Jun 3, 2021

Support orphaned children at our Sunshine Homes

Winter Carnival
Winter Carnival

Hello all,

Love and Greetings from Sunshine Homes!

I am Pranali*. I am 16 years old and staying at one of the Sunshine Homes run by Udayan Care in Mehrauli, Delhi. I am elated to get this opportunity to connect with you and share about the activities that I and other children have been a part of during this reporting period. But before I share the fun activities and some of the hardships that we faced in the last couple of months, I’d really like to share a brief about myself. Am I a movie star? Am I some renowned sport personality? Am I some celebrity? No, I am not any of these. However, knowing that there are a number of children out there who are devoid of opportunities, basic necessities, and even a family, I feel that it is important that I share my story with people through this platform so that such children can be helped.

Well! I came to Udayan Care as a 6-year-old little girl along with my elder brother. It happened after the demise of our father and the mother leaving us alone with our ageing maternal grandmother. Our grandmother could not continue to look after us for long due to her old age and the endemic poverty. Like any other child, I too was affected by my past experiences, became introvert and did not like to be around people. But the support and love that I have got in my new family, Udayan Care, has helped me adjust, overcome my unresolved past experiences and become confident. I soon started going to school and learnt to read and write and made some amazing friends. I could really see myself improving and becoming strong. I also got an amazing opportunity to go the USA almost for a year where I travelled the length and breadth of the country and performed as part of a choir raising funds for orphaned and abandoned children across the world. This is where I developed compassion. The experience truly helped me boost my confidence, get better at developing relationships and know different cultures. It also helped me develop good communication skills. I always look for opportunities to get exposed to new and different experiences which help me develop my personality as a loving and compassionate person.  I am a skilful painter and aspire to have a career in interior designing. Someday, I would want to be on such a platform through which I can raise awareness among the masses about the children without family care and the children in out-of-home care settings. I want to bring attention to the problems that they have been or go through and that these children too can flourish when provided with love and the right support. So, this is all about myself. I hope that the people reading my story find the right reasons and extend their support to the children like me.

Now, let me take you through some of the fun and learning engagements that took place at different Sunshine Homes –

  • “Bounce Back” Adidas-Udayan Care Virtual Winter Carnival’21

Set with the theme, Bounce Back, the first ever virtual adidas-Udayan Care Winter Carnival was organized on 21st February’21. Surpassing the difficult times, the event marked the celebration of resilience shown by the kids and the team at Udayan Care. 250+ kids and youth, 100 staff members and mentor parents, volunteers from adidas India team and numerous guests came together to enjoy the day filled with fun and excitement.

Kick-started by Savio, Digital Brand Commerce Director, adidas, the virtual Winter Carnival unfolded the graceful and energetic group dance performances and gimmicky AdMad acts put together by the Udayan Ghar children and the carers. On spot quiz sessions facilitated by team adidas, rib-tickling mimicry and astonishing magic show kept everyone engaged and glued to their screen.

  • International Women’s Day Celebration with MG Motor

Empowering Women has been like a process of bringing significance to the most significant. The process of empowerment twins best with education. Educating a child has always brought with it progress and a hope of a better future. To recognize the struggles and achievements of women from all walks of life, International Women’s Day was celebrated across all Udayan Ghars on 8th March 2021. The celebrations became bigger when officials from M.G. Motor, in groups of 2-3 members, visited the Udayan Ghars to reinstate the hope and inspiration of a better tomorrow. The team from M.G. Motor including Rajeev, Managing Director brought smiles on the face of all the children and staff. While spending time exchanging ideas and having interactive sessions, the entire visit was a boost to enshrining in each child, the spirit of women power and knowing about great women leaders. The excitement was increased even more when 14 Udayan Ghars received a laptop and each child got a goody bag along with tasty snacks for all.

  •  Clean Forest Campaign

Conservation of natural resources creates a state of harmony between us and mother earth. Looking at the present pollution levels and rampant garbage dumping in our cities, it is imperative to inculcate the values of cleanliness and conservation in the younger generation. 10 of girls from Udayan Ghar Jaipur participated in the “Clean Forest Campaign” of Jhalana Leopard Reserve, Jaipur and contributed their bit in cleaning the forest. The Campaign was successfully organized with the joint efforts of the Eco Rescuers Foundation, Jhalana Wild area team, Udayan Care, and the forest department.

  •  Holi Celebration

Red, yellow, green or blue; every colour of Holi has one common hue, i.e. colour of compassion.

A festival of colors, a time to strengthen relationships, this year, children & staff celebrated a quarantined Holi with colors of compassion, hope and happiness. While at some of the Ghars, it was a plethora of colors, at others, children delved into trying out making the traditional gujias which came out be a mouth-watering delicacy. The celebration was made grand by our esteemed donors from Pantaloons and Taco Bell joining in to donate and engage in some activities with the children.

  •  Art Workshops by ArtReach India Foundation

ArtReach India Foundation continued to conduct art workshops with children at some of the Udayan Ghars. A series of workshops that spanned over a year, starting from July’20 culminated into a virtual exhibition in Apri’21. The children showcased their artworks and were given a platform to share thoughts around their creative pieces.

  •  Informative sessions on Important Days of a Month

At the beginning of every month, children across Udayan Ghars are engaged in interactive sessions. They are made to identify important days and events in that particular month and are asked to plan activities and create informative content around the same. During every month, informative sessions on such days and events are conducted. 

Hope I have been able to give you fair glimpse of some of the fun and learning engagements amidst these COVID times in Sunshine Homes. These engagements along with untiring hopes, Udayan Ghar family, support from like-minded people and resilience has kept us buoyant even during the most difficult times. Now, let me tell you a bit about the hardships we have faced in the last few months and how we overcame the same.

As you know, India has recently been hit by a new wave of COVID-19 affecting states, cities, resources and people. Anxiety, loss of life, stress and helplessness were yet again on the rise impacting everyone physically, emotionally and psychologically.

The team at Sunshine Homes family, had made it through the struggles of 2020, by putting in place an efficient and quick response to the crisis, leveraged by the exceptional commitment of the team members. In March 2021, we found ourselves proud but rather exhausted and we could foresee that the months to come would not be easier, as we had wished them to be. Yet, once the force of the new wave became obvious, everybody in the team brushed away their tiredness and geared up to face the situation. To prevent the spread of the virus and to mitigate the risks, immediate directions and guidelines were issued. Once again there was a complete halt on the in and out movements. Considering the gravity of the situation, sessions on precautionary measures were conducted and the team was also trained to provide care and look after COVID-positive patients safely. 

Despite the stringent precautionary measures in place, our defences were breached and some of the Sunshine Homes got severely affected. Sadly, within a few weeks 32 children and staff members at some of the homes were tested positive. Arrangements for turning/ creating a room into a quarantine room were made in the affected homes. As a family would do, we are looked and continued looking after each other, following a strict Pre and Post covid protocol, trying to keep everyone safe and helping the infected ones recover quickly. Also, the timely supply of needed medication, equipments such as vaporizers, oxygen concentrators, oximeter etc. was truly helpful in curbing the spread of the virus.

The children & staff, so far, have recovered without a hospital admission or oxygen assistance. Most of members who were tested positive are also getting better. Very fortunately, most of us did not suffered from severe symptoms.

During this uncertain and fragile period, there is one thing we, the children know: by seeing how the adults around us become capable of facing such challenges, with calm and solidarity, we understand that it is with courage, humility and generosity that we can achieve great things and overcome the harshest times.

At last, I’d want to say that tough times never last, but tough people do.

With this, I thank GlobalGiving and the associated donors for their sustained support which has enabled us to continue to grow in a family environment. I wish everyone good health.

Hoping to connect again.

Thank you 


Online Winter Carnival
Online Winter Carnival
Holi Celebration
Holi Celebration
International Women's Day
International Women's Day
International Women's Day celebration
International Women's Day celebration
Mar 23, 2021

Digital literacy for underserved youth in Delhi


Hello everyone,

Greetings of the day!!!

My name is Savita, In the year 2016, I was working as a teacher in one of the private institutions where my package was Rs. 60000 per annum. Since I was not equipped with the necessary soft and employability skills, I was finding it difficult to secure a decent job with a good stipend. Due to financial constraints back at my home, I was hesitant to even ask for financial support from my family members to pursue some technical courses to get better job opportunities. My life was turned upside down when I came to know about Udayan Care through one of my school friends, whereas I visited Vinod Nagar IT Centre, there I met with the centre coordinator who told me about Graphic & Print Design course, that time I had no idea about this course but since my school, I always enjoyed doing some creativity on paper, I qualified the entrance exam and started pursuing Graphic & Print Design course.

After completion of my course, I got an internship opportunity in ADR Publisher & Distributor Pvt Ltd (Ghaziabad) with help of Udayan Care placement cell, this opportunity became a boon for me, today I am managing their work of Journal Binding for final print independently, at the designation of a Sr. Designer with Rs.22000 per month. My journey with Udayan Care is a never-ending process, in 2018 I nominated myself to be part of the Udayan Care Alumni Network and took responsibility for holding the hands of my peers who also come from the underserved community with dreams to learn a specific skills training course for their better future. In these 4 years, ADR Publisher has been doing really good and expanded their projects, whenever manpower requirement comes from my employer I always give priority to call candidates from Udayan Care IT Centre. Pradeep, Sachin & Megha (Udayan Care Alumni) have also joined the ADRs designing team as graphic designers. Our company’s chairperson Shalini always says “ADR has recruited staff members from Udayan Care IT Centre and they become Kohinoor (precious diamond) for our company, they worked really hard and play a vital role in our success. I am always thankful to all the candidates who are working with us and Udayan Care for their unconditional support.”

Recently I visited Udayan Care’s social media platform there I came across a post that was uploaded on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the day was celebrated in Udayan Care’s Kurukshetra & Noida IT Centre. In our Kurukshetra IT centre which is completely dedicated to girls training in IT courses, 25 girl students were a part of self-defence training session to make themselves capable to protect themselves from eve-teasing, bullying etc. The training was organized by a black belt champion Pradhuman, during a long hour session, our girls practised middle basic, basic kicks, lower punch & gripping etc. In the supervision of Pradhuman. Whereas our Noida centre followed the Women’s Day 2021 theme choose to challenge, boys and girls took pledge along with our English Communication faculty Hansika, they all pledged that “We strongly believe that respect should be for the person, not the gender. Men, Women, & LGBT all are equal. Come and join us to choose the challenge to create believe in community we all were equal and will always be equal” same day few of our students performed an act which was showcased how women are participating in nations growth. I scrolled down and found another post which was conducted for the students who are pursuing an E-Accounting course from Udayan Care’s IT Centre, the session was dedicated to give an in-depth brief about Goods & Service Tax (GST) which is a major component of Udayan Care’s E-Accounting training curriculum. The session was taken by, Ashish an Assistant Professor at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. He has completed his PhD in Economics from the same Institute. He teaches courses on Finance, Economics with a deep interest in the intersectionality of economics, culture, and politics. 66 students and 7 trainers became part of this interactive training session. Ashish started the session with an introduction for about 10 minutes’ briefing about the GST followed by the same he asked questions from the students to give them clarity against their queries. This two-way interaction helped the students with a better understanding of the topic. In all, it was a good session that gave clarity on the topic taken.

About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 27 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.

About IT centres programme

Udayan care Information Technology centre tends to brings digital media closer to the underserved society of the people to improve their livelihoods. Currently, we are running 14 IT centres in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and have impacted the lives of more than 17,839 beneficiaries.

Our centres offer certificates courses in basic computer knowledge, diploma and advanced courses in computer application. Workshops on Spoken English, life skills training and job readiness are also a part of the curriculum.

Training Session on Self Defence
Training Session on Self Defence
Session on Goods & Service Tax
Session on Goods & Service Tax
Feb 8, 2021

Empower 50 needy girls in India through education

Workshop on Emotional Intelligence
Workshop on Emotional Intelligence


Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility in them.


The past few months have brought an unprecedented change in the lives of millions of people, the effects of COVID 19 were unforeseen, and the measures to combat it also had to be exceptional. Lives were affected overnight with the lockdown, livelihoods were lost, schools closed and everything converted into online mode, but USF strived hard to become the support group for all our Shalinis and their families, helping them to tide over this phase.

The last 3 months spanning from November to January, were the months of festivals bringing families closer and hopes and wishes for a healthy, safe and prosperous future for all. USF teams were again at the forefront supporting Shalinis in all their endeavors, we also continued with our practice of assessment of Shalinis according to their needs and they were supported either financially or were provided with basic essentials to sustain themselves.

USF teams conducted the entire Selection Process in the last quarter despite various hurdles due to the pandemic, the teams went to great lengths to ensure that the most deserving students are selected. The entire USF family including our conveners, core committee members, alumnae, Shalinis and volunteers have played an instrumental role in organizing and conducting the selection process impeccably. We are also fortunate to have such great donors who have supported us during this phase, enabling us to get onboard at least 900 girls across 21 chapters. 

Initiatives were also taken to bridge the digital divide and smartphones were distributed to Shalinis as part of technological support by Udayan Care, Shalinis also adapted to the new technologies quickly giving us an opportunity to conduct workshops and sessions on varied topics to enhance their skills, make them ready for the professional world, and also ensure their mental wellbeing.

Spanning from November to January our Shalinis had the privilege of attending sessions conducted by experts from diverse fields, we conducted 8 employability workshops on the topics Teamwork, Interview Skills, and Emotional Intelligence and various small workshops and sessions were also conducted on topics like Mindful Media Training to keep our Shalinis motivated and positive. It has been a sheer blessing to have support from partners like Ernst & Young, Genpact India, Bhaskar, and Dimple who have helped us keep our Shalinis encouraged through regular mentoring and positivity. As an initiative to keep our Shalinis engaged we also conducted various other activities like urging them to be creative and make beautiful rangolis and art on Diwali and Christmas to keep them away from the effects of the outside world.


  • 60 Shalinis selected for Batch 19 for FY 2020-21 and Virtual Induction Ceremony conducted
  • EY Mentoring Session with 118 Shalinis of North Delhi chapter
  • 8 Employability Workshops on Teamwork, Interview Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Personal finance management, Problem Solving and Conflict Management,etc
  • Technological Support to 15 Shalinis




The first chapter of Udayan Shalini Fellowship, North Delhi conducted the Orientation Ceremony for its 19th Batch on 27th November 2020, welcoming 60 bright Shalinis into the fellowship. The Orientation started with a small video about USF and Faheem giving a brief introduction about the fellowship and how Shalinis can benefit from it. 

A presentation depicting the USF objectives, commitments, and expectations from Shalinis and their parents was also presented by Ashish. Devyani, one of our North Delhi alumnae, and Anjali, our existing Shalini also shared their journey with the new batch to inspire and motivate them. Harishankar shared information about the computer courses offered by Udayan Care at subsidized fees to enhance the technical skills of today’s youth.

The ceremony concluded with Shalinis excited and all ready for their new journey.                                                                                                                                                                                            


A session on Teamwork was organized for the 2nd year Shalinis on 29th November, 2020. The session was facilitated by Kunal and was attended by 35-40Shalinis.

The objective of this session was to help Shalinis understand the importance of teamwork.

  • why teamwork is important and
  • Characteristics of teamwork
  • Teamwork is an integral part of the mindset and skillset.
  • How to work when you are with a team or in a group and do things smartly

 The session was extremely fruitful for the Shalnis and will help them in their professional and personal life ahead.



A session on Workplace Biasness was organized for Batch 17 on 29th November 2020. The session was conducted by Bhaskar and was conducted in a very interesting manner with role-plays as well. The workshop aimed to:

  • Learn about the biases that exist
  • Become Aware of Sexual harassment
  • Handle different biases
  • Learn about the laws that protect women at work
  • Create a difference for others by reporting 

A fun exercise was also conducted by Bhaskar, where he told Shalinis to differentiate the way they will ask for permission to go out from a brother and from a sister. We all witnessed some true revelations about our own relationship with our brothers and sisters. The exercise was helpful in explaining the topic more nicely.


INTERVIEW SKILLS | 29TH NOVEMBER BY STEVE                                                                                                                                                                                               

A session on Interview Skills was conducted by Steve for 3rd year Shalinis (Batch 15), who are gearing up to join the workforce and will soon be looking for jobs and giving interviews. The topic was extremely important for them.

Shalinis were given tips on how they should prepare for an interview and what do’s and don’ts they should follow. Different types of questions that can be asked were also shared:

  • About Self
  • Professional/EducationalHistory
  • Knowledge about the company where you have applied
  • Stress interview questions
  • BehavioralQuestions

 The session was very knowledgeable and useful for the Shalinis as it will help them prepare for the future and get a good job.




North Delhi conducted virtual Induction for its 19th batch of 60 Shalinis on 15th December 2020.

The ceremony saw the presence of many distinguished guests which included Kiran, Aneesha, Arun, Faheem, Jain, Ashish, Mishra, Awadhesh, Bharti, and our Chief Guest Seema.

The entire ceremony was moderated by Dipti (Alumna) and we witnessed all the guests speak about the initiative that they started back in 2002 and where it has reached today, and still has a long way to go. One of our Shalinis, Priya also shared her experience with USF and how it has made her more confident. Our chief guest Seema said that she has always been in awe of our Shalinis, the way they have overcome hurdles in their life and the desire in them to achieve something and be independent cannot be expressed in words.

A short film on the past 1year journey of the North Delhi chapter was also shown and the ceremony concluded with a Vote of Thanks and the National Anthem.



A session on Mindful Media Training was organized for all college-going Shalinis (1st – 3rd Year) on 19th December 2020. The session was facilitated by Dimple. The need for such sessions was felt because of increased usage of devices and high exposure to social media during the Covid-19 pandemic. The session was very informative and useful for the Shalinis. Various topics were shared and discussed which included Information on Media, Critical Thinking, Decision making, and Tools to fact check and debunk false news.

The session was extremely useful for the Shalinis and helped them to learn to differentiate between right and wrong of social media.



A session on Goal Setting, Vision & Planning was organized for the new 19th batch of Shalinis on 20th December 2020. The session was facilitated by Bhaskar and was attended by 50-55 Shalinis.

The session was stressed on the importance of planning to achieve desired goals. Various points were shared and elaborated during the session:

  • Need to Understand the plan
  • Learn the Steps of planning
  • Use planning for life events
  • Goals should be set according to SMARTformat
  • Create a plan to achieve the goals

The session helped our new Shalinis to understand the importance of planning, and only if they are disciplined and work hard, they will be able to achieve their goals

                                                                                                                                                                                                            EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE | 20TH DECEMBER | BATCH 18 BY SANGEETA

A session on Emotional Intelligence was conducted by Sangeeta for Batch 18 on 20th December 2020. The workshop explained different kinds of Positive and Negative Emotions and the difference between:

Emotional Awareness: knowing and understanding the feelings that are present in oneself and others

Emotional Intelligence: Manage the emotions according to the environment

The workshop was emphasized on the need to be emotionally intelligent, as it helps us to be in:

  • In Control
  • Confident
  • Fearless
  • Relaxed

Shalinis thoroughly enjoyed this session and learnt that an Emotionally Intelligent individual is able to handle situations in a better way.



A session on Personal Finance Management was organized for Batch 17 of Shalinis on 17th January 2021. The session was facilitated by Anurag and was attended by 50-55 Shalinis. The session was stressed on the importance of saving and why it is important. Various points were shared and elaborated during the session:

  • Importance of saving
  • Services offered by banks
  • Education Loans
  • Credit Cards and how do they work
  • How to manage earnings

The session helped our new Shalinis to understand the importance of saving, and how they should manage their earnings. It was a very useful and informative session for the Shalinis.


A session on Problem Solving & Conflict Management was conducted by Rajnish for Batch 16 on 17th January, 2021. The workshop was aimed to explain Shalinis that what is a problem, how to recognize it and resolve it.

Rajnish stated that Problem-solving is the process of identifying a problem, arriving at possible solutions, and taking the appropriate course of action.

The workshop was emphasized on:

  • Understanding the significance of solving problems.
  • Learn a seven-step process for solving a problem.
  • Understand that conflict has value.
  • Evaluate the styles of solving conflicts.
  • Choose the right technique to solve your problems.

Shalinis thoroughly enjoyed this session and learnt how to recognize a problem and solve it with the right technique. The learning’s of this workshop will be helpful for the Shalinis in the future as well.


A workshop for Batch 15 (3rd year college students) was conducted on 17th January 2021 on the topic Adaptability and Learning. The workshop aimed to explain Shalinis that change is necessary and it is important to adapt to changes in life.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • Understand the need for change
  • Convey willingness to adapt to a changing situation
  • Project a positive image towards change Adaptability of an organism is to alter itself or its responses to the changed circumstances or environment. 

It was also discussed that why we do not adapt and what are the ways through which we should adapt to changes. The workshop also stressed that adaptability is a very important trait in the professional world, to keep ready for any new change or challenge.



Due to the lockdown and sudden conversion to online education mode, many of our Shalinis were lagging behind due to no access to a digital device or internet. Udayan Care believes that there should be no digital divide as it puts a student in a disadvantaged position to someone who has access to these technologies.

Udayan Care and USF are trying to bridge this digital divide and smartphones have been distributed to many Shalinis on the basis of 2 Digital Surveys conducted by USF to assess the need and prioritize those Shalinis who had no access at all to a smartphone.

Spanning from November – January, 15 Shalinis were given smartphones so that there are no hurdles in their studies. 

Their joy had no limits when they got the phone and were extremely thankful to Udayan Care and USF.



Shraddha, North Delhi

Shraddha always wanted to be a doctor, and this year in 2020 she cleared her NEET exam and has secured admission in Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi. She belongs to a middle-class family and her parents are not very educated but they wanted their daughter to study and achieve all that she deserves.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship gave her the platform to learn various things through a number of workshops and also inculcated in her the feeling of Giving Back to Society. She is a very hardworking student and has scored 84.2% in her 12th board exams, she dropped twice to clear the NEET exam, studied almost 12hrs a day, concentrated on her weak points, and was consistent throughout, even when the exam was postponed again and again.

Shraddha said that she is thankful to USF for always supporting and encouraging her.

Her advice to other students, “Be Consistent and Don’t Give Up. A lot of factors contribute towards her studies, keep yourself motivated, and work hard towards your dreams.”


Indira, North Delhi

Indira belongs to a middle-class family where her parents always supported her to study and work hard to realize her dreams. She has done DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) and is currently in her final year of B.Sc (Life Science) from IGNOU.

She is a focused person and works hard to achieve her dreams. She is currently working as Lab Technician (Contractual) in Northern Railway Divisional Hospital and earning Rs. 21,700/- per month and is also preparing for government exams simultaneously.

She says, “To achieve my goals USF fellowship programme motivated me a lot. All workshops which I have attended during my fellowship period was so useful in my daily life to improve my life skills as well as for my career.”

Induction Ceremony
Induction Ceremony
Goal Planning session by Bhaskar
Goal Planning session by Bhaskar
Session on Adaptability & Learning
Session on Adaptability & Learning
Shraddha- Success Story
Shraddha- Success Story
Indira- Success Story
Indira- Success Story
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