Mar 10, 2020

Regular support most appreciated

Greetings, By regular support of our wellwishers and friends , we have the needed support from kindhearted people from teh world. we also had volunteers from Germany and france and helped them in assisting teh childrens in our school activities.

The children learnt with very eager and started interacting with the volunteers and to learn about their culture and share experience with our chiuldren and our staff.

The parents were very happy that their children go to school reguarlary and learn more activities and learn self respectand awareness on health, Hygiene  and awareness on more issue in and around our village like  

1, How to save water

2, Plastic awareness and use of cloth bag

3, Health and HYgiene

5, Environment awareness

6, Organic farmiong

These topics were very much interested with th echildren and they take this message to parents to foillow and lead a healthy and happy living.

Thank for continous support

Mar 10, 2020

Hygiene awareness

Dear Friends,

The affecetd patients were given awareness on Health topics.

“Severe malnutrition is both a medical and social disorder, successful management of these severely malnourished children requires that medical and social problems be recognized and corrected.” The Leprosy project has developed a strategic plan to tackle the immediate problem of malnutrition as well as a long term plan to improve food security, knowledge of good nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.

The Leprosy Project has secured initial funding to provide:

  1. immediate nutritional supplements for children with acute malnutrition
  2. a nutrition, sanitation and hygiene education program for families whose children suffer from either acute or chronic malnutrition
  3. the introduction of safe food storage methods to provide food during the dry season when food may not be sufficient
  4. the introduction of appropriate crops and small animal husbandry to provide new sources of food
  5. research to determine the need and viability of providing or improving irrigation

The goal is to ensure that the nutrition level of the children living in these villages meets the World Health Organization nutrition standard which will allow them to develop normally allowing them to break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

In addition to the nutrition program The Project continues to

  • Promote environmental and personal hygiene through education and volunteer activities
  • Build and enhance communal facilities such as public toilets, shower rooms with solar heaters, sewage drains and concrete footpaths, etc.
  • Provide environmental stoves and flues to individual households to prevent the house from filling up with hazardous smokes, and build water networks in some villages for piping fresh water to individual household
Aug 5, 2019

support to leprosy

The funds were used for medical check-ups and supported families who have been affected. All the affected people were given health advocacy to take care of themselves and regular check-ups at a nearby hospital.

Patients were given dresses and medicines for the affected. Children were given awareness on Leprosy and oath were taken to care of leprosy and treat them well.

Family support with leprosy affected and given regular checkups and make them comfortable. Public awareness on issues of leprosy done and it was very helpful to support and we are raising more fund to support the affected people in and around our areas.

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