Feb 18, 2020

Empower 50 needy girls in India through education

Youth Festival
Youth Festival


Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility in them.


Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme were also able to introduce ‘Employability and Placement section’ for our Shalinis to help them get placements in various fields.

The last quarter, from December 2019 to February 2020, proved to be extremely fruitful and enriching for our Shalinis. There was a great mix of workshops, focusing on personality development and employability simultaneously to facilitate their overall growth. For instance, there were workshops on Team work, managing workplace bias, self-defense, cognitive skills etc. These workshops gave Shalinis some indispensable tools which they can deploy to become more efficient and self-aware individuals. They also got to attend external sessions such as workshop on WASH at Vishwa Yuva Kendra. The best part however, was to see the fellows implementing their learnings from these workshops by engaging themselves in social work at a personal level. In addition, North Delhi Chapter has received award for good participation at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra event and organized 9th Grand Alumnae Meet.

Key highlights

  • The workshop on ‘Self-Defense’ was taken by Manshi, an International Taekwondo Champion and Black Belt in Taekwondo. 
  • Vishwa Yuvak Kendra Invited “Udayan Care” for its “Youth Festival” on the theme “Vivekanand ke Sapno ka Bharat” held on 10th and 11th January 2020. Where Shalinis got prizes in different category and North Delhi Chapter received best participation award.
  • North Delhi Chapter organized 9th Grand alumnae Meet. It is always a special occasion when the alumnae of the program come together, not only cherish the time they spent together, but also look forward to build stronger associations with each other. 



Employability workshop on Team work on 1st December 2019 by Bhaskar (Vice President - Contract Advertising)

The objective of this workshop was to make Shalinis understand the importance of Team Work, be able to resolve conflicts and adopt the skills of being a good team player. Facilitator explained the meaning of Team as group of individuals working together to achieve same goal. Team Work was said to be to combine skills of team members and work together to achieve common goal in positive atmosphere.

Thereafter an activity was taken up, the class was divided into four groups and each group was given the topic to discuss. The topics were ‘Importance of Team Work’, ‘Challenges Faced by Team’, ‘Basic Team Skills’ and ‘How to Make a Good Team’. After elaborated discussions, dealing with Diversity at work place was taken up. It was communicated that teams at workplace are a diverse group of people. They ensure diverse point of view, experiences and numerous ideas to solve a problem at hand. At work place people are from different backgrounds, ethnicity, ages, genders, ability levels and experience. This creates an advantageous situation to work as team as they all provide fresh points of views on the task given. After this the steps of team development were Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. And our Shalinis were divided into 4 teams and each team has to work on the steps mentioned in Team work. The task given to them was to identify the activities taking place during the step given to them and enact the same. This activity reinforced the concept of team work among the participants. 

By end of the session the Shalinis were clear that Team work is positive on every level. They understood while team work allows us to work on our strengths which is a great opportunity for personal development, it allows to experience differences providing fantastic learning opportunities. 


Employability workshop on Managing Workplace Bias on 1st December 2019 (Sunday) by Jatin from TATA

The aim of the workshop was to introduce Shalinis to existing biases and to enlighten them about three essential laws that protect women’s rights, against sexual harassment, for remuneration and maternity benefits. The meaning of bias was explained as ‘lack of objectivity or an inclination to favor one thing or person over another’. Shalinis were made to understand Gender bias in particular as discrimination towards people based on their gender rather than their individual merits. Taking example of women, it was explained gender bias is belief like, women are expected to be homemakers, wives or mothers first and professionals second, and how pay gaps are still an issue for females.

To equip the girls to deal with bias at workplace they were educated on the subject. Acts like Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redress) Act, 2013, Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 & Maternity Benefits Act, 1861 were elaborated.

It was advised to deal with bias at workplace to do so first step is to acknowledge the biases and try to guard against influences. It’s vital to keep each other in check and support those who are victim of bias. Thereafter, Sexual harassment at workplace was explained. Shalinis were made aware that certain behavior such as telling sexist jokes or displaying sexist or suggestive materials, talking behind women’s backs, making condescending remarks on women, providing another unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature will determine sexual harassment. Shalinis were apprised that sexual harassment may not only professionally affect the worker but personally may affect their mental health. They were encouraged to always stand up for themselves as well as for others, and be aware of their rights.


Session on Self-defense on 1st December 2019 (Sunday) by Manshi (Shalini)- International Taekwondo Champion

The workshop on ‘Self-Defense’ was taken by Manshi, an International Taekwondo Champion and Black Belt in Taekwondo. She is gold medalist at various level (International, National, State & School) and she has won Gold Medal in Delhi Olympic Games. The session was designed for school going Shalinis. In which all the Shalinis were gathered in an open area to learn the techniques of protecting oneself. 

Manshi started the workshop by warm up exercises to make everyone relaxed and energetic. Then, she demonstrated some self-defense techniques to all the Shalinis present there. For example, she showed Shalinis the technique of hand grip unlocking with action which allowed them to learn how to free themselves if someone has attacked them by gripping their hands. Another technique she taught was back grip unlocking where Manshi demonstrated to free yourself if someone has attacked you from behind. Next, she talked about the usefulness of the scarfs we use and how can we utilize it for our defense, and some attacking techniques with scarf were demonstrated to all. The next technique which was demonstrated was of knife attacks and how to take help from it for defense. Weight putting technique was also demonstrated where trainer made the Shalinis practice it by putting weight on certain areas to free themselves from the attacker. The workshop ended with the cool down session of Yoga to make them relaxed and calm. Shalinis really enjoyed this session as it will be very useful for them, and give them the confidence that they can protect themselves in case of any emergency.


Session on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra on 14th December 2019

A workshop on ‘Water, sanitation and hygiene (Leave no one behind)’ was organized by Vishwa Yuva Kendra in collaboration with FANSA (Freshwater Action Networking of South Asia) on 14 December 2019 at Vishwa Yuva Kendra, Chanakyapuri. Young people from various organizations across different states in India attended this workshop, which threw light on several important issues, primarily with respect to depleting water resources. Following were the objectives of this session:

  • Awareness generation about water, sanitation and hygiene issues;
  • Awareness generation about safe WASH practices;
  • Awareness generation about Swacch Bharat Abhiyan;
  • Role of Govt., CSOs and other stake holders in ensuring SDG 6

The workshop has created a vision in the minds of participants to achieve sanitation and hygiene by the help of saving water and then to use it carefully. This workshop was an attempt to aware people about WASH and it was successful in spreading the word. The participants got to know about various practices and techniques of water conservation being followed in various states in the country. Information regarding various types of water- black, grey, yellow, white, saline, etc. was shared, and techniques/ tips for reusing water were also shared. The participants also got to know about right usage of the toilets, various types of toilets which conserve the water and how to maintain the cleanliness in the public toilets.



Employability Workshop on Adaptability & Learning held on 5th January 2020 (Sunday) by Garima (Sr. Manager (Training, Development & Placement)

The workshop on Adaptability & Learning was organized on 5th of January at Mahavir School Delhi. It was attended by 14th Batch of Delhi Chapter. The objective of the session was to make Shalinis understand the need for change and project a positive image towards change. The session started by explaining the meaning of Adaptability. It was stated that Change is law of life and one cannot avoid it. Resisting change will only make life tougher. Further, it was conveyed that employers look for Adaptability skills among the prospect applications. It is very important skill to get hired. With advent of technology and changing environment of the workplace it becomes employee to be flexible and have positive attitude. Strategies for adapting for change were elaborated. First and foremost, Shalinis were asked to change their mindset as they have the power of choice. and the more they focus their mindset on positively adapting to change, the more resilient they will be to dealing with impact that change will bring to their life. Then they were asked to find meaning in life, once they are sure of what they want they will be able to focus and adapt to achieve the goal. For dealing with change, Shalinis were advised live a balanced and healthy active life this will enhance to build their resilience and ability to successfully manage the disruption that change can have on their lives. Various activities on adaptability were undertaken where shalinis were given different situation and they had to do role play or give their reactions. In debrief the importance of embracing change was elaborated. It was said that one cannot avoid the unexpected events (crisis) in ones lives, as it is these events that challenge them and force them to step out of our comfort zone. If we ignore or hide away from the challenge of change, we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow. Shalinis were in end informed about benefits of having strong adaptability skills and its importance at the workplace.

Employability Workshop on ‘Problem Solving and Conflict Management’ held on 5th January 2020 (Sunday) by Neha, Alumnae and Placement Coordinator

The aim of the workshop was to make shalinis aware of various methods involved in problem solving and conflict management. The topic was relevant to shalinis as they were able to relate to the topic. The facilitator started the workshop with defining the process of “Problem Solving”. Shalinis came up with various statements and stated some examples. Shalinis got exposure to 7 steps of problem solving and realized the need to follow same in case they encounter any problem. Each step was explained in detail covering two to three examples. Shalinis also shared their own experiences where they felt they have followed the steps andwhere they did not. Different ways to solve a problem were discussed and shalinis realized the importance to solve problem with assertiveness and by avoiding fights. In the second phase, facilitator described about “Conflict Management” and gave an overview to explain the term with various examples. In order to explain the causes that give rise to conflicts, the facilitator divided the whole group into two and gave the topic “Social Media” on which one group spoke in favor of social media and other spoke against it. Ten minutes were given to shalinis and they debated really well. Some were able to put their thoughts forward where as some preferred to keep quiet, some felt their voices were not heard whereas some voices were at ease to identify. After debating, the conflicts that arose at the time of discussion were dealt and its management was discussed. Conflict management is very important as it helps to resolve conflicts effectively. Conflict management has various reactions associated with it, all were discussed and best one i.e Collaboration was highlighted with pros and cons of all the stated options. Later, some shalinis gave example from their real life and represented thoughts towards their plan of action. Overall the session brainstormed the minds of shalinis and they got exposure to various ways to tackle problem and conflicts. It was an interactive session and shalinis brought practicality to their thoughts which will help them to shape up their decision making and reactions towards uncertain event.


2 Days (10th & 11th January) -Youth Festival” at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra

Day 1 (10th January 2020):

Vishwa Yuvak Kendra Invited “Udayan Care” for its “Youth Festival” on the theme “Vivekanand ke Sapno ka Bharat” held on 10th and 11th January 2020. In purview of that “Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program” participated in the event and 24 participants from Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program (North Delhi Chapter) were present at the festival. Chief guests presented their views and respect towards Vivekanand’s life and achievements. They intended to enlighten the visions of youth.  Moni (Batch 12), (Batch 14) and Anjali (Batch 15) from North Delhi Chapter participated in the Painting competition, Flower Pot Painting Competition and Public Speaking Competition respectively. The competition was held on 10th January 2020 and results were announced on 11th January 2020. Shalinis had put their best efforts forward and created a beautiful output. Shalinis did exceedingly well in their zones and made USF proud. It was a great experience for all the shalinis.

Day 2 (11th January 2020):

The event started with Kavi Samelan where different poets from various fields were invited to address the gathering. Poets presented their thoughts beautifully with a message inculcated in them. Thereafter Cultural program started where different group participated to perform. Dipti, Swati, Ayushi, Aanchal, Nandini, and purnima, Shalinis of North Delhi Chapter from Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program participated to present a Dance performance on the theme “Women Empowerment”. Shalinis presented the theme very thoughtfully and showcased strength of women in their own beautiful way.  There were different cultural acts from various NGO’s involved such as role play, dance performance, song etc. It was very interesting to witness the program with such diverse thoughts and versatility.Some shalinis also became part of the program by being the participant to witness the program. Lastly, prize distribution was held where Moni (Batch 12) secured 2nd prize in Painting Competition and Anjali (Batch 15) secured consolation prize for Public Speaking Competition. Overall it was great experience for the shalinis, some shalinis won the competitions, some had shown their talents through dance and the others got exposure to cultural performances and motivating speakers. Vishwa Yuvak Kendra also awarded “Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program” for its support and enthusiastic participation in the youth festival (10th-11th January 2020).



“It was very motivating and inspiring to know that Swami Vivekanand popularized India in the whole world by his wit. From Swami Vivekanand’s birth to end, everything was covered by the guest speakers. Every person present there participated with great zeal. Overall it was great experience.” – Bhoomika, Batch 15 

“It was my great honor to receive second prize for painting competition from great such dignitaries on the stage. I enjoyed participating in the competition and got an opportunity to learn a lot. I was happy that I was able to make USF proud. Thank you USF for providing me with this opportunity.”- Moni, Batch 12 Alumna


Quarterly Workshop on Cognitive skills to overcome fear and anxiety held on 12th January 2020 (Sunday) by Ashish (Mentor & Core Committee Member – North Delhi Chapter)

Quarterly workshop was conducted for all the batches of the North Delhi chapter of Udayan Shalini Fellowship on 12th January 2020. It was conducted by Ashish. He started the session by distributing forms that required the Shalinis to answer questions such as how often they sing in the shower, engage in day dreaming, etc. While answering these questions the Shalinis realized how they behave differently when there is nobody around them, when they know that they are not being judged for their actions, and realize their imaginative capacity.

The facilitator then moved on to explain how fear and sadness are “learnt behaviors”. He gave the example of how a young child is unaffected by the marks he scores in school, while a teenager tends to get very upset in case he/she falls short of expectations. He therefore explained how we observe everyone else around us and learn to get upset or be scared of things, and how we can unlearn them if we want to. It was followed by a very engaging group discussion among everyone present, as they tried to come up with ways in which they can become braver and happier.



Ernst & Young (EY) –Corporate mentoring orientation program held on 2nd February 2020 (Sunday)

On 2nd February 2020, the North Delhi Chapter organized a corporate mentoring orientation session with Ernst & Young, one of the most well-known MNCs across the world. Approximately 100 employees of the company will be working as volunteers with the USF program, serving as mentors for the Shalinis. Considering mentoring is one of the core components of the program, this is a huge opportunity as now the Shalinis can be provided with appropriate guidance and support during their journey. Some of the volunteers will also be mentoring Shalinis from other chapters in Delhi-NCR, i.e., Gurugram, Greater Noida, and Noida. EY has also approached chapters in other cities such as Bengaluru and Mumbai. The event was even hosted by two of their employees.

The event was attended by Shalinis of all five batches, some mentor didis, USF Team, USF-Associate Director, Founder & Managing Trustee, Executive Director of Udayan Care, Convener of Gurugram Chapter, Senior leaders from EY and their employees.

The program was started by the Associate Director of the USF Program, Faheem who addressed the gathering by giving the volunteers a brief overview of the program, and mentorship specifically. This helped the employees from EY to gain a deeper insight into the program, its vision, mission and values, and most importantly, what role they will play in the life of a Shalini as a mentor. A few of the leaders from EY also spoke about their respective journeys with the company, and why they decided to volunteer with Udayan Care.

Post this, our Shalinis shared their experiences with USF and mentors. Some of them also shared poems written by them, and sang. This gave the volunteers an opportunity to get to know the Shalinis on a personal level, and bond with them. The event ended with a group picture taken as a memento, and Shalinis giving the volunteers handmade thank you cards as an expression of their gratitude. 

Mentoring session with TATA volunteers held on 9th February 2020 (Sunday)

TATA CSR Team has shown willingness towards the social cause. In this regards, TATA employees across the India have signed up in different organizations. Udayan Care has also got volunteers for different work area. The core component of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program is mentoring and volunteers have shown interest in mentoring Shalini girls. On 9th February, the first mentor-mentee meet was conducted wherein facilitator first introduced each volunteer with the present Shalinis. Later, assigned mentees to understand mentoring process in a better way. The first meeting was basically organized to build communication channel, develop understanding with each-other and make action plan. The USF Mentoring includes three major pillar; academic help, personality development and career counselling. Volunteers were extremely happy to meet such vibrant and aspiring Shalinis for whom they want to make effective career path so that they will not face any hurdle. Apart from this, a few volunteers did general introduction with all the present Shalinis which gave them a different perception and it proved a great source of inspiration for them.  Overall, it was a fruitful session with quality mentoring.

9th Grand Alumnae Meet held on 16th February 2020

The North Delhi chapter organized an Alumni meet on 16th February, 2020. It is always a special occasion when the alumnae of the program come together once again to not only remember the time spent together, but also look forward to building even stronger associations with each other. Especially the alumnae of North Delhi chapter have been instrumental in not only helping the current Shalinis by assuming the role of Mentor Didis, donors and resource persons, but also in bettering the structure of the USF program and Alumni Association as a whole. Their insights have helped the program in becoming even more efficient. Maintaining a close bond with them is therefore absolutely essential.

The event was attended by alumnae, USF team, core committee members who have been associated with the chapter right from its inception, Faheem (Associate Director USF), Kiran (Founder and Managing Trustee), Arun (COO), and Aneesha (Executive Director). The alumnae retook the oath they had taken as a student of class 11th, and recounted their experiences as a Shalini. Some alumnae were even accompanied by their husbands, who also spoke about the role played by USF in their lives. The meet started with a lot of ice-breaking games, and short plays depicting the journey and values of USF program. Alumnae even paid a tribute to Faheem, and expressed their heartfelt gratitude for all his efforts.

It was due to the relentless efforts of the alumnae committee and Shalinis who made this event a huge success. Everyone present had a great time taking a walk down the memory lane, and strengthening their resolve to contribute to the growth and success of the USF program.


Success Story

Arushi is a Shalini of North Delhi Chapter Batch 8th inducted in the year 2009-10. She belongs to a low socio-economic background and residing in Kanhaiya Nagar, Delhi. She has four members in her family which includes her mother who is a homemaker, father has a small business, elder sister is working in TCS Pune as a Chartered Accountant and her younger brother is in B. Tech 1st year. Contribution of her sister in the family is strengthening their financial condition.

Her journey of becoming a Chartered Accountant wasn’t easy with limited resources and some de-motivational elements. But her elder sister kept her motivated throughout the journey. Positive attitude and patience helped her to face challenges and overcome failures. She believes everything happens for something good and she was firmed on it.

The intervention of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program in 2019 was a turning point of her life. She feels the best thing about USF Programme is the utmost support it provides to you.

‘Whenever I faced any challenge and felt low, I prefer to attend USF workshops. There was a time when I have started attending the group discussions which enhanced my ability to speak with confidence. USF has brought spark in my life to do something good for the society.  I also remember how the presence of Kiran Ma’am and Faheem Sir inspired me to tackle the things in life.’ ~ Arushi.

She wants to do something for society to make a positive difference in the lives of people. She is very thankful to her family and USF for supporting her, believing in her and making her a successful and confident woman who is ready now to take upon her responsibilities.

Arushi is currently working as an Accounts Manager in Corporate Chartered LLP. Her long term goal is to get a job in a well-reputed MNC company where she can utilize her skills.

Youth Festival 1
Youth Festival 1
Grand Alumnae Meet
Grand Alumnae Meet
Workshop on Adaptibility & Learning
Workshop on Adaptibility & Learning
Success story of Arushi
Success story of Arushi
Corporate Mentoring
Corporate Mentoring
Workshop on WASH
Workshop on WASH
Managing Workplace Bias
Managing Workplace Bias
Feb 18, 2020

Support orphaned children at our Sunshine Homes

Christmas Celebration
Christmas Celebration

Hello Everyone,

Love & greetings from the children at Sunshine Homes!

I am Badal, a progeny of Udayan Ghar Programme and at present, an aftercare young adult, being supported through Udayan Care’s Aftercare Programme. I deem it as a great opportunity to connect with you all and take you through my journey so far. But before I start telling my story, I would like to share about the fun, excitement and learning that we have had in the last three months. Let’s have a glimpse at the activities and events happened -

Master Chef-Udayan Care (Inter Udayan Ghar Cookery Competition)

Swad Wahi par Pyaz Nahi!

An onion a day, means you are rich without say!

Be proud to be a part of the nation whose little everyday household item has the ability to compete against the currency rate at global level. Well you guessed it right, it’s a satire on rising onion price.

 So, to beat the sensational price hike of this little, multi layered, everyday household item, onion that has left the country in tears, our Udayan Ghar team planned a competition across Udayan Ghars to see if the same nutritious & delicious recipes can still be cooked without using onion and most importantly liked by children. The cookery competition spanned over two phases where our caregivers from different ghars got the cooked recipes such as, Matar paneer, Mix vegetable, macroni, cutlet, baigan ka bharta etc., to taste by children and the programme officials. The top three winners were awarded with a chef’s cap and a certificate.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebration, at Udayan Ghars, every year brings along a wave of happiness, fun and tingling excitement among children and staff. Twinkling lights, merry carols, music, cake and eats and, the mysterious santa handing over gifts were all there to set the Christmas mood right. Various corporates and our donors joined us in the Christmas celebrations, which added to the joy of the festival. Genpact, Barclays Bank, Ongraph Technologies, Showtime Events, Multiplier, Paint Our World and Krishumi Pvt Ltd visited our children to multiply the joy of the festival. They shared Christmas goodies with us all and spent time playing games that left everyone smiling.

Global Family Day Celebration

Family is always formed by blood, they say. But it’s the attachment, emotions and love which bind us together as a family. The bond shared by the family members show that they stand united in every circumstance and support each other in their growth and development. Every year, January 1st is observed as Global Family Day and we at Udayan Care celebrated it too giving giving each one of us, especially the little ones in the ghars, the idea about the day and its significance and revisiting the family values that are inculcated in the members. Blessed to have a huge, extended family at Udayan Care, the celebrations went on for a week.

Colors of India, adidas-Udayan Care Winter Carnival, 2020

Set with the theme, Colors of India, the winter carnival for this year was held on 4th January 2020 in partnership with adidas at Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida where more than 180 children, aftercare young adults, half a hundred care staff and programme officials across 15 Udayan Ghars and, nearly 50 other guests came along to get exposed to diverse cultures, traditions and values that exist within our country which is yet united. The event showcased regional dance forms including Bhangra, Lavni, Bharatanatyam, Rauf etc. performed by children. This was followed by a ramp show where children walked wearing popular traditional dresses from the states of Assam, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra etc. The eatery stalls and, fun games and activities were organized surrounding the theme which included pottery, puppetry, candy floss, hoopla and many more.

Republic Day Celebration

Inculcating the patriotic spirit in the young Udayanites, Republic Day was celebrated across all the Udayan Ghars. Each Udayan Ghar celebrated the glorious day with its own taste where, some sang patriotic songs, participated in quiz and others hoisted flag, made presentation on revolutionaries and shared their stories.

14* Not Out, adidas-Udayan Care Annual Sports Day, 2020

Sports is something which is close to my heart and I get hit by adrenaline rush whenever I get onto the field. On 9th February, 2020 the 14th adidas-Udayan Care Annual Sports Day was celebrated wherein, children and staff across all the 17 Udayan Ghars participated in different fun races and competed against each other with a sporting spirit. The theme, 14* Not Out represented the 14 years long ongoing association and support of adidas extended towards Udayan Care for helping children and youth like me become productive and responsible adults.

This sports day was special for me as I was one of the 14 sports achievers who got the opportunity to carry the torch and get felicitated by Mr. Neelendra, MD adidas India.

As the day furthered, the excitement and energy multiplied seeing the athletes of all ages, all geared up in adidas attire, winning hearts of the crowd by their exuberant performance. The day culminated with prize distribution and a sumptuous lunch having a great variety of eateries.

So, these were some of the activities and events where we all gathered and celebrated as a family.

Now, coming back to my story which goes long back in the year 2005 when I along with my two elder sisters were placed in Udayan Ghar (Sunshine Homes) as my grandmother, due to her old age, financial impediments and physical inabilities, couldn’t take care of us for long after the demise of my mother and the father abandoned us due to some untold circumstances.

I was 5 years old when I was brought to Udayan Ghar in Gurugram and like any other child who goes somewhere for the first time, I had no clue about the place and the people whom I was supposed to live with for an uncertain period of time. As I stepped in, all I had was bafflement and eagerness to know about what happens here, what will happen to me, how are people going to talk to me, what people here will think about me?

The initial period was indeed a struggle for me to settle in, so was it for the carers putting their best foot forward to make me feel comfortable. As the time passed by I started adjusting to the ghar environment. The love and care provided by mentor parents and the carers made me feel safe and further helped me adjusting and I started seeing myself as a part of large Udayan Ghar family. Neither my brothers in the ghar family nor my carers judged me for what I was or what I had been through in the past.

I was soon enrolled in a reputed English medium school and remained to be an average performer. To be honest, I had a limited interest in studies however, I did complete my senior secondary school with second division. But what excited me more than studies, since childhood, was sports and I am glad that the carer team was able to recognize this and supported me at every step. I was encouraged by the mentor parents and it was through their support that my interest in sports turned into my passion and I started training for Taekwondo. I was aligned with suitable opportunities which helped this, once 5 year old, timid boy, turn into a taekwondo player with black belt (4th Dan), equivalent to be called as ‘Sabum’ (instructor) as per International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) standards. So far, I have won a number of medals and awards in different competitions at national and international level. I aspire to become a professional and successful taekwondo player and would love to teach self-defence techniques to people in need.

I consider myself lucky enough to get the required support and follow my dreams but there are many others whose dreams and even needs get overlooked every day.

At last, I express my gratitude to you as without your support this would not have been possible. Hoping to stay connected with you all.

Sincerely indebted,

Badal and the project team at Sunshine Homes


Cookery Competition
Cookery Competition
Global Family Day
Global Family Day
Sports Day
Sports Day
Dec 31, 2019

Digital literacy for underserved youth in Delhi

The Grand Alumni Meet 2019
The Grand Alumni Meet 2019

Dear All,

Greetings of the day!!!

My name is Supriya and I have recently completed my training in a specific accounting software called Tally from Udayan Care Computer Learning Centre. The 3 months of intense training gave me an opportunity to associate with a renowned firm "Srivastava & CS Co." and earn a decent income.

During my intermediate schooling, I used to accompany my father at his workplace where he worked as a typist in one of the Lawyer’s Chamber. I was raised in Bihar along with my 4 elder siblings, and after completing my intermediate, I decided to move to Delhi for better future prospects.

Building up my career in the field of accounting was not an easy journey and in a city like Delhi, I was struggling to find a platform where I can grow and earn for my living as I never wanted to be dependent on anyone. One day, my brother suggested to pursue an IT course and then to look for job opportunities, but due to financial crisis we couldn’t afford to go to a private institution, but we didn’t give up and encountered with Udayan Care’s Learning Center which became a boon for me towards achieving my career goal.

A few days back I got a call from Muzzamil Sir, who told me about the Grand Alumni Meet 2019, which I have heard about it from alumnus of the same centre where I have my pursued IT course. I met Pawni didi (alumnus) who came to the centre on a weekend to conduct a session on a specific topic which she learnt at her workplace. After the session, we had a conversation where she introduced me to the process of becoming a part of Udayan Care IT centre Alumni Network and the reason to be a part of the same association. She told me about her family background and the support which she received from the placement cell who gave her an opportunity to work with a company in their accounting department itself. She had expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards Udayan Care and decided to help other beneficiaries who come from the same background.

In 2018 when Udayan Care IT Center programme initiated "Alumni Network" with an objective to “Enable alumni to contribute their time, donation, knowledge and personal networks for the upliftment of UC IT Programme and Underserved community". Pawni didi was very happy and felt proud to be a part of the Alumni Network and doing something for the existing students of IT centre. After knowing her experience and testimony, I decided to be a part of the Alumni Network in order to "Give back to society"

On 15th Dec 2019 I went to Hindi Bhawan where the Grand Alumni Meet 2019 was organized, and I was astonished to see the auditorium filled with 350 alumni who came to participate from across 14 IT Centres, out of 350 alumni 64 alumni came from our own centre and I felt great after meeting my batch mates who were also a part of this meet. This event was devoted to showcase what we know as "Women Empowerment" and celebrate the success of alumni network too. The meet started with sharing highlights of Udayan Care IT Center programme which were shared by Manoj (Dept Head – UCIT), in the next activity Tamanna, Sapna, Shelly (alumnus of IT Center), Kiran (Managing Trustee-Udayan Care), Poonam (Faculty - IT Center) and Dolly (Mentor Mother - Udayan Ghar) came on stage to light the lamp as to inaugurate the Grand Alumni Meet 2019.

The event was attended by the senior staff of Udayan Care, partners & donors – Prem (Founder - Kishwarna Charitable Trust), Manju (CSR Head-Microsoft), Shirish (Microsoft), Dolly (Mentor Mother), Deepak (Trustee-Udayan care), Ashutosh (MD-Business Connect). As per the agenda of the programme, the students of Vinod Nagar IT Center gave a magnificent performance through an act which tells us about the values which Udayan Care stands on: - Compassion Inspire Respect Competence Accountability (CIRCA), second performance was given by our Badarpur Center students to show “Women Empowerment” and the potential they have to live their life with dignity. Two beneficiaries, Aditya and Prince shared the stage with their mother and told us how their mother took a stern decision to step out of the house and work in a factory to raise her children and fulfill their desires. She was really thankful to Udayan Care and the staff members for giving the opportunity to provide quality training to Prince & Aditya which helped them to establish their career in the field of designing. Aditya gleamingly shared how alumni network became really prolific for him, and how Mukul & Sitam helped him to get hired in the same company where Mukul works, they have fulfilled each and every responsibility which was assigned to them as an active alumnus of Udayan Care IT Center programme.

I was inspired by all active alumnus who have done a great job for "Giving back to society" and I have also decided to associate with Alumni Network for doing something meaningful for the society where so many needy students are growing as I was, I want to help them in the same manner as I got from Udayan Care, staff members of the centre, mentors, and active alumnus of the centre who motivate us and inspire us as and when we need them.

About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 25 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.

About IT centers programme

Udayan care Information Technology centre tends to brings digital media closer to the underserved society of the people to improve their livelihoods. Currently, we are running 14 IT centers in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana and have impacted the lives of more than 16,752 beneficiaries.

Our centers offer certificates courses in basic computer knowledge, diploma and advanced courses in computer application. Workshops on Spoken English, life skills training and job readiness are also a part of the curriculum.

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