Apr 19, 2018

Computer literacy for underserved youth in Delhi

Capacity Building workshop
Capacity Building workshop

Udayan Care Information Technology Programme report for Global Giving

About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 24 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.

Vision: To Regenerate the Rhythm of Life of the Disadvantaged

Theory of Change:“There are millions of orphaned and abandoned children in India; in addition, girls from weaker sections of society do not get an equal opportunity to continue their education; professional skills and attitude are lacking among disadvantaged communities to become economically self reliant”.

Udayan Care provides homes to orphaned children while also giving girls financial and development support to continue higher education, and communities to train themselves in vocations, by engaging socially committed individuals, who provide a transformative, nurturing and mentoring environment, to help them realize their full potential.


A nurturing home for every orphaned child, an opportunity for higher education for every girl and for every adult, the dignity of self-reliance and the desire to give back to society.

About ITVT centers

There is a growing demand for Information Technology and vocational training among the poor urban and rural communities including communities around our Udayan homes. We have also found the use of computer and IT vitally important in our counseling programme for the children of Udayan Homes. Thus, the project intends to focus on mixed communities; communities who are located around our Udayan Homes and those in the densely populated clusters of slums, resettlement colonies and other low income settlements by setting up IT & VT centers for imparting Information Technology and vocational skills training.

Program Vision

To broaden horizons and bring IT close to the lives of underserved rural and urban communities in Delhi and NCR, and thus empower them for greater job prospects

Target Group & Reach

Poor urban/ slum communities, especially women, adolescent, children of Delhi and NCR

Unique aspects of the Program

  • Selection and enrollment of trainees on subsidized fees and free ships
  • Capacity building of trainers and program staff
  • Community Mobilization through co-curricular activities
  • Documentation and periodic program reviews
  • Trainee assessment procedures and certification
  • Job placement facilitation
  • Timely reporting to donors
  • Partnerships and linkages with other organization

Industry Experts Visit

In Udayan Care Information Technology Programme we ensure to give exposure to the youth who pursue IT training from our centres. To keep in mind, the same we invited Lopez Design Studio team to our centre for mentoring our graphic designing students.

Lopez Design is a multidisciplinary branding and communication firm, engaged with long-term strategic interventions. 6 employees who have several years of experience in the field of designing visited our North Delhi IT Centre, which is supported by SVP. During their visit they interacted with passed out alumni and existing students of Graphic designing.  In the interim of their interaction they asked few questions related to the curriculum and the methodology which they have learnt during the training. Simultaneous they advised the students as to how they can polish their graphic work and make it more effective to get a job in the field of designing on behalf of the same.

Capacity building training of staff - Tally pro

In Udayan Care Computer Learning Centres we are running job specific computer courses which help the youth to get job in varied growing sectors. We are committed to provide advance training in every course as per market trend, currently operational team of Udayan Care IT Centre is focusing to develop accounts theory with latest software training curriculum in Tally ERP 9 because we are in the process to make our IT centre a Tally authorized centre for training of underserved community youth in accounting software which is Tally ERP 9 (latest).

On 13th Feb 2018 Tally education team member Mr. Bijay , a ten year experienced person in trainings & curriculum development, organized full day training for our faculties who are responsible to teach accounting software in Udayan Care IT centres. During the training Bijay explained our faculties, how they have to train the trainees in using the professional version of Tally ERP 9 in accordance to Tally pro curriculum. Our trainers have cleared doubts related to GST and few technical doubts per as, related to Tally software.

Success story – Shubham (Student – DIT)

I know, I am a person who is reserve in nature, reason being I am not comfortable to easily interact and mingle with anyone. No sooner I completed my intermediate I thought of taking up a job, because of my family’s economic condition. ~Shubham

Shubham comes from a middle class family who is living with his parents and siblings at Uttam Nagar, Delhi. After completing his schooling from state government school, he started pursuing his graduation from Delhi University's through distance learning program. His father is working in an export company and mother is a homemaker. Both have always tried to give their best and provided good education to their children but due to financial crisis sometime they lacked to fulfill the requirements of their children. The same was faced by Shubham when he started pursuing graduation through distance learning.  Later he started looking for a platform where he can groom himself in specific skills training, but he couldn't associate with any commercial institute due to financial problem. One of his friend connected him with KaushalKalp - Udayan Care Vocational Training Centre where he started learning Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), during the training he was found to be one of serious students in practical classes as well as English Communication.

Shubham - Today

After completion of course Shubham has started working with an esteemed organization, as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fetching a five-digit salary.

Lopez Design Visit
Lopez Design Visit
Training at IT Centre
Training at IT Centre
Mar 9, 2018

Empower 50 needy girls in India through education

Career Counselling
Career Counselling

Project Background:

Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF), one of the unique programmes of Udayan Care, aims to promote and support higher education for girls hailing from disadvantaged backgrounds, in order to develop them into dignified, independent young women. The fellowship ensures that the lives of the girls do not succumb to monetary hardships and they do not give up their dream. However, USF is not just envisaged as a monetary assistance programme but rather as a holistic programme of sustained mentoring support and association. The growth is fostered with continued association of mentoring, motivational workshops, and development of socially responsible behaviour through awareness drives. The fellowship stands different because of its pyramidal mentoring.

Key Highlights:

In this quarter, we organized our 7th Annual Alumnae Meet and our Social Awareness Campaign on Road Safety. Apart from this, special emphasis was laid on not only making the Shalinis more self-aware and but also gaining perspective regarding their interests, career choices and passion.

Activities Undertaken During the Period

Career Counselling by Akshat

Mr. Akshat, along with GSIF (Genpact Social Impact Fellowship) fellow Chhavi Goel, conducted a workshop on ‘Career Guidance’ with the aim to help our Shalinis identify the appropriate career domain out of their passion, and draft a plan of action with regards to their career.

They initiated the session with understanding our Shalinis’ perspective on the meaning of ‘passion’ and emphasized the significance of identifying the same. Reflecting upon the current scenario, where a study by Deloitte indicates that 85% of the people are unhappy with their jobs, some of the major reasons contributing to it are:

  • A large number of people are unaware of their passion
  • People are not aware of themselves, and
  • People do not usually receive the right guidance.

Quoting Mr. Narayan they stated that India hasn’t made any breakthrough innovation in quite a few years, and we require more visionaries who provide us with impactful strategies. In order to receive clarity over one’s career, the individual needs to identify what his/her passion is and get the right and relevant information regarding different career choices.

This was followed by an activity where Shalinis were required to list down 5-7 things they are passionate about. This could include anything they liked doing or feel strongly about. After making a note, they had to analyse them on the basis of their consistency, perfection and flexibility, if they are learnable, and if they are helpful. If they found that their choices could qualify for all the four parameters, they could consider it to be a choice of career.

A majority of them stated travelling and exploration as their passion, and they were advised over how they could learn different forms of adventure sports and be involved with agencies that engage into providing travel packages and treks. Another girl stated that she loved cooking but could only cook vegetarian food which limited her flexibility. She was advised over how she could perfect her skill and be a part of those restaurants that serve vegetarian food.

In order to choose a career, the individual needs to identify the appropriate domain which again relates to the passion that they identify for themselves, receive the right education, and match one’s personality with the career of interest. This is followed by paving the road to success, which involves step-by-step planning and goal setting. Shalinis were acquainted to the ‘SMART’ goals that ease the entire process and provide them with milestones to achieve, which help them live up to the best of their potential. They were asked to develop their own SMART goals with regards to the career they aspired to pursue.

Mentorship Orientation by Shreya 

Genpact Social Impact Fellow (GSIF) Shreya, conducted the pilot test of the Mentorship Orientation Manual. The session was attended by our newly appointed mentors Aakansha, Sapna, Priyanka, Ritika, and Garima. Through the session, Shreya oriented the mentors regarding what takes to be a good mentor, how to effectively build a rapport with the mentees and how to help the mentees achieve their desired career goals. The purpose of the session was to pilot test the mentorship goals which can be refined through the feedback of our mentor.

Paint Your Own Canvas’ By Devyani

Focusing on the ‘Employability’ of our Shalinis, our Genpact Social Impact Fellow, Chhavi invited Devyani to conduct a session with our Shalinis. The session started with, what is a ‘canvas’ and how it represents our life. She further went on to explain how we are the Picasso’s of our own painting and it is us who can ultimately decide what our painting (life) turns out to be.

Following this, Devyani asked ‘What do we want to become in our life? The fellows answered on what they wish to become in the future starting from an IAS officer, Doctor, to a politician and Chartered Accountant. However, Devyani posed a question about what are the careers which are there but not often talked about. For instance, becoming a nurse, becoming the ground staff of an airlines companies, assistants of the head chef etc.

Though they aren’t seen as real career opportunities, but Devyani highlighted that the most successful people we know, started from the bottom and through their hard work, determination and perseverance, they rose to the top. For this she showed pictures of famous and influential personalities such as Mahatma, Virat, Amitabh, Sundar, Malala, Mithali and Chef Vikas. The purpose of this was to understand that successful people that we see in the news and tabloids, aren’t born successful; rather their paved their own way, fought the odds and then emerged as victorious.

'Women’s Wellness & Preventive Health Care '

The CSR team of Genpact, along with the medical Professionals Dr.Manjusha and Dr Kshama organized a full day awareness session on ‘women’s health and wellness.The areas covered were; Menstrual health, oral care, dental care, skin care and health care. The purpose of the session was also bust myths about our body and health.

Session 1-   Menstrual Health and care

Dr.Manjusha asked each Shalini to talk about one taboo which is attached to menstruation.  Following this, she busted myths regarding menstruation and highlighted the discriminatory practices which are perpetuated by age old custom. Further, she went on to talk about menstrual health, wherein she highlighted the importance of menstrual cups over synthetic pads. She also answered many questions of the fellows regarding dietary needs, menstrual flow and menstrual cycle

Session 2- Dental care

This session was conducted by Dr.Kshama and she explained various aspects of dental health. She talked about oral hygiene and dental care which are important to our overall health

Session 3-Skin and hair care

It was again carried out by Dr.Manjusha and was designed to educate Shalinis on their individual skin care needs, what products to use, how to apply them, and when to use them as per their skin and hair needs. She talked about the problems related to acne and clarified all the doubts.

This was all followed by a discussion on different problems faced by women. She explained the reasons symptoms, precautions and treatments for that Shalini’s were asked to maintain proper hygiene and to consult doctors if required, they discussed many problems with her and got resolutions as well. A balanced and healthy lunch too was provided to the Shalinis.

Session 4: -Realization of the challenges faced and outcome of the workshop.

After this, there was an open discussion session, wherein the Shalinis talked about the issues regarding their health. The facilitator also raised the need of Breast Cancer Awareness, wherein she talked about self-examination of our breast to detect early stages of cancer. The entire session stressed upon prevention better than cause when it comes to our own personal health and body.

Kathak Workshop by Ms. Pratibha

Ms. Pratibha, a versatile professional Kathak Dancer with an experience of six years in the field, took a theoretical workshop on Kathak dance to acquaint the Shalinis on the historical background, current status and developments of Kathak as well as other dance forms of India. Explaining how these dance forms are highly representative and glorify the culture of India, she started with facts related to the origin of Shastriya dance, its 8 different forms, and how they differ according to the states. She also spoke of how the Shatriya dance form is one of the most prevalent dance forms in North India.

Moving on to folk dances of India, she explained how folk dance is different from classical dances with regards to the costumes chosen for the performances and the styles in which these dance forms are performed. She introduced the concept of ‘Gharanas’ and how different states of India are specialized in different art forms. For example, the Jaipur Gharana Dance is one of the toughest ones and symbolizes bravery and courage. The Lucknow Gharana Dance is more on the softer side which requires high command over one’s facial expressions. She also introduced the Raigarh and Banaras Gharana Dance forms, and how they are different in their presentation and style.

She then moved to the historical backgrounds of the dance forms, explaining that Kathak is inspired by Lord Shanker, and Lasya Dance Form was performed by Goddess Parvati. She led the Shalinis through the trends followed in the Mughal and the Nawab Era, the contributions of Wajid Ali Shah to Kathak dance, and the ritualistic performances in temples in those times. She also spoke of the status of dancers during this period, of how they were required to be uplifted as they were not treated with dignity and respect. 

Apart from explaining about the different dance forms, she also gave guidelines on the importance of confidence building and presentation. She encouraged the Shalinis to identify their strengths and capitalize on the same, as high confidence and freedom greatly facilitate self-expression and brings perfection in one’s movements. She also said that one should take pride in simple living and graciously accommodate such a lifestyle.

To conclude the workshop, she referred certain books related to Kathak dance and offered to distribute some of them herself. She also encouraged the Shalinis to watch different dance videos and critically analyze the factors that appeal to them with regards to the dance forms and the dancers. The Shalinis were highly inspired by the experiences of Ms. Pratibha, and look forward to watching her perform, and to learning Kathak in the coming months.

Social Awareness Campaign on Road Safety

In a metropolitan city like Delhi, where there is an explosion of population; there is also an increase in the number of vehicles on the road. The lack of knowledge about road safety intertwined with the increase in the number of vehicular traffic, road accidents have become an everyday phenomenon.

In the light of recent events, where there is an increase in the number of road accidents and when victims of road accidents are left to die on the streets due to the lack of action taken on the behalf of the citizens; the Shalinis of the North Delhi Chapter decided to raise awareness on Road Safety and Traffic Rules. We assembled in Jahangirpuri from where we started our rally towards each block and street and wherein our Shalinis actively engaged with the residents of Jahangirpuri. The fellows also organized a street play on ‘drunk driving’ and on ‘how to help road accident victims’.  The acts left a powerful impact on the audience. In the end, the fellows organized a freeze mob, wherein they silently stood on the road side, holding up banners and posters on road safety.

Careers in the BPO Industry by Vikas Varma

The BPO industry is today booming in our globalized economy. Mr. Vikas from Accenture took a session with our Shalinis, making them aware about the BPO industry, who works there? What work does a BPO industry do? And how one can become a part of the Industry?

He started by talking about the top BPO companies in India such as Genpact, Accenture, Cognizant etc. and how they do business across the globe. He also explained the logic, process and the different factors which result in the outsourcing and ultimately the profit of the business empires. He also talked about how google outsources it works/projects to Accenture, and what are the nitty gritties that are to be taken into consideration in such cases. For instance, request for proposal, proper training and budgeting, monitoring plans etc.

Lastly, he talked about the various career options available in the BPO Industry such has Human Resource Management, Auditing, Budgeting and forecasting, Operations and sales, Marketing etc. Following the session, Mr. Vikas, answered the various questions of our fellows regarding the BPO industry, how is it relevant for students who are from non-commerce background. Overall, the session proved to beneficial to our fellows who are from the commerce background and are interested in working in multinational companies.




Mentorship Orientation
Mentorship Orientation
Genpact Visit
Genpact Visit
Kathak Workshop
Kathak Workshop
Mar 7, 2018

Support orphaned children at our Sunshine Homes

Christmas Celebration
Christmas Celebration

Udayan Ghar Programme

 Udayan Care had set up its first Udayan Ghar (Home) for children in 1996 and created its own model of LIFE: Living in Family Environment. This model enables erstwhile children in need of Care & Protection in to grow in a loving family environment. In these homes, the children are loved and cared for by a group of Mentor Parents-socially committed individuals (volunteers) who groom the children with a team of Coordinators at homes, along with resident Care Givers, Supervisors, & Volunteers.

These homes are located in busy, middle class neighborhoods, so children can reintegrate themselves into society through direct community involvement which helps mainstreaming the children ahead. Our children and young adults are receiving quality education in some of the best educational institutions such as: The Sagar School at Tijara, Alwar, Mata Bhagwati school, Genesis Global school, Tagore International School, East of Kailash, Banyan Tree School, Global Indian International School etc and colleges/ universities like College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi, Hi- Tech Institute of Engineering, Ghaziabad, Punjab University, Lingaya’s University etc.

 Since inception Udayan Ghars have nurtured over 850 children with love, care and protection in 14 Homes across 4 states of India. Presently, there are 181 children across all homes. 24 of our young adults are also been supported through our After Care Programme.

 Workshops/ Activities during this Quarter

During the period of December - February, 2017-18, the team continued working for the betterment of children and the programme. The quarter went well with children enjoying their winter break, tantalizing events and a few corporate engagements. Workshops being a monthly affair addressed several concerns pertaining to Children, Care-givers, Mentor Parents and Coordinators.

Workshops were held with all the programme stakeholders (mentors, coordinators, caregivers, and children). In order to strengthen the stakeholders the following workshops were held during the quarter:

Children don't naturally know how to make good choices. Life skills help children know what to do in everyday situations as well as how to make good decisions about more abstract, long-term choices. Since, in a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life, Life Skill workshops at home were also held like every other quarter which focused on various subjects like self awareness & self identity, coping with emotions, relationship building, healthy & unhealthy relationships, knowing self, decision making, stress management, healthy habits; family & community, communication and problem solving.

YP Foundation, conduct workshops twice in a month at Ghaziabad girls ghar. A range of topics has been selected under the broad topic of sexuality.

Mentor father, Mr. Deepak Sharma and Ghar Admin., Ms. Anita Singh ensure that life skills workshops are conducted at Greater Noida ghar once in every month. The topics covered during the quarter include, knowing myself, worlds that make me happy & unhappy and working in a team

The boys at Mayur Vihar Ghars are grooming and growing out to be bold & confident. Ghar Coordinator, Mr. Tarni ensures that the boys get everything essential for their all round development of personality. During the quarter, the different life skills workshops were conducted on the topics including Feelings, Emotions & Memory, Bullying and Moral Values

Mentor mother, Ms. Rukmani Haldea ensures that her girls in Jaipur Ghar have an equal share for growth and development and are provided all the required skills enabling them to make informed decisions and deal with every day challenges of life. The girls were upraised on the topics such as, Relationship Abuse & Decision Making

Opportunities, events and outings are some of the things that never end for our Udayan Ghar children. The major recreation and co-curricular events that took place during the quarter include –

Theatre Show, I have Dream

Children from Sant Nagar, Mehrauli and Greater Noida Ghars were invited to experience an amazing theater show, ‘I Have a Dream’, musical adaptation of the film Mamma Mia. The show took place on 1st Dec’17 at Sri Ram Center for Performing Arts, Delhi. The story truly showed the spirit of Woman Empowerment as the lead character was a single mother and believed in her to do the appropriate upbringing of her child.

A few quotes from the spectators (Udayan Ghar Girls):

“I loved it. The actors were good.”

“The music and dance was awesome”

“I am happy to watch a play for such a good cause”

“I learnt that we should be happy with the people who love us and not run for those who aren’t there”

“Woman should be strong as the mother in the play”

“We can do theatre as well, the play was great!

Art Workshop by Art Reach India Foundation

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

-Pablo Picasso

Well said by the great artist but, luckily with support of like-minded people like, ArtReach India Foundation, Udayan Ghar children are being helped to sustain their artistic talents through Artroom Programme engaging children in art workshops led by different artists, exposure visits and art exhibitions where children’s art work is put on display.

On 3rd & 9th December, 2017 a specialized workshop was arranged by ArtReach India Foundation with the participants wherein psychologist and art therapist by profession, Ms. Avantika Malhoutra conducted sessions on expressive art therapy using visual arts and theater. The workshop aimed at training the children to conduct basic art therapy sessions and would help them to showcase and share the acquired skills in the upcoming art festival being organized by ArtReach India Foundation later in the month of December.

Yoga Day Celebration with Team adidas

On 2nd Decemeber’17 Children from Gurgaon and Mehrauli Ghars celebrated Yoga Day with team adidas at DLF mall, Saket, Delhi. The children along with the team performed different asana and were also made aware of uncountable benefits of doing yoga. Children enjoyed the event.

Art Festival by Art Reach India Foundation

The art festival was organised by Art Reach India Foundation at Bikaner House, Delhi from 22nd to 24th December’17. The aim of the festival was to showcase and celebrate art by children, young people and women from marginalized communities across India. The 3 days festival included art exhibition & sale, art & craft workshops, film screening and some amazing performances.

Udayan Ghar children being part of their art room and teaching fellowship programme had the exciting opportunity to visit and get involved in the activities. One of the major attractions of the festival had been Udayan Care booth led by the ghar children where, they shared interactive ways of expressing emotions, gratitude and kindness with the visitors. Their artefacts were also displayed at the festival.

Christmas Celebration

From home to home, heart to heart and from one place to another, the joy and warmth of Christmas brings us closer to each other.

The joy of Christmas was just doubled for Udayan Ghar children when Corporates like Genpact, Wipro, Indian Terrain & India Today Group stepped in, to celebrate Christmas with children. Apart, from receiving Christmas presents, children got involved in numerous fun filled activities and enjoyed some mouth watering eats.

Following the similar lines, mentors, social workers and care staff in each of the ghar did not lag behind and tried their best to make this Christmas a special one for children.

Adidas Udayan Care Winter Carnival, 2018 – Its Winterrific

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, for a talk beside the fire and for a short break from busy school days. The winters at Udayan Care are Winterrific, as the season forecasts the upcoming amazing events. One such event, Winter Carnival, 2018 was organized at Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida in association with adidas, wherein children across all the Udayan Ghars came together for fun, recreation and showcased their talent through their charming and heart-winning performances. The environment was energizing and full of excitement throughout and delicious eats, exciting games, beautiful décor and music was all there to set the mood. The dance competition, Udayan Ghar ke Sitare remained to be the USP of this tantalizing event, drawing in large participation from ghar children.

Makhar Sankranti Celebration

On 14th January, 2018, girls at Jaipur Ghar celebrated Makhar Snakranti. The pleasant weather, delicious eats and companionship of nears and dears while they all flew colorful kites doubled the fun of celebration.

A Day with Team Accenture

On 20th January, 2018, employees from Accenture visited the Udayan Ghar for Boys, Mayur Vihar. The main aim of the visit had been the interaction with children, organizing games & quiz with them and of course enjoying the mouth watering eats that they got along with them.

Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day was celebrated across different Udayan Ghars on 26th January’18. Each home celebrated the glorious with its own taste where, some sang patriotic songs, participated in quiz and others hoisted flag, made presentation on revolutionaries and shared their stories. The day is celebrated at Udayan Care in order to inculcate patriotism, loyalty and a sense of responsibility in children towards the nation.12th adidas-Udayan Care Annual Sports Day, 2018, Clash of Titans

Explosive energy, cheering crowd, salubrious environment and valiant efforts to be the best was all witnessed at the 12th adidas – Udayan Care Annual Sports Day, 2018, Clash of Titans. The event marking the 12 years old commitment of adidas & Udayan Care to celebrate and inculcate the true spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork & competitive spirit among the young Udayanites through annual sports meet was held at Plaza Farms in Mehrauli on 11th February’18.

The event drawing in participation from across different Udayan Ghars, in different races set as per the children’s age group, came out to be wonderful.

Visit to India Art Fair

On 12th February’18, children got an amazing opportunity to visit to India Art Fair at NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Delhi. A walk through the artifacts not only worked as an experiential learning for the children but, also inspired them to produce such works which is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Success Story (any one)

“I am not slow, I fly low”

Tormented by the fate and abandoned by her parents, little June ended up staying in an orphanage. The non-conducive environment at the orphanage compelled the honourable Child Welfare Committee to transfer the child at Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida for long term care and protection.

Joining the ghar family in October, 2016, June was provided with all the required love, warmth and care by the team consisting of caregivers, mentor parents and, mental health & social work professionals.

Enrolled in a regular school where she couldn’t adjust and performed, June was then assessed by the mental health professional and was found having an I.Q. of 59% thereby making her a child with borderline intelligence. She was later, enrolled in Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, a school for children with special needs.

Being groomed by the ghar team, June started showing improvements, gained confidence, became interactive and now has an improved level of self esteem. She learnt the skills to carry out her day to day activities and developed her relationship building skills as well.

Apart, she also developed interest towards sports and has always been encouraged to come forth & participate in all sports related events.

Recently, June participated in the Futsal NCC cum National Championship (a football championship) organized at Shri Prem Nagar Ashram, Uttarakhand on 19th Febraury’18 where she not only played extremely well but, also helped her team won the 1st prize. June was awarded with a gold medal for her heart winning performance.

She has also won her hearts in the 12th adidas Udayan Care Annual Sports Day’18 where she ran for 100m dash race and bagged the 3rd prize. Her run was indeed electrifying.

Sports Day 2018
Sports Day 2018
Yoga Day
Yoga Day
Winter Carnival
Winter Carnival
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