May 9, 2019

Masks and Gloves for Better Hygiene

Wardi (58 years old) and his wife Juju (52 years old) are one of the families supported by XSProject.  Wardi and Juju are some of the longest members of the XSProject community, and they are the parents of Ahmad Fauzi, one of the community children who is now in college.  They have been collecting trash almost all their lives, and now Wardi oversees 5 trash pickers who work for him. 

Every day Wardi and Juju must sort the trash.  They separate the trash can be resold from the trash that can’t.  Every day they start sorting at 8.00 am.  At noon they return home to rest, eat and drink.  The troubling thing is that when they sort the trash, they don’t have gloves.  This causes their hands to always smell, even though they wash them with soap again and again.  They also don’t have masks to wear when they sort the trash, to cover their mouth and nose, which can irritate their throats and breathing,       

To protect their health, they need thick plastic gloves when sorting the trash so their hands aren’t contaminated.  And most important is to wear a mask so their throats and breathing are not inflamed.  XSProject provided them with gloves and masks, and  Wardi and Juju  were delighted to receive them.  They did not believe that others would be concerned about their health.    

So, to keep them stay healthy with the condition and the job they working in, we provide and give them with heavy duty gloves so their hands will not get contaminated with waste. And we also provide them with mask to cover their nose and mouth.

Your continuous support will help XSProject to continue provide the trash picker’s needs for their health and comfort in the work and live conditions they are in.

Mar 8, 2019

Brothers in pursuit of a better education

Akbar and Rehan are brothers, children of Sarip and Jariah who have 5 children ranging from 2 to 20 years of age.  Rehan is the second child who is in Grade 7 and Akbar is the third child in Grade 3.

They both go to schools just across from the community.  Most of the children of trash pickers under the care of XSProject go to these schoolsbecause they are close to home. But the school is not close for Rehan and Akbar.

About 4 years ago, Rehan’s father had an accident and injured his leg. He became less productive colleting trash and as a result no overseer wants to employ him.  Hehad to move out and find his own place to live, along with his family. It is not easy for a trash picker to work on his own, because they are normally dependent on their boss for a place to live.

The familyeventually found a place to stay but it is far away from their children’s school. Fortunatelythe distance doesn’t discouragethe brothers.

Everyday, they wake very early in the morning to walk about 2.5 km to the main road before travelling on a crowded bus to school. Amazingly, they always arrive to class on time. They repeat the same routine again going home. From Monday to Saturday for Raihan who is in Middle School.

For Akbar, since the community provides a tutorial to help primary students with their homework, he will stop first at the tutor and return home later in the afternoon. That is the only opportunity for him to finish his study, because there is no possibility to study at home after a long dayor on the road going back and forth to school.

However, the boys are enthusiastic and never complain about the long journey from their home to school.  Even though they have a difficult time travelling each day, their grades are always good.  Their difficulties getting to school give them the drive to achieve good grades. 

Rehan and Akbar’s father is a trash picker, and their mother takes care of the chidren and helps sort and clean the trash her husband collects. The family survives day to day, and they must work extra to earn enough money to give Rehan and Akbar transportation money and to buy a snack or meal at school. Most of the time, Rehan and Akbar’s mom will prepare breakfast or a little food to bring to school, to save meal money. 

A donation for transportation would help relieve some of the burden for Akbar and Rehan’s parents.  And it would ensure that the boys continue to keep up their studies and succeed. They know that an education is their best chance for a better life.

Feb 11, 2019

More productivity with better quality of sight

Aminah at the Eye Doctor
Aminah at the Eye Doctor

Following up on our story about Aminah  learning a new skill to be more independent – ‘New opportunity for Aminah in 11th Sep 2018, here is another life improvement for a better Aminah.

The biggest challenge facing Aminah in her learning a new skill is her eyesight.  She said: ‘It takes me a long time and I have to struggle just to thread the needle or draw the pattern on the fabric.”

During her training and practicing at home, quite often she makes mistakes when sewing and has difficulties in figuring out which is the inside and the outside part of the fabric. When she makes a mistake, she has to unstich the whole process and redo it again.

In one of our projects at GlobalGiving – ‘Generate Income and Hope From Non-Recyclable Garbage”, we allocate  funds to cover exams and eyeglasses for  mothers in our vocational and business training program. So the time could not be better for Aminah to get new glasses.

Aminah has had the same glasses for the last 10 years. When she finally had the opportunity to see the eye doctor, the doctor told her that for reading/prescription glasses she has to have an eye check up at least once a year to check whether her power is up or down. As much as she wanted to have new glasses, given the cost to going to an eye doctor and purchasing presciption glasses and frame, she instead would rather  use the money to make sure there is food for her famly and other 2 children’s needs. No wonder she always complains of not being able to see clearly.

Thanks to the donors who gave Aminah a chance to see better, she is now happier and it is easier to learn and practice sewing. 

Your donation to XSProject through GlobalGiving will have a direct impact on making this happen. XSProject can provide many more women with micro finance loans, or just to improve their skills so that they can do something for themselves. Poverty is often just a lack of opportunity. This is the way to go towards self-sufficiency and a sustainable income. We hope you will continue to support our work and you are making the difference for them.

Aminah is having her eyes checked
Aminah is having her eyes checked
Aminah with new glasses with better sight
Aminah with new glasses with better sight
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