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Oct 17, 2017

1st Update After Receiving Donation #Thank_You

activity 1- braille books
activity 1- braille books

Dear Friends,

It is with great honor and pleasure to send you our first progress report after receiving our first donation on the buying of braille papers/braille books, blankets and food which will help them mitigate the food challenges in the school.

We have managed to help 20 of 45 pupils but the number is increasing due to support from GlobalGiving who managed to put us in light to get donors.

When we started they did not even have even one braille book/braille paper or any equipment’s needed by the blind to make them progress in their education, so after donation we received the children were so surprised to see a braille papers/braille books which they didn’t know that this things existed in the society to help them in their education. With that they were so grateful and happier to receive the donation.

The reason why we are doing this is because through education they will not feel stigmatized when they grow up, they will learn that disability is not inability in the society and they can do much with education.  Through this they can contribute much in the society by starting designs, carpentry etc. to help the society.

In this world not everyone is always genius, but many people can be extraordinary if we strongly believe that with the right support and advice many more people with disabilities can secure work, making a valuable contribution to society.

We say thank you for your support you have showed us.


Your support again will be highly be appreciated to provide them with more brailles books/braille papers and white cans 

activity 2- braille books/braille papers
activity 2- braille books/braille papers
activity 3- blanket distribution
activity 3- blanket distribution
activity 4- food program
activity 4- food program
activity 5- braille papers
activity 5- braille papers
Sep 27, 2017


Smile, no stress because of the help from DONORS
Smile, no stress because of the help from DONORS

Thank you to all the donors/churches/partners who have been making the children of Glory Education Centre to forget about the stress, hardship in life and to bring them a smile which wasn't there for along peiod of time.

Glory Education Centre have received alot of support from many people across the society like donation of school uniforms, shoes and stationery. This have made them feel so happy and willing to stay put and learn because that is what matters in education.

This month after receiving donation from the GlobalGiving we were able to buy a new blackboard  for writing on, we bought more food to make the feeding program continue as it has been for the past months. This also have brought about the attendance of class to be more successfull for the past 9 months.

Through board meeting which was held early September Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International agreed to find a new way of communication to the society and the option was using the media like Radio Station which is locally listened by many people in the country, also use of bunners to send messages to the public so that we can make more people in the community to recognize the work done by GlobalGiving and also they too can assist in many ways possible they can by donating anything either financial or support to the children.

All these are possible because of the tremendous work done by our donors whom have made us get more donation for the past months. We are very thankful for standing with these project.

Through these media communication we can build a school for the children and make it shine. Together me, you and them can make change if we can manage to donate and build a school it can be the best of the best.

"To donors, thank you again for the support", that was a message to one of the teacher who usually teaches the children of Glory Education Centre she has seen the fruits of your support





Jul 24, 2017

Providing basic to a special child in Siaka School for the Blind

We want to start by saying THANK YOU to the community who have been making the dreams of a special child come to a reality by providing them with basic needs like clothes, food, shelter and education. It is very important also to say thanks to the churches in Bungoma who have managed to keep this project moving well for a long time.Churches in those area has been in front by giving them what they might lack at that moment. 

I want to thank one pastor who stays in Nairobi but have been consistent by providing basic needs monthly because of the heart he has for the children in Siaka. I cannot forget Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International(TFEDI) for overwhelming support throughout many months and without them Siaka School for the Blind could not be well known across the world.

Most children in Siaka School for the Blind are orphans and some were abandoned by their parents due lack of finance to support the children. This made the community to stand up and make the life of the children better.

Since last month they have been provided with clean clothes and mattresses. This is a show that the community is trying their best.

What they lack

  1. Braille books/Braille papers
  2. Construction of classroom
  3. white cane
  4. Food program to start and continue without any barriers of financial constraints

Through all this, the children of Siaka School for the Blind can get enough resources to help them progress in their life.

Let’s stand with the special children of Siaka School for the Blind.

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