May 18, 2020

Honouring their struggles through terrible times

1940-41 Soviet mass deportations to forced labour
1940-41 Soviet mass deportations to forced labour

Thank you for your generous support of the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum and its mission to research, remember and recognize Poland's citizens fighting for survival and freedom in eastern Poland’s “Kresy” and in forced exile during World War II.

In these challenging times, it gives many of us strength to remember the wartime repressions, deprivation and disease that our families faced, as well as the powerful hope for the future that got them through their adversities.

Virtual Museum in lockdown as rebuild goes into user testing

Despite physical lockdowns all around the world, thanks to your ongoing financial support, we've been able to continue the vital rebuilding of the Virtual Museum to improve visitor interactions, repair system issues, fix security and ensure its future health. We're now transferring all of the information and materials to the new website and starting user testing.

While all the previous content can still be viewed, the current Virtual Museum website is now in 'LOCKDOWN' for new materials. If you do want to add any material, e-mail us at and you can be one of our new website testers!

2020 Conference on hold

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to cancel our physical GENERATIONS REMEMBER 2020 conference planned for Warsaw in September on this 80th anniversary of the 1940 mass deportations. However, being a virtual organization for many years, we're exploring possibilities to meet online using Zoom or another social media platform. Please let us know at if you'd be interested in joining or making a presentation at an online gathering.

* * *

Thank you again for your ongoing and generous donations of money, time and materials, which all contribute to strengthening our special mission of remembrance.

With gratitude and warm regards, 
The Kresy-Siberia Foundation team

Jan 28, 2020

Continuing the Kresy-Siberia mission

80th Anniversary of Soviet mass deportations
80th Anniversary of Soviet mass deportations

Dear Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum donor,

As we mark the 80th anniversary of the Soviet mass deportations from eastern Poland's "Kresy", we thank you for your generous ongoing support of Kresy-Siberia. Here is our quarterly report on how your donations are being put to work in running and strengthening the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum and our other efforts to research, remember and recognize Poland's citizens fighting for survival and freedom in eastern Poland’s “Kresy” and in forced exile during World War II.

Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum website rebuild underway

We are half-way through a full upgrade to our Virtual Museum website to improve online visitor interactions and bring the computer programming up to date. Though this requires an investment of over $60,000, it will repair existing system issues, improve our security against future hacking and ensure the preservation and ongoing health of the Virtual Museum into the future. We aim to relaunch the new website by September 2020. The Museum Galleries home page has been completed and the Rooms are now being redesigned (see screen-shots).

Our worldwide discussion group is still growing

Our Kresy-Siberia Group discussion group (now hosted on Facebook) continues to grow, reaching 2,030 members in January and attracting over 4,000 Likes. This friendly and supportive worldwide online community brings together Survivors, Descendants, and others interested in learning and sharing these histories. Please refer friends and family to join the Kresy-Siberia Group at

60,000 Kresy-Siberia Group messages since 2001 preserved

We have also succeeded in preserving over 60,000 messages shared between Kresy-Siberia Group members over nearly 20 years from 2001 to 2019 on our original Yahoo group platform. This invaluable treasure trove of research information was threatened with deletion forever, when Yahoo closed its service. Our searchable message archive is now accessible to registered group members at

Survivor Testimonies to be recorded

If you know of any Surviving Sybiraks, residents of pre-WW2 eastern Poland or WW2 Veterans who can be film interviewed anywhere in the world, please let us know right away at so that we can arrange to preserve their wartime testimonies while we still have time.

80th Anniversary luncheon in Balham, London England

We are marking the 80th anniversary of the first mass deportations of Poland's citizens to Soviet forced labor in February 1940 with a traditional Polish lunch, with all proceeds supporting the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum. The luncheon event will be held at the White Eagle Club in Balham, London and will include a glass of wine and dessert and a cultural/historical program. This will include songs with our well-known Polish opera singer Iwona, book talks and signings by popular authors Roger (“First to Fight: The Polish War 1939” and Karola ("Are My Roots Showing?" as well as a display of one of our member's family's journey from Poland to the UK.

Get tickets at:

2020 Conference planning underway

Thank you to our volunteer members Marcin, Maciej, Marek, Iwona, Grace, and Greg for their work in putting on a very successful conference and reunion last September in Warsaw. Sybirak, Kresowian and Combatant Survivors as well as 2nd and 3rd generation Kresy-Siberia members came together from countries from as far away as Australia and the USA as well as from England, Sweden, and Poland itself.

The all-volunteer committee has started organizing our Kresy-Siberia 2020 “Generations Remember” Conference in Warsaw on 17-20 September at the History Meeting House (Dom Spotkan z Historia). This year we will mark not only the 80th anniversary of the first mass deportations in 1940 but also the centenary of the Battle of Warsaw”, where the Poles beat all odds to defeat the Russian Bolsheviks in the “Miracle on the Vistula”.

The conference will be a great opportunity to meet other members as well as Survivors living in Poland, to hear interesting speakers, and to participate in memorial ceremonies on September 17, the “National Day of the Sybiraks”. Start making your travel plans now and stand by for a detailed program and registration information shortly.

* * *

Thank you again for your generous donations of money, time and materials, which all contribute to the survival and strengthening of Kresy-Siberia’s special continuing mission.

With gratitude and warm regards, 
The Kresy-Siberia Foundation team

New Museum Galleries section
New Museum Galleries section
New Museum Gallery 2 - Soviet Tyranny
New Museum Gallery 2 - Soviet Tyranny
New Room 2c - Soviet Mass Deportations (1940-41)
New Room 2c - Soviet Mass Deportations (1940-41)


Oct 21, 2019

Progressing the new Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum!

In our last newsletter we announced that the KSVM was being re-developed. Thanks to your generous donations, that work is continuing. Every week our brilliant I.T. specialist Shelley Upton is working on this enormous project (she did say she likes a challenge!) We’re going to take you behind the scenes to demonstrate how your donations are helping not only to enhance the virtual museum user experience but, most importantly, to secure the data so that generations to come can research, remember and recognize our mission.

You might think that re-building a virtual museum is all about the design and graphics but Shelley’s biggest task has been safely & securing the enormous amount of data from the old website to the new platform. That static content has now been migrated across. So the Wall of Names content containing the biographical details of over 75,000 people has been completed with duplication testing now underway on exported data. New submission forms for the Wall of Names and also Hall of Images have been created too.

Another big task to be done is creating the database for the child form – Deportations and Repressions. The formatting of the child form data is in progress and is scheduled to be imported – this includes things like deportations and repressions, military service – any multiple sets of data connect to one person on the Wall of Names. 

On a design note, the new platform is having the museum gallery pages replicated with the new design theme having to work for both desk-top and mobile devices. With about 50% of people accessing the internet from mobile devices, usability in this channel is a key need for our new museum.

As a registered charity we recognize how important transparency is and there will be a section in the new museum dedicated to our Kresy-Siberia Foundation annual reporting, financial reporting as well as newsletters and our Code of Conduct.

We have included some further “screen-shots” in this project report to keep you up-to-date on how the progress is looking. Once again thank you for your kind donations and on-going support. We look forward to finalising and launching the new and improved KSVM to you soon!

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