Feb 19, 2021

Imrpoving Sanitation through proper toilet use-Feb



Some of the facilities households had as toilets.

Every one is entitled to proper sanitation services that are accessible and affordable and provide safety and privacy. However, the world is off-track on delivering universal access to safe sanitation because billions of people are still out of reach to toilets and sewage systems living poor and rural communities at risk of being left behind.

According to the UNICEF report about sanitation 2020, over 700 children die every day from diarrhea caused by unsafe water, sanitation and poor hygiene. 673 million people still practice open defecation due to lack of toilets and this has costly and terrible consequences on human health. In Uganda, nearly a tenth of the population practice open defecation while others have sub-standard toilets/latrines. In a bid to attain sustainable sanitation Another Hope Children’s Ministries has served thousands of individuals through the water life project by constructing water tanks, distribution of water filters and we are glad to report that there has been an addition of constructing toilets to end open defecation and improper disposal of human wastes.

Safe sanitation, safe water supply and practicing good hygiene is key in saving lives. Through the water life project, three households have received proper standard toilets and are functioning.

With three household toilets, thirty-eight people have proper sanitation facilities for disposing off human wastes. The fourth household toilet is still under construction and in few days to come, it will be ready to serve the family.

The beneficiary said it is exiting to have a toilet structure because the pit the family had was ashaming and it couldn’t be used during day time since it was all open and there was nothing like privacy. Toady, the toilet structure has started attracting other family members to visit him and staying around the home which wasn’t the case before hence making the family relationship stronger. He added that the children are no longer at a risk of contracting diseases and the risk of being harmed by bush habitants like snakes is no more.

On the left is the bush spot the family was using and on the right is the new toilet for the family.


Feb 17, 2021

sponsorship report-Feb 2020


Sustainability is an ongoing process that involves the interaction between different strategic, organizational, programmatic, social and financial elements. Prioritizing sustainability guarantees the future generations a habitable world that they can enjoy. A self-sustaining system is one that can maintain its self by independent efforts. Experience tells us that financial sustainability is key for the long-term survival and effectiveness of institutions in the fields of serving communities and meeting their visions but the challenge is how to achieve such levels of financial sustainability. Financial sustainability of an NGO depends on its ability to diversify income and access new funds.

At another Hope Children’s Ministries, we target becoming sustainable through livestock and poultry farming among others. Livestock farming can be described as the economic activity which involves the raising of domestic animals for human consumption and obtaining meat, milk among others. Livestock farming is considered more dependable because it involves raring of small ruminants with high rates of reproduction and growth and these can provide regular sources of income from sales. Fifty-eight percent of households in Uganda depend on livestock for their livelihood and because it is not seasonal, it is one of the push factors for us to take it on.

Another Hope Children’s Ministries has different animals being reared which include: cows, goats and rabbits. We also have a poultry farm with 598-layer hens which haven’t yet started laying eggs. Emphasis is put on livestock farming and poultry farming because we believe they is much productivity and the children gain skills of looking after them which skills they can use in their lives after Another Hope Children’s Ministries. Training have been held engaging the staff and children in poultry care and goats looking forward for more.

We are also looking forward to making the farm a demonstration farm where trainees and interns will be charged to access the farm and be trained. This will still bring income to the organization hence getting us to the plan of being sustainable.

We apparently have three on site, one bull and two heifers which conceived and one will be giving birth in March 2021. The cow will start producing milk which will help to improve on the consumption of nutritious meals by the children. The excess milk will be sold and the income helps to meet other needs like the medical bills for the children.

Rabbits and Goats.

There are five rabbits on site being taken care of by children assisted by the farm assistants. Because rabbits give birth in a very short period of time, they accumulate very fast and the raising numbers can be sold off to bring in money which can meet other needs.

The goats on site are five and two of them are expect, two female youth which are ready for meting and one male to serve the females. We shall have the goats accumulate in numbers as well very fast.

Poultry Farm.

 Efforts have been put in the poultry farm to ensure that there is productivity when the time for laying eggs comes. 608 birds where brought in on the 08th/01/2021 and apparently, they are 598 in a very good and promising condition. These will be providing eggs for a minimum of one and half years which will be sold and bring in income to meet the costs of the organization and feed the children as well.

We have some poultry that has been laying eggs that we have sold off and now these poultry have become off layers and we are apparently selling them as we hope for the new poultry to start laying eggs.

All this would not have been possible of we did not have your support. Thanks so much for the great support rendered to us. 


Jan 29, 2021

Re-Writing the Future of Teenage Mums-Jan 2021

Providing the unemployed with skills is one of the basic solutions to unemployment. Most of the teenage mothers and their children lack basic needs due to poverty caused by lack of skills to be employed or self-employment, neglect by family and society and abandonment by the men who would be fathers to their children. It is essential to ensure that teenage mothers receive adequate social, emotional, medical and academic support for the good of the parent and the child’s future. The ones who don’t get the support make wrong choices like attempting unsafe abortions which can cost them their lives, failure to continue with school forcing them to drop the dreams their future and becoming hopeless and more worse abandoning their babies.

There is always a chance for teenage mothers to rewrite their future and this can effectively happen when supported. We are glad to report that through your support, we have witnessed teenage mothers rewriting their future and having hope restored helping them look beyond their current situation but rather observing them selves as better people and their children as well. We skilled fourteen teenage mothers and we have noticed change in their lives. Some of them have got employed and changed their lives.

New life chapter for Beneficiary A.

The beneficiary is an eighteen year old mother of one boy. Her son is one and half years old and through the skilling program, she has now a new life chapter and a new written future plan for herself and son. The beneficiary registered for the training after she had of the opportunity announced on the teenage mothers Christmas party that took place in 2019 at Another Hope Children’s Ministries.” When I dropped out of school after primary four and went to become a house helper, I didn’t see myself becoming anybody. The only thing I prayed to God was to at least get a man to marry me but this was also shuttered when I was rapped and become pregnant said the beneficiary. To me, becoming pregnant meant this was an end to my life because in my mind I thought no man could ever marry a woman with a child and this is when all my dreams where shuttered and I thought my child will be a no body because I don’t know his father and I didn’t see myself offer him the basic needs of life.


I am glad I joined the skilling program because there is a new me now. I trained in cookery, bakery and pastry and after the training I was given an opportunity to work with Quincy Bites and now I am earning something. Through Another Hope Children’s Ministries, I was supported and got a house to stay in with my son with three months rent fee cleared and some items to start up the home with were issued to me like the beddings. I am now able to earn, sustain my self and my son and save some money as well. I am looking forward to owning a business in the future and having a better financial status which wasn’t the case before. I want to work hard and educate my son. I want him to go further in studies than I did and I will stick to this new future plan I have” said the beneficiary. All this has been possible because of the academic, emotional and physical support got through the skilling young women program. Thanks so much to all of you our friends that have supported us to ensure a better future for the teenage mums and their children .


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