to holistically build thriving families and transform communities for Christ.”

Thank you for the joy you bring to Akoba's family. 

~ Stephanie

Stephanie Bowers
Executive Director
Jake's Diapers 
1775 Bohm Drive
Little Chute, WI 54140


About Our Global Efforts: Through a trusted network of community-based partners Jake’s Diapers provides predominantly reusable options to solving hygiene needs worldwide. We have a growing list of diaper drops in countries outside the United States.

Make your impact today! A donation of $16 solves diaper need for moms and babies like the ones in our story

Nov 5, 2019

Thanks for helping Mayleison

It is a joy to share with you Mayleison's story. Mayleison has been receiving care at our Diaper Drop Real Hope for Haiti. Thanks to you, he and his friends at the Rescue Center have an ample supply of cloth diapers to keep them clean and dry while they recover. 

Mayleison is 2 1/2 years old and weighed 21 pounds when admitted to the Rescue Center. He lost 6 pounds of water weight. He had a severe case of kwashiorkor when he was admitted.  He had so much edema that his eyes were swollen shut.  His mama was also pregnant and asked to stay with him.  He had been living with his grandma for the past 6 months. His mama was staying in the hospital caring for her mother who was sick.  Besides the severe kwashiorkor, he also has a fever and diarrhea. Maylieson is the only child now. His papa is a teacher at a school and his mama bought and sold items for a profit before her mom got sick.  They also have  gardens where they grow beans, corn and sweet potatoes they sell these items as well.  They do not have running water at their home or a flush toilet, not even an outhouse. They get their water from a piped water system about 10 minutes from their home. They traveled 3 hours by foot and motorcycle to arrive at the clinic. 

Mayleison has recently graduated from the Medika Mamba recovery program, and you can see how he's improved over the past six months. Thank you for providing diapers for Mayleison, so that Real Hope for Haiti can focus on his care instead of worrying about a diaper supply. 

I encourage you to reach me at, I'd love to hear from you.

~ Stephanie

Nov 5, 2019

Helping Amelia

Amelia loves her son. When she became a mom just 9 short months ago, she had not imagined the immense joy she would feel about this new life. But, it hasn’t been easy. The frustrations, challenges and difficulties continue to pile up.

Amelia lives in a rural area where access to resources is difficult. She needs to drive 30 minutes or more to places where she can buy essentials or access other support, such as WIC benefits to help feed her son. Even when the trip goes smoothly, and her baby doesn't cry for the ride, the cost of gas for this trip adds to the financial burden she already feels.

Across Wisconsin, an average of 30% of families cannot afford the basics of housing, food, healthcare, childcare and transportation (ALICE, 2018). Many live on extremely low income and lack access to basic needs and resources, with distance and transportation as a barrier. 

That’s why our Wisconsin diaper bank serves the local community in need. The Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank, an initiative of Jake’s Diapers, acts as a diaper bank for other community partners already providing comprehensive services that help lift families out of poverty and on to a path of self-sustainability. 

In July, we started work with Family Health/La Clinica WIC Program, which serves Green Lake and Marquette counties. Family Health serves people who live a step above making no income. Imagine a family with several children surviving on just $10,000 annually; that’s typical. These are people who live high risk lifestyles: high stress, dysfunction, drug use, isolation and little resources.

This additional resource - access to diapers - has been in high demand. We already know that access to diapers is increasing participation at Family Health by registered WIC families, meaning they are getting the help they need. The added incentive offsets the burdensome cost of the drive to the clinic, among other benefits such as increasing financial ability elsewhere and relieving the stress of diaper need. 

Family Health tells us that since we’ve started work together in July, on average two moms per day burst into tears over diapers because of the financial relief. In Amelia’s cause, this gift would allow her to instead buy formula and medications her son needs.

Thank you to our supporters who help us provide this essential resource to our community partners.

About Our Efforts in NE Wisconsin: Jake’s Diapers recognizes many families in our region of Wisconsin struggle on a regular basis with basic needs and hygiene necessities. This is why we’ve created the Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank Initiative to supply diapers to local families in need.

Make your impact today! A donation of $26 solves an entire month's diaper need for moms and babies like Amelia and baby J. 

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