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Jun 4, 2019

Our Latest visit to Siaka #thank you to our donors


Siaka School is a boarding school located in Bungoma County and receives 20+ deaf and blind children aged 5-18. Most children are orphans and some of them were abandoned by their parents due to lack of finance to support the children.

Through your help those lovely children will not feel stigmatized when they grow up and they will find more easily a proper place in the society! Thanks to all the donors who have so far helped this dream come true Disability is not inability!


In the last quarter of this project, we have helped Siaka school in many ways. Apart from this main project we have also fundraised additional 280$ (also through Global Giving). Additionally, they are fighting with heavy rains in the area; these rains are corrupting the statics of the school buildings. Following paragraphs are in detail describing Tumaini’s activities at Siaka school:


We decided to use the extra money to build a house for a resident teacher who will be living at the school. These are the things we used for the construction of the house:

  • Cements x15 = 87$
  • Iron sheets × 6 = 33$
  • Sanitary pipe ×2 =10$
  • Sands =28$
  • Ridges =18$
  • Nails= 10$
  • Work labor  7$/day x2persons per day

TOTAL= 186$

The construction is still ongoing hence we didn’t add the work labor in the total amount.


We visited the school in order to supply highly needed food. For $25 we purchased 10kg of rice, 8kg of beans and small amount of onions, tomatoes, carrots and cabbages.


The school depends entirely on the support from local volunteers (teachers, cooks, and other school assistants) and our generous donors. Still we have a lot of work to do to make this school able to support more vulnerable children. Because of the Kitchen Garden the school is becoming more self-sufficient. Nevertheless, they are still facing plenty of challenges. Most of all the presence school Dormitory is too small to accommodate all the pupils. That means that every child has to share a bed with other two pupils.
Let’s stand with the special children of Siaka School for the Blind and Deaf.


May 20, 2019


kids having fun
kids having fun


Glory Education Center is a school in the Kiambiu slums of Nairobi. Today the school receives 98 pupils from 3 to 10 years old children coming from the surrounding slums. Our primary objective is to provide them with good quality and free education, as it is the first step to going out from rough poverty they are struggling with.

This school is entirely funded by the parents of the pupils and the support from our NGO Tumaini through the generous donors from GlobalGiving. The fundraising pays the three teachers and all the resources (books, uniforms, pen, tables, board and so forth) we managed to get in past two years.

Thank you to all the donors/churches/partners that have been making the children of Glory Education Centre to forget about the stress, hardship in life and to bring them a smile which wasn't there for a long period of time.



Our visit to the school we prepared a healthy break time snack for the pupils and shared the meal together. Each child had a cup of tea and chapatis. They loved it so much and we shall continue supporting them with the food program. Our main goal is to see that the children receive their daily meal day in day out without any problem hence minimizing absenteeism.  


Since the relocation to the new school most of the pupils skip classes this is because their parents lack school fees and some find that the distance from their homes to the new school is a bit big, hence we are looking for methods to curb this challenge so that they can be able to study once again.


Even though we keep the food program on, the children health is always the first priority because no child can come to school if he/she is sick therefore we try to keep the health of children by buying medicines in case of emergencies. Keeping measures to prevent a child from missing school due to sickness start with us is always the best. Therefore, together we can make the children healthy in the school.

break time
break time


Apr 29, 2019

Visit to the Parkview Orphans Achievers Shelter

Our visit to the Parkview Orphans Achievers Shelter

This year we were so happy to visit the children. We wanted to see the progress of the program we started. We provided the children with basic essentials to kick off their second term. We spent the day with the children, getting to know them while interacting with them.

Why Educate a child

The children were ready to learn and have a bright future and to be someone in the society. I talked to one child by the name Carol, she told me she wanted to be a doctor in future.
Therefore education is the key to help these children make their dreams come to pass.

Clothing Program
Upon receiving the clothes donated to the children by one of the volunteers the children’s faces lit up with joy. A small girl recited a poem thanking us for the gifts they had received.
Therefore, we will need your help to make the clothing program become a routine in this school.

Classroom/Conducive Environment
Conducive environment for these children is a big step in making their learning more efficient and effective. Currently, the classrooms are made of iron sheet which is very dangerous to a small child because he/she may get cut in case it falls, also the roof has holes and the children may get rained on especially in the rainy season and in times of hot weather they feel hot during classes.
So we would like to improve their learning conditions by making their classrooms better.

Why Visit the School

When I visited the Parkview Orphans Achievers Shelter in Kajiado County I saw that many of the children were excited. They felt happy that we visited them since they knew their life is starting to change for the better.
Hence, one should visit the school in order to see how the children are faring on and if the education program we started has made impact in their lives.


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