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Nov 13, 2017

Renewal of a space to Study!

Report 7-1
Report 7-1

At the beginning of the summer, we received a call from a devoted teacher, Mr. M. Akif Edikli who is working as the coordinator of Temporary Education Center for Syrian Children in Turan Primary School in Kahramanmaras, Turkey. Turan Primary School has around 500 Syrian students and they were planning to arrange Turkish courses for them as the summer holiday starts. In order to improve their Turkish skills and to support their continuation of education, they wanted to create an Activity Class in coordination with school counselors. The activities would consist of counselling, orientation, integration studies including Turkish course. The classroom would be divided into two. In one half, families would be given counselling services while their tiny children can play in the other half of the classroom.

To support this brilliant idea, we started to discuss what can be done and just after a few phone calls between Kahramanmaras and Ankara, we started to work for building a classroom which will be suitable for such activities. With the valuable efforts of Mr. M. Akif Edikli and our Kahramanmaras Office Manager, Cem Ali Hamurcu, and your donations the restoration started first.

As the first step, from the floors to the walls the classroom is renewed. Walls are painted, floors are decorated with parquet strip. An air conditioner is mounted.

After creating a clean and useful classroom, we ordered the equipment which will be used by children. Tables, chairs, carpet, all course materials (such as notebooks, pencils, pens, colored papers, dictionaries etc.)playing rings, hula hoops, play dough, etc. Now, there is also a tramboline in the middle of the classroom!

In a short time, children started to use this classroom in summer period. In the opening ceremony, TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) staff visited the classroom and made interviews. It is broadcasted in TRT! TRT is the national public broadcaster of Turkey. It owns and operates 14 TV channels - of which 5 are HD - and 19 radio stations covering general entertainment, music, sports, children and news.

So as the donors of such an important activity which will be the first and only one in Turkey, you also made Syrian children’s voice heard all over Turkey again, and gave us change to start this project as an example. So there is no way to thank you enough! 

Report 7-2
Report 7-2
Report 7-3
Report 7-3
Report 7-4
Report 7-4
Aug 8, 2017

Summer Activities in Three Steps!

As we are getting prepared for 2017-2018 School Year, refugee students and out of school refugee children will receive your support to start or continue their education by clearing the hurdle that they face.

Our colleagues in 50 different provinces of Turkey are working so hard to identify the children that have no access to school, the ones that need materials to continue their education and students who need support in order to be registered for the school they wish, as they were successful in the exams.


Mohammed is starting a new adventure with your help!

During this process, Mohammed (18) applied to our Multi Service Support Center in Istanbul. He is one of the 4 children. His family is still in Syria and his brothers and sisters have no access to education. Mohamed wanted to stop the rot and made his way to Turkey. He studied until university level and attended many classes. He also worked to afford his basic needs (shelter, food, clean water etc.) while he is trying to improve himself to be successful in the Foreign Student Exam. He attended the exams for Atatürk University, Karadeniz University and Uludag University by covering the entrance fees by himself ($80 each) and he deserves to be selected by Uludag University – Construction Engineering by getting 93/100 points in the exam. You helped  Mohammed on his final step to be registered to his school: He needed one last fee ($150) to receive a language certificate from TOMER (Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center) that shows his Turkish sufficiency. With your valuable donations, we removed his last obstacle and now he can’t wait for the first days in his school!


You supported 8 young students for Vocational Education Centers!

Our colleagues in Adana Life Skills Development Center organized an event to introduce Vocational Education Centers operating under Ministry of National Education that aim at improving the vocational training in Turkey, people’s access to the vocational education and also promote their access to labor market by improving their vocational skills. There were two main requirements for application: A1 Level Turkish and being graduated from at least middle school.

After the event, our refugee students applied to us for help. We contacted Çukurova University TOMER and found out that they can get a certificate which shows that their Turkish level is A1 or higher. After our Turkish teacher who is working at Adana Life Skills Development Center has done a research regarding the system, 8 students are selected and they are supported with your valuable donations ($30 each) in order to afford TOMER Enrollment Test that will define their Turkish Level. After the exam, 4 of them deserved to be registered to the Vocational Education Center. We will also follow others for Public Education Centers.

What’s next?

The Office Manager of our Kahramanmaras Office received an invitation and called us directly! According to invitation, the support of our Association is expected by the authorities of Temporary Education Center in Kahramanmaras. They are planning to create an extra classroom in which Syrian students can get extra Turkish courses during the summer and weekends. With your valuable donations, we started to create the classroom together. Air conditioner is ready, so are floors. Necessary equipment is being prepared. The details? You will read them in our next report and we will share pictures and videos from the opening ceremony and first classes…


We will keep you updated! Thank you so much again and again!

May 22, 2017

Relief, Sadness and Hope...

After the change in USRAP program, we identified or were informed about around 600 individuals that have problem with their departure to United States. Then we identified the most urgent ones and contacted them immediately.

We reached a Syrian single mother with 2 children at the age of 2 and 3 and also an Iranian family (with a 6-year-old child) who were also stuck at the airport. We contacted Airbnb officers to find a place for them to stay while their situation is on hold.

They stayed at the places we arranged for 3 days and they managed to fly to United States safely.


During our works, we also assisted a family with five members. We placed them to a hotel and covered their basic needs with your donations. As they were waiting to see their future, we heard a very bad news from the family. Their son, Abdulcawad (2 years old) had a serious medical condition. He was taken to a hospital and, unfortunately, died in a week. Upon his family’s request, he was entombed in Istanbul.

After this devastating news, we did our best to help his brother, Yahya (6 years old) who had the same serious medical condition and taken to the hospital, too. Our colleagues in our Istanbul and Ankara offices followed his condition closely for 3 months. They did their best to give support to him and his family by not only covering their expenses but also providing psychological support.

 Accommodation costs, transportation costs and medication cost (which was around $3000 itself) are covered with your donations to stand with refugees!

Following up the situation and the process with the UN authorities, we finally succeeded to send them to Germany.

They started their new life there. They will never forget the past. They will never forget Abdulcawad and your priceless contribution to the process.

Thank you again!

(NOTE: This time, we have not shared any photos upon families' request. Thank you for your understanding.)

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