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Mar 6, 2018

Casseroles, Free Workouts, Women's History Month - and a $10 Vote

You're our hero!
You're our hero!

Dear Hero,

Thanks to your support, the Reel Women Real Change program is growing in 2018! 

I write to you now to share four exciting items:

1) Our Graduates are Connecting with their Mentors

Since returning from the pilot workshop in Nepal last November, we've matched our graduates with incredibly talented mentors from around the world. It was a pleasure to make those connections, knowing our graduates would have such wonderful support for their advocacy and storytelling development.

2) We are in the race for the Girl Fund - and you can help!

From today through March 15, we're racing to be part of the Girl Fund, an opportunity to be supported by funds raised by GlobalGiving for projects that support women and girls around the world. Only six organizations will be part of the 2018 fund and ohmigoodness how much help being one of those six would be! 

If you've given $10 since March 1 - thank you. Your donation is a "vote" toward a spot in the Girl Fund.

If you are a past donor - thank you. Your donation has gotten us to a place where we can be considered for the Girl Fund. Happily, you are still able to vote as well! Every donor between March 1 and 15 counts as a vote, including from existing supporters.

I do understand that we're freshly off the heels of your generous support in December 2017 and, as I am my grandmother's granddaughter, I'd rather bake you 10 casseroles than ask for $10. But this chance to grow our program for women and girls with funds that Global Giving raises to support women and girls is too great an opportunity not to ask. 

So please consider making a $10 gift before March 15 - and inviting others to join you. Every donor counts. 

3) We have FREE events this week in Washington, DC - and we'd love to see you there!

We've partnered with a local gym to offer FREE workouts on Thursday, International Women's Day - and we'd love for you to join us! Consistent with the global theme of the day - Press For Progress - these fun workouts will focus on various presses and celebrate women's progress around the world. 

If you live near DC, please sign up to join us.

If you know someone in the area who might enjoy a free workout, please spread the word. 

And no matter where you are this Thursday, you can join the Press For Progress by posting a selfie with #PressForProgress and tagging us on social media - @phbalancedfilms on both Twitter and Instagram. Gym selfies welcome!

4) We're celebrating Women's History Month

During March - Women's History Month - we're sharing a series of posts about women who have changed policy with their stories and advocacy. We'll share these inspiring stories on a variety of platforms, including our Facebook page

If you have a story you'd like to add to our collection, let me know: 

Thank you for making these exciting developments possible. It's because of YOU that we are able to reach women and girls around the world who want to use the power of stories to make a positive impact in the world.

Thank you for pressing for progress with us,



PS - If you'd like to receive updates like the message about mentors on a more regular basis, please join our e-mailing list.

Women's History Month - Brazil example
Women's History Month - Brazil example
I'd rather bake you 10 casseroles than ask for $10
I'd rather bake you 10 casseroles than ask for $10
But the Girl Fund is too big an opportunity not to
But the Girl Fund is too big an opportunity not to
Join us this week for FREE workouts in DC
Join us this week for FREE workouts in DC
Feb 28, 2018

A reminder that you are unique - and we thank you.

Thank You
Thank You

Dear friend,

In re-re-re-reviewing language just one more time for a grant application that's due tomorrow, I paused on a section that reminded me why you'll always have a special place in the history of our organization - and in my heart.


The section reads:

p.h. balanced films operates at the intersection of storytelling, advocacy for policy change, and women’s empowerment. We combine elements of a film production company, an educational organization, a women’s empowerment network, and an advocacy organization. The multifaceted nature of our program is what makes us incredibly effective, but also challenging to fund; we don’t fit neatly into opportunities specific to only one field from which our innovative approach draws.

Our unique approach requires unique funders. We are the answer for funders who appreciate the importance of informed policy and the vital role of effective advocacy by impacted communities. We are a fit for funders who understand that advocacy can take time and will invest for the long-term in order to realize a desired impact. We are a fit for funders who understand that the true value of this work. We are a fit for funders who can see the global picture even in local issues - and vice versa. We are a fit for funders who know the true power of stories and who value the human connection they provide in the long and short term at the individual, community, and global levels.


You are receiving this message because, of the many types of supporters, YOU are the most unique and wonderful of all: a visionary.

You recognized the value of what we are doing before we'd even had a chance to do it. It's because of you that we were able to pilot the program and it's because of you that we can now reach out to other potential donors with proof that what we are doing matters... with stories of change and human connection... and with tools we wouldn't have had without your help.

If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to watch the video about the program that you made possible.

Since the pilot workshop in November, we have matched our graduates with amazing mentors from around the world -from Washington, DC and Boston to Brazil and Nepal. These mentors were carefully selected for their experience and insights. For the year ahead, they will provide invaluable guidance in the storytelling, filmmaking, and advocacy work of their mentees.

(If you aren't subscribed to our e-newsletter and didn't see the message we shared about the mentor matching, please let me know and I'll send you a copy. It's a fun read!)

I look forward to sharing more in the months and years ahead about what you helped to create.

With gratitude,

Piper Hendricks


Dec 4, 2017

Reel Women Real Change Nepal was a success!

Rajya Laxmi and Romi
Rajya Laxmi and Romi

With your support, Reel Women Real Change is off to a stronger start than we could have imagined. 

Seeing the participants get to know each other, share personal stories and support each other so quickly was a joy.

Syncing so well as a team of co-facilitators and video crew was a dream.

Spending part of an afternoon with the BBC Media Action team, including Bidhya Chapagain (front row second from right in large group picture) of Sajha Sawal, "the only show in Nepal on governance and politics," was awe-inspiring.

Witnessing each and every one of our participants deepen her understanding of advocacy, channel her passion into an issue she'll address in the months ahead and graduate from the Reel Women Real Change program was positively inspiring.

You made this all possible and for that I thank you - on behalf of every woman whose life has been touched by this program and all of the people and communities they are going on to positively impact.

Our graduates have set their sights on a wide array of important issues, from improving financial literacy among rural women and combating pervasive sexual harassment to addressing disability rights on public transportation and supporting women human rights defenders, just to name a few. 

Please take 5 minutes to watch what you made possible.
Then let us know how you would like to be part of our team in 2018. 
Whether as a host of a documentary salon, a volunteer, a donor, a mentor, or other way of bringing your time and talent to our mission, we look forward to building on the success of Nepal to make an even larger impact in 2018! 
The p.h. balanced films team
The p.h. balanced films team
Reel Women Real Change with BBC Media Action
Reel Women Real Change with BBC Media Action
Reel Women Real Change Graduation
Reel Women Real Change Graduation


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