Dec 14, 2018

Empower 50 needy girls in India through education

Induction Ceremony
Induction Ceremony



Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility to them. 

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme were also able to introduce ‘Employability and Placement section’ for our shalinis to help them get placements in various fields.

In 2018-19, USF has moved to 4 new cities – Pune & Thane (Maharashtra), Vadodara (Gujarat), Bengaluru (Karnataka)taking the count of chapters to 20. We are now in the process of inducting around 1100 new girls in 13 states.

Key Highlights  

  • During this quarter, we have inducted our 50 new Shalinis in USF Programme (Batch-17th) with the support of UC-USA.
  • We have conducted Mentorship Training Session with the existing Mentor Didis to strengthen the mentoring process and with prospective Mentor Didis to fulfill the need of mentoring of 50 new Shalinis.
  • Quarterly Workshop On ‘Dental Hygiene’by Dr. Rimjhim
  • Udayan care is completing 25 years of existence and we are going to celebrate Silver Jubilee by organizing the USF Grand meet in the month of March’19. The selection of the participants is in process at every Chapter’s level. In this regards, Delhi chapter conducted an Essay Writing Competition in the month of November.


Induction Ceremony: Batch-17th

From 1st week of July we started with the distribution of application forms USF Program in 32 targeted government schools in Delhi. Total 622 forms were distributed.

Moving ahead, the applicants were invited to our Written Exam at Mahavir Senior Model School. Our carefully designed question paper assesses the candidate on general knowledge, basic science and mathematics along with special focus on English writing skills.

Based on the marks secured in the written exam, a cut of list was created on the basis of which 154 candidates were called for the interview.

At USF, the process of interviews involves two panelists who engage in discussions with not only the candidate but also their parent. Marks are allotted on the basis of family involvement, general awareness of the child, career aspirations and goal setting.

After the carefully assessing the marks scored in the interview, home visits of 84 candidates were conducted. Home visit is a vital part of our selection process. During the home visits, we assess the candidate on the basis of their need, family condition, financial status and other parameters developed in our home visit form. After careful analysis spread over a span of 3 months, 50 candidates were selected into the program.

On 12th October, 2018, Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program, North Delhi Chapter celebrated its 17th Induction and Pledge Taking Ceremony at Mahavir Senior Model School. At the ceremony, 50 deserving girls were honored with the title of a ‘Shalini’ after they successfully cleared our 3-tier rigorous assessment which we call as NAT (Need, Ambition, Talent).

To join us in blessing our Shalinis, we had Sadhana (Chief Guest) from Mira Model School and Sudhir from Freelance Products Private Limited.

To commemorate the day, a group photograph was taken this followed with lighting of the lamp. Thereafter our Shalinis presented our guests with a beautiful painting made by Raveena of Batch 14. 

Moving further, Dr. Kiran (Managing Trustee of Udayan Care) gave the welcome address wherein she shared with all the guests, the mission of Udayan Care and how Udayan Shalini Fellowship program is an essential part in achieving our goal which is “Regenerating the Rhythm of Life for the lesser privileged”. She also shared inspirational anecdotes about her journey with our Shalinis.

To prove the capacity, grit and determination of our Shalinis, Modi, welcomed on stage our Alumnae Shalini, Smita and Aarti to inspire everyone with their story and journey with Udayan Shalini Fellowship.

As the program progressed, the fellows of the newly inducted batch were invited on stage and awarded with their first fellowship Cheque along with their Badge of Honor by the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor.

Following this, Sadhana (Chief Guest) and Sudhir (Guest of Honor) were invited to address the gathering. Both the guests shared their journey and laid emphasis on the need for more such programs that help girl children live their dreams of pursuing higher education.

In closing, Arun (COO, Udayan Care) was invited on stage to extend their gratitude on behalf of everyone to the Chief guest and Guest of Honor along with the parents of our Shalinis for making the event a huge success.

The ceremony finally culminated by singing of the National Anthem by everyone present.

Quarterly Workshop on Dental Hygiene by Dr. Rhimjhim
The workshop started with an introduction of the facilitator. She first gave a brief about her topic “Dental Hygiene” and explained different types of dental practices one should incorporate in their everyday lives. The presentation included surgeries to erect tooth position or to cure various diseases associated with tooth decay. The facilitator then spoke about her expertise in Oral Medicine, Diagnosis & Radiology. Shalinis were given brief detail about fields of Dentistry like oral, cosmetic, geriatric, orthodontics etc. After that shalinis were divided into the group of 10-15 in number and were given a practical demo of dental cleaning and functions of each tooth through a model. The girls were given chance to ask their queries during the session. The session was very informative and interactive

Employability Workshop: Emotional Intelligence by Mr. Bhaskar

The workshop was organized for 16th Batch Shalinis at Mahavir Senior Model School. The goal of the workshop was to recognize the existence of emotions in each interaction, understand emotional strengths and shortcomings use the core values to rewrite the emotion blueprint and communicate to convey a sense of balance. The workshop began with making Shalinis know about emotional awareness as knowing and understanding the feelings that are present in oneself and others and explaining Emotional intelligence to manage the emotions or behaving appropriately to the environment.

The importance of Emotional Intelligence was narrated as very important in attaining success in their lives and careers. As individuals, their success and the success of the profession today depend on their ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately to them. It is imperative that each one should develop the emotional intelligence skills to better understand, empathize and negotiate with other people otherwise, success will elude them in their lives and careers. It was ascertained that people with higher emotional intelligence find it easier to form and maintain interpersonal relationships and to ‘fit in’ to group situations and are also better at understanding their own psychological state, which can include managing stress effectively and being less likely to suffer from depression.

The key skills for building emotional intelligence, Self-management, Self-awareness, Social awareness & Relationship management were described at length. This included a lot of real-life examples and role plays. Shalinis also shared their experience of reaction at different situations Finally, the session concluded by explaining that application of emotional intelligence will improve their performance at school, improve their physical & Mental Health. Shalinis perceived that the best strategy to develop EI is first trying to understand own emotions, then try to understand how people around them feel and finally try to gain a better understanding of one’s relationship strategies. 

Employability Workshop: Communication-4 (CV Preparation & Group Discussion Practice) by Ms. Neha

The workshop on ‘CV Preparation & GD Practice’ was organized for batch 13 at Mahavir Senior Model School. The objective of workshop was to make Shalinis learn about the importance of a well written resume, create a resume using the guidelines provided, conduct self-evaluation on group discussions & learn techniques of making a positive impression in a group discussion.

After introduction, Facilitator asked Shalinis meaning of CV (Curriculum Vitae, or résumé). Based on all the answers it was summarized that a curriculum vita is a document used to list one's qualifications and apply for employment and it provides overview of candidate’s skills, education & work experience. It was made to understand a good CV is required as first chance to make a good impression on a potential employer & boosts chance of getting a face-to-face interview. An activity was conducted with Shalinis where they had to highlight their skills to employer for a particular Job. Thereafter components of CV were dealt in detail.  Formatting and spacing guidelines were discussed. An activity was undertaken where under given heads all were asked to build their profile & prepare CV.

It was explained a group discussion is conducted on a topic or situation to test the candidate’s way of sharing opinions, respecting other’s opinion. An activity was undertaken. On various topic all Shalinis were made to practice the GD. Shalinis were now well versed with prolife building for CV and expressed confidence in applying the techniques of communication in Group discussion. 

Employability Workshop: Women’s Rights by Ms. Kamakshi 

The Workshop on ‘Managing Workplace Bias’ was organized on 7th October 2018 at Mahavir Senior Model School. It was attended by batch 15.  The aim of the workshop was to introduce Shalinis to existing biases and to enlighten them about three essential laws that protect women’s rights, against sexual harassment, for remuneration and maternity benefits. The meaning of bias was explained as ‘lack of objectivity or an inclination to favor one thing or person over another’. Shalinis were made to understand Gender bias in particular as discrimination towards people based on their gender rather than their individual merits. To equip the girls to deal with bias at workplace they were educated on the subject. Acts like Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redress) Act, 2013, Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 & Maternity Benefits Act, 1861 were elaborated.

The session was great learning for Shalinis. After session, they were equipped with the knowledge of biases & handling them at workplace in informed manner. Now the shalinis were very much aware that India has formalized sexual harassment at workplace as a penal offence, punishable with imprisonment and penalty. They were pleased to know that with the advent of the present legislation, a paradigm shift can be noticed in the way employers are made liable for the breach of law by its employees. Shalinis were confident that being educated on the laws on sexual harassment and other laws that protect women at workplace will help them to stand up for themselves, they will indeed be workplace ready even more.

Mentor Training Session by Ms. Garima 

Formal mentor training was organized for new mentors at Mahavir Senior Model School. The goal was to support the development of new inducted Shalinis with regard to academic preparedness, personality development & career orientation.

After this qualities and character of mentor were elaborated. They were told that other than being committed, compassionate & empathetic it is imperative to be non-judgmental and patient.  Mentors were asked to follow guidelines of mentorship; it was mentioned that they should build rapport first with mentees before discussing the goals. They were made clear to draw boundaries with mentee & discuss and agree about the confidentiality of the information shared with and by the mentee. Mentors were advised to be a good listener and be approachable. Further they were to ascertain to be supportive and take a positive attitude. Type of mentoring was discussed; Mentors were given manual of guidelines to observe during the mentoring relationship, as well as the format of feedback form of mentoring was handed over. 

It was expressed by the mentors that training has been very beneficial in terms of better understanding of the guidelines & criteria of mentorship. It made them equip with the understanding and tools to guide mentee so that they are able to make informed & ethical decisions. It was clear to them that mentorship will also provide them with opportunities to learn and grow and also enable their mentee healthy start in life by facilitating the process of self-discovery and self-awareness.


Employability workshop: Planning, Vision Creation & Goal setting by Mr. Bhaskar

The workshop on Planning Vision Creation & Goal setting was organized at Mahavir Senior Model School. It was attended by batch 17. The objective of the workshop was to make Shalinis understand the need to plan, steps of planning & use planning for life events. Further it was to guide them to set goals in the smart format create a plan to achieve the goals. After the introduction of the Facilitator and the Shalinis, examples of very successful people were quoted. Their planning to achieve the goal was demonstrated. Shalinis were explained that big inventions like smart phone, sending someone to moon was accomplished as a result of setting goal at certain point. A vision was chartered and realized.

Concept of smart goal was taken up. To make the goal S.M.A.R.T., it needs to conform to the criteria of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. It was said that SMART goal setting creates verifiable trajectories towards a certain objective, with clear milestones and an estimation of the goal's attainability. The session was very effective in realizing Shalinis about goal setting & planning. They understood that goal setting will give direction in life and boost their motivation while proper planning will help them to keep things in control of events this will enhance their confidence

Employability workshop: Merchant Navy, Scope in Shipping Industry for Shalinis by Mr. Sarthak 

The focus was to educate shalinis about merchant navy, shipping Industry and make career on sea/related Industry.

The session increased their knowledge about the shipping industry as whole. They were given exposure to shipping operations in which he explained how the process of shipping works in terms of trading. The facilitator was accompanied by Ms. Shivi who is a Ship Broker and is HR head department of leading shipping company.  She inspired girls by her own story and motivated them to look on the side of merchant navy as a career. She gave brief on various sectors where girls can apply and flourish.

‘Futureof Jobs in India’ by Mr. Kunal 

The workshop on ‘Future of Jobs in India’ was organized at Mahavir Senior Model School. It was attended by batch 16 & 13. The session was categorized into 4 main segments, namely: 

  • Are jobs reducing in India?
  • What kind of jobs will be removed?
  • What are the new jobs evolving?
  • How do we save ourselves from this transition? 

The Objective of the session was to let the Shalinis know changing trend of jobs in market and how to trap right opportunity by moving with time & move ahead with transition.

There were ample number of examples and graphs in the seminar to make sure that the students understand and relate themselves and hence could progress in their life.

The session was very effective in realizing Shalinis about Future of jobs in India. They understood that there are ample number of opportunities available in India and learn to ensure enriched knowledge for their growth. 

English Essay Competition 

In celebration of this joyous journey, and as a mark of our onward commitment to determinedly work to empower vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of children, young girls, women and youth, we are organizing an event ‘Celebrating an Action for Change.’

The theme is based ‘Women’s Empowerment.’

In this regards, we have conducted an Essay Writing Competition on “India of my dreams” which is very much justifying the theme of the event. The objective of the Essay Writing Competition was to know the ‘analytical skills’of the Shalinis. The second phase of this activity would be a test of expression to evaluate the speaking skills.

Success Story - SANYA

Chapter: North Delhi

Year of Induction: 2011       

Hailing from a small family of 4 members, where the father was the sole breadwinner and mother was busy in household chores.

“I come from a background where I got limited resources to pursue my basic education. My parents did not stop me to pursue my dreams and education.”- Sanya

Turning point came in her life, when,she heard about the Udayan Shalini Fellowship program in her school and worked hard to get selected into the program.

“It was a proud moment for me and my parents, when I was awarded the fellowship during the induction ceremony. Udayan Care is like second family for me which helped me to improve leadership qualities, communication skills etc. USF workshops proved helpful to groom my overall personality. In the five- year long journey, I got proper mentoring support from my mentor didi and I became more optimistic, fearless and confident. From the program, I received guidance regarding different career fields available and how to pursue them. I also got opportunity to do my first Internship with Springer Delhi. At this organization, I met with some inspiring people who were instrumental in shaping my personality”- Sanya

Present Status: Sanya is working at Unique Shiksha NIS Institute as a Content Developer. 

Induction Ceremony 2018
Induction Ceremony 2018
Quarterly Workshop on Dental Hygiene by Dr. Rhimjh
Quarterly Workshop on Dental Hygiene by Dr. Rhimjh
Employability Workshop
Employability Workshop
Communication-4 (CV Preparation & Group Discussion
Communication-4 (CV Preparation & Group Discussion
Women's Rights by Ms. Kamakshi
Mentor Training Session by Ms. Garima
Mentor Training Session by Ms. Garima
Planning,VisionCreation&Goalsettingby  Bhaskar
Planning,VisionCreation&Goalsettingby Bhaskar
Futureof Jobs in India
Futureof Jobs in India' by Mr. KunalKalra
Sanya Singhal
Sanya Singhal
Nov 30, 2018

Support orphaned children at our Sunshine Homes

Visit to Madame Tussauds
Visit to Madame Tussauds

Udayan Ghar Programme 

Udayan Care had set up its first Udayan Ghar (Home) for children in 1996 and created its own model of LIFE: Living in Family Environment. This model enables erstwhile children in need of Care & Protection in to grow in a loving family environment. In these homes, the children are loved and cared for by a group of Mentor Parents-socially committed individuals (volunteers) who groom the children with a team of Coordinators at homes, along with resident Care Givers, Supervisors, & Volunteers.

These homes are located in busy, middle class neighborhoods, so children can reintegrate themselves into society through direct community involvement which helps mainstreaming the children ahead. Our children and young adults are receiving quality education in some of the best educational institutions such as: The Sagar School at Tijara, Alwar, Mata Bhagwati school, Genesis Global school, Tagore International School, East of Kailash, Banyan Tree School, Global Indian International School etc and colleges/ universities like College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi, Hi- Tech Institute of Engineering, Ghaziabad, Punjab University, Lingaya’s University etc. 

Since inception, Udayan Ghars have nurtured over 990 children with love, care and protection in 14 Homes across 4 states of India. Presently, there are 186 children across all homes. 28 of our young adults are also being supported through our After Care Programme.


Workshops/ Activities during this Quarter

During the period of September - November, 2018, the team continued working for the betterment of children and the programme. The quarter went well with children engaged in preparing for their mid-term examination. Workshops being a monthly affair addressed several concerns pertaining to Children, Care-givers, Mentor Parents and Coordinators and also served for building their capacity.

Workshops were held with all the programme stakeholders (mentors, coordinators, caregivers, and children). In order to strengthen the stakeholders the following workshops were held during the quarter:


  • Workshop on “Dealing with Depression and Anxiety” with Children
  • Workshop on “Child Sexual Abuse & POCSO Act, 2012” with Caregivers and Supervisors.
  • Discussion on “Confidentiality” with Mentor Parents and Coordinators


  • Workshop on “Understanding Inspections at Udayan Ghars” with children.
  • Workshop on “FAIRSTART Training (Phase III), Session I” with Caregivers and Supervisors.
  • Interactive Session on “Unpacking Deinstitutionalization in the Context of Udayan Ghars” with Mentor Parents and Coordinators.


  • Workshop on “Moral Values” with children
  • Workshop on “Care Giving, FAIRSTART Training (Phase III), Session II” with Caregivers and Supervisors.Workshop on “Ghar Expense Analysis” with Mentor Parents and Coordinators.

Children don't naturally know how to make good choices. Life skills help children know what to do in everyday situations as well as how to make good decisions about more abstract, long-term choices. Since, in a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life, Life Skill workshops at home were also held like every other quarter which focused on various subjects like self awareness & self identity, coping with emotions, relationship building, healthy & unhealthy relationships, knowing self, decision making, stress management, healthy habits; family & community, communication and problem solving.

Opportunities, events and outings are some of the things that never end for our Udayan Ghar children. The major recreational and co-curricular events that took place during the quarter include –

Teacher’s Day Celebration
“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Boys from Mayur Ghars (Home 2 & 8) gathered together with staff and mentor mothers to honor and give tribute to their tutors on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, widely celebrated across India on 5th September’18. The boys honoring their tutors gave handmade beautiful cards expressed their thoughts on the hard work their teachers do to make them excel in life. The day was followed by a dance performance, activities for the teachers and some mouth watering snacks.

Visit to Madame Tussauds Museum
Children and staff from Sant Nagar Ghars (Home 1 & 13) visited Madame Tussauds in CP, Delhi, on 21st September’18, sponsored by YUM Group. The children and the staff had a wonderful time while looking at the spectacular wax statues of celebrities from Bollywood, Hollywood, Sports and Politics. They also clicked pictures with the statues and enjoyed the day along with volunteers from YUM Group.

Soccer Tournament by Round Table
Team Udayan Care, consisting of boys from Gurugram and Mayur Vihar Ghars (Home 2, 5 and 8), was invited to play a soccer tournament at Plaza Farms, Delhi, organized by Round Table, an organization that promotes the interest of underprivileged children, on 23rd September’18. Teams from several other schools and organizations participated in the event. Moreover, the event was made special with the presence of some renowned sports personalities that too joined in and played football with the children. The fun was doubled when team Udayan Care after playing several matches against different teams stood out victorious as the sole winner.

Joy of Giving Week (Daan Utsav) Celebration
Each year, Udayan Care celebrates Joy of Giving Week (Daan Utsav) through which children at Udayan Ghars are reinforced with the idea of giving back to the society. The objective of the event is to ensure community engagement of the children as well as developing their conscience.
This year the participation of children across the Udayan Ghars was quite high and the children were actively engaged with the communities around their Ghars. The activities included tree plantation drive, organizing sports competitions and distributing snacks & goodies.

Einstein Hunt Programme
Children from Gurugram and Mehrauli Ghars participated in the Einstein Hunt Programme, a part of Talent Hunt event organized by Cognizant wherein children submitted their working models on Electricity Management, Water Management, Volcanic Eruption and Solar & Lunar Eclipse. Two models on Water Management and Solar & Lunar Eclipse were shortlisted and presented to the National Level Committee and result for the same is still awaited.

Event by Baxter
Every year Baxter Ltd. celebrates its annual day bringing all the employees and their families under one roof. The children from Gurgaon ghar were invited to be part of their celebration among others. The children were engaged in activities such as tattoo making, shooting, football board, remote car racing, and fun house for the smaller kids.

Halloween Night
With a tattooed face, our little wonders from Noida Girls Ghar dressed like cute ghosts went onto enjoy the Halloween Night organized in the ghar itself.

Going Live at VIVO Pro Kabaddi League Season 6
On 2nd, 3rd and 8th November’18, children from Greater Noida, Sant Nagar and Noida Boys and Girls Ghar got an amazing opportunity to watch live kabaddi matches at Shaheed Pathik Stadium in Greater Noida. They also got a chance to cheer and meet their favorite kabaddi players and get exposed to one of India’s oldest traditional sports.

Children’s Day Celebration
The first happiness of a child is to know that he is loved. – Bosco
Every year November 14 gives us an opportunity to look back at our childhood, get our heart filled with all the nostalgic experiences and also enrich the lives of the young ones around us. The day is recognised and celebrated as Children’s Day.
Children’s Day was celebrated across different Udayan Ghars thereby making children feel loved, special and also know the importance of the day. To mark this celebration, the ghar team organised games and other activities such as quiz, dance performance, visit to parks, group song performance etc. for the children. Children also went onto participate in the events organized in school and community.

Tree Plantation Drive by Team HP
On 16th November, 2018, a team from renowned enterprise Hewlett Packard (HP) headed by the Managing Director, Som, himself visited the Gurgaon ghar to drive a tree plantation drive along with the kids. The team had an interactive session with the kids wherein, they shared some inspirational stories and asked children about their interests, aim and aspirations. The event was followed by some toothsome snacks and a group dance.

Art Workshops by ArtReach India Foundation
ArtReach India Foundation continued to organize workshops for the participants of its Artroom Programme. The children are being oriented towards honing their artistic talent and look forward to a successful career as an artist. During the quarter workshops on different themes relating to music, illustrations and popup art were organized.


Success Story (any one)- 

“The love of the family is life’s greatest blessing”

For 9 long years, Ali was deprived of this blessing! Having lost his way when he was 6 years old, Ali was unable to furnish details of his family before the police. It was then; the CWC decided and placed him in a CCI in Gurugram, where he lived for 8 years before finally being placed to Udayan Care in early 2017. 

On a trip to an amusement park, he mentioned to our Udayan Ghar coordinator that he was familiar with the places en route. This triggered the quest to find Ali’s family, which after persistent efforts met success.

We applaud our team’s continuous and untiring efforts in reuniting a family and hope the best for Hasan, who has now returned to his family.

VIVO Pro Kabaddi League
VIVO Pro Kabaddi League
Children's Day celebration
Artreach workshop
Artreach workshop
Oct 12, 2018

Computer literacy for underserved youth in Delhi

Interview etiquettes - By Aditya
Interview etiquettes - By Aditya

                                                    Udayan Care Information Technology Programme report for Global Giving


About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 24 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.

Vision: To Regenerate the Rhythm of Life of the Disadvantaged

Theory of Change: “There are millions of orphaned and abandoned children in India; in addition, girls from weaker sections of society do not get an equal opportunity to continue their education; professional skills and attitude are lacking among disadvantaged communities to become economically self-reliant”.

Udayan Care provides homes to orphaned children while also giving girls financial and development support to continue higher education, and communities to train themselves invocations, by engaging socially committed individuals, who provide a transformative, nurturing and mentoring environment, to help them realize their full potential.


A nurturing home for every orphaned child, an opportunity for higher education for every girl and for every adult, the dignity of self-reliance and the desire to give back to society.

About ITVT centers

There is a growing demand for Information Technology and vocational training among the poor urban and rural communities including communities around our Udayan homes. We have also found the use of computer and IT vitally important in our counseling programme for the children of Udayan Homes. Thus, the project intends to focus on mixed communities; communities who are located around our Udayan Homes and those in the densely populated clusters of slums, resettlement colonies, and other low-income settlements by setting up IT & VT centers for imparting Information Technology and vocational skills training.

Program Vision

To broaden horizons and bring IT close to the lives of underserved rural and urban communities in Delhi and NCR, and thus empower them for greater job prospects

Target Group & Reach

Poor urban/ slum communities, especially women, adolescent, children of Delhi and NCR

Unique aspects of the Program

  • Selection and enrollment of trainees on subsidized fees and free ships
  • Capacity building of trainers and program staff
  • Community Mobilization through co-curricular activities
  • Documentation and periodic program reviews
  • Trainee assessment procedures and certification
  • Job placement facilitation
  • Timely reporting to donors
  • Partnerships and linkages with other organization


Interview etiquettes

Udayan Care volunteer’s management has always been working actively to find resource persons who possess experience from different industries with the objective to connect these industry people for conducting motivational sessions for IT center youth personality development, through these industry experts our center youth get the exposure and awareness about the latest trend and the ware about of the corporate world where they associated with to build up their career.

Aditya who has completed his MBA (concentration in hospitality) from Johnson & Wales University (USA) and worked with one of renowned hotel called Holiday Inn (Brooklyn USA) is committed to our Udayan Care IT Center (south Delhi) supported by HMCL students for polishing the students to face an interview and what they should have prepared before an interview. Aditya took a 3 hours structured session in our South Delhi Center. The session was bifurcated in 3 sections, during these sessions Aditya educated the youth as to why one should keep in our mind not, to do in excess of communicating via email, why one should focus on striking subject lines before sending an email to anyone, always be polite, make sure to check our voice tone, make a habit for proofreading, etc.

Overall the session was found to be really interesting and full of knowledgeable concepts as per the feedback is given by the students.


Expert session by TISS

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) was established in 1936 as the Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work. In 1944. Since its inception, the Vision of the TISS has been to be an institution of excellence in higher education that continually responds to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people-centred, ecologically sustainable and just society that promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all. A team of volunteers from TISS connected with an objective to assess our youth's level of soft skills training and guide them how then can groom more and more in soft skills. First session "evaluation of soft skills" was taken by Deepak, during a 2 hours session students were given a small written assessment and one to one question answer round. To make this session more interesting and elated Deepak conducted a few small activities too.

Overall as per the feedback of students, they found it to be a really interesting session and the expert's way of facilitating the session was amazing.  


Success story

Raunak - Student (DIT)

Raunak's roots are from UP but she grew up in Uttam Nagar with her two siblings, her father is working in a petrol pump and mother is a housewife. Raunak is a very enthusiastic girl her dream was to be a police officer but due to family circumstance, she couldn't find her dreams to come true. After completing her intermediate from a government school she started pursuing graduation through distance learning. Raunak is not a girl who would sit at home, her passion entices her to learn some professional course but again the same situation in front of her lack of funds to take up a professional course. One of her friends told her about KaushalKalp - Udayan Care Vocational Training Center where she started learning Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) with an objective to groom herself and start her career in an emergent sector.

Raunak's undivided attention for her training become fruitful when she got placed in one of renowned restaurant chain as a cashier with 12000 /- Rs salary per month, she is further happy to be a helping hand for her family.

Expert Session by TISS
Expert Session by TISS
Success Story - Raunak
Success Story - Raunak
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