Jun 15, 2021

Distribution of water filters in schools-June 2021

Deputy Director handing over the water filter
Deputy Director handing over the water filter


Deputy Directorof programs handing over a water filter to school staff and pupils of St.Jude Kabanga

Diarrhea, typhoid and many other water bone diseases are common in children that drink unsafe water. It’s a child’s right to have safe drinking water in order for them to be healthy. Research done in a number of schools seems to indicate that people say, It’s nobody’s responsibility for this child to drink safe water”.

When a child leaves home to go to school, the expectation is learning and not worrying about not drinking clean water. Some of the ways a child could have safe water is to bring it from home or get some from a trusted friend. If the only option is taking unboiled water, then sickness will follow.

 Because of your support dear friends, Another Hope Children’s Ministries through the water life project has been able to supply water filters to schools. In return the pupils and students of those schools don’t worry and also coming down with a disease. And due to this, they have enough time to concentrate on their school work.

A former pupil at St. Jude shares with us the water filters experience.

Before getting a water filter at our school (St. Jude Kabanga Primary School) every pupil had to carry a small bottle that could carry 2-5 litters of  drinking water. Also, every evening we have to boil our own water at home to take to school. If we don’t bring your own water, then there will be nothing for us to drink during those hot days. This always interfered with our playing time and at times revision, because we don’t want to get sick.

It was so exciting the day we received this filter from Another Hope Children’s Ministries, From that moment on, we never went back to the kitchen to boil water, and we had plenty to drink with no fear of getting burnt while preparing our water or even getting sick. We got our playing and sharing time back. Now every evening I never miss football games with my friends. Thank you so much Another Hope Children’s Ministries for giving us safe and clean drinking water. In  return we concentrate more on our class activities.

It’s always a pleasure to realize a positive impact in our community brought about by a great decision you took to support our water life project. Your efforts are helping in facilitating children’s education thus getting responsible adults of a future community. We are always grateful for the support rendered, Thank you so much friends.

We still need your support for this project.  checki this link to support a school to improve lives of children through the water life project.

a former student of st. Jude
a former student of st. Jude


Jun 8, 2021


Because we believe every life matters, we give a child shelter in times of need even when our resources are limited. Most times we find ourselves with abandoned children that we hadn’t planned for in our custody, because protection of children from worst forms of abuse is our core value at Another Hope Children’s Ministries. Whenever we are called upon by government officials, we respond positively in such instances. We take them into temporary custody as we search for their parents/relatives. From January to May 2021 we registered six (2 boys and 4 girls) .So far efforts to locate their families have been fruitless. The children are between 2 to 17 years old. Different circumstances forced these children into the children’s home. Some of the reasons why children end up in children’s homes are security, child labor rescue, abandonment (most common), disagreements between parents, and getting lost. Because of the sponsorship that provides another hope project a 2 year old boy who had been abandoned by his mum was enrolled onto Another Hope Children’s support. This young boy was abandoned by the mother at a friend’s home when he was only about 10months old. A friend to this boy’s biological mother reported it. She said the mother told her she was going to the shop to buy some milk for the baby but she never came back. Through the PSWO of Nansana, this child was referred to us, and we kept him. . Now he has grown into a healthy boy and has learnt how to speak. The availability of other young ones has made it possible for him to catch up as he plays and associates with them. We believe he will be able to join school when the kindergartens open. • In another situation, we received an 11 year old girl in April. She was recorded as a missing child, in a town called Naluvuule in Wakiso District. She says she was leaving with her uncle and always inside the fenced compound and when she went out to move around, she got lost and didn’t know the name of the village. She was brought to the police by an old woman, and then was referred to Another Hope Children’s Ministries. We are still keeping her as we look for her family. So far she has been a good child, and we have hopes of finding her family to resettle her. Thanks so much for your support towards sponsorship that provides another hope. So much has been achieved. Without your support, many children would fail to have a place to stay, to eat, and to get medical care. 


May 27, 2021

Sponsorship report-May 2021

Getting a smile on her face is super sweet!!!!!!! , Kuguminkiriza Margaret is 9 years old. She is celebrating her 9th birthday, so we had a campaign requesting sponsorship of her physiotherapy, painting her room and adding some art and having her wheel chair repaired.

Thank you our esteemed donors for the great support given to this young girl to see her get what she wanted. We are doing our best to give hera great life.

With the support received so far, we are done painting and doing the required art work in her room. This gives us joy and more hope of taking care of her in the best way we can. We have   celebrated her birthday, visited the hospital, and got her to her appointments.

As she turned nine on the 5th of March, we had a big celebration. It was just another amazing moment to see Margaret smile. Not only her, but all the ANOTHER HOPE family. It was a time to celebrate, have fun and enjoy.

We have also visited the hospital, and she was registered among the patients that will be worked upon in July this year.

We are working on fixing her chair and looking for the many therapies that she will need. See a quick video on her room and a caretaker who also fell in love with the room. Atttached is a video sharing about beneficiarie's  room

We are so grateful for your endless support. Thank you so much.


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