Jun 17, 2020

Empower 50 needy girls in India through education

Workshop on Positive Language
Workshop on Positive Language


In 2020, the April month, proved to be extremely fruitful and enriching for our Shalinis. There was a great mix of workshops, focusing on motivational, skill based and employability simultaneously to facilitate their overall growth. For instance, there were workshops on Career awareness, email writing, stress management, interview preparedness, financial management etc. These workshops gave Shalinis some indispensable tools which they can deploy to become more efficient and self-aware individuals. The best part was to see them engaging themselves into mock-interviewmentoring cum career counselling sessions (subject-wise), online competition, online courses and mentorship trainings (existing & new). Moreover, social awareness campaign conducted on Women’s Day and during this lockdown Udayan Care initiated a noble step to give additional support apart from fellowship so that Shalinis could buy ration for their family. In addition, North Delhi Shalinis took an initiative to spread awareness in their locality on COVID-19, important precautions and donated necessary items & food.

Key highlights 

  • Need Assessment: Udayan care initiated a noble cause. Through a need assessment survey, identified Shalinis who are in need and struggling in getting proper ration. The money during this lockdown brought smile on their faces. In this regard, Faheem (Associate Director) conducted an online parents meet to give them positivity and support. 
  •  Employability sessions by TATA Volunteers:  TATA volunteers came forward to extend their support in taking virtual sessions. They took session on various topics individually and are ready to help Shalinis through any fruitful way.
  •  Online competition/courses: It is important to keep Shalinis stress-free & productive during this lockdown. An online competition was organized to showcase their hidden talent in following fields; arts, writing, poetry, drawing, sketching and painiting wherein 51 Shalinis took part. In addition, 140 Shalinis got enrolled in Englishbolo app for free 25days of learning and some Shalinis are enrolled in online language/trendy courses. 
  •  Genpact virtual sessions: Genpact joined hand to provide virtual sessions to Shalinis during this lockdown. Ashish happily conducted two sessions with Shalinis and gave useful tips.
  •  Mentorship Trainings: Mentoring is an essential part of USF programme. Employability cell initiated virtual trainings for existing and new potential Shalinis. Garima and Neha have successfully trained 40 new potential and 47 existing Shalinis. 
  • Mentoring cum career counselling sessions: TATA Volunteers and USF alumnae initiated virtual mentoring cum career counselling sessions for shalinis (subject-based). It proved very informative and useful for addressing their career and subject related doubts.



Employability Workshop on Positive Language by Garima (Sr. Manager-Training & Development) – 1st March 2020

The workshop on “Positive Language” was conducted by Garima with Batch-18th (11th class) Shalinis. The objective of the workshop was to make Shalinis understand the meaning and means of communication, recognize the need for effective communication and apply ideas on internal and external communication. An interaction with the Shalinis on what did they understand from ‘communication’ was also done. Also the focus was paid on ‘Interpersonal Communication’ which is diminishing nowadays because of the increase in the use of social media. On the other hand, different activities were conducted where Shalinis were told about the importance and effectiveness of listening. Another activity was done to make the Shalinis understand about interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. The session came to an end with the facilitator talking about positive thinking. It was further said that thoughts are automatic, deeply ingrained and suddenly one cannot change negative thoughts overnight but can change them slowly. With the end of the session our Shalinis had an idea of understanding the importance of developing communication skills for personal and professional growth.


Financial Management by Pooja (USF North Delhi Program Coordinator) – 1st March 2020

The workshop was conducted at North Delhi Chapter on “Financial Management” with Batch-16th (First Year) Shalinis. It was designed to make Shalinis understand about the importance of saving. Which was included information about the various tools available at bank and how to become aware of the working of these tools. Also, our lifestyle requirements and in absence of budget we become unable to save money out of our earnings.

The session was started with a simple question on ‘What do you understand by Saving? and what are the various tools which build financial strength?  Responses of Shalinis were quite relevant but they were not much familiar with the financial tools. The session gave them an insight regarding various financial tools and it’s uses. Shalinis found the session highly informative. Having knowledge about banking tool is important and saving methods. Our expenses should not be exceed to the savings we have. Being a student is also important to know money management, track daily expenses and invest money wisely. Facilitator advised to do budgeting at least on monthly basis and self-control is must. Our lifestyle effects our budget, reduce unnecessary expenses and save to avoid future risk. It was suggested to gather more information on discussed areas, explore options and adopt advised methods. Overall, Shalinis were happy to receive useful information and they took pledge to follow the same.


Mock Interview- 1st March 2020

Mock Interviews were conducted for final year students of North Delhi Chapter. The aim of conducting mock interviews was to give shalinis exposure to interview process so that they become interview ready before they pass out of the college. The process intended to build confidence in shalinis and perform better in any interview process they face. The interviewers were professionals from different fields and their expertise gave motivation to shalinis to present themselves best way possible. They were divided into panels where each panel was given 4-5 shalinis to interview. The panelists were provided with assessment sheets where they marked each shalini based on some parameters so that shalinis are able to identify their weak and strong aspects and work upon it. Each shalinis was given 10-15 minutes followed by group discussion which was assessed too. Shalinis found the interview process relevant to them and realized importance of self-assessment before appearing for an interview. The evaluation consists of parameters with explanation for each point resulting in overall performance of shalinis and outcome generated. Shalinis also got de-briefing from their panelist where they were explained the ways to improve their skills and confidence required for an interview. Also, all the relevant points were highlighted to enhance their performance for longer run. Overall mock interviews helped shalinis to see bigger picture and realized the need to practice ad prepare for an interview.


USF: Social Awareness Campaign on the theme of Women Empowerment - 8th March 2020

North Delhi Shalinis walked together to give strong message on Women Empowerment. They covered Budh Vihar Phase 1 and Avantika Sec 1 (Market area Specially). Shalinis held posters, banners and chanted slogans to create awareness among women about their self-empowerment. With the immense support of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) MLA Secretary,Deepak, the campaign got successful. He even recommended Soniya (Samaj Sangathan-Director) and Satish (School Management Committee -Coordinator Rithala) who joined hands with our Shalinis and walked for the campaign. Delhi Police assisted the Shalinis and made sure of their security. Shalinis also did Role Play and spread awareness towards Girls Education and their rights. Shalinis tried to impart that it become important for a woman to be self-aware and more important for the society to accept them as empowered women. We would like thank AAP MLA Secratary, Police Department and all the dignitaries who supported our shalinis in this cause.



Need assessment 2020 (UC-Emergency fund)

Udayan Care initiated a noble step to help needy Shalinis during this lockdown situation who are struggling in getting ration, have less ration available at home and there is no source of income  available to survive further. Keeping the precautions in mind, withdrawing money on a frequent basis is also not possible. The process was started by the assessing needy Shalinis whose family are in difficult condition & have less past savings.  During this assessment, North Delhi Chapter identified needy ones as per the three decided categories - High, Medium and Average. 13 Shalinis were identified to be falling in the category of ‘High Need.’ They each were given 2000/- through direct bank transfer to survive in the crisis. With this money, they could buy enough ration for their family. In the next phase, direct money transferred to 32 Shalinis who are falling under medium category.


Employability workshop - IT Skills: Email writing with Batch-14th on 14th April 2020 by TATA volunteers

Session 1:

The session was conducted with Batch-14th (Final year Shalinis) on the topic of IT Skills: Email writing by Nitin (Senior Manager, TATA Communication). He started session with an introductory round, took few examples of CIRCA Values from Shalinis and explained purpose of conducting this session on Email writing. He said, most of us are not aware from mail etiquettes and to be globally connected it is important to have proper knowledge. He further explained the definition of email, other email providers (Yahoo! Rediff mail etc), advantages of email as it is cheap, time effective, accessible to maximum people at one time, very fast & easy to send with attachment but there are some disadvantages like; it requires internet connectivity, one can easily forward ahead etc. Meanwhile, he discussed about the components (to, cc, bcc) of email, abbreviations, guidelines of using email (pre-write, draft your mail before sending, organize your mail into 3 parts-Opening, Middle & Closing then revise, refine and send).

He displayed a format to make Shalinis understand about email writing. He further explained to use short paragraph while writing any mail, explain your matter in bullet points (in case of long mails), in short, he advised to use formatting guidelines. While writing a mail, it is important to be aware from unacceptable norms. A mail is an electronic medium of communication, your actions and words reflects your personality. He explained Albert Mehrabian’s model, 55% Visuals, 38% Tone and 7% Words. Be yourself while writing a mail, stand out as a person not robert. He covered all the important points and answered some of the questions asked by Shalinis.

Session 2:

The session was taken by Jatin (Executive Trainee). He addresses final year Shalinis with a different group. He spoke about the benefits of using email and it is easy to use. One should know how to use email properly and what guidelines we need to keep in our mind while sending an email. Be alert on social platform, do not share any detail without proper research. He explained job portal, etiquettes of using email and how to be conscious on social platform. He concluded the session by addressing some of the queries. Shalinis found it useful as they got to know about it thoroughly.


Employability workshop - IT Skills: Internet for jobs with Batch-15th on 15th April 2020 by TATA Volunteer

The employability session was conducted on the topic of Internet for jobs with Batch-15th, 2nd year Shalinis. It was taken by Kunal (DGM I HoG (Business Excellence – Operations, TATA Power Delhi Distribution). Facilitator firstly introduced himself, discussed CIRCA Values, asked some examples on implemented values, and talked about some general questions on Online surfing, advantages & disadvantages of using internet. Taking forward to the session, he instructed some important points as before you go online, make a list of your preferences to avoid unnecessary things. Internet is useful for many reasons like; creating LinkedIn Profile, Maps, online communication, online books, online news, research, entertainment, fitness, self-education on internet, online video based on your hobby etc. Internet has world overreach and it is also useful in searching jobs. One can see many online job portals but all are not trust-worthy & registered. He told about some trusted online job portals. He took example of Naukri.com and explained each tab through a PPT. Meanwhile, he talked about job scam and employment frauds, some fraud companies attract through its high play scale, high commitments, ask to pay money etc. Be alert and do research before going ahead. However, there are some limitations but have many benefits to apply online, just be aware from scams, view procedure of online application and safely use internet. Internet has its own benefits; with precaution you can get maximum benefits out of it.


Employability workshop - IT Skills: Internet for jobs with Batch-15th on 16th April 2020 by TATA Volunteer

This online employability session was taken by Shubham (Executive Trainee, TATA Power Delhi Distribution) with Batch-15th (2nd year Shalinis).He introduced himself to Shalinis and created a familiar environment and asked Shalinis to share some of examples of CIRCA. He asked about benefits of having internet. He further explained, internet is useful in searching online jobs, it provides easy access to reach out to employer. But everything has its bad side also. Do not accept any offer blindly, do research about company and then go ahead. He talked about some renowned job portals, online job scam, frauds and what are the guidelines. Internet is also beneficial in terms of alternative usages. One can adopt any hobby like; cooking, dancing etc and learn via online classes/videos. E-library is useful for online study, people can watch movies & online news. Internet has multiple usages. Meanwhile, he advised to keep their personal and professional life intact on social media platform, avoid distractions, avoid online activities while studying and working. He concluded the session with some suggestion and advised Shalinis to be safe during the lockdown situation.


Employability workshop - Values with Batch-16th on 16th April 2020 by TATA Volunteer

The session was conducted on ‘Values’ and Shubham (Executive Trainee, TATA Power Delhi Distribution)  took this session with first year Shalinis. He asked, what do you want to become? When did you decide it? What made you feel to choose that field? Meanwhile he added, we usually inspired/influenced by someone in our life and aspire to be like him/her. Every individual has its own struggle. People fail and come out as an inspirational story, they add some values to their life and disciplined. To follow the same path, implement those values in your life and be strict to it. It is easy to think, but very difficult to replicate same motivation, schedule and values to accomplish goal. He shared life journey of eminent personalities from diverse fields like; politics, entertainment, sports, defense etc. Not only men, women are also touching sky with same spirit. Taking forward to the session, he shared some core values like; compassion, creativity, risk-taker, loyalty, disciplined etc. These are some values which everyone should possess. Match your values to your role model and implement those in life. Give your life a purpose and be strict to it.


Genpact session - Stress management with Batch-18th on 21st April 2020 by Ashish (Genpact)

The session was organized with class Batch-18th Shalinis, 11th class Shalinis on the topic of Stress-management. It was conducted by Ashish. The purpose of the session was to talk about useful tips which needs to be applied during this lockdown situation to remain mentally, physically & emotionally balanced and healthy. Facilitator engaged them through various relevant examples and answered some of the questions asked by Shalinis in the end of the session. Via online method, facilitator timely covered all the important topics and is happy to answer queries even after the post session. Overall, it proved an effective way to teach them about managing stress.


Here are few important points shared by resource person: 

  1. Stress in general prepares the body for either ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ (relevant in pre-historic times, when physical dangers were more relevant compared to today’s life)
  2. The ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ readiness is possible due to secretion of hormones which prepares the body for survival
  3. Stress in humans is chronic vis-a-vis animals in whom it is episodic (which means it is there till the time the danger is there, once it is over, they return to normalcy)
  4. Chronic stress leads to chemical imbalance in the body due to over secretion of hormones
  5. The chemical imbalance is the genesis of physical ailments, symptoms of which are being jittery, clenching of hands/feet, feeling exhausted all the time, headache, stomach
  6. upset, high blood pressure, chest pain, loss in appetite, loss of concentration, a general feeling of nothing is going well, extreme stress can also cause death
  7. Good stress Vs bad stress and how good stress helps us in achieving all success in life by motivating us and pushing us forward
  8. However, there is a thin line and over analyzing or being too much involved with the past or future and this topple the line and good can become bad stress
  9. Bad stress needs to be managed through behavioral changes and changes in lifestyle and attitude, a few examples are 
  • A positive attitude helps-glass half full or half empty
  • Instead of changing the world, let us change ourselves
  • Stop taking things personally.
  • Listen more, act instead of reacting
  • Be assertive instead of aggressive
  • Live in the moment- past has gone, future is yet to come
  • Nourish your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Spend time with your family
  • Pick up a hobby- write, paint, raise a garden, teach, write a blog
  • Practice gratitude- count your blessings
  • Get enough rest-min. 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (no TikTok time)
  • Exercise, yoga, meditation, walk- keep your body fit
  • Break the taboo, talk to family and seek medical if required


Motivational session by Pankaj (TATA Volunteer) as on 23rd April 2020

The motivational session was conducted with Pankaj (AGM, TATA Power Delhi Distribution). During this lockdown, it is important to keep ourselves positive and stress-free. Everyone is at home therefore, use precautions and help government in impactful implementation. He talked about team building, having a motivational leader in team and how a leader influence whole team and direct to accomplish a task. Individually, no one can succeed without a supporting team. Be in present, do not let work pending for next day, do quality studies, explore options and scholarship opportunities. During this lockdown, we should feel privileged as we have family, USF and many more well-wishers to take care of us. He concluded session by answering some of the questions. Be positive &emotionally stable when you hear bad news, sometimes, we need to take a pause in life and look towards those who are less fortunate than you. It will give you strength to live life fullest with joy, do not look towards upper class. It will make you feel low and more competitive to reach there. It is good for positive motivation, but don’t let yourself down. In the process of accomplishing your goal, you face different challenges and perception of people. Be focused and you will succeed.


Mentoring session- Physics class with Nitin (TATA Volunteer) as on 27th April 2020

The session was taken by Mr. Nitin, he addressed physics students. He talked about how to be be productive during this lockdown and stress-free, what method should be adapted in order to adopt new skills. Meanwhile, he answered some of the queries related to physics concepts with examples, he suggested to practice numeric with illustration, observe activities around you and take live examples.


Mentoring session- Economics, History and Political Science class with Jatin (TATA Volunteer) as on 27th April 2020

Jatin took session with Batch-18th Shalinis who needed guidance on Economics, Political Science and History subjects. He addressed Shalinis via Google hangouts meet. He answered following questions; Government 5 years plan (Planning Commission from Indian Economy), Literacy rate, Macro Economics (Money & Banking), how to study during this lockdown, old war & did some general discussion. It was an interactive and knowledgeable session and he is ready to address further queries of Shalinis.


Session on Cyber Security - by Naina & Neha (Batch-14th Shalinis) with 1st year Shalinis as on 27th April 2020

On 20th April, Naina Gupta and Neha from Batch-14th, North Delhi Chapter attended an online workshop on Cyber Security.*They both took initiative to take an online session with Shalinis. Firstly, they've prepared PPT (individually) and put all their learnings together in a summarized form. Before conducting this session, they did a demo with each other for the better coordination on online platform.

Throughout the session they have covered following topics:_*

*1.* Meaning of Cyber Security.
*2.* Why do we need this?
*3.* How it impacts our lives (Mentally and Economically).
*3.* Types of Cyber-crime (hacking, phishing, malware, DoS, spam mails).
*4.* Strategies to secure our data.
*5.* If cyber-crime happens, in what ways we can report?
(Offline and online modes)
*6.* Miscellaneous

Naina and Neha conducted this session very sincerely and are happy to address any further queries. Shalinis found it very informative, useful and upto the point.


Genpact session on Interview Skills with final year Shalinis by Ashish as on 28th April 2020

Genpact is initiating virtual sessions for Shalinis during this lockdown. Ashish took Interview Preparedness session with our final year Shalinis. He started the session with some general guidelines about session and shared following type of questions an interviewer can ask;

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why you are interested in this job?
  • What are your strengths & weaknesses?
  • What leadership projects have you handled?
  • Any crisis situation that you have handled well?
  • What are your interests?
  • Where do you see yourself after 3yrs/5yrs/10yrs?
  • Who has influenced you most in your life?
  • How proficient are you with technology?
  • What is your expected salary?
  • How soon can you join?

He explained all interview questions with relevant examples. In addition, talked about other important things to remember while going for an interview which includes interview etiquettes, body language, punctuality, dress-code, your behavior and overall impression. At the end of the session, he answered most of the questions asked by Shalinis.


Mentoring session by Gayatri (TATA Volunteer) with mentees as on 29th April and 30th April 2020

Gayatri (TATA Volunteer) took a virtual mentoring session with the Shalinis allotted to her. She asked about their well-being and lockdown situation. What methods have adopted during this lockdown to keep themselves engaged & productive. She asked about learnings on subjects and share their feedback with time.  Overall, she conducted a general session and both sessions were


Mentorship Trainings with existing and new potential Shalinis by employability cell - April 2020

Mentoring is an essential component of our USF Program which mainly focuses on three areas; Academic Preparedness, Personality Development and Career Orientation. Mentoring starts with building trust, developing communication channel and committment. These qualities and knowledge must be inculcated frequently. In order to train our existing Mentor Didis and new potential identified mentor didis, Employability Cell conducted "Mentorship Trainings." 40 new and 47 existing Mentor Didis have been trained so far. During the training, objectives, characteristics, stages of mentoring,  framework and goals were discussed. In response, asked their personal experiences and challenges to strengthen the process. It was a satisfactory feeling to see them engaged with USF Program in their busy schedule during this lockdown. The delivered content and question-answer round proved helpful for them.


Online course- during lockdown (April 2020)

Our Shalinis got enrolled in different online courses provide by Harvard University. Following are some topics of the courses; Introduction to Full Stake Development, International Women's Heath and Human Rights, Child Protection: Children's Rights in Theory & Practice, Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Hinduism and the scriptures, Contract Law, Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Apart from this, 140 Shalinis got successfully enrolled in Englishbolo app and getting regular classes. It is benefitting in enhancing communication skills (written & verbal). 


Success story

Archana is a Shalini of North Delhi Chapter Batch 8th inducted in the year 2009. She belongs to a low socio-economic background. She resides in Azadpur, North Delhi. She has 6 members in her family which includes her mother who is a homemaker, father is an accountant, elder sister is in HR at Tatras Data, one elder sister is a engineer and eldest is having own boutique. She gets inspired by her father, mother and elder sister, but more so by her father, who is a heart patient but has never been seen sitting leisurely at home even on holidays. Even then he choose to help and do household chores. He is always satisfied and content with the life he has and has nurtured all his children with beautiful values. Despite the many financial constraints, Archana was always wanted to be a social worker and dancer.

“I started working at a young age. Since then, I have faced so many of hurdles. Sitting in the Police Station, getting letters full of abuses, fighting with own community and people. It’s been 9 years now, I have quit my job and invested my saved money in my NGO. I look upto Kiran Ma’am and Sushmita who are inspirational for me.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program gave me many wonderful opportunities. I remember, how residential camp, workshops, mentoring and unconditional support throughout my journey have made a big impact on my life.  I could make myself more trustworthy and committed towards my family and society.

I recently visited Vishva Yuvak Kendra for two days training program where I had amazing learning experience, which was also initiated by Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program. I received a lot of useful information and I was able to influence professionals, experts and other people to come forward for good cause of society. Everyone was having expertise be it in the field of CSR, finance, and working on ground.”

She is glad to share that she received State Award for the best social worker in the individual category, NextGen award for inspiring women, National Excellence award, Narishakti award, Abhudaya Shree award, youth Icon award from Satyawati College and O Ubiri award.

Currently, she is running her own NGO named ‘Connecting Lives’ at Azadpur and is working in D.L D.A.V Model School, Shalimar Bagh. 

Workshop on Financial Management
Workshop on Financial Management
Mock Interview
Mock Interview
Social Awareness campaign on "Women Empowerment"
Social Awareness campaign on "Women Empowerment"
Campaign on Women Empowerment
Campaign on Women Empowerment
Udayan Care Emergency Fund to provide dry ration
Udayan Care Emergency Fund to provide dry ration
Session on Email Writing
Session on Email Writing
Success Story of Archana
Success Story of Archana
Jun 12, 2020

Support orphaned children at our Sunshine Homes

Yoga & Mediation Sessions
Yoga & Mediation Sessions

Dear Everyone,

Hope you are keeping well and adhering to the required precautionary measures to keep yourself and others protected during this strange and difficult time.

I am Ravinder, heading the Udayan Ghar Programme (Udayan Care Sunshine Homes) at Udayan Care. I feel proud to be leading this magnificent programme which is providing shelter, love, care, protection and nourishment to over 200 at-risk children in 17 Udayan Ghars at the moment. We, at Udayan Care, aim to build a conducive family environment helping these children to reach their full potential and subsequently transform into self-dependent individuals.

It is indeed a matter of great pride to be writing this report for the GlobalGiving family and present our work to the benevolent supporters and well-wishers.

The last few months have been difficult, the toughest ones to be precise. The past 3 months’ time taught us to be adaptable, flexible, resilient, innovative and strong to stay focused towardsour most important responsibility - the young people who are the reason we exist.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the world, keeping oneself and their loved ones safe remained to be the first and foremost priority for everyone. We too, at Udayan Care, are doing our best to keep our young ones, children being nurtured in Udayan Ghars (Sunshine Homes), and ourselves protected and safe amidst this pandemic.

In order to continue to provide the same family environment to our young ones, the team at Udayan Care felt the need of revising its strategy and approach of working towards fulfilling the overall needs of the children and at the same time keeping them safe and protected against all the ill effects of the pandemic including physical, emotional and psychological.


Our approach during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis –

  •  Awareness Building

The children and carers across 17 Udayan Ghars, through storytelling, comic strips, interactive sessions, posters and presentations were educated about the COVID-19 and its spread. They were made aware about the precautionary measures to be taken to protect themselves and others against the infection.

Social distancing, sanitizing or washing hands regularly, maintaining hygiene and staying at home and were reiterated as must to follow steps.

  •   Creating Safe Space

In order to ensure the Ghar family members’ safety, each and every corner of the Udayan Ghars was sanitized with the help of government and private sanitization agencies.Food and other essential commodities (medicines, masks, gloves, toiletries etc.) were stocked so as to limit the movement outside the premises.

In every Udayan Ghar, a separate room, with all the essentials, was turned into a quarantine room for any new child coming to the Ghar or any family member in the Ghar, who might show symptoms.

Health advisories and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Prevention and Management of COVID-19 in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) was developed and shared across all the Ghars. The carers through online platforms were also trained on the use of the SOP.

  • Ensuring Positive Mental Well-Being

Research studies have shown that children who have been exposed to traumatic experiences in the past are at a greater risk of developing mental health concerns during crisis situation. There is a likelihood of any previous trauma getting resurfaced or even worse.

In order to ensure a healthy and conducive environment at the Ghar, our mental health team, led by the mental health experts and the programme head, intervened with counseling and group sessions with children and carers through audio and video calls at regular intervals.

  • Upgrading Skills

The carer team at the Udayan Ghars often come from an underprivileged background where they do not have opportunities to learn and develop and get exposed to the outside world. While being at Udayan Ghars, the carer team is ensured to learn and develop the skills required to work with the children in an out-of-home care setting, the need to make them tech savvy was never realized. However, this pandemic crisis and the nationwide lockdown has certainly made us realize that how important it is for the carers to know and learn about different communication platforms in the virtual world.

Helping carers and children learn to use online meeting platforms such as zoom, google meet etc. not only upskilled them but also helped other members of the Ghar team to monitor the day to day functioning of the Ghar virtually and also offered opportunities to engage them in workshops and a number of other fun and learning activities.

  • Continuum of Learning

With the nationwide lockdown and the academic institutions shut, our inquisitive children didn’t let go off that opportunity to learn. As the schools started with remote classes, children at Udayan Ghars diligently began to study online being at the Ghar and hence, the continuum of learning was maintained.

  • Workshops and Capacity Building

The team continued to conduct capacity building workshops with children and carers despite the crisis. The upgraded skills of children and carers to use online communication applications proved quite helpful in conducting the workshops and implementing the lesson plans.

The topics for the workshops were decided based on the on ground assessment during this pandemic crisis.

  • Work from Home

The lockdown in India progressed in versions from 1.0 to 4.0 and the non-residential members of the Ghar team continued to work from their private war rooms, home, trying their best to provide the required support, guidance and aid to the carers and the children at the Ghars.

  • Giving Back

Surviving a crisis can never be easy until the support to overcome or resettle comes in one’s way.

As an endeavor to reach out to others in need, our mental health team obligingly volunteered to be a part of COVID Response Team, an initiative by DCPCR and a host of other partners, to provide psychological and emotional support to thousands of vulnerable people across the nation through toll-free helpline. Migrant laborers, young people and others who could not return back to their family due to the untamed situation, anxious and alone, called and connected with the response team via the helpline. They shared their feelings, concerns and were counseled to stay positive and healthy. The team also helped them to locate the different aid provided in their local area such as ration and other essential commodities.

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Prevention and Management COVID 19 in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) developed by Udayan Care was shared with other agencies working in the alternative care space and child protection.

As the spirit to give back to the society is inculcated in the children in Udayan Ghars, some of our alumni also came forward to help their Udayan Care family sustain and survive during these testing times. Some volunteered to engage the young ones in online tuition classes whereas, some of them offered to donate in the emergency response fund.

  • Bringing Home our Alumni

Rehabilitated in society with a decent job, a decent place to live in and a dream to lead a dignified life which is away from being included or counted among the disadvantaged or vulnerable sections which once they were part of, the youth leaving care feel jeopardized at present.

Hit hard by the unprecedented times that the world is facing today, the care leavers have once again found themselves surrounded by the clouds of setback and distress. Some have lost their jobs, some have not received their monthly salary and some lived with the constant fear of losing their only support for survival anytime soon. One needs to be stronghearted to empathise and understand the situation that they have been through or experiencing at the moment.

As reiterated in the Udayan Care philosophy, “Once an Udayan, always an Udayan” the Udayan Care family extended support to its care leavers and alumni by providing ration kits and medical, psychological, emotional and financial support. Some of the care leavers, after taking the required health safety measures, have also been housed in separate rooms in our aftercare facilities.


Fun and Learning Engagements during Pandemic Crisis –

Our young ones at Udayan Ghars utilised the quarantine time by getting engaged in a number of activities ranging from daily morning exercise, mediation, gardening, art and craft, cooking some new mouth-watering recipes, playing mind bending games to attending online academic classes, counselling sessions, storytelling sessions and lending a helping hand in day to day activities.

o   Art & Craft

Creativity and innovativeness are likely to blossom when children are able to sketch out their thoughts and imagination on art notebook. Our dear partner ArtReach India Foundation went virtual and delivered online art sessions with some of the renowned artists of the contemporary times.

The children and carers using various online platforms played with their creativity and created some incredible art & craft pieces.

o   Cooking

Cooking is therapeutic and stimulates your brain offering opportunities to experiment, create and experience a sense of accomplishment. Cooking for someone else is also believed to be a way of expressing of love and helps you connect better with them.

Our budding chefs at Udayan Ghars, with the available ingredients cooked happiness garnished with love and creativity.

o   Yoga and Meditation

If you cannot go outside, go inside! Our young Udayanites, regular with their morning exercise and meditation are trying to get close to their inner-self and healing their lives.

o   Session on Online Safety

The world under lock down is all online but the question arises is that is it safe even after taking so many precautions. Well we are certain that internet isn’t the safest place of all times. So, education about Digital Literacy is a must. And we at Udayan Care take every step to ensure our children’s safety as well as their learning. Voila! A whole session on cyber security was conducted and that too by not leaving their places! This quarantine has not only given us time to spend with our families but also learn with them.

o   Session on Our Planet and Our Life in the Lockdown

Seeing the changing face of the planet earth, the children at Udayan Ghars were engaged in online sessions wherein, they as a group brainstormed to recognize the nature and life before and during the lockdown and came up with write-ups and posters intrigued towards making people realize the harm that has been done to the environment and what they can do to keep the environment and the planet earth safe from further destruction.

o   QUIZantine; Udayan Ghar Online Inter-House Quiz Competition

COVID 19 lockdown has propelled the world towards exploring new dimensions of life. Even giving way to some otherwise unimaginable events. Yes, 17 Udayan Ghars conducted an online Quizantine (Quiz during the self-quarantine). The 4 round quiz competition included multiple choice quiz questions, riddles and other creative questionnaires.

The event rightly roped the sense of being alone together. The children across the homes enjoyed the creative engagement and participated enthusiastically.

This is how the whole team at Udayan Care worked with all vim and vigor and continued to provide care and protection to its most valued members of the family, the children. I hope with time the clouds of misfortune and distress fade away and everything gets back to normal.

I am truly grateful to all the sponsors and well-wishers who are equally creditable for the wonderful work that we have been able to do at Udayan Care with their continued support.


Stay safe and healthy!

Sincerely indebted,

Ravinder and the entire team at Udayan Care Sunshine Homes

Online sessions
Online sessions
Art & Crafts being done by the kids
Art & Crafts being done by the kids
Spending time with nature
Spending time with nature
Mar 30, 2020

Digital literacy for underserved youth in Delhi

Prince (Beneficiary)
Prince (Beneficiary)

Hello everyone,

Greetings of the day!!!

My name is Prince, I reside at Durgapuri (North East Delhi) along with my parents and younger brother. After completing my schooling, I was looking for an opportunity to pursue a professional training course which would help me to find a decent job through which I can provide financial assistance to my parents whereby I partake in bearing household expenses. My parents have struggled a lot in raising us and bear our education expenses, my father is working in a factory as labor and earlier my mother used to do some work from home (stitching) but when I and my younger brother decided to pursue commerce stream in 11th grade, that was the time when our coaching fee became an extra burden for my family due to which my mother decided to work in the same factory where my father was working to fulfill our needs and give us a better life.

One day, I was discussing my situation with one of my close friend who then too an initiative to connect me with Udayan Care Computer Learning Center, initially I had joined Durgapuri IT center for completing Basic IT course, after that, I got an opportunity to join Graphic Designing course at Vinod Nagar IT Center. 6 Months of intense training gave me wings to fly and as soon as I completed my training in Graphic Designing I got selected in "FANZINEINDIA" as a graphic designer with Rs. 10,000/- salary per month. It was just the beginning of my career, my parents felt proud and were overjoyed because our life started experiencing a pleasant change, where it would improve our livelihood.

I am so grateful to Udayan Care and all the supporters who have provided us a platform where we groom ourselves in specific skills as per our interest and start growing in our career. After receiving my 1st salary, I went to Vinod Nagar Center (Graphics Design Center) to meet Nishant Chauhan sir ( Our Graphic Faculty) to express my gratitude because he has invested his time on me as to train me in a manner which has changed my life completely, the same day I met a resource person Ravi Rautela, who was there to conduct a session for the existing batch of Graphic Designing.

Ravi Rautela is a Graduate and an Engineer in Electronics, with rich corporate and Educational Experience of more than 15 years he is now a known face in industry and academic institution. He has delivered workshops and seminars on various topics aiming at strengthening the corporate skills of this generation and helping them to put a firm step in the industry. He started his career with Jetking Ltd, followed by HCL Career Development Centre. He has imparted training to large number of students in 4 years with a trainer base of more than 100. During his tenure, he has visited many colleges in north India and conducted workshops and training programs in colleges. He was kind enough to voluntarily conduct a one-day workshop at our Udayan Care Vinod Nagar Centre on 11th January 2020, titled was “Design Contest” It was a structure three hours workshop and 30 students took part in the same. The topics covered were making Logos, Designing letter Heads, visiting cards and ID Cards. He also conducted an icebreaker session to ensure that students get comfortable. The workshop commenced with an activity where the students were divided into small teams and were asked to give a name to their specified team along with a slogan accompanied with action. Later the students were asked to share about their past and future in the form of a sketch, next Mr. Rautela shared his experience and he gave some tips to become a good graphic designer, he further elucidated on what qualities one should possess to become a successful person in future. The students found it a very fruitful workshop and gave very positive feedback on it.

The session was ended on a beautiful note by the end of the day, and as a gesture of kindness, I donated a small part of my salary in "Alumni Network Fund" which actually gave me a satisfaction and I believe that through this I can benefit of lives of other children and help them to acquire skills and give back to society.


About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 25 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.


About IT centers programme

Udayan care Information Technology centre tends to brings digital media closer to the underserved society of the people to improve their livelihoods. Currently, we are running 15 IT centers in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana and have impacted the lives of more than 17,354 beneficiaries.

Our centers offer certificates courses in basic computer knowledge, diploma and advanced courses in computer application. Workshops on Spoken English, life skills training and job readiness are also a part of the curriculum. 

Motivation Session by Ravi
Motivation Session by Ravi
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