Mar 24, 2017

Update from our Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme

Workshop with Mr Sameer
Workshop with Mr Sameer

Executive Summary

Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF), one of the unique programmes of Udayan Care, aims to promote and support higher education for girls from disadvantaged background to develop them into dignified independent young women. The fellowship ensures that the lives of the girls do not succumb to monetary hardships and they do not give away their most cherished dream to think big and make a mark for themselves. However, USF is not just envisaged as a monetary assistance programme, rather, as a holistic programme of sustained mentoring support and association. The growth is fostered with continued association of mentoring, motivational workshops, and development of socially responsible behavior through awareness drives. The fellowship stands different because of its pyramidal mentoring.

The months were filled with a series of activities which included Quarterly Workshop on Career Prospects, an inspirational session on new perspective of looking at life and a workshop on different employment opportunities and courses provided Shalinis with new opportunities. USF successfully organized the 6th Alumnae meet with much zeal and enthusiasm.



DATE: 8th January’ 2017

FACILITATOR: Mr Sameer, General Manager of Coca Cola India Inc.

THEME: Career Prospects


The facilitator, with his everlasting energy, enlightened our Shalinis with some mind boggling thoughts and encouraged them to think out of the box. He commenced the workshop by saying that output is the function of input in our life. So, we need to keep a watch over our inputs in order to ensure the best outcome. Similarly, a degree is an input which gives us the end outcome of achieving our goals in life. 

The facilitator discussed in detail the things which affect one’s dreams which are mainly family, financial situation, exposure, networking, mindset, talent, ability to work hard and ability to take risks.

The facilitator talked about the various job portals like,, etc. where the fellows can get themselves registered and check jobs according to their interests. The fellows were advised to read education/job specific pages of different newspapers. They were given knowledge about different fields like IT related courses, journalism, radiology courses, etc which have much more scope now. He also emphasized on fellows’ parents exposure to different streams and jobs so that they do not stop them from pursuing it.


  • Gained knowledge about different job portals and sources of job opportunities like job fairs, newspapers.
  • Got knowledge about different kinds of courses like radiology, IT networking, journalism, etc.




DATE: 22nd January ’17

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Alumnae Association successfully conducted the “6th Alumnae Meet”. They all came together to share their stories of success with our current Shalinis and all the other people present there. They also shared their experience with the Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme and what impact it has created in their lives.

Besides Shalinis, Mentors from different walks of life graced the occasion. Our Ex-shalinis showed the path to making a difference in the society in various ways. They motivated our Shalinis to give back to the society and strengthen our USF Programme.

Ex- Shalinis shared the following ways of contributing to the society which they are currently adopting:

  • Our Alumnae fellows are involved in mentoring of the young fellows to guide them in their career.
  • Some of our alumnae are even contributing some part of their salaries.
  • Alumnae fellows are providing subject classes also to the young shalinis.
  • Our Alumnae fellows, who are now working, have introduced Udayan Care to CSR team of their companies.
  • Some Alumnae fellows helped in raising funds through Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.
  • Our Alumnae fellows have also taken part in parents’ meet, organized at the Gurgaon chapter, on changing the rural conservative mindset of the families.

Apart from these, some other ways suggested by our Alumnae by which Shalinis can give back to the society and to the USF programme are:

  • Shalinis can bring in their friends from different areas who can provide career counseling or can help in conducting workshops for the young fellows.
  • Alumnae can volunteer by showing their presence in different activities of USF like Induction, written tests, interviews, home visits, etc.
  • Fellows can always share their knowledge with others and can teach younger students also.
  • Fellows can participate in social campaigns like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Say no to tobacco. They can also help in propagating the social messages like Green and eco-friendly Diwali, etc.

Our Alumnae culminated the event by taking a pledge to reach out to the less fortunate throughout their life and to build an India where righteousness and honor is always respected. Above all, our Alumnae pledged to become tomorrow’s leaders.



DATE: 5th February ’17

FACILITATOR: Mr Niren -Global President of Yum! Brands Inc.

THEME : Motivational Talk



The facilitator shared the journey of his daughter, Aisha, who died at the age of 18 due to pulmonary fibrosis. She was a motivational speaker at INK talks and the author of book “My Little Epiphanies”. Despite suffering from a life taking disease, she was lively, hopeful, determined and wise beyond her years.



The facilitator started the workshop with the quote, “We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death also trembles when it come to take us." He shared how every breath of Aisha was a struggle for her but still she chose to be happy and enjoyed every bit of moment. She had sorted out life in ways that older people can only hope to do. Wisdom is not about the number of years we spend on earth, but, about the way in which we utilize the time we have here.

The session ended with a motivating quote shared from Aisha’s book, My Little Epiphanies.

 “Let’s aim for the moon, walk in the darkness together and catch the glittering stars along the way” filling the fellows with enthusiasm and zeal to face all the difficulties of life come what may.


  • Session left a remarkable effect on all fellows
  • Inspiring words gave fellows a new perspective to look at life
  • Session gave them a new definition of courage, hope and optimism



Mentor mentee meet was organized primarily to prepare fellows to write their upcoming exams. The mentors addressed academic issues as well as personal issues, if any, of their mentees. Fellows were motivated to face their approaching exams stress free. They were told that their health is also important, along with their exams, which students mostly neglect during the exams. Mentors provided fellows the effective ways to attempt questions in their exams.

One of the mentors conducted an activity for all the mentees present to make them feel good about themselves. She made them do a forgiveness prayer to make them experience how it feels. She explained to them how important it is to let go the hurt caused by others and forgive oneself as well as others. It was a very peaceful act for mentees. They felt very light after this.


  • Their stress of taking exams reduced a lot making them feel relieved.
  • They got an understanding of the ways of preparing for exams which will help them to improve further.
  • Mentor’s confidence in their fellows, that they would do well, gave a huge boost to the confidence of the fellows.

Fellows became highly motivated to achieve greater heights.



DATE: 5th March ’17

THEME: International Women’s Day/Information on new courses and employment options


In the first session, the fellows were made to recall the vision, mission and the new tagline of Udayan Care so that they can learn it by heart and act as ambassadors of Udayan Care. Fellows recalled, with full spirit, the pledge which they took at the time of their induction.

The Facilitator asked fellows about the importance of the month March and in which context the month is famous for. Some fellows were aware and they responded that this month is celebrated as women’s month at various places as 8th March is International Women’s Day. Facilitator told them about the history of this day, why this day came into effect and how this day is celebrated across various countries. Facilitator also shared that this year the Women’s Day theme was #BeBoldForChange, for Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Facilitator shared the quote, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission” filling the fellows with motivation. They promised themselves that they would never allow anyone to belittle them.


Session two was taken by our ex fellow, Rashmi, who came with her colleague, Shahzad, the regional manager of Shokeenda Group of Companies. Fellows were informed about their ‘Shokeenda Institute of Fashion Technology’.They provided fellows with all information on how to take admission in various courses available in the institute. They also shared that the institute provides scholarship to students coming from financially weak background. The scholarship is provided by International Trade Org and Jagat Singh Foundation. The institute provides 100% placements. 

Rashmi also shared information of a freelancing job opportunity involving website development. This would provide the fellows an option to work from home, without hampering their studies. 


  • Fellows learnt about the history of International Women’s Day
  • Fellows got to know about a new institute and new fashion designing courses
  • Fellows got to know about freelancing work



“Unrelenting Struggle and Hard work”

Hailing from an economically weak background, Neha(name changed), had big dreams. She wanted to get herself enrolled in the commerce stream after tenth and then pursue an MBA. Her father, a washer man and the sole earner in the family, had to support a family of 6 members. It was not possible for her father to support an expensive stream like commerce along with supporting other children’s education.

At that time, Udayan Shalini Fellowship came as a blessing in her life which gave her the hope of pursuing her dreams. With the USF support, she was able to take admission in the commerce stream. After schooling, she got admission in Daulat Ram College, one the best colleges in Delhi University. Having a clear vision of doing MBA and being aware of her family’s financial conditions, she thought of working along with her studies to fund her MBA. Thus, she decided to withdraw her admission from this college and pursue graduation through open learning.

She never gave up on her dream of pursuing MBA and thus juggled between her studies and work. As she was not pursuing graduation from a regular college, she could not avail the facility of fellowship from Udayan Care. However, her keen learning attitude kept her associated with Udayan Shalini Fellowship in its various activities.

She has now cleared the CET exam of Indraprastha University and fulfilling her lifelong dream of pursuing an MBA. Having seen her dedication and hard work, USF now is supporting her higher education.

Neha, with her unrelenting struggle and dedication, carved a niche for herself and went on to achieve her dreams despite her difficult circumstances. She has become a role model for all other girls!


Alumnae meet
Alumnae meet
Motivational talk-Small group workshop
Motivational talk-Small group workshop
small group workshop
small group workshop
success story
success story
Mar 17, 2017

Update from our Sunshine Homes

Cartoon Creation Workshop
Cartoon Creation Workshop

Udayan Ghar Programme

Udayan Care had set up its first Udayan Ghar (Home) for children in 1996 and created its own model of LIFE: Living in Family Environment. This model enables erstwhile children in need of Care & Protection to grow in a loving family environment. In these homes, the children are loved and cared for by a group of Mentor Parents-socially committed individuals (volunteers) who groom the children with a team of Coordinators at homes, along with resident Care Givers, Supervisors, & Volunteers.

These homes are located in busy, middle class neighborhoods, so children can reintegrate themselves into society through direct community involvement which helps mainstreaming the children ahead. Our children and young adults are receiving quality education in some of the best educational institutions such as: The Sagar School at Tijara, Alwar, Mata Bhagwati school, Genesis Global school, Tagore International School, East of Kailash, Banyan Tree School, Global Indian International School etc and colleges/ universities like College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi, Hi- Tech Institute of Engineering, Ghaziabad, Punjab University, Lingaya’s University etc.

Since inception, Udayan Ghars have nurtured over 698 children with love, care and protection in 13 Homes across 4 states of India. Presently, there are 174 children across all homes. 29 of our young adults are also been supported through our After Care Programme.

Workshops held during the Quarter

During the period of December, 2016 and January & February, 2017 the team continued working for the betterment of children and the programme. The quarter went well with children engrossed in studies to prepare for their final-term examinations and a few corporate engagements. Workshops, being a monthly affair, addressed several concerns pertaining to Children, Care-givers, Mentor Parents and Coordinators.

Workshops were held with all the programme stakeholders (mentors, coordinators, caregivers, and children). In order to strengthen the stakeholders, the following workshops were held during the quarter:


Topic: Child Participation – For the Children, Caregivers and Supervisors


Coping with Examination Stress – For Children

Participatory Workshop on Sanitation & Hygiene at Udayan Ghars – For Caregivers and Supervisors

Challenges Faced by Mentor Parents while Dealing with Children at Udayan Ghars – For Mentors and Coordinators


Care Giving (Training Module from FAIRSTART) – For Caregivers and Supervisors

Udayan Ghar Mobile Phone, Internet & Social Networking Issues & Concerns and Methods of Control – For Mentors and Coordinators


Since, in a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life, Life Skill workshops at home were also held like every other quarter which focused on various subjects like self awareness & self identity, coping with emotions, relationship building, healthy & unhealthy relationships, knowing self, decision making, stress management, healthy habits; family & community, communication and problem solving.


Shanti Home and the Mentor Father, Mr. Deepak conducts workshop with Greater Noida children on a monthly basis. The topics covered during the quarter are My Hopes & My Dreams, I Wish, I Hope – The book of me and Our Values, Our Behavior.


Psychologist, Ms. Dipti, conducts life skill workshops every month with both Noida Boys and Girls. The topics covered so far include Self-esteem & Decision making, Communication & Decision making and Managing anger.Likewise, life skill workshops at other Udayan Ghars were also conducted during the quarter.


During the month of December, volunteers, Ms. Aleena and Ms. Akshita (UNESCO – CID certified Expressive Arts Therapists) conducted four workshop sessions at Ghaziabad ghar. These sessions were themed on different topics, Body awareness, Pushing body limits, Brain exercises and concentration and, Trust building.


On 10th & 11th December, 2016 in continuation to their previous art workshops, in the month of November, a session was conducted by ArtReach at Greater Noida where children from different Udayan ghars were given exposure and learning of various forms of art and craft. This time, the participants were taught scroll painting, self painting and writing on real objects like vegetable flowers etc.


The much awaited Pottery Workshop was held at The British School, Chanakyapuri on 28th January, 2017 where the participants of ArtReach workshops were exposed to the art of moulding clay or ceramic into fashioned and desired shapes or objects.


Cartoon creation workshop was conducted at Noida Boys Ghar between 9th and 12th February, 2017. The workshop sessions were conducted by Mr. Aryan & Ms. Sonam from ArtReach India.The duo guided and trained the children on murals and made them paint the walls in the ghar. Children were motivated to bring out their imaginative and creative ideas and express them through drawing objects and characters on the walls.


Events and Celebrations

On 07.12.2016, children from Sant Nagar and Mayur Vihar Ghars were invited to watch a theatre show, Anokha Safar by Salaam Balak Trust at ICCR auditorium, New Delhi.


On 22nd December, 2016, the Make My Trip team invited children from Gurugram and Mehrauli Ghars to their office in Udyog Vihar, Gurugram to celebrate Christmas.


On 23rd December, 2016, a team of 6 employees from Prometric (also known as Prometric Testing, U.S. based company in the test administration industry) visited Gurugram Ghar to celebrate the holy festival of Christmas with the Ghar children. The team was being headed by the company’s Finance Controller, Mr. Lalit.


A two day residential Science Camp was organized at Jagshanti Udayan Ghar for Girls, Greater Noida on 4th and 5th January, 2017 wherein nearly 80 children in the age group of 13-18 years across 11 Udayan Ghars in Delhi/NCR area participated. 15 young and inspired Shalinis (beneficiaries of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme) also participated in the camp. The overall objective of this Science Camp was to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education among the young Udayanites.


Like last year, CPM India and Khushiyon ki Gaadi partnered with Udayan Care to celebrate this season’s most exciting event, the Winter Carnival, on 6th January, 2017. Mr. Mandeep, MD & CEO and Mr. Prakash, Director Operations, along with their team from CPM India and Mr. Jaideep, with his team from Khushiyon ki Gaadi, made the event grander than ever before.Delicious eats, exciting games, beautiful décor, music and artificial snow fall to give a chilling feel was all set at the venue, Jagshanti Udayan Ghar for Girls, Greater Noida. Children and staff across different Udayan Ghars came together to enjoy the event.While children enjoyed winning gifts at the game stalls and the crowd grooved to the music beats, there arrived our celebrity guest, Mr. Akhil, to judge our Udayan Care Talent Hunt Show. The Talent Hunt Show, being the USP of this season’s winter carnival, drew in a large participation of young and enthusiastic udayanites who showcased their dancing and singing talent.


During the month of January, 2017, volunteers from ASOS, London visited different Udayan Ghars to interact with the children. ASOS has been supporting Udayan Care since, 2009.The volunteers visited Greater Noida Ghar, Noida (girls & boys) Ghar and Mayur Vihar Ghar where they had group sessions with the children. They even painted walls at Greater Noida and Noida girls Ghar.


This time, the Udayan Ghar children got an amazing opportunity to visit India Art Fair Exhibition on 4th February, 2017 organised at NSIC grounds, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi. The children were exposed to the modern and contemporary art and beautiful artifacts by some of the leading and eminent artists.


On 5th February, 2017, one of Udayan Care’s grand events, the annual Sports Day, was held at Plaza Farm, Mehrauli. It was the 11th Adidas Group Udayan Care Sports Day and the chief guests, Mr. Dave, Managing Director-Adidas India and former Indian cricketer, Mr. Murali graced the occasion with their presence.The Sports event began with the Teddy Race for children aged 4-6 years. There were many other races according to various age groups which included Smiley Race, Where Is My Money with mentor parents, 100 m Dash, 200 m Dribbling Race, Sack Race, Free Your Partner Race, Relay Race, Little Hearts Race, Back Ball Race with alumni, Run for Party with Care Staff, Burst the Balloon with male staff, and Balancing Act with Pots with female staff.


On 11th February, 2017 around 20 children from Sant Nagar, Gurgaon and Mehrauli ghars participated in the Inter NGO sports meet organised by Concern India Foundation at Air Force ground, Palam, New Delhi.

The achievements and awards are a never ending process for the Udayan Family:

  • Sonia from Mehrauli Ghar 3 participated in the Inter NGO Sports Day organized by Concern India Foundation and won 1st prize in Frog Race.
  • Pooja from Mehrauli Ghar 12 participated in the Inter NGO Sports Day organized by Concern India Foundation and won 1st prize in 100m Race.
  • Badal and Arun from Gurgaon Ghar won Gold & Silver Medals in a Teakwondo championship organized in the month of December, 2016



Success Story

The child, Rekha(name changed), came to Udayan Ghar at the age of 10 years. Having had traumatized past, the child faced behavioral concerns at the Ghar, time and again. But with the consistent efforts of the psychologist, social worker and the warmth provided by the mentor mothers and care givers, the concerns have decreased remarkably. Rekha has now turned into a confident and determined girl who is ready to shoulder responsibility of herself and her younger sibling, Moumita, who resides in the same ghar.

Rekha’s innate talent in art & craft has helped her open various windows of appreciation. Her ability to portray her thoughts on a canvas is tremendous. Recently, one of such paintings made by her was selected for the National Plan of Action for Children (NPAC) book cover. On 25thJanuary 2017, Rekha was felicitated by the Ministry of Women and Child Development at Civil Services Officers Institute (CSOI) in Chanakyapuri. This achievement is quite a feather in the cap for her.

Her art notebook is a delight to the eyes, with various emotions instilled in each picture for the onlooker to interpret. We wish for Rekha to have an imagination as deep as the ocean that can take her as far as the sky!

Science Camp
Science Camp
Visit to India Art Fair Exhibition
Visit to India Art Fair Exhibition
Annual Sports Day-1
Annual Sports Day-1
Annual Sports Day-2
Annual Sports Day-2
Winter Carnival
Winter Carnival
Feb 17, 2017

Update from our Information Technology Programme

Craft Workshop
Craft Workshop

About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 23 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children, women and youth.

Vision: To Regenerate the Rhythm of Life of the Disadvantaged

Theory of Change:“There are millions of orphaned and abandoned children in India; in addition, girls from weaker sections of society do not get an equal opportunity to continue their education; professional skills and attitude are lacking among disadvantaged communities to become economically self reliant”.

Udayan Care provides homes to orphaned children while also giving girls financial and development support to continue higher education, and communities to train themselves in vocations, by engaging socially committed individuals, who provide a transformative, nurturing and mentoring environment, to help them realize their full potential.


A nurturing home for every orphaned child, an opportunity for higher education for every girl and for every adult, the dignity of self-reliance and the desire to give back to society.

About ITSD centers

There is a growing demand for Information Technology and Skill Development training among the poor urban and rural communities including communities around our Udayan homes. We have also found the use of computer and IT vitally important in our counseling programmes for the children of Udayan Homes. Thus, the project intends to focus on mixed communities; communities who are located around our Udayan Homes and those in the densely populated clusters of slums, resettlement colonies and other low income settlements by setting up IT & SD centers for imparting Information Technology and skill development training.


Program Vision
To broaden horizons and bring IT close to the lives of underserved rural and urban communities in Delhi and NCR, and thus empower them for greater job prospects

Target Group & Reach

Poor urban/ slum communities, especially women, adolescents, children of Delhi and NCR

Unique aspects of the Program

  • Selection and enrollment of trainees on subsidized fees and free ships
  • Capacity building of trainers and program staff
  • Community Mobilization through co-curricular activities
  • Documentation and periodic program reviews
  • Trainee assessment procedures and certification
  • Job placement facilitation
  • Timely reporting to donors
  • Partnerships and linkages with other organization


"Crazy Craft workshop"

Udayan Care focuses on providing a creative environment to our IT students. From time to time, we have conducted creative and meaningful workshops for students making them more aware and ardent towards this field.Udayan care youth leadership centre students tried to explore creative concepts to create illustrations & graphics using designing software. On the occasion of Republic day, Udayan Care project team tried to motivate the students towards working on handmade creative invention. The students made the model with the use of match sticks & decorated a corner using handmade sheets, pastel sheets, glitter sheets etc. The decorations that they did were beautiful. After seeing their work at the initial stage, it seems that their work really deserves appreciation.



Exposure Visit - IITF

An exposure visit was organized to give the students an insight into the actual activities which are carried out at an industry. It helped the students to understand the industrial atmosphere. In the month of Nov 2016, UD-UC IT Centre faculties and 38 students visited India International Trade Fair (IITF). ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organization) decided "Digital India" as the theme this year for IITF. As there is always room for learning and knowing more, our IT centre students learnt about how they can make their life digital and make better use of technology. 



Story of change

Wasim(name changed) is from Puranpur, a small village in Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. His father works as a cycle mechanic which speaks a lot about the financial condition of his family. He has always performed well in studies and was in the good books of his teachers as well. He also received an award in English when he was in school.

Since his childhood, he has been interested in Computers and has also taught Basics of Computers to students at his uncle’s computer centre. He is a relative of one of our students who got him introduced to Udayan Care. He feels that this course would lead to value addition for him. He strongly believes that it’s not just learning that matters, but also, how one implements that learning. Udayan Care has added wings to his dreams and this is what makes us proud.

Wasim was selected as a trainee – graphic designing during the first round. His employer appreciated his honesty and dedication towards his work. Wasim has started working with Think Market (in Greater Kailash) as graphic designing-trainee where he would get the opportunity to hone his creative and graphic skills.

We wish him lots of luck for his bright future.




Exposure Visit- IITF
Exposure Visit- IITF
Success Story
Success Story
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