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Jul 3, 2017

Guess Who Visited our Site this June, 2017 at GEC

The Vulnerable Children of Kiambiu have benefited from the food program since this project started. Most of the children at least 30 of them were not coming back from school due to lack of food. Thanks to most of our donors now we can provide food to the vulnerable children.

We were also visited by one of our donor who provided the children with some fruits and talked to them by giving them a word of encouragement. The donor also brought some food stuffs to the children.

We thank all our donors for keeping the walk to help the children and providing stationery, foods, uniforms and sports kits to the children without you nothing could have move.

Since the project started we can confess that most of the children have been attending the classes regularly and also coming to class very early due to food program and the school uniforms which they have been helpful.

One of teacher by the name Mrs Jane thanked the GlobalGiving for the tremendous work done in uplifting the Glory Education Centre. On her speech she said, “Asanteni sana kwa kuja na Mungu awabariki na muendelee na kazi ya kusaidia watoto.” In English the teacher was saying, “Thank you for coming and may the Lord Bless the good work which you are doing in helping the children.”

In summary:- Success story

Food program continuation

Regular class attendance by the children

Our success in helping the children of Kiambiu had many challenges and the challenges are still on because of lack of latrines to the children and also conducive environment for the children to learn on. This is the biggest challenge which if we can put our hands together we can make a big impact #we_work_to_make_a_change_together me and you in making a life better

In summary:- Challenges

Few teachers

Lack of school toilets

Lack of conducive environment for the children to learn in.

Thank you for your support our donors/churches/partners and also friends who came up to make a change in food program and providing school uniforms to the Glory Education Centre.

Apr 10, 2017

Thank You for the Support on Food Program and also Health Programme Coming in...

Smile if a visitor is around
Smile if a visitor is around


Greetings from the Glory Education Centre to all the visitors/donors/partners/churches across the global who have been working to make sure the food programme always keep on moving. We want to say thank you for making this food programme continue since we started it.

The food programme has helped more than 75 children in the Glory Education Centre since it begun and more are coming because of the program. This programme is always on because there is success in it on motivating the children.

It has been a good journey because we have managed to keep the children coming back to school when the sun arises just because they know very well they will not be left hungry. This is not just because of us, it is because of you donors/visitors/partners/churches who always make sure we stand still to make the future of the children the better as it can.

This small child made our visitor to feel the heart of appreciation when she said, “Asante sana kwa kutuletea matunda na mandazi.” The child was saying, thank you so much for bringing us fruits and cakes. This was so appreciation and the visitor was so happy to give more if he could.

Therefore if we can continue with the food programme it will be very helpful for the children and they will appreaciate it so much.


Even though we keep the food programme on, the children health is always the first priority because no child can come to school if he/she is sick therefore we weren’t left behind when the vaccination program which was ongoing in the area. We have also started to keep the health of children by buying medicines for emergency if it arises. Keeping measures to prevent a child from missing school due to sickness start with us is always the best.

Therefore, together we can make the children healthy in the school.




Healthy Institution for the children
Healthy Institution for the children
Healthy Institution for the children
Healthy Institution for the children
Jan 13, 2017

How Taking care of a Child is the Best in the Future....

First day
First day

New Term to start with the children in Glory Education Centre

This year we were so happy to visit the children and start with them on the opening day of the school year. I was accompanied with my partners who works with me to keep the children feel the passion of love for those who cares about them.

We provided the children with books and pencils to kick off their first term.

We also gave them food to start their term.

Why Education to a child

We look at these children and they were ready to learn and have a brighter future in them to be someone in the society. I talked to one child by the name Jane and she told me “I want to dress and look good, have a job and also somewhere to shelter, also make our class look good”.

Therefore education is the key fundamental to help these children fulfil their dreams to the fullest.

Why Food Program

A small girl by the name Mary aged 5 years said, “Thank you David for the food. Be blessed”. This child almost made my tears to drop and that is why I knew that food program really helps some of these children. Some are orphans in these school who always depend on that food.

Therefore day come day go we will need your help to make the feeding program become a routine in this school.

Why Classroom/Conducive Environment

If you can look at the classroom very well, you will see there is children, lockers and the same place is where they cook for the children.

Conducive environment for these children is a big dream to make them smile for the coming years. The classroom is made of iron sheet which is also very dangerous to a small child because he/she may:-

-          Get cut

-          Be rain on

-          Feel so hot during learning due to temperature

So we saw this as very big way out to make them feel happy in the society that they are being taken care of.


Why Visit a Small Child

When I visited the Glory Education Centre children in Kiambiu I saw that many of them feel exited. They come running feeling so happy and in the case there is bond between them and me.

Even when one of our donor came to see them they were surprised and eager to know who he was. Since that day they have been asking about him to come again to see them. When you visit a child it makes that child feel so happy and friendly to you.

So we welcome all our donors/partners/friends to come visit them for the smile of a child lies their too.


best time to be with children
best time to be with children
books to the children to start the term
books to the children to start the term
feeding program to the vulnerable children
feeding program to the vulnerable children
together we can make this classroom better
together we can make this classroom better
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