Feb 21, 2017

Thank you for Sharing your Christmas Joy with our Children in Colombia

Thank you from Paola, and all the children of CDA
Thank you from Paola, and all the children of CDA

For children that live in the impoverished communities of El Pozon, Las Americas, Cazuca and Lucero Alto in Colombia, Christmas can be a time of joy and renewal; time spent with family and friends; special meals and traditions to celebrate the season.

Because of your generosity, we could help bring joy and a smile to hundreds of children living in impoverished conditions; to share the gift of hope, faith and love. With your donations, we were able to share a small gift with each child, and support the family with much needed groceries. But even more importantly, these children and families could know that someone across the world was thinking of them during this special season.

We are very grateful for your kind and caring heart, and wish for you a happy and prosperous 2017.  

Nov 11, 2016

We are so thankful for your wonderful support

Madre e hijos Wayuu
Madre e hijos Wayuu

Dear Friends,

During this past year, you chose to make a difference for children and families living in hardship by donating to our emergency food assistance project for Wayuu communities in Guajira, Colombia. It is because of your support that we were able to deliver critical food to 300 families living in conditions of severe drought. With your support, together we brought hope and support to these communities as they work towards a more sustainable future.

This past week our project reached full funding, meaning that your generous donations covered 100% of the costs of the outreach. As we head towards the Thanksgiving holiday, we are so thankful to have friends like you that are walking with us and making it possible to deliver these important programs.

Later this month we will be kicking off our annual appeal to raise support that enables children living in the impoverished communities of El Pozon, Lucero Alto, Altos de Cazuca and Las Americas outside of Cartagena, Bogota and Barranquilla to experience a little joy for the Christmas season. Look for that soon on the Global Giving website.

We wish for you a wonderful Thanksgiving with many blessings.


Faithfully yours,


Terry L Stierman
Executive Director
HOUSTON, TX 77084-5162
“Wherever there is human talent, willingness, and resources, positive things can happen”
.                                          Heroes video, Altos de Florida, Colombia
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Sep 19, 2016

Their Way of Life - Wayuu People Living in Guajira

nina Wayuu
nina Wayuu

For this brief report I want to share a little about the Wayuu people, the area that they live in, and their way of life. As you read this, imagine what it is like to live in these communities, to wake up each day in the Guajira, and to make a way of life.

The department of La Guajira is located in the northeast of Colombia. The Caribbean Sea borders to the north, with Venezuela to the east. The population, just over 850,000, live in average temperatures ranging between 72° and 86° F. Temperatures in the desert can reach as high as 107°F, and as low as 38°F in the mountains. The landscape includes desert, along with wet and dry mountain forests. Rain falls in Guajira only between September and December, resulting in the typical vegetation of thorny bushes and cactus. Several rivers cross the Guajira, carrying water out to the Caribbean Sea. (Source Wikipedia).

The area has potential for development of resources, including electricity production by solar, wind, natural gas and hydroelectric means. (Source Wikipedia).

Indigenous ethnicity makes up 48% of the population, with Wayuu constituting 143,000 of the population. The level of extreme poverty, 27%, is nearly 3 times that of the national average of 10.4%.

The population are a semi-nomadic people that roam in a region with land and social and family networks between the two countries of Colombia and Venezuela. The main consequences of the drought were the disappearance of all type of agriculture from the middle of 2013, the reduction of the number of animals per family (livestock was one of the main source of income) and reduction in trade and local markets with Venezuelans. (Source: Informe Final MIRA: Alta Guajira – Uribia (La Guajira), Colombia Desabastecimiento de alimentos en comunidades Wayúu de la Alta Guajira: 18-21 de febrero 2014).

In our next report, we will explore how the Wayuu are moving forward. 

vivienda Wayuu
vivienda Wayuu
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