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Jul 31, 2017

Makomborero Zimbabwe - Term 2 2017 - seeing the fruit of our labour!

Ryan Graduating
Ryan Graduating

So where do we start with such an incredibly exciting term!  Our current students are all doing well in their respective schools and we continue to have fantastic Life Skills evenings on a Thursday.  Some fo the Upper Sixth students went on an all expenses paid trip to South Africa for a Science Focus week.  They had a wonderful time visiting industries and museums.  It has also been a term full of other accomplishments but I thought I'd not run through the normal every day stuff - it is all good but I thought this update could focus on some of our past students and what they are up to!  Enjoy!  


Revolution Fellowship

Clive eaver 2014 has just won the Resolution Fellowship in Johannesburg for his social venture.

Clive is working on eradicating the effects of using synthetic fertilizers in Zim and Africa at large, by using nanotechnology to manufacture an organic fertilizer.

Check out for more info

Clive we are so so proud!


Our First Graduates

So Makomborero is old enough this year to start celebrating our first graduates from University!  I will start with three young men from our Pioneer group who have graduated from local Zimbabwe universities - thanks to your continued support and them receiving grants for their University Studies from Makomborero.

A huge congratulations to Terrence - Leaver 2012. He is officially an Engineer. He got a 2:1 in his Electrical Engineering degree. Watch this space world - here comes Terrence!


Brian - Leaver 2012, studied Actuarial Science  and we got the message below from him - 

Hello ma'am! I know I am guilty of poor communication, this degree has turned me into such a social zombie lol. But I would like to inform you that I've submitted my dissertation and I'm technically done with my undergrad studies. This would've only been a distant dream if not for the love you've given me over the past 6+ years. I don't deserve the kindness that you continue to shower me with. I would therefore like to take this moment to thank you, Mr A and your family for how you have greatly impacted my life. May you continue to be blessed and touch many lives the same way you have done mine. A thank you alone is not enough to express how much I feel indebted by your love. Tinotenda, Siyabonga, Merci, Thank you!
With love


Simba - Leaver 2012.  Pharmacy.  This is a message we received from him:

Simba's message - It is my pleasure to let you know that today marks my last day at Uni. I wrote my last exam today and I know through the grace of God and your prayers I made it through. It feels like yesterday when I joined Makomborero but alas now I am done with my first degree.

I wouldn't have made it without you, Mr A and the Makomborero clan. You have made my dream come true. I know now the real life begins (trying to get a job, responsibilities, people expecting a lot from me).

I have a lot to say but words can't really express my joy. But thank you for the support and everything for the past 6 years.

I love you and Mr A a lot. May God bless you.

We are so proud of all you young men and we are keeping everything crossed for great jobs!!

And from America - Ryan Maponga - Leaver 2012! The first official Makomborero graduate studying at Tufts University on a full scholarship. He majored in Electrical Engineering and he will be starting a full time job at Goldman Sachs as a software developer. We are thrilled for him and the experience this will be for him.


Prince meets a Princess

Prince (leaver 2015) on a MasterCard scholarship at Edinburgh University shares a very special day with us - was very honoured to meet Princess Anne who is the Chancellor for The University of Edinburgh. It was such a remarkable experience to be selected as one of four students across the university from undergraduate to post graduates to meet her and a number of the university donors at the Royal Society in London. Being able to share my life experiences as well as future aspirations and my life in Edinburgh so far was such a privilege! I had never envisioned myself sharing even a simple sentence with a member of the Royal Family let alone introduce myself as Prince to a Princess. Being able to highlight my roots in Zimbabwe which are Makomborero Zimbabwe to a woman who is known for her charitable work was the highlight of the evening. Perhaps we didn't have time to delve into the finer details but that 5 minute chat meant a lot more seeing as l was the youngest person in that building, surrounded by an affluent community. which in my society l would have been asked to go play outside and let adults have their crucial conversations. 
I live to remember this day and most importantly to be grateful for the opportunities Makomborero Zimbabwe opens for people like me and others!


Students coming home

Not only is is wonderful to hear of what our past students are up to but it is truely wonderful to see them when they are home and reconnect.  I love it and our kids love it too!  We have welcomed many into our home this term!  Family staying connected!



We love it when long time supporters of Makomborero come out for a visit and Derek and Jenny Gibbs immersed themselves in Makomboroero life.  We took them up Domboshava, took them market shopping for vegetables for the boarding house, got them to spend time with the students and even even went to a students families house for dinner.  To all share a meal together with Brandon's family was so special. To see the joy Brandon's family found in hosting us as a family. We provided the resources for the meal but they loved preparing and welcoming us into their home. Lives joined forever by Makomborero!

The Gibbs' blessed us beyond words. Their love and wisdom impacted many of the students deeply. Thank you for coming guys. We loved having you!


Launch of our Mobile Science lab

This has been incredibly exciting and we are currently running a 7 weeks Biology course every Saturday and we are thoroughly enjoying getting to know our students.  This project is funded through our other GlobalGiving page.


Well I think that is a different overview of the term and I hope you can see a little of the fruit of some of our students as they discover who they are and find their wings once they leave Makomborero.  Please look at finances for this period on the attached document.  This next term is busy with examinations, community service and the start of our recruiting process for next year.


Prince meets a Princess
Prince meets a Princess
Clive winning his award
Clive winning his award
Dinner with Brandon
Dinner with Brandon's family
Matthew & Brandon
Matthew & Brandon's brother finding common ground


Jun 5, 2017

Launch Date is set for Saturday 1st July!

Final Preparations on the Lab
Final Preparations on the Lab

Well launch date has been set for Saturday 1st July at 9am!  Much excitement as we work towards this date and put all the final preparations in place for our pilot run of a 6 week Biology course with 15 'Guinea pig' students!  To say we are excited is an understatement.  This has been a dream we have longed to see come true and the day is nearly here.


So what will we be focusing on over the next month?

  • Final revision of our lessons plans and notes - making sure they are fantastic - this has taken much more work that we originally thought!
  • Final labeling of the Laboratory, hanging of hooks, pictures and equipment.  
  • Final checks on health and safety.
  • Recruiting our first group of students.
  • Trial running a few lessons.
  • Printing all our resources.
  • Buying a few essential chemcials and supplies for the lab that we don't have.


We have attached a summary of the expected costs over the next few months.

We look forward to writing our next report and telling you how the students are enjoying this incredible learning opportunity.  An opportunity that for all of them will have only been a vague dream - to put their theoretical knowledge into practice!

Thank you to all our incredible volunteers (past Makomborero students) who have come in one day a week to write the curriculum with the help of teachers advising them, label and inventoring all the equipment. It has been humbling to see their dedication.  To be honest this project would not have been ready to launch without their hard work!  We value you guys!  

May 2, 2017

Updated Expenditure January to April 2017

I am writing again so close to our last report to apologise for our Finance section that went out yesterday.  Our office is closed at the moment, and our administration staff have been on annual leave. I thought I would be able to extract our accounts accuratly from the system for this report.  Once our Administrator came in today, she informed me that the figures I had extracted were not accurate, as the dates I extracted from the system were incorrect!

I am terribly embarrased by this and hope that you will accept my apologie and review the attached document with the ammended figures!

Kind regards and thank you for your continued support of Makomborero!

Laura Albertyn

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