Aug 24, 2016

Update from Udayan Care's Computer literacy programme

World Environment Day
World Environment Day

About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 22 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.


Vision: To Regenerate the Rhythm of Life of the Disadvantaged


Theory of Change:“There are millions of orphaned and abandoned children in India; in addition, girls from weaker sections of society do not get an equal opportunity to continue their education; professional skills and attitude are lacking among disadvantaged communities to become economically self reliant”.

Udayan Care provides homes to orphaned children while also giving girls financial and development support to continue higher education, and communities to train themselves in vocations, by engaging socially committed individuals, who provide a transformative, nurturing and mentoring environment, to help them realize their full potential.



A nurturing home for every orphaned child, an opportunity for higher education for every girl and for every adult, the dignity of self-reliance and the desire to give back to society.


About the Program

There is a growing demand for Information Technology and vocational training among the poor urban and rural communities including communities around our Udayan homes. We have also found the use of computer and IT vitally important in our counseling programmes for the children of Udayan Homes. Thus, the project intends to focus on mixed communities; communities who are located around our Udayan Homes and those in the densely populated clusters of slums, resettlement colonies and other low income settlements by setting up IT & VT centers for imparting Information Technology and vocational skills training.


Program Vision
To broaden horizons and bring IT close to the lives of underserved rural and urban communities in Delhi and NCR, and thus empower them for greater job prospects


Target Group & Reach

Poor urban/ slum communities, especially women, adolescent, children of Delhi and NCR


Unique aspects of the Program

  • Selection and enrollment of trainees on subsidized fees and free ships
  • Capacity building of trainers and program staff
  • Community Mobilization through co-curricular activities
  • Documentation and periodic program reviews
  • Trainee assessment procedures and certification
  • Job placement facilitation
  • Timely reporting to donors
  • Partnerships and linkages with other organization


Updates from This Quarter 

World Environment Day – 5th June 2016

World Environment Day is observed every year on 5thJune to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) & ‘World Environment Day’ is the United Nations most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. To mark this day, Sahibabad center staff decided to organize a “tree Plantation drive”. We motivated the students to plant more and more trees in order to make the surroundings green. Our students planted few tree nearby our center.


Employer Visit

Mr Nitin kumar, owner of advertising company (Brightwaay-South Delhi), visited the centre along with his HR team member; they checked students designing work and appreciated the same. He was kind enough to offer internship to 9 of our students in his company, with a good stipend amount to be paid to each student. After completing one month internship successfully, 6 students got the opportunity to work with Brightwaay, as a designing executive.


Confidence building workshop with “Text 100”

For holistic development of students, we have continuously worked to find external experts from the relevant industry. Text 100 is working as a global integrated communications agency, which connected with IT program 2 Months ago. 4 Volunteers took weekly sessions to polish our student’s communication skills & help them to build their confidence in order to ensure a bright career for them..

80 students attended the weekly workshops which were conducted by Text 100 volunteers. During these workshops, volunteers conducted role playing activities, group discussions, general question answer round, talked about likes & dislikes etc. 


Success story:-

With the reference of an employee of Udayan Care, Sahil(name changed) connected with Youth Leadership Centre. Almost one year had passed since Sahil had completed his graduation from Rohilkhand University, UP. When the Udayan Care's employee heard his story, he suggested Sahil to join the Youth Leadership Program to make a career in the field of Graphic Designing.

Sahil belongs to Bareli, UP. His father runs a small grocery shop to bear his household expenses, near a mosque close to his house. Sahil shifted to Delhi at his cousin’s place in Okhla, Delhi. There are many reasons why he came to the capital. Despite of being a graduate, he could not get a job in his home town and things were going from bad to worse. He joined the Youth Leadership Centre to learn the Graphic & Print Design course along with soft skills training. He is a reserved and quite natured guy. He did not speak too much in the class. He took this course seriously and performed very well while he prepared designs to use Adobe software. Sahil had never seen big dreams as he never had enough exposure to the opportunities that are made available as one steps out into the real world.  He always said, “I need a platform to prove myself professionally and earn enough to support my family & sustain myself in Delhi.” Sahil successfully completed his course, & earned an internship in one of the esteemed organizations in the field of Graphic design. He has completed a 1 month internship in the McCann world group, Kalka Ji, Delhi, and also received a good stipend. After completion of his internship, he received an opportunity to work as a Graphic Designer with a good entry level salary package.

Family's Feedback- Sahil’s father said, "He is a quiet and simple person. Sometimes, it scares us to think if he would be able to sustain himself in a big city like Delhi. But so far, Sahil has managed everything very well and after seeing his success, we are extremely proud.

Employer's feedback: - His employer said, Sahil speaks less but his work cannot be measured as less. He is a dedicated and hardworking person.

Employer Visit
Employer Visit
Text 100 - Workshop
Text 100 - Workshop
Success story
Success story
Jun 29, 2016

Update from our Udayan shalini Fellowship program


Executive Summary

Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF), one of the unique programmes of Udayan Care that aims to promote and support higher education for girls from disadvantaged background to develop them into dignified independent young women. The fellowship ensures that the lives of the girls do not succumb to monetary hardships and they do not give away their most cherished dream of thinking big and making a mark for themselves. However, USF is not just envisaged as a monetary assistance programme, but rather, as a holistic programme of sustained mentoring support and association. The growth is fostered with continued association of mentoring, motivational workshops, and development of socially responsible behavior through awareness drives. The fellowship stands as different because of its pyramidal mentoring.

The six months were filled with a series of activities which included Quarterly Workshop, Small Group Workshop, mentor mentee meets. Quarterly workshops were conducted on SMART PARADIGMS- SPELL SUCCESS. Small group workshops conducted on imbibing the skills and tools for creating and preparing a resume. Workshop on ‘leadership’ built an understanding on the effective and ineffective styles of leadership whereas team building sessions developed an applicability of Team Building Skills in the different life situations.

Five days’ residential camp on Comprehensive Sexual education and Leadership Building echoed as the central theme of the USF residential program was a mixed bag of imparting knowledge and fun based exposure for the fellows.


Details of Progress during Reporting Period:


Workshop on resume building


  • To develop the skills and tools for creating and preparing a Resume.
  • To Understand the format of Resume
  • Differentiating what is acceptable what is not while writing a Resume.
  • Reflection on how to make Resume effective


  • Understood the importance of introspection required for building an impressive and earnest Resume.
  • Got a better understanding of the format of the Resume and approach to make them more effective.
  • Accepted the importance of tailoring Resume as per the requirements of the job.


Workshop on “Smart Paradigm- Spell Success”

SESSION ONE: The facilitator conducted the workshop on “Smart Paradigms, spell success”. The facilitator first aired a question on the understanding of the word paradigm to fellows to which the responses were – it is a set of beliefs, values, ideas one possesses. The facilitator, reflecting on the responses of the fellows, explained paradigm to be Mental maps based on the principle of our brain of matching things. For better understanding on the same, certain pictures were shown.


  • Understood the word paradigm and necessity of having strong self-paradigm.
  • Learnt on the understanding of building positive paradigms for oneself


SESSION TWO: The second session was conducted by Mr. Kwatra who is the ex- principle of Hans Raj College; he has many degrees in diverse fields. The prof. talks excessively on patience, perseverance, practice; these are the 3Ps on which one should have a great hold. To excel in any area of life, the main component which is needed is PATIENCE; patience to wait till the outcome is achieved. Showing patience at a time when hurdles come our way, perseverance is being persistent in our work, ways and approach towards life, practice is the only way to get success and master in whatever we are doing.


SESSION THREE: YP FOUNDATION- Comprehensive Sexual Education

YP Foundation initiated a campaign called know your body, know your right as a part of comprehensive sexual education program. To familiarize with the subject, the representatives of the organization, talked on India’s first youth led campaign on why sexual education should be accessible to young people.

The facilitators explained the need of the program with few facts, which was recognized when Population Council did a National Study on “ Youth in India” to discover that of a total population of over 50,000 young people, only 15% of young people have access to information from their parents or teachers on any kind of sexual education. By 18, 28% of Indian women will have given birth to a child and 49% will be married. Of 2.5 million people in India who are HIV+, 50% of all new infections take place amongst young people between 15-24 years of age.

During adolescence, we all go through the same feelings and in dearth of proper guidance young people often indulge in activities which often lead them into difficulties in life. Prevention can only come via proper guidance, and proper guidance will only come when we as a society start taking the matter of sexual education seriously.


  • Learnt about the campaign “know your Body, know your Rights”.
  • Understood the importance of having comprehensive sexual education as a part of our educational curriculum


GROUP ACTIVITY 1 : Who’s your leader?


Facilitator asked the fellows “Who according to them is their leader in personal life”?

Each fellow had to think about one such person and the reason for considering them a leader. Each of them had to share responses.   


Majority responded, school principal, uncle, best friend, elder sister, and mother as leaders. Qualities emerging out of the discussion were vision to see, loved by all, convincing power, team worker, daring and many others. Further the fellows discussed upon the reasons for choosing these people as their leaders.


GROUP ACTIVITY 2: Debate it out- Leaders are not born but made


On the basis of the position they took on the topic, fellows were divided into two teams-For and Against the motion.


Each and every fellow was able to put forward their stand to strengthen their argument. While some strongly believed that leadership is inbuilt characteristic and is possessed by only a few of them. The opposite team gave views that leadership can be developed with experience and time and everyone has the equal potential of becoming a leader.

GOLDEN RULES OF LEADERSHIP –The workshop  highlighted golden rules to summarize the discussion

  • Be approachable-A leader cannot sit in his cabin and ask team mates to meet some other time.
  • Lead bravely- Have courage to face at the same of controversies.
  • Acceptance-Accept the mistakes as you would accept the success.
  • Communicate frequently-Don’t lose touch with those who consider you a leader.
  • A Leader is not God.-Don’t consider yourself a solution to everything and anything.


  • Reflection about their development as an effective leaders in future.
  • Practical learning about linkages between leadership skills and personality development.


Workshop on Comprehensive Sexual education and Leadership Building echoed as the central theme of the USF residential program’ 2016, the camp saw the participation of 37 fellows from Delhi centre. A six day long camp from 30th May held at Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida, was a mixed bag of imparting knowledge and fun based exposure.


  • To enhance knowledge on sexual and reproductive health
  • To build understanding on the changes and the reasons behind the changes in the body
  • To advance leadership to enable young people’s access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Services.



Shivani (Name changed) lives with her mother and doesn’t have a father and any sibling. For her, her mother is her world.  On the first day of the camp, she got very emotional remembering her mother. She has never lived alone without her mother. This camp was her first time away from home. Initially, during the session conducted, she was seen as painfully shy. But as soon as the session progressed, other fellow helped her in putting forth her views, questions. Through many group activities she opened up and overcame her inhibitions.” 

I never knew that I could speak in front of so many people and be able to put forward my views. But all thanks to USF residential camp for providing me with the opportunity to open up.  I was given a chance to step out from my shell, I gained confidence, started to feel good about myself. I began to develop a positive self-image.  This residential camp, all USF staff, facilitators and all my sisters Shalinis have contributed towards making me, “a better version of myself” i.e. a confident me with more spark. Teena (Name changed)


Workshop on Team Building


  • To develop applicability of Team Building Skills in the different life situations.
  • To enhance knowledge on various phases of team building.


  • Develop and learnt the applicability of different team building skills
  • Enhanced knowledge on various phases of team building



The meeting was important to be conducted as the fellows from Batch 13th had just finished their 12th Standard exams and needed guidance on the procedure for applying to various colleges, entrance examinations, etc.

Following reflections on the relationships with respective mentors were shared by mentee’s.

  • Mentor-Mentee interactions are always effective, solution is always provided by the mentor to all the problems
  • A new leaning in each meeting, a development plan has been made for them with the help of their mentors and expectations from the meetings are fulfilled.


  • Built understanding on the dynamics of mentoring as a process
  • Understood building blocks and source of strength and positive changes mentors have observed in the relationship.


Success Story

Dream of Teaching!!

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn. ~~By Phil Collins

Hailing from a remotely situated small village in Uttarkashi, Neha (name changed)’s only dream was to study and be like her teacher only what she has seen and known. Neha adores teaching as a process. A teacher plays a very vital role in shaping and making the lives. Her father, who works in the farm of others, was miserably unable to look after his family of four daughters and wife. The father heartbreakingly agreed to send her daughter with one of their acquaintances who lives in Dehradun in a hope that her daughter will get to study and have a good life. Her family’s financial condition is very much poor that it was impossible for her even to do schooling.

Apart from her academic engagements and pressure for studies, she is currently doing BA. She is also voluntarily teaching kids living in slum areas without charging any fees. She has passion for teaching. She believes she will become the kind she can and others will be proud of.

My happiness couldn’t be measured when I got selected in Udayan Shalini Fellowship. It gave a hope and big support to my life and got me another family in the form of mentors and co-fellows.  If I was not a part of USF, I can’t imagine what my life would have been. 

USF taught me many things and the biggest thing that “I have learned from it, is to present my views and perceptions in front of others, it has taught me to be assertive in a very positive way which I think is very important in this rushing and competitive world. I come from a very small village where the environment itself does not encourage us to grow in life but I am grateful to USF for its amazing programmes for needy girls and students like me. Today I take part in Weekly group discussions held in Udayan Care office where I take part with confidence and put forward my perceptions and share what I feel. It helped me to improve my knowledge in many present issues and preparing me for competitive exams.”


Jun 10, 2016

Update from our Udayan Care's Sunshine homes

Helen Lenga - Trauma & Attachment programme
Helen Lenga - Trauma & Attachment programme

Udayan Ghar Programme

 Udayan Care had set up its first Udayan Ghar (Home) for children in 1996 and created its own model of LIFE: Living in Family Environment. This model enables erstwhile children in need of Care & Protection to grow in a loving family environment. In these homes, the children are loved and cared for by a group of Mentor Parents-socially committed individuals (volunteers) who groom the children with a team of Coordinators at homes, along with resident Care Givers, Supervisors, & Volunteers.

These homes are located in busy, middle class neighborhoods, so children can reintegrate themselves into society through direct community involvement which helps mainstreaming the children ahead. Our children and young adults are receiving quality education in some of the best educational institutions such as: The Sagar School at Tijara, Alwar, Mata Bhagwati school, Genesis Global school, Tagore International School, East of Kailash, Banyan Tree School, Global Indian International School etc and colleges/ universities like College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi, Hi- Tech Institute of Engineering, Ghaziabad, Punjab University, Lingaya’s University etc.

 Since inception, Udayan Ghars have nurtured over 603 children with love, care and protection in 13 Homes across 4 states of India. Presently, there are 164 children across all homes. 30 of our young adults are also being supported through our After Care Programme.


Workshops/ Activities during this Quarter

During the period of March, April & May 2016, the team continued working for the success of the children and the program. March, being the exam time, all the children were too busy with their annual examinations and had a good fun in the vacations. Workshops, which are conducted monthly, addressed several concerns pertaining to Children, Care-givers, Mentor Parents and Coordinators.

Workshops were held with all the program stakeholders (mentors, coordinators, caregivers, and children) on enhancing stakeholders’ Emotional and Behavioral Development, reviewing of committee meetings such as aftercare, education, health and alumni, orienting the new and the old staff with Child Protection Policy and POCSO Act by various trained professionals dealing in terms of child rights and child psychology during this quarter.

Since 2014, under the supervision of Dr. Monisha Akhtar (Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst Faculty, Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia) & Dr. Kiran Modi, the DUKE University students have been conducting a longitudinal research study on Physical and Mental Health Support and Outcomes for Children in Residential Care Programs was initiated. The analysis of longitudinal study of 2014-2015 was shared with the mentors and the coordinators.

 In the month of March, Ghar Team (mentors, coordinators and caregivers) got an exposure to a 3 day training programme on Trauma, Attachment and Brain Developmentby Ms. Helen Lenga, who is a registered Australian Psychologist with over 30 years of experience and has specialized in the field of mental health, trauma and attachment. The focus of the training was to expand the staff’s psychological understanding of the impact of loss and trauma so as to assist in the care of the mental health needs of the children.

Like every year, this year too in the month of March, Udayan Care organized its 2nd biennial Conference on Improving Standards of Care and Alternative Child and Youth Care: Systems, Policies and Procedures. Delegates from South Asian countries, experts from the western world, civil society representatives, delegates from organizations and governmental bodies working on child protection and alternative care gathered together to learn from and with one another. The objective of the conference was to share experiences, best practices, research and information on alternative child care, with special emphasis on the development of care staff at Children's homes. It also attempted to examine the gaps in legislative and policy environment of After Care settings in South Asian Region vis a vis the implementation status. 

Life Skills” workshops at home were also held like every other quarter which focused on various subjects like coping with emotions, dealing with feelings and behavior, managing relationships, communication and decision making, knowing myself, managing anger.

International volunteer, Catherine, conducted a life skills programme with the Sant Nagar Children and covered topics like Self-identity, body image, relationships, family and community, healthy habits and stress management.

Mandeep, a national volunteer, and a couple of his friends from Gurgaon dedicated one full week to conduct different sessions for full days with our children starting from imbibing in them the importance of yoga, meditation, team building, confidence building, computer session, theatre, self defense and teaching English grammar.

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, employees from Cognizant organized a science exhibition with our Gurgaon Boys on three laws of Newton.

 Girls from Ghaziabad Ghar went on an 8 day long trip to Rishikesh, organized by German international volunteers; Sandra, Gabriela, Vivianna, Anna and Tina which was together funded by Ms. Dimple Walia, UK Volunteer. Their accommodation was arranged at a lovely facility called “Nature Care Village”. They went to Rajaji National Park, Ram Jhula, Laxman Jhula, Waterfall, a Temple, New Tehri Dam, local market etc. They did boating in the Tehro Dam lake too. They also attended the beautiful evening arti at the “Triveni Ghat” and went to an orphanage in Rishikesh which caters to the needs of almost 60 children. 

Holi, the festival of colours, was celebrated across all Udayan Ghars on 24th March’16. The moment was enjoyed together by all the alumni, aftercare children and home children.

Greater Noida, Kurukshetra and Jaipur children celebrated Mother’s Day with their Mentor Parents.

Ms. Veena Modi sponsored and organized the Jungle Book show for Udayan Ghar children, aftercare, alumni and staff. 

In the month of April, free eye camp was organized for Gurgaon Boys by Sat Krishna Public Charitable Trust.

United Health Group celebrated Earth Week by planting Neem trees, Madhumalti, Kari patta and Ashoka plants with Noida Boys & Girls at their Ghars.   

In the month of May, people from Baxter visited Gurgaon Ghar and conducted a Yoga Session with the children and distributed gifts to the children.

Greater Noida girls spent quality time during their summer vacations. Mercer group conducted a 5 days Summer Camp for the children. Also, United Health Group conducted 4 days workshop with children and sensitized them regarding issues like cyber crime and cyber-safety. The group organized art and craft session for the children, enjoyed the third day at World of Wonders and last day was dedicated to a talent show.

Children from across all Udayan Ghars celebrated 21st May’16 of their vacation in Kidzania. KidZania is a wonderful place where a child can learn along with having fun. The activities add value as they teach children various skills. The virtual reality created by KidZania helps a child to gain confidence and live a life which they often dream about. There were different role-playing activities based on replicas of real-world industries and services, children can assume the role of a surgeon, detective, chef, candy-maker, fireman, television producer, radio jockey, mechanic and so many more!


The achievements and awards are a never ending process for the Udayan Family:

  • Chandani won First prize in Vocational Course of “Packaging” in her school, Akshay Pratishthan School.
  • Children won a trophy for securing the IInd Position in a dance competition at their school Annual function, “Akshay Utsav”. They chose a patriotic theme and gave it a title, “Bharat Ko Ek Salaam”
  • Hemant won a silver medal in a  Taekwondo competition organized by the North East Distt. Taekwondo Association of Delhi.


 Success Story

 Sarita(name changed), an 11 year old, studying in Modern School, Vasant Kunj, was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. However, the child is channelizing her hyperactive behavior very well. With the help of constant motivation and enthusiasm, she has done well in her sports and other extra-curricular activities.

Recently, the child was the runner up in a Squash Competition and has bagged a gold medal and a certificate in a football competition held at her school by the Soccer Foundation. This has given the child good motivation and confidence.

This year, definitely, was Sarita’s year as she got an opportunity to go for a year tour to the U.S supported by the International Children’s Network/Matsiko World Orphan Choir Group. This has opened a door for her to experience new cultures and learn to adapt to her surroundings.

2nd biennial conference
2nd biennial conference
Session by Mandeep and his friends
Session by Mandeep and his friends
science exhibition by Cognizant
science exhibition by Cognizant
Trip to Rishikesh
Trip to Rishikesh
Earth week Celebration with United Health group
Earth week Celebration with United Health group
Sarita - Success story
Sarita - Success story
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