Jun 8, 2018

Empower 50 needy girls in India through education

Employability workshop: Email writing by Dimpika
Employability workshop: Email writing by Dimpika

  Update on Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme

Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socioeconomic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility to them. 
In 2017-18, USF entered into 3 new cities – Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Panchkula (Haryana), Chennai (Tamila Nadu) making the total to 16 chapters. We inducted 100 girls in Baddi, 50 in Panchkula and 62 in Chennai in first year. In total, USF has inducted 1144 shalinis in 16 chapters.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme were also able to introduce ‘Employability and Placement section’ for our shalinis to help them get placements in various fields. In this regards USF was also lucky enough to get the support of 2 full time GSIF (Genpact Social Impact Fellowship) fellows from Genpact, who helped us in developing employability and mentorship module for our shalinis thus helping us in streamlining the process.

In 2018-19, USF plans to move into 5 new cities – Pune & Thane (Maharashtra), Vadodara (Gujarat), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) taking the count of chapters to 21. Also have a plan to add about 1000 new girls in 13 states and 21 cities.


Class XII Board exam Result:
1. All Shalinis successfully cleared the board examination
2. Highest percentage is 94% scored by Mansi (Batch 15)
3. 8 Shalinis fall in the bracket of 90-99%, 25 Shalinis in 80-89% bracket.

APRIL 2018


In this session, Ms. Pratibha first recalled the theoretical part which included Indian dance forms represents five elements of nature; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Ms. Pratibha started with the basics. Also, she simplifies the dance form with five movements: forward, backward, upward, downward and diagonal. While teaching, she was
explaining and supervising the steps/dance forms which was being helpful in being more disciplined.

Kathak session proved a stress-booster for the fellows as their exams just got ended. Undoubtedly, non-academic performance adds extra value in the overall personality. Fellows were very happy to be a part of Kathak session and showed enthusiasm.

We often complaint about the lack of time in our everyday schedule. Managing our work/studies with sleep and other activities becomes a task. Hence, it is important to manage our time effectively on a daily basis.

Objective of the workshop:

• What is time Management
• Reasons why we are wasting time
• Tips on how to manage time

Outcome of the session:
• Through various anecdotes, the fellows learnt how they are wasting time and falling into the baits of social media
• They learnt the importance of being the drivers/engines of their own lives and not being the passengers
• Overall, the session was extremely motivational and helped the Shalinis understand the importance of managing time.

Feedback of the workshop: “Some of the key points I learnt from the workshop are; we must manage our priorities, we should learn to take care of ourselves, we should know how to say no. And we've learnt tricks to say no”. – Deeksha Batch 14”

“I learnt that we should not waste time in doing unproductive activities. We should give priority to our own goals and not feel guilty of saying NO”. – Dipti Batch 14


Teamwork symbolizes collaboration, strength, and efficiency. To inculcate the importance of teamwork in personal as well as professional arenas, Ms. Avadhi conducted a very interactive session that encouraged Shalinis to understand the benefits of working in a team.

The session started with real life examples of teams, where families involve division as well as unification of work, and how they formulate common goals and achieve together. This was followed by an activity, where a few Shalinis were requested to volunteer and the significance of teamwork was explained. It was also emphasized that teamwork accommodates substitution, and shared effort can help in overcoming the shortcomings of the group.

Following this, Shalinis formulated 4 teams and each one was given a topic to discuss. These topics were as follows:
• Importance of teamwork
• Challenges that teams face
• Basic team skills
• How to make a good team.

This activity was followed by a story based on the life of Steve Jobs, and his efforts to bring his colleagues together to enhance the team’s comfort and efficiency. This continued to the discussion over the prevalence of diversity at
the workplace, and the ways of dealing with the same. Patience, respectfulness, cooperation and mutual understanding were defined as the keys of dealing with difficult situations at work.

Stages of Group Formation- Role Play

The stages of group formation- Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing were explained, following which the Shalinis formed four different groups and each group was required to enact a particular stage of group formation. The activity encouraged the involvement of all the Shalinis as they were able to understand its implications in a practical manner.

Lastly, post assessment was conducted at the end of the session to gauge upon the understanding levels of the Shalinis, and the average score was calculated to be 9.4 out of 10.

Feedback: “I plan to open up my own law firm in the future, and these learnings will help me for forming my own team” - Kamlesh, Batch 13

“I am a sportsperson and I am required to work in teams. Thus, I will implement this learning in the same”. – Nandini, Batch 14

MAY 2018

Parent’s Meet was organized with fellows of Batch 14.

The purpose of the meet:
1. To share the progress of the fellows with the parents
2. To discuss important issues related to early marriage and girl child education with the parents.
3. To re-orient the parents regarding the purpose of the program and how parents play a crucial role in developing and supporting our Shalinis to achieve their dreams.
4. To solve various concerns of the parents regarding education and admissions.

The outcome of the meet:
1. The parents discussed about the positive change that they have seen in their child. They also shared how happy they are they their child is getting not only support and guidance but also exposure to the corporate world.
2. The parents also shared how guide their child regarding the use of the fellowship amount and how USF teaches them basic financial management.

Kathak sessions by Ms. Pratibha has been quite engaging and interesting for our Shalinis of Batch 16. This time they learnt the basic steps of ‘Surya Namaskar’ and the meaning behind each step.

Our Shalinis learnt and practiced these steps on beats.

As we know, Email writing is an effective mode of formal/official communication, today. Therefore, it is vital for our Shalinis, who are not only seeking employment, but are also applying to other universities; to learn how to write and send Emails.

The session started with the trainer introducing when emails were introduced and the different emailing platforms namely Gmail, Hotmail, Rediff Mail and Yahoo Mail.

After this the Shalinis were divided into two groups, wherein one group had to present the possible advantages of Email Writing and the other had to present the disadvantages. Following this activity, the trainer made the fellows aware about the different components of an Email which are ‘Compose’, To’, ‘CC’, ‘BCC’, Subject line’. Each component and its purpose were discussed in detail by the trainer.

Lastly, the trainer provided the guidelines of writing an effective email and the importance of reviewing the contents of the email before sending it.

Throughout the presentation, screenshots and snippets of emailing were presented by the trainer, along with that the trainer also motivated the fellows to download any emailing app in their respective phones to practice email writing.

Feedback: “From this workshop, I not only learnt how to write an email but also  understood the full forms of various abbreviations used in an email. I learnt many knowledgeable things about email- it's features do's and don’ts of email writing” –Shama Batch 15

The aim of the project was to develop clarity about the nature of effective mentoring and coaching in order to secure coherence, excellence and a positive impact on Mentoring and learning in the next phase of the development of a Mentee.
The Workshop explained the Key Goals of a Mentorship Program, which can result in Positive consequences, such as Academic preparedness, Personality Development and Career Orientation and increased the insights of mentoring. The workshop enabled participants to learn ways to deal effectively with Mentoring Relationships and their phases, why to become a mentor, should I become a Mentor, their Skills and qualities, required to become a mentor.
Through this session, the challenges which the mentor didis face while mentoring such as; rapport building, time allocation, assessment of mentees etc., were all addressed.

Feedback: “I’ll surely apply all the points which part of the training were. The discussed points were interesting & important for me as I just started mentoring”. - Poonam Batch 11

JUNE 2018

At this crucial time of college admissions and making a decision on which course to pursue, we decided to conduct a workshop helping our Batch 15 Shalinis, in getting more clarity about admissions and what they wish to pursue professionally.

Session 1: In this session, the batch 15 Shalinis interacted with our senior seniors regarding different courses in Delhi University. The Shalinis were also asked to do a self-analysis regarding whether they want to pursue a course of their choice or get into a college of their dreams. The response was to do course of their choice. The facilitator also helped the students identify which course is suitable for them and why.

Session 2: Representatives from Yuva Healthcare and TISS, made our Shalinis of Batch 15 aware about the various graduate courses their institution offers which includes many vocational courses in the field of medicine, paramedics and other skills needed in the healthcare sector.

Feedback: “I learnt a lot about my future plans. I want to become IAS Officer. Saumya Didi guided me a lot for that. I also learnt about 90 colleges in Delhi university and why we should not just stick to a few. The workshop
was very helpful” - Shama Batch 15

This was the second round of training of our prospective and current batch of mentor didi’s. However, this time our mentor Himani (Senior Shalini) and prospective mentor didi, Priyanka headed the task of making mentorship more


Aim & Objective: -
• Learn about the benefits of applying for jobs online.
• Be aware of job scams.
• Understand about do’s and don’ts of internet usage
• Discover and apply the alternate uses of the internet
• Practice safe use of the Internet

Internet is the most accepted communication in world, The module is all about the possibilities the internet opens up for us. Smart phones are a reality for everyone, the young as well as the old are quite taken in with all that it offers. the vast majority of job seekers have utilized online resources at one time or another to look for and apply for jobs – but the internet is just one resource that job seekers might take advantage of when looking for work. How do online resources stack up to the many other ways of looking for and finding employment, whether online or offline.

The Shalinis were also made aware about fraud job advertisements online, which needs to be cross checked.

Overall, the participants of the workshop had a wonderful interactive experience during various practices and activities. There were discussions at the end in which the doubts and queries of participants were resolved.

Feedback: The activities and the use of games to make us understand each aspect of the workshop was very helpful. Gaining employability training is very important today. – Dipti Batch 14

Success Story- Priyanka Batch 12

A determined mind and a strong will bear endless possibilities

A prolific writer and now a blogger, Priyanka is our Shalini who defines poise and serenity even during the storms.

Priyanka lost her father at a very young age. Since then, she along with her mother and brother shifted with their maternal grandparents. Her mother being the sole breadwinner of the family worked as a receptionist in an eye clinic and supported her brother to complete his MBA.

To ease the financial burden on her mother, Priyanka joined the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program.

“First, I thought this program is just like any other scholarship program. But later when I read the description I was very thrilled and excited to know that apart from the monetary help, this fellowship also helps in becoming a strong individual. I needed a push to get out my comfort zone and this program was my platform to fly high and become a strong and dignified Shalini”- Priyanka

Through the guidance of her mentor, Priyanka discovered her passion for writing and wished to pursue a career in it.“The mentor-mentee program is the best part about this fellowship. I personally feel like this initiative is very thoughtful because we often need someone apart from our family to discuss and share our problems and challenges we face in life. USF has completely changed me into a different person altogether. From being a shy person and developing into a confident and independent girl was a long journey and the workshops and the mentors were always there to support in this long path”. - Priyanka

Currently, Priyanka is in her final year of journalism and communication from JIMS and is also a freelance writer and a lifestyle blogger on ‘Wordpress’.

“I just feel myself lucky to be a part of this program. If I had not joined here, it would have a completely different story than what is now. I learned a lot from here and implemented it to be a better person in my life. Walking along with so many enthusiastic and ambitious girls was a journey which I will cherish my whole life.”- Priyanka

Time management workshop by Sapna
Time management workshop by Sapna
Kathak Session by Pratibha
Kathak Session by Pratibha
Jun 5, 2018

Support orphaned children at our Sunshine Home

Holi celebration
Holi celebration

Udayan Ghar Programme

Udayan Care had set up its first Udayan Ghar (Home) for children in 1996 and created its own model of LIFE: Living in Family Environment. This model enables erstwhile children in need of Care & Protection in to grow in a loving family environment. In these homes, the children are loved and cared for by a group of Mentor Parents-socially committed individuals (volunteers) who groom the children with a team of Coordinators at homes, along with resident Care Givers, Supervisors, & Volunteers.

These homes are located in busy, middle class neighborhoods, so children can reintegrate themselves into society through direct community involvement which helps mainstreaming the children ahead. Our children and young adults are receiving quality education in some of the best educational institutions such as: The Sagar School at Tijara, Alwar, Mata Bhagwati school, Genesis Global school, Tagore International School, East of Kailash, Banyan Tree School, Global Indian International School etc and colleges/ universities like College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi, Hi- Tech Institute of Engineering, Ghaziabad, Punjab University, Lingaya’s University etc.

 Since inception Udayan Ghars have nurtured over 885 children with love, care and protection in 14 Homes across 4 states of India. Presently, there are 182 children across all homes. 25 of our young adults are also being supported through our After Care Programme.

Workshops/ Activities during this Quarter

During the period of March - May, 2018, the team continued working for the betterment of children and the programme. The quarter went well with children studiously engaged in preparing for their final term examination. Workshops being a monthly affair addressed several concerns pertaining to Children, Care-givers, Mentor Parents and Coordinators.

Workshops were held with all the programme stakeholders (mentors, coordinators, caregivers, and children). In order to strengthen the stakeholders the following workshops were held during the quarter:

Children don't naturally know how to make good choices. Life skills help children know what to do in everyday situations as well as how to make good decisions about more abstract, long-term choices. Since, in a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life, Life Skill workshops at home were also held like every other quarter which focused on various subjects like self awareness & self identity, coping with emotions, relationship building, healthy & unhealthy relationships, knowing self, decision making, stress management, healthy habits; family & community, communication and problem solving.

The boys at Mayur Vihar Ghars are growing and grooming well in the ghar environment. Ms. Kritika, psychologist has been regularly conducting like skills workshops with the boys. The topics covered during the quarter include Effective Communication, Recognizing Emotions and Good Touch & Bad Touch.

Life Skills Workshops on Relationship Abuse, Healthy Relationships and Needs & Wants were conducted in Noida Boys Ghar.

The girls at Jaipur Ghar are being provided with all the required love, care, protection and the right nourishment. To empower the girls, life skills workshops on Letting out Yourself and Decision Making were conducted with them during the quarter.Likewise, life skills workshops on a range of topics were conducted in other Udayan Ghars.

Opportunities, events and outings are some of the things that never end for our Udayan Ghar children. The major recreational and co-curricular events that took place during the quarter include –

Holi Celebration with Team Baxter

Holi, a festival of colors, is widely celebrated all across the country. It signifies the victory of good over evil, love, laugh, play and strengthens the relationship. Taking time from a busy schedule, volunteers from Baxter India Pvt. Ltd. celebrated Holi with Children in Gurgaon Ghar. Children and volunteers smeared and drenched each other with colors. They have also arranged dinner for all the children in the ghar.

Likewise, Holi was celebrated across all the Udayan Ghars where children, mentor parents, care givers, volunteers gathered together to fill the colors of happiness in each other’s life.

Trip to Ranthambore National Park

Since, camps and excursions is an essential feature of Udayan Ghar Programme aiming to help children to build qualities of cooperation, coordination, tolerance, decision-making, team work, leadership, etc. thus, catering to the all round development of personality of children, Udayan Care in association with Adidas organized 2 days trip to Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan for the children across different Udayan Ghars aged between 12-17 years from 26th to 28th March’18. The trip was also supported by Monarch International Travel services

 The trip aimed to cover natural prosperity incurring scenic beauty, lent to wild life glory (flora and fauna), visit to Ranthambore Fort followed by fun activities in the resort. The children enjoyed the stay, and also ingrained supportive knowledge about the tour place.

 Few quotes from children-

  • “It was thrilling experience for me witnessing Tiger for the first time. I have seen the Tiger only on television. Now it’s like dream come true. Thanks to Udayan Care & adidas for organizing such a wonderful trip.”
  • “This is the best adventurous trip I have ever been to. Watching the Tiger on sight is ineffable.”

Trip to Udaipur

The children and staff in Udayan Ghar for Girls, Ghaziabad got an amazing opportunity to visit Udaipur in Rajasthan, also known as ‘Venice of the East’ or ‘City of Lakes’. The weeklong trip to this city, famous for its rich history & culture, lakes, Rajput era palaces, museums and extra ordinary scenic locations, was organized from 23rd to 31st March’18. It was an educational cum recreational trip for the children as they visited some historical places, exposed to the new culture and had a time filled with fun and thrill while being a part of various other activities.

The trip was wholly organized and sponsored by two of our international volunteers from Germany who have been associated with us from past many years.

A Day with Team Genpact

On 5th April’18, team Genpact visited Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida to interact and spend quality time with children. The team carried out some ice-breakers and other activities to bond well with the children. The children danced, sang songs and enjoyed with the team. At the end, all children were gifted school bags and water bottles.

 Matinee Time

On 14th April’18, children from Udayan Ghar for Girls, Noida went to watch the movie, Baaghi 2 at PVR Logix Mall. The outing was planned as a reward for children’s hard work and improved academic performance during their final examination. The children loved the movie and enjoyed themselves to the fullest with the Mentor Mothers.

 Sukriti Fashion Show

On 20th April’18, a fashion show was organized at Canadian Embassy marking the commencement of celebration for Udayan Care’s to-be Silver Jubilee and displaying the clothes prepared at the skill development centre at Greater Noida. The children across different Udayan Ghars and, Aftercare young adults and Alumni wore the attire and walked the ramp. It was a celebration of the talent and vigor of our unstoppable women at Udayan Care. Mr. Nadir (High Commissioner for Canada to India) was present as the counterpart and Dr. Naresh (Founder Chairman of Medanta) as our guest of honor.

World Earth Day

Children from Udayan Ghar for Girls, Jaipur went to St. Jude India Child Care Centre to celebrate World Earth day on 22nd April’18. The children organized a group dance and group song performance for the children and families in the centre followed by a short skit highlighting the importance of environment conservation and planting trees.

Begining of New Session with ArtReach India Foundation

To keep a sustained growth of the artistic talent in children, ArtReach India Foundation began with organizing sessions for children under its Artroom Programme with the aim to help children explore careers in the arts. The first session, an introductory session was organized on 6th May’18. The children were briefed about the programme and workshops that will be taking place in the coming months being led by different professionals.

Visit to Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage, INTACH

On 25th May’18, the participants of Artroom programme got an amazing opportunity to visit to Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH), Delhi. It has beenrecognized as one of the world’s largest heritage organizations. The children were truly mesmerized seeing how INTACH works to conserve the art and culture through its different programmes and divisions.

Success Story (any one)

“The sun only sets to rise again”

 This is what exactly defines Shalu.

 Tormented by loss of her parents and other misfortunes, Shalu, a child of the street, came to Udayan Care in 2011 for her long term care and protection at the age of 10 years. The trauma she had been through, left her bereft of love and hope. Young enough to understand and know what she had lost, new bonds, new family of peers and a new destiny was written at Udayan Ghar, Mehrauli Home III for Neelu where she was helped to battle through her unresolved grief & overcome depression.

 Shalu adapted well to the home environment and was supported by the elder girls at the home. Love, care affection and protection at Udayan Ghar slowly transformed her into a strong, confident and independent girl that she had the potential to be. She was enrolled in C.S.K.M Public School where she studied for one year and was then enrolled in Bloom Public School, Vasant Kunj. She has been a hardworking student and puts efforts to do well in her studies. She received appreciation for her thoughtful nature and good behavior at school. She likes to read for which she has received an appreciation certificate from her school. She aspires to build a career into Creative Writing. To gain clarity, she participated in a Writing and Blogging workshop in August, 2017.

 The child is a keen observer and informative. She likes to sing and participate in different functions. Some of her past achievements include-

  • She was one of the two anchors for 12th adidas Udayan Care Annual Sports Day held on 11th February’18.
  • Certificate of Merit for Hindi in class VIII
  • Certificate of Merit for participating in Camp Himalayan in March 2017.
  • Participation Certificate for Adventure Youth Camp, Nainital in 2015.
  • Certificate for participating in Sports Day in 2013.
  • Certificate of Merit for Essay Writing Competition at 13th International Child Art Exhibition in 2014.
  • Participation Certificate for being actively involved in Conserving Energy and Protecting the Environment in 2014
  • Certificate of Appreciation for being organized and meticulous during the session 2012-13. 
Trip to Ranthambore
Trip to Ranthambore
Trip to Udaipur
Trip to Udaipur
Apr 19, 2018

Computer literacy for underserved youth in Delhi

Capacity Building workshop
Capacity Building workshop

Udayan Care Information Technology Programme report for Global Giving

About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 24 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.

Vision: To Regenerate the Rhythm of Life of the Disadvantaged

Theory of Change:“There are millions of orphaned and abandoned children in India; in addition, girls from weaker sections of society do not get an equal opportunity to continue their education; professional skills and attitude are lacking among disadvantaged communities to become economically self reliant”.

Udayan Care provides homes to orphaned children while also giving girls financial and development support to continue higher education, and communities to train themselves in vocations, by engaging socially committed individuals, who provide a transformative, nurturing and mentoring environment, to help them realize their full potential.


A nurturing home for every orphaned child, an opportunity for higher education for every girl and for every adult, the dignity of self-reliance and the desire to give back to society.

About ITVT centers

There is a growing demand for Information Technology and vocational training among the poor urban and rural communities including communities around our Udayan homes. We have also found the use of computer and IT vitally important in our counseling programme for the children of Udayan Homes. Thus, the project intends to focus on mixed communities; communities who are located around our Udayan Homes and those in the densely populated clusters of slums, resettlement colonies and other low income settlements by setting up IT & VT centers for imparting Information Technology and vocational skills training.

Program Vision

To broaden horizons and bring IT close to the lives of underserved rural and urban communities in Delhi and NCR, and thus empower them for greater job prospects

Target Group & Reach

Poor urban/ slum communities, especially women, adolescent, children of Delhi and NCR

Unique aspects of the Program

  • Selection and enrollment of trainees on subsidized fees and free ships
  • Capacity building of trainers and program staff
  • Community Mobilization through co-curricular activities
  • Documentation and periodic program reviews
  • Trainee assessment procedures and certification
  • Job placement facilitation
  • Timely reporting to donors
  • Partnerships and linkages with other organization

Industry Experts Visit

In Udayan Care Information Technology Programme we ensure to give exposure to the youth who pursue IT training from our centres. To keep in mind, the same we invited Lopez Design Studio team to our centre for mentoring our graphic designing students.

Lopez Design is a multidisciplinary branding and communication firm, engaged with long-term strategic interventions. 6 employees who have several years of experience in the field of designing visited our North Delhi IT Centre, which is supported by SVP. During their visit they interacted with passed out alumni and existing students of Graphic designing.  In the interim of their interaction they asked few questions related to the curriculum and the methodology which they have learnt during the training. Simultaneous they advised the students as to how they can polish their graphic work and make it more effective to get a job in the field of designing on behalf of the same.

Capacity building training of staff - Tally pro

In Udayan Care Computer Learning Centres we are running job specific computer courses which help the youth to get job in varied growing sectors. We are committed to provide advance training in every course as per market trend, currently operational team of Udayan Care IT Centre is focusing to develop accounts theory with latest software training curriculum in Tally ERP 9 because we are in the process to make our IT centre a Tally authorized centre for training of underserved community youth in accounting software which is Tally ERP 9 (latest).

On 13th Feb 2018 Tally education team member Mr. Bijay , a ten year experienced person in trainings & curriculum development, organized full day training for our faculties who are responsible to teach accounting software in Udayan Care IT centres. During the training Bijay explained our faculties, how they have to train the trainees in using the professional version of Tally ERP 9 in accordance to Tally pro curriculum. Our trainers have cleared doubts related to GST and few technical doubts per as, related to Tally software.

Success story – Shubham (Student – DIT)

I know, I am a person who is reserve in nature, reason being I am not comfortable to easily interact and mingle with anyone. No sooner I completed my intermediate I thought of taking up a job, because of my family’s economic condition. ~Shubham

Shubham comes from a middle class family who is living with his parents and siblings at Uttam Nagar, Delhi. After completing his schooling from state government school, he started pursuing his graduation from Delhi University's through distance learning program. His father is working in an export company and mother is a homemaker. Both have always tried to give their best and provided good education to their children but due to financial crisis sometime they lacked to fulfill the requirements of their children. The same was faced by Shubham when he started pursuing graduation through distance learning.  Later he started looking for a platform where he can groom himself in specific skills training, but he couldn't associate with any commercial institute due to financial problem. One of his friend connected him with KaushalKalp - Udayan Care Vocational Training Centre where he started learning Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), during the training he was found to be one of serious students in practical classes as well as English Communication.

Shubham - Today

After completion of course Shubham has started working with an esteemed organization, as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fetching a five-digit salary.

Lopez Design Visit
Lopez Design Visit
Training at IT Centre
Training at IT Centre
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