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Oct 21, 2019

Thanks for keeping a roof over Wilson's head

On behalf of Wilson, "Thank you!"
On behalf of Wilson, "Thank you!"

Thanks so much for helping to provide a safe home for Wilson.

Wilson was brought to the HTDC orphanage by his grandparents who used to care for him. This was a heartbreaking decision for them, but they couldn’t afford to feed him, or send him to school. 

Wilson’s grandparents hoped the orphanage could keep a roof over his head, but safe houses large enough for all the kids are very expensive in Port-au-Prince. The orphanage can’t afford to pay it’s own rent and, without your help, Wilson was in danger of becoming a homeless street-kid.

Yet now, because of you, Wilson will continue to have a safe home. Your donations will help pay the rent and provide caregivers, water and electricity for Wilson for a year*.

Wilson has a bright future because you gave. There are so many things you could have spent your hard earned money on, but you chose Wilson. Thanks so much.

We’ll keep updating you about Wilson and all his friends at the Hands Together to Defend the Children Orphanage through this project’s parent page, Provide a Safe Home for Haitian Orphans. If you ever have any questions about how we're using your donation, please email We’d love to hear from you! 

Thanks again for making Wilson’s future bright, and our warmest regards!

*Please note, that the orphanage is home to around thirty children. Your donations to this project will cover Wilson’s share of the costs over a year, but will be spent on all the children in parallel as we fundraise for each in turn.

Oct 2, 2019

Protecting thousands of families thanks to you

The GlobalGiving is restored
The GlobalGiving is restored

Thanks to your incredible support the boatyard in Banaba has been a hive of activity over the last few months.

Firstly, the new flood rescue boat we described in our last project report was completed in August. This new boat, The Chris Taylor, is now in place in Zone 6 of Brgy Ampid 1 in Banaba. This area is often seriously affected by major storms, so this new boat will play a vital role in protecting the community’s 300 vulnerable families in future.

The Chris Taylor is the eleventh rescue boat you’ve provided and its ten predecessors have rescued many hundreds of people over the years, often including young children. However, their years of service had left them in need of a little TLC. So, over the last few months we've worked with our local partner, Buklod Tao, to restore and refresh the fleet.

Work started on the four small boats originally built back in 2013, including our very first boat which protects fifty families in the Visayas Avenue area of Banaba. Attention then turned to four of the large boats provided between 2014 and 2017.

At one point these four large boats; The Grahame Maher, The GlobalGiving, The Helen Thompson and The Nova Mills; were all dry-docked at the boatyard. With the rains growing heavier by the day restoration work had to happen quickly, and we’re happy to report that the boats have all since been returned to their communities. 

When the Nova Mills was returned to the Armpac area of Banaba we asked local resident, Joseph, how this boat helped his community:

"The Nova Mills boat is a big, big help to the 400 families here, especially when the ferocious southwest monsoon (Habagat) struck last year (2018). We were able to use The Nova Mills boat to rescue residents of the community when the flood waters reached chest high. We are very grateful. Special thanks to IDV's donors for providing this help".

Sonia, resident of North Libis had this to say on the return of The GlobalGiving boat:

“The boat is very important for our rescue use. When heavy flooding is here, the boat is an instrument for us to evacuate those trapped amongst our 300 families. Thank you!”

Ben, from the Banaba Extension area, was also very grateful for the return of The Helen Thompson:

Salamat Po! (Thank you!) The Helen Thompson rescue boat will surely be a big help to us in times of disastrous flooding. We are 500 families here with many elderly people and children who cannot move fast.”

It’s been amazing to revisit all these flood prone communities and to ensure that the boats you’ve provided will continue to protect them in the future like they have so often in the past.

But we’re not done yet. With these boats returned Buklod Tao asked if we could help to restore and repaint six more small boats originally built before our partnership began. We happily agreed and there are currently three of these boats at the boatyard, and the final three will be retrieved soon.

These restoration works have also been a great time to take stock of this projects impacts and we’re delighted to report that between the seventeen boats in the overall fleet over 5,400 families are being protected. This is an incredible achievement and its only been possible because of your amazing generosity.

Thank you so much, and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to email I would be delighted to hear from you.

The Grahame Maher is refreshed
The Grahame Maher is refreshed
The Helen Thompson returned to Banaba Extension
The Helen Thompson returned to Banaba Extension
The Nova Mills returned to Armpac
The Nova Mills returned to Armpac
Sep 18, 2019

Playgrounds and plans at the HTDC Orphanage

A wonderful new playground, thanks to you!
A wonderful new playground, thanks to you!

Thanks to your amazing generosity the kids at the HTDC Orphanage have all enjoyed their summer despite the overall situation in Haiti remaining fragile.

The political unrest we described in our last report has continued as fuel shortages have hit the country. Major highways in Port-au-Prince have been blocked by protesters angry at rising prices. 

This means travel around the city continues to be difficult, even dangerous, and so taking the children out on trips hasn’t been possible.

Happily, the orphanage Director Carlo has found a solution to keep the kids occupied. Rather than take the children out for entertainment he’s brought the entertainment to them!

In August, with your support and the support of others, a playground was built on the orphanage’s property. Artificial grass has been laid. Swings, a roundabout and a see-saw have been installed, and there’s even a little pool to keep the kids cool in the heat of the day.

Carlo had this to say about the playground:

“We would like to thank IDV’s donors for all the help because without you guys we wouldn’t have that place for the kids to play. The kids never get tired of playing and the new little pool for them to swim, they stay all day this summer on the playground.”

We also asked the kids what they thought and Keson had this to say:

The playground looks like other playgrounds I see in the movies! Thank you!”

We agree that the playground looks amazing and we’ve included some photos in this report. It’s fantastic that even though turmoil continues on the streets outside, the orphanage remains a safe, stimulating oasis inside. Thanks so much for making this possible.

Carlo’s not stopped with the playground however, and he’s also been working hard on future plans for the orphanage.

While their current house meets all the children’s needs we’ve always remained conscious that the orphanage remains reliant on donor’s generosity to pay the rent.

So, for many years Carlo’s vision has been to build their own house on land you helped them to buy many years ago. For a long while this vision remained just that, but this year Carlo’s started looking at ways to make this dream a reality. He explained as follows:

For the construction we now have an estimate for about $115,000 but this is for two levels of the building. For now we can start with  the first floor. This would have 2 dormitories for about 40 kids and two toilets and bathrooms on each dormitory, a living room, office and a little clinic. In the back we can have a playground for the kids. We can take the material you helped us with this summer. We estimate everything for the first floor will cost $60,000”

This isn’t a small amount of money but given that the rent is currently over $10,000 a year in the long-term building a new house would make the orphanage much more sustainable.

So, we’re keen to help if we can, and over the coming weeks and months we’ll be working with Carlo to develop a more detailed budget and plan. So, stay tuned for more updates.

Meanwhile, thanks so much again for your continued support. If you ever have any questions about the orphanage and how we use your donations, please don’t hesitate to email I would be delighted to hear from you.

Artificial grass can be moved with the orphanage
Artificial grass can be moved with the orphanage
There's even a small pool for staying cool
There's even a small pool for staying cool
Concept drawings for the new orphanage
Concept drawings for the new orphanage
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