Jun 5, 2017

Launch Date is set for Saturday 1st July!

Final Preparations on the Lab
Final Preparations on the Lab

Well launch date has been set for Saturday 1st July at 9am!  Much excitement as we work towards this date and put all the final preparations in place for our pilot run of a 6 week Biology course with 15 'Guinea pig' students!  To say we are excited is an understatement.  This has been a dream we have longed to see come true and the day is nearly here.


So what will we be focusing on over the next month?

  • Final revision of our lessons plans and notes - making sure they are fantastic - this has taken much more work that we originally thought!
  • Final labeling of the Laboratory, hanging of hooks, pictures and equipment.  
  • Final checks on health and safety.
  • Recruiting our first group of students.
  • Trial running a few lessons.
  • Printing all our resources.
  • Buying a few essential chemcials and supplies for the lab that we don't have.


We have attached a summary of the expected costs over the next few months.

We look forward to writing our next report and telling you how the students are enjoying this incredible learning opportunity.  An opportunity that for all of them will have only been a vague dream - to put their theoretical knowledge into practice!

Thank you to all our incredible volunteers (past Makomborero students) who have come in one day a week to write the curriculum with the help of teachers advising them, label and inventoring all the equipment. It has been humbling to see their dedication.  To be honest this project would not have been ready to launch without their hard work!  We value you guys!  

May 2, 2017

Updated Expenditure January to April 2017

I am writing again so close to our last report to apologise for our Finance section that went out yesterday.  Our office is closed at the moment, and our administration staff have been on annual leave. I thought I would be able to extract our accounts accuratly from the system for this report.  Once our Administrator came in today, she informed me that the figures I had extracted were not accurate, as the dates I extracted from the system were incorrect!

I am terribly embarrased by this and hope that you will accept my apologie and review the attached document with the ammended figures!

Kind regards and thank you for your continued support of Makomborero!

Laura Albertyn

May 1, 2017

A Fantastic Start to the year!

2017 Lower and Upper Sixth Internal students
2017 Lower and Upper Sixth Internal students

The start of the year is always really busy but it is also an exciting time with the new students coming into the house.  It is always a tough term of adjustment for them but they have settled really well!  It is wonderful to see how the Upper Sixth students support the Lower Sixth through this transition. 


We were very sad to hear about the passing on of one of our new students mothers.  Roy has been very brave as he has tackled the adjustments of the new school and culture he was immersed in, as well as coming to terms with life without his mother.


We were thrilled to announce our A-level results for 2016 for both our internal and external students. We are proud of each one of these students. These results do not define who they are - we know their worth goes far beyond results!! Their individual journeys define who they are - they are fighters, their families have made huge sacrifices to get them to this point, they have huge dreams, they have hope, they have vision. The journey doesn't end here - we wait with baited breath to see what is next?!!!


Summary of results:

External students - writing Zimsec examinations - the highest grade is an A
12 A’s
7 B’s
1 D


Internal A-level results - writing Cambridge International examinations (CIE)
14 A’s
7 B’s


Our Upper Sixth wrote their Science Olympiad exam on 2 March. We anxiously await results which come out in May.


We have enjoyed some wonderful Life Skills evenings at the Resource Centre on Wednesday evenings this term.  Working through some big life issues together, playing games and getting to know our new students better.  These evenings are so important in the bonding process of our students!  One of these evenings they surprised me with a birthday cake, which made me cry!  The financial sacrifice for many of them, giving something many of them have never received themselves.  I felt very humbled and honoured.


This year we have decided that it is important that each of our External Students receive a Solar light from us to help them study at night.  Particularly, as many of them study by candle light.  We love that Makomborero can help in such a practical way.


Taku in Upper Sixth at Gateway got an Honours at the Eisteddfod singing a traditional Zulu love song - Nomvula.  It was a beautiful version of the song and we were very proud of him.


One of our external students Ngoni is helping students in his community and impacting lives through education.  We love seeing our students blossom and this year have really committed to including our external students in more and more things that we offer to our Internal students.  We want to get to know them better!


Academic Colours this term

Belinda in Upper Sixth at Gateway received Full colours in Academics Academic Commendation in Chemistry and Maths.


Donald in Lower Sixth at Hellenic Academy received Full Academic colours for his outstanding O’level results.


Roy in Lower Sixth at Hellenic Academy received Half Academic Colours for his brilliant O’level results.



Tawanda approached Makomborero last year to ask if he could teach our students, voluntarily on a Saturday, Marimbas.  We were very excited at the prospect of this and our students have loved their weekly lessons.  It is wonderful to see them enjoy an instrument that is so part of Zimbabwean culture.


Alison came in on a Sunday afternoon and ran a fantastic session this afternoon on essay writing for university applications and help students to learn how to tell their stories. We look forward to more time with her this next term. It was wonderful to have our internal and external students at the Resource Centre.


UK Trustee Visit

We had a lovely two days with Sarah Hennessey, a U.K trustee. She was game for anything we through at her, immersing herself in Makomborero Zimbabwe life for the two days she was passing through Harare. She was a huge encouragement and joy to be around.  Thank you for the amazing chess boards for the Resource Centre too! The students are loving them!


Staff Update

We had some wonderful family news – Rumbi our

Part-time fundraiser had a little boy in January called Unashe!  Congratulations to her and her family!


We were also sad to say good bye to our long standing gardener Shepherd but have welcomed a new member of staff called Robson to fill his shoes and he is settling in well.


Mobile Science Laboratory

The Mobile Science Lab is progressing well!  A big thank you to Lazarus, Sikho, Yeukai and David for volunteering 3 days a week to finish writing our science laboratory curriculum. So wonderful having past Makomborero students give back in such a tangible way.  We hope to launch our Saturday lessons in May.



We sent an appeal out on Facebook for new batteries for our Resource Centre invertor, which runs our lights and charges a few devices when there is no electricity.  Someone very kindly donate 2 batteries! The beginning of the year always has huge expenses for us - school fees, uniforms, leadership development camps for the students, university fees. We are incredibly grateful when someone plugs the gap for us with an unexpected expense. Thank you, thank you!


We are also thrilled to welcome Sandvik on board as another local Zimbabwean sponsor.  They are giving funding specifically to our UZ Grant scheme and we are thrilled with this partnership.


So as we head into Term 2 we look forward to updating you on the rest of the year!

Learning Marimbas
Learning Marimbas
Working on the Mobile Science Lab curriculum
Working on the Mobile Science Lab curriculum


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